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populist leaders Donald J Trump arena pen Nigel Farage Adolf Hitler and even Julius Caesar have rallied the people under this banner this isolating of the country is looked at and compared to clashes amande nationalism but is this really a fair comparison let's find out so populism what the heck does it actually mean is it really a cover for the evils of racism maybe a mask of baptism or even a veiled – nationalism well yes and no to everything populism comes from the Latin word populist which means people so basically we can take it to mean the concerns of the people and that's really all it is good or bad nope like a tool its uses are determined by who wields it now the great most people have as populism is that the most populous leaders politicians in most cases tend to use the concerns that most people have usually immigration and jobs and then problems to solve their problems by attacking corporations immigrant and even other politicians by placing sole blame on them whether true or not is irrelevant to most people's eyes they will believe the oversimplified problems can be solved with oversimplified solutions in general most people do believe this and are generally shocked when this over simplified solutions don't bring the solutions they thought they would get did you notice I said many people a lot that's for one reason not everyone believes the things I mentioned above are the one and only problems but they still would follow a populist leader to make this clear let's compare it populist leaders Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump they're both populist leaders strange how that is since populism is generally attributed to racism fascism and nationalism but Sanders isn't like that on the other hand Trump by the very definition of the words is all of those things and while it's true that their policies are vastly different we both have the same core message which rallies the people against our perceived enemies espouse reform of the status quo both promote themselves as a hero who will stand up and solve their problems who is right or wrong is debatable depending on your personal bias and who you listen to we can even look to World War two with the rise of Hitler Hitler by all rights and definition is a highly unpopular populist leader in our in fact he is so unpopular that any mention of populism brings him up mixed in with racism fascism and nationalism and because of that the word has been poisoned so do populace need to appear for democracy to survive and function populist need to appear at least in the form they're now firstly in any healthy democracy there is a party or parties where elected officials who voice your needs and wants in the government then they're the opposition members who voiced the need and want the people who wanted different officials in the governor that is the basic model of democracy over time though the people who voted or didn't for another party which didn't end up in government eventually believes that their voices aren't being heard and then start to show signs of distress for government emigrants economic management what-have-you this is something I like to call democratic follows at this point populist leaders if they haven't already been chanting to those people will start to make their appearance suddenly rising up at the people's champion and promising the end their suffering if they just follow and give their trust this is a result of a democracy that has lost the trust of the people who they are there to represent but this doesn't inherently mean it was a government who single-handedly lost the people's trust it could also have an outside influences like right-wing nationalists foreign agents causing unrest uncontrollable economic collapse thanks to another country manufactured tragedies etc needless to say with those pathi ISM who would never truly know when the people's concerns are reaching the boiling point can we always assume that in every century from now we are going to have repeats upon repeat upon repeats of populism occur fortunately no populism from the right is becoming something of a fading mist the rise of populism of that form occurs and succeeds and enticing people because of its simple formula inside the people with rousing emotional arguments and care to those who don't have good education this was easy to do pre World Wars because higher education although existent was reserved a certain social and ethnic roots after the world wars education began to find its footing being released into the wild and exploding with the advent of the Internet this created more opportunities to get half-decent education one side of the world to the other so with the world changing towards one of social quality and higher education we see that populism although appealing to some at first glance makes us turn our head when we see the other side of it after all the only way to stop this kind of populism is to require education we tend to get hung up on one side of things but although it may be a delusion on our parts for believing populism can only be for the far right all right right whatever remember that it's never always the case and we can always stop the negative by giving the opportunity of education to those who would be most affected well that's it I hope you learn something useful from this video and if you're in the mood come back for another five minutes info released every two weeks Friday bye for now

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