1. People are just too picky. If they didn’t like Nomura’s vision for the game, they’re not real fans in my opinion

  2. I absolutely love every single KH game ever made and IDGAF what anyone says to thinks about it. I love all the characters (especially Sora and Riku) I love the story, the gameplay, everything! Do not think you are alone!!!

  3. What ever you post we will support you in every step even if it wasn't about kingdom hearts , post what do you love ♥you are amazing keep going ♥

  4. Please don’t be afraid to express your feelings and opinions. Don’t be afraid to expand and grow your content. I’ve been playing KH since I was 9 years old and now I’m 25 lol 😂 (final fantasy too) and I agree 100% with what you’re saying.

    As a community everyone should be understanding, just like with everything else no two people are the same so of course they’re going to have different opinions on the game. As a fan of kh, Ff, and gaming in general it means a lot to have someone like you posting all sorts of content. It’s enjoyable to watch and helps pass time so thank you 🙏🏼

    Ffx is stupendous I’d love to see your take on that. Also you’re a total babe ♥️ lol
    Can’t wait to see more.

  5. I’ve seen so many people not do what they love cuz of what others will think and say… that’s such a waste of God given talent. Then they look back later in life, filled with regret. Words are just words. Do it for the community that YOUVE created. And if you wanna play ff, do it!!! We watch your videos cuz of you. We freakin love you.

  6. Dude… are u serious rn? It’s not the fact that people have negative opinions sometimes, it’s the fact that your letting it effect your work. Who cares about that shit. We’re all depending on you to keep the kh magic alive!! I get negative comments on my music sometimes but I keep making it cuz I fuckin love it, and no one can take that away from me. It gives me life whether people enjoy it or not. It’s about the magic, do it for the magic!! There’s always a door to the light 💙

  7. This is 100% how I feel about Kingdom Hearts 3! I totally get where people may be disappointed with different things, but my real legitimate experience playing the game was magical! I couldn't put it down and got that same feel I did with the old ones. That's my personal experience with it and no one can change that for me or you. Dont stop doing KH content because of the haters! You've gained a subscriber from me! ✌

  8. Omg get an actual real life and go through REAL life problems…. You over here stressing Kingdom Hearts like it’s such a major life issue that you’re going through… this was sad to watch

  9. 15:35 Half serious question here. Have you played the original Kingdom Hearts Coded on Japanese mobile phones?

  10. It just baffles me when someone in the community likes KH3, they're automaticlly some bias fanboy/fangirl who is a problem. For me, I loved KH3. Is it flawed? Yes. Could the story in KH3 been better? Yeah. But is it the worst game in the series or ever? Not in a long shot! The hype was just so strong, people's expectations were soooooo unrealisticly high. To me, I just walked into it thinking this will just be another adventure with Sora, Donald and Goofy. And that's what we got.
    I hate the fact the fanbase is this toxic. But what can ya do?

  11. KH3 sucked ass it did then and still does now. Also ive played all of em. 3 only had a couple of clear advantages but as a whole is nowhere near as good as 1 or 2. Anyone who would put this above 2 especially as a better game is delusional

  12. Its funny because my older brother always give me shit when i play kh3 and one of my best friends do the same i really dont understand why people hate on something that we love let people do whatever they like let them be happy

  13. I think what nobody really realizes is that there's actually 4 camps. Apologist, central apologist, central haters, and haters. The 2 centrist groups get along because we all understand that the game is flawed as all hell, but it's still a fun game. The 2 extremes end up fighting everyone who isn't in their own group, so legit everyone is being attacked at all points in time and its sad. Personally I'm a centrist hater because even though I had a great amount of fun playing, I recognize that the game is technical trash riddled with map and enemy clipping and unbalanced combat. I also don't think the floaty combat is bad in this game because Osaka built the combat around it being floaty. That's why you're the most safe in the air and moving, you're literally not meant to do static ground combos. More of us HAVE to point out the flaws in the game so Square knows what to bring forward for more KH games, but we don't have to be dicks about it.

  14. Are people still hating on kh3? Everyone wanted this game and begged for it. Whether you like it or not is okay. Just stop making others try to feel the same way as you.

  15. you like like the kid in the Bad last Avatar movie. if you shaved your head. reason why i commented this is because i can see a thumbnail of live action aang next to this video.

