Czechoslovak coup with Communists coming to power; anti-Communist demonstrations ...HD Stock Footage

subversion is of course an important technique of communist conquest Czechoslovakia in 1948 is an established democracy in Eastern Europe suddenly a rash of strikes conservative elements are forced to resign from the cabinet communist deputies found their desks as the street demonstrations reach riot proportions police brutality and putting down the riots is charged and the Communists take over the police on February 25th informed that the alternative is civil war and aware of unmistakable threats of invasion from the Soviet Union if he does not capitulate president Danish accepts a communist cabinet but Yarn Mazurek son of the country's greatest hero will not go along and remains in the Foreign Office two weeks later his dead body is discovered whether he was murdered or killed himself is not known to this day three months later a constitution Soviet style is adopted by Parliament vanish refuses to sign it and is forced from office before the year is over Czechoslovakia like its heroes vanish and Mazurek is dead and Eastern Europe in the words of Winston Churchill from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an Iron Curtain has extended across the continent behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe but human freedom dies hard uprisings and strikes in East Germany in 1953 and in Poland in 1956 are put down with local police augmented by Russian soldiers Budapest October 1956 these demonstrators are not anti communists in fact many of them Hungarian students are communists who feel that they have the right to determine how Hungarian communism is to be administered on October 24th local party bosses decide enough is enough and in the interest of law and order their law their order direct police to fire into the crowd but the crowd does not melt away even when Russian garrison troops join the police faced by an overwhelming mob the Russians stage is strategic withdrawal leaving the Hungarian police to be slaughtered by their own countrymen in November Imre Nagy was a communist but a Hungarian communist speaking as Prime Minister he declares Hungary neutral as between Russia and the West the Russians hesitate the Hungarians celebrate but hesitation and celebration end soon an entire Russian army invades Hungary and crushes the revolt Nagy visits the Russians under a flag of truce to discuss surrender turn June 17 1958 his execution is announced

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  1. Czechoslovakia committed ethnic cleansing just before the communists came along. So it was payback in a way. Though communism still sucks shit.

  2. The next time a politician dies I want a dramatic communist symbol jumpscare to be shown worldwide.

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