did you hear that did you see that that's history being made Paulo currency releases sharding some black changed sustainability June 24 2009 teen news release and it's a new wire on PR Newswire after this one out last night last evening reached 4500 media outlets in all over Yahoo Finance just go down a long list and basically you saw the volume first of all I get a step back one second too though there is a Turkish and I do mean Turkish Apollo review in the Turkish language and this was a great review from people that told me they understood what he was saying and write up this basically air he has 23 thousand subscribers and right away volume of the views correct and volume on the exchange went up two hundred thousand dollars and that was right off the bat and that I tribute to this gentleman right here now that's very good to see now when you get the media going like this boom pop up up about well then it went even further and further and it's on the top gainer list of coin market cap currently and fluctuating right around the 18 5 18 6 you see where you went down the last hour of this much but you can't really pay attention to one hours is that I'll flip around just a matter of minutes what you have to look at is here 18 percent for Fiat 30% or PTC 13 percent for ETH two million volume right there one point nine eight two six that's gonna go up up and away you're gonna see this price 18 now you can see two zeros over 187 go up in a way because more and more people there's a lot going on for a chain or it can be in San Francisco for two days very good chances gonna meet up with pop Leone oh and other people and you have on tonight's Fox Business broadcast at 11:30 Pacific time and it's 7:30 Eastern Standard Time the replay not a replay but it's because it's new one new section but anyway it's the same video that was on Bloomberg a couple nights ago that's gonna be tonight also so when you have all this happening with sharding and more which we'll discuss shortly this is like like I said in my past videos the last couple of weeks and then over the last year in two months Paulo's gonna crank and set history and they've already done it with sharding and that's first you wait to see what's coming stay tuned right here in this video okay you've got three hundred and thirty three billion dollars in the market cap and you have 63 almost 64 billion in the daily you have Bitcoin at 11 150 and you have a theorem at 3:11 x RP at 46 Bitcoin cash at 479 like corn at 135 vos at 7:25 finance corner 36 94 coming down the Tron you've got 38 or 3 cents I should say boy it'd be great if it was 38 cents okay core down all 9 cents stellar ad 12 cents kid now you look at the gains for last 24 hours you can see them not like Apollo so piles at least 17 15 percent gain for the last 24 hours so Apollo is cranking the train is leaving the station and that is no joke okay because obviously when more people find out about a Apollo around the world they're buying in and that's just a nature of the investments cryptocurrency not preferred choice of criminals declares Bank of Russia and I can understand that because of transparency in the blockchain if it's not privately sent yeah you can easily be found out with your wallets note that about that and Craig Wright faces contempt hearing in the climacus refuses to show his bitcoin holdings those if you're not familiar with this case they're claiming that he has five billion dollars worth of Bitcoin that he stole and he won't reveal his route you know the wallet addresses so of his fact though in those days hmm okay not to say anything that we don't know for sure but hmm okay now also to the Knapp African Development funded group ATF you heard about this maybe you didn't let's get into what we're gonna be talking about here quickly first watch this [Applause] [Applause] Apollo is on its March to take care of a lot of things that are going on in the world for hyperinflation and with the national currency platform initiative that they started back into a prolific n on to go back and they're still there that tells you what's going on in Africa they are working with the ADF group to get this done with one or many of the 54 countries that the ADF deals with in Africa especially the ones that have hyperinflation and that agreement right there historic in its own right and the piece that you have going coming up shortly let me show you this you've got of course a speed going for Apollo 1 to 2 seconds shortly sub-second then you have the original agreement for the ADF or this seal and they said they've won an obvious choice of Apollo because of Apollo's independent watching and endless features saying dawn nobody has done charting on an active-active blockchain that is particular you hear people say well secular whatever the other name is did it already no no no they did it on a test at net I'm not on an active in the world blockchain okay there's a whole big difference and there's a difference why because the volatility of the blockchain being active versus a safe and secure test net so with the beautiful work that they did from first bridge dan apollo have done sharding first time ever on an active blockchain and that is gonna be huge apollo be able to license that to other networks aetherium and a few others down the road future rich sustainable crypto when i started promoting the apollo bag long time ago April 2018 the all-in-one I knew would be big this was one of the original pieces when you look at it I had put up back in April May of a year ago and that is to take when you look at all those pieces yeah [Applause] built into the all-in-one wallet and the speed of privacy decentralized market place to spend your Apollo's so much more in their voting system encrypted messaging monetary system asset system coin shuffling yeah you can see pause the video and check that out complete very much very much complete and one more time so if didn't get my point Apollo has said history and it's been announced to the world what does it do the price of people history being made in crypto and going out all over the world yeah that means price goes up point zero zero one five yesterday once the news was released point zero zero one eight seven it's gonna go to point zero zero two and up up and away so it's just a matter of time because of all these things happening look in front of you new Apollo Africa headquarters yeah okay I've said in my videos that the CEO of ADF would man the Apollo Africa headquarters and he would push Apollo through the continent of Africa that's happening okay so with that piece right there look at that courtyard that is gorgeous Google Earth you can check it out go zoom right into it and see it tonight the replay fox business I keep saying replay it's not that replay it's just exploring the block goes with these programs through different networks and it's very good to see okay so Bloomberg Fox Business 11:30 Pacific time Apollo currency is launching because with sharding happening right now historic nobody else has been able to do it Apollo did it you have that you have Africa cabinet think about what could happen there if you think pricing going going up from shorting which is happening right now as we speak is big just imagine Africa and signing on national currency nobody's ever done that in the world before and that is huge the zero percent inflation coin that Apollo has whip it will be used as legal tender in the African country with paper money and coins and digital form Ajay's I had that little snippet that interview will we've discussed the decentralized exchange is another big one with that one you have atomic swaps you have so much coming for Apollo this is what I'm saying that the train is leaving tick tock okay tick tock and when it leaves its fastest that network is 1 to 2 seconds going sub-second Apollo is rapidly gonna rise up the ranks I knew this would happen a year plus ago I knew that sooner or later Apollo would rise up the ranks and go to the top it's gonna happen because with a decentralized exchange built into the wallet no kyc no verification you have sharding which will benefit the whole crypto world eventually but right now Apollo's got it for the network no gloating how it can get busy busy busy on the network and also too there's a new game coming out gonna be hosted on the Apollo network and it's a real gold-mining game yeah real gold mining give me more details coming out work but it's real gold mining and real property sell the property property for profit it's going to be unique that's the best way to put it that's coming getting back to that Dex one more time that's coming any time now Steve set up by the first week of July its latest that's not too far from here any day now this is coming out and you have that beautiful advantage in so many people big investors the regular Joe will be using this exchange because it's totally private it is decentralized the true decentralized wallet finance is not truly decentralized there is a finance remote coming up on the TX or Apollo soon that'll be announced but the better exchange is Apollo's so on the way out I'll just say one thing I told you so okay later guys have a good one any breaking news I'll give it to you obviously you just enjoy what's happening right now because this is just the beginning [Applause]

  1. This coin will shoot up the market cap in no time, truly a hidden gem. They moved in with the ADF of Africa lol and they themselves will push the coin while Apollo team acts as support. huge, huge, huge. This means the ADF are direct investors as well.

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