Decision 2018: The race for governor, Republican primary debate

  1. Its obvious 9News is discrediting the GOP. This video is impossible to search and find. YouTube is suppressing Republican views. Wake up Colorado! Why do these big corporations want to silence the People!

  2. The snide condescension from the liberal “hosts” of this debate make it hard to watch – THEY are a huge part of why Trump is President and if they continue – expect to see a GOP Governor as well.

  3. Ask Colorado if they support recreational marijuana again and I bet even more people would vote for recreational pot.

  4. Republicans, right out of the gate talking about restricting freedoms, taxing people and adding regulations. I must have Republicans and Democrats mixed up; I thought the Republicans were for keeping the government out of our lives, reducing taxes and eliminating regulations… my bad.

  5. My God even at the local level NBC is fake with all the interruptions and gotcha questions. Im not even republican and can see this. Some advice? If you want to argue with the candidates and take over the debate run for office then maybe people will stop supporting people like Trump whom 80% of the reason he is office is because we all love that he makes the media look like bitches

  6. 18:06 how many times do we have to say the baker did NOT refuse to bake a cake he refused to write something on the cake that went against his religious views. If it was a gay baker who refused to writing romans 1:26-27 I assume we would all support that baker in refusing

    Please TRY to be honest NBC I know it's difficult

  7. Republicans are going to lose….

    Stapelton and Robinson are too much establishment. Stapelton is a bush, Robinson is a Romney. Both will get smacked by the media as being rich and greedy and blah blah blah
    Specifically though Stapelton's DUI will come beck to haunt him no question

    Robinson like his uncle be too nice when he is attacked and refuse to get his hands dirty

    Lopez is dork with no charisma who could be a great candidate but will get shlacked by the democrat and the media if he is the nominee

    Mitchell is the best for Colorado but has very little charisma and has a poorly ran campaign

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