2. I'm so tired of the bashing of our President and lying democrats that I can't listen to these fake news people. So it's better to just look for other sources of news if you can find it. 😎

  3. The dems have never been about the working class in any way other than words. When you look at history you see that there have been individuals who have but the party has always been about power and control.

  4. I used be a Democrat, never ever again just look at how corrupt these clowns are OMG !!!! They are done in any credibility from now on. SAD

  5. Trump has served more good for the working classes than the Democrat party ever did , despite what John Delaney's union leader Father always told him.

  6. Democrats have been hijacked by the Marxists. They need to be abandoned and driven out of existence. Both parties have sold us out with their insane spending and 22 trillion national debt. Furthermore the government is now a hydra headed monstrosity that needs to be cut in half ever year for the next 10 years. It now serves one purpose–to increase it's size and spending through oppressive taxation and protect it's tyrannical power. Anything that tries to put a check on it's power will feels it's imperialistic wrath!

  7. Delaney is indicative of the problem in this country. He says it's pretty simple. If you want to win you have to run on the things that the majority of people support. This isn't at all why one should vote for a president. You vote for a president who's smart, has good integrity, and will uphold the constitution and our inalienable rights. Government has absolutely no legitimate delegated authority to be doing most of what it does. This is why half the country gets their income from government, and why we are 20Trillion + 200Trillion in debt.

  8. I do not fear consequences for on line opinions. Its my right. The left may try to use conservative voices on line to oppress patriots from jobs. But I know eventually the patriotic majority will crush tech giants .

  9. omg, is this a sane voice in the dem party??? tho i don't think the dems are a voice for the workers, i have to support delaney's sane words… i became a republican when i wanted to keep more $$ in my paycheck

  10. JAVELIN ANTI TANK MISSILES. That is what Mr Trump was holding back from Ukraine.  Mr Carlson would you please get a Javelin and bring it into the studio so your viewers will get the picture. The Russians do not want the Ukrainians to be able to defend themselves.   FGM-148 Javelin

  11. Dim care about abortion. That's why there pushing for Medicare for all. So the federal government will fund abortions. States will have no say. Getting around the Hyde ammendment

  12. Republicans impeached Clinton in 1998 and dropped five House seats in November to the Democrats. Granny Nancy was there at the time and only 58 that year. She learned the lesson of a failed impeachment effort. Great Granny Nancy, now 79 years old, is tap dancing as fast as she can, trying to B.S. the young loudmouths in the Democrat Party into thinking something is going to happen. It's not. Great Granny is trying to soft shoe, to protect her vulnerable new Dems. Don't get angry, GET RID.

  13. Republican Congressmen of Committees should clearly present Impeachment Evidence of crimes by Biden, Clinton, Obama, Kerry and many others. They should never work in politics again and must be barred from public office. This must never happen to another President. We the people are the jury and it is clear on public records, many Democrat and Republican are abusing their positions and oaths. Everyone send evidence of Democrat crimes on public media to your Representatives. Take charge of this impeachment and bring the any sealed indictments to light. Where is the FBI….Calling US Marshalls to Congress.

  14. Thanks for having this fellow on, Tucker. I am a stoned cold Conservative with an open mind and I would have liked to have heard more from Delaney..but of course he was dumped by the DNC of today.

  15. Let’s remind everyone about the government shut down and why it happened. Going against their own bills in spite of Trump. I don’t think even the far left are that childish and would support that. They deliberately used American citizens as pawns in their childish tactics to smear Trump. That is an act of war against the American people in my opinion as they jeopardize hundreds of thousands of peoples paychecks

  16. Bill Clinton "won" because of Ross Perot……not because of anything he advanced favorably. A third party is a loser from the party they most identify with.

  17. We need a law called "The Donald J. Trump Act" that makes it clear that a sitting President can be indicted. By naming the law after Trump, it will remind people for generations to come of Trump's corruption and ensure the name Trump will forever be associated with criminality

  18. The only DEMOCRAT I've heard who makes any sense! The current party isn't going to listen to him though so I'm the meantime I'm voting for Donald J Trump!!! Trump 2020!!! Cleaning out the cesspole in Washington DC and the rest of the country!!!!Love you Mr. Trump and your beautiful family! It hasn't been an ideal presidency but thank you for all you do for our country,we are praying for you every day you matter to us!!!!

  19. This the Democratic Party "Before & After" the Civil War. Or Mexico "Before & After" PRI & "The 21 Families.
    The Faces may change, but the Cartels still control both.

  20. John Delaney seems to be a reasonable man. I do not agree with a majority of his policies, but at least he is logical and has common sense. All others on the left are radical anarchists

  21. Hes talking about the uneducated and lazy people of the left mainly in cities. These people are to lazy to look for the truth and believe what ever the local fake news tells them to think

  22. IM Union And I know I dont vote for democrats why? Because they really dont do anything for Unions. Its a fallacy. Democrats are socialists, they want more regulations, more leftist ideology and more control over our lives.

  23. the Dems know they have no one running who can beat Trump in the elections so they want to smear him and the media will join them, no truth they have to ….use so lets tell lies to cover their own crimes against him and push push the lies and maybe with the media coverage it will work. Trump was elected by the people and we are not believing their lies now so the dems running will lose and the votes will join the votes for T because the years of lies we have been feed has turned the people off and are looking at what Trump has done as he promised and the many hours he has worked and listened to them and what they want for America. WHAT HAS THE DENS DONE,,,, NOTHING EXCEPT DOING HARM TO AMERICA WITH THEIR LIES AND NO WORK POLICY….MOVIE IS OVER AND WE ARE OUT OF POPCORN SO LETS SHUT THESE LIES DOWN.



  25. I've been to this guys house…he is not living in construction son's home. This guy lives like a king in MD. Don't get fooled by dems thinking about working people.

  26. The dems are dead in my book after this epic wasting of americans money on these useless witch hunts! They have done nothing in 4 years except blocking trump in every way they can!

  27. Every dem in congress should be voted out lets clean house an start over with some people that actually wanna do some work for the ridiculous amount of money they make for doing absolutley nothing they are robbing every tax paying citizen!! They should all be impeached an ohmar should be deported an stripped of citizenship!!

  28. Trump has damaged the Republican party in so many ways and this fox network and its board members including former speaker of the House Paul Ryan are diligently trying to re-organize Fox news as they know that the Trump regime is sinking. Trump is compromised. He needs to go ASAP so that the white house can be cleaned of his filth.

  29. Yes – the "democrats" have transformend into a socialist neo-nazism ideology entity, following clearly the insane SOROS ideology which is entirely destructive!

  30. Dems r not interested in Americans..just themselves and socialism..all this Green, gender neutral, can''t say this and u can't say that crapola is all orchestrated from one place..the UN and backed by very rich interested parties trying to change the current world order namely the NWO to crush the west and democracy/capitalism and replace with socialism which any thinking person would know would be an absolute disaster.

  31. So just stop giving money to the democrats because they don’t care for you just your money and that’s what makes them greedy! I will never give not even a penny to any democrat!

  32. This man is deluded. The Squad represents the Democratic Party—it is the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party hates Caucasians, Christians, the USA, Western Civilization, Capitalism.

  33. At 1:27 this guy says, "Half the American people can't afford their basic necessities." Can that be true?

    Good thing our president is a job creator! 🗽

  34. this guy john deranged is just another democratic loser , party of morons and clowns , at least their entertaining when ya need a good laugh , to bad there costing taxpayer so much money

  35. That’s right . And the sky is occasionally blue .
    Huge revelation here by another genius !!!!
    The squeaky wheel gets the grease .

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