  16. I honestly agree with your opinon on everything on the matter (though I've never seen you stream just happened to come across this vid) and kh is my childhood game and its one of the things that have driven me to become the person I am/wanna be so and when kh3 released I was so happy and i enjoyed playing every second of it with all the combat and the attractions and the story. The only world i dont like too much was frozen because that world felt rushed. But other than that i loved it the keyblade transformations because it was always a different unique keyblade (even the mirror keyblades like winnie the pooh and classic tone [i think its called ><] i loved them because even tho its similar to shooting star and favorite deputy) theyre still fun to play with here and there my absolute fav was bh6 because that transformation felt like a pure combination of all the keyblade transformations. And now looking at oath keeper im kinda excited to play that one and play through the dlc because it looks so beautiful plus luxords identity might be revealed and xehanorts connection to luxu and the MoM im actually insanely hyped and i hope to catch your stream of it tho ill probably be busy playing it myself ><

  17. As a long time KH fan I thought I'd chuck in my 2 cents .. for me personally Kingdom hearts 3 started after the Disney worlds I waited 10 years + for the keyblade graveyard segment .. I enjoyed majority of kh 3 gameplay however I much preferred the grounded style of KH2 .. what I really liked about KH 3 compared to most games these days is that it didn't take it self too seriously until the very end I had a bundle of fun with it

  18. tbh, KH3 shoulda been more powerful, story wise. I felt nostalgic playing it yet it felt empty as well. Too many minigames for the youth(which is fine). I wanted my colosseum tournaments, more keyblades, more story content between og kh characters.

  19. I like your thoughts on this. I personally think the split within the community came from the fact that Square divided the supporters thru the consoles and handhelds. If it all came out the way the original was released (on console), we would’ve had a more mature difference in opinion. KH will be KH tho 😁

  20. I liked kh3 but they are flaws like every game. For me the flaw for kh3 was pacing, like if you saved aqua midway and you get to experience more gameplay as other character(which they are doing which I love). But it’s not bad at all and I loved playing through it and tbh the combat was fun, they do have the lack of I-frames but that can be fixed if they wanted to(I know that’s not all) but overall it wasn’t a complete let down like say fallout 76 or anthem

  21. One of the downsides of the wait was that there was ample opportunity for people to make their very own expectations and it’s not a surprise that not all those expectations were met. As someone who enjoyed kh3 (while still understanding there were flaws) those are very valid reasons for taking a step back. Don’t let the aggressors on either side ruin the series for you. I hope soon all this will die down and we can all be excited about it again without fear or toxicity. So do whatever is best for you, and ur community will follow :3

  22. I think the reaction of KH3 within the community is almost, if not, exactly similar to the reaction of Super Smash Bros. Brawl where that game was VERY divisive when compared to Melee in the fanbase. The same is happening with KH3 when compared to KH2 (original or Final Mix).

  23. I agree with you. Some video games I personally LOVE and so many people don't. Kingdom Hearts 3 was one of them as well as Final Fantasy 13 series. The other thing I wish the community would remember is that the development team probably felt very pressured by the fans and maybe rushed things. But, as a community I think we need to grow a little as far as being more understanding about each others opinions. Any of your fans will support you no matter what! I love both you and Cynical who both want to branch out which is something fans should support! <3

  24. I want to add one thing. Before you play Final Fantasy 9 take the time to learn about all the games that came before it. In many ways Final Fantasy 9 is a love letter to the fans with hints and drops of Final Fantasy 1 through 8. To put it this way the man who is the maker of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi said it was his favorite Final Fantasy.

    You will still understand much of the story just the hints and drops and inside jokes you might no understand.

  25. You should do some Animal Crossing content since that's your other favorite series 😊 I'd love to see that because I don't really play it but I love learning about the lore of games. Btw I love the curtains flowing in the wind with rays of sunshine in your room. Beautiful display.

  26. 100% agree on the trailers. I watched almost all of them just due to the hype and having waited so long for the game that when I played it I realized I was missing out on that old school joy I had in KH2 where I had no clue what world I was gonna discover next. Still loved the game, just missed out on the mystery.

  27. Give it some time Sarah, games like these usually end up developing cult followings. Look up the reception some of the Final fantasy games got upon release and how people started to want them remastered for modern consoles years later.

  28. Honestly Sarah, you should totally post those vids you're worried of getting hate on. Everyone's got haters but you've also still got your true fans who'd love to see your content. Let them hater threads be, no one said you have to look at them and reply. Ignore em and stay positive!

  29. Always expand your catalog, but also never worry about what backlash or negativity may come while doing something that you're passionate about. Liked and subscribed for sure

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