Crude L.A.: California’s Urban Oil Fields

  1. welcome to the real world bitches! in bakersfield california its a fact of life and i dont see anyone whining and crying over it, dumb liberals!

  2. I think this is terrible idea because those holes will be filled up with water in the future and make the land uninhabitable….

  3. Someday something or someone will find our bones and artifacts in large gooey plastic laced tar pits, just like the La Brea Tar Pits animals. We are exhuming and using the dead material of long dead species. It's the curse of the dinosaurs. The species that studies us is going to think "Wow they were so self destructive, how dumb."

  4. "we're poor. we can only afford to live next to this oil well. Feel sorry for us cuz we're poor. Think of the children"

  5. I bet she wouldn't be crying about oils fields if they dry up and she can't drive to get her soy milk frapee and Iphone10

  6. Did people forget the original L.A. dream was to own a home, palm tree and oil rig in their front lawns?

  7. The beauty of America and I assume the world is if you are poor you tend to get dumped on. Be it a dump, prison, chemical plant ect its always in some poor neighborhood. Then they tell you there is no issue and to suck it up. If this was nice neighborhood, mostly white this would have never happen. Same old story.

  8. Here’s an idea 💡 why doesn’t California ban the use of every single gas powered car and why doesn’t California just ban oil and gas production here all over California if people are bitching and complaining about the oil and gas production and besides there are other means of transportation and other means of clean and renewable energy to power our cars and our state California.

    Also I think we as Americans and as a civilization should move passed and beyond the use of gas and oil and we should move passed the use of pumping out oil out of the ground because we Americans have been pumping out oil and gas for the passed 150 to 180 years so I personally think it’s time that we Americans and as a civilization to move on passed oil and gas production so I think it’s time for all of us to switch to a clean and renewable energy source.

  9. The people that these 'residents' should be going after are the land developers and the 'politicians' that allow the land developers to build near an oil development. Besides, as the man said, we NEED the oil to be able to carry on our mundane lives.

  10. LA has all of this oil but the gas prices are the highest in the nation then to top it off if there is a problem with a refinery in another state they use that as an excuse to raise prices even higher.

  11. Just kick all the businesses you don’t ‘like’ out,..and then make up the lost tax revenues yourself. problem solved!

  12. The oil was there long before the residence were.

    Want to protests something. I think the 405 is an 8 lane parking lot. Protests that. Get rid of the cars, and the oil industry will go away.

  13. White people are always so sensitive when a minority brings up racism… get over it, a large portion of you people are, wellll, are RACIST

  14. make a law that requires oil personel and thier kids are required to live 24/7 near thier own oil wells. in the same houses as every one else…………………….

  15. We actually don’t need crude oil to run cars there are alternatives just never have actually been explored because the oil companies don’t wanna lose money

  16. What about solar powered trains what ever happened to that huh I hate cars and California is too reliant on cars not public transportation

  17. my grandmother went blind due to the pollution in LA, when she was in her 20s. her husband moved her to Indianapolis and her sight came back.

  18. Perhaps better filtration? Because relocation would require new digging and infrastructure….which also creates more pollution and environmental impact, let alone economic impact.

  19. I'm glad oil drilling on land is banned in my country. At sea, though, it gave us the World's highest life standards.

  20. It is simply a decision an individual has to make. To let petroleum allure dominate your life or not….Most of these residents have made that fecision by staying put; otherwise they would have used their volition to move to Oregon orelsewhere more salubrious. I'd be careful with the argumentation.

  21. LOL, Stiff Regulations on everything in CA.. Except what the Rich People own..
     Welcome to Communism in America.

  22. around 4 min mark they act like some jerk put a oil rig in the middle of a town even though said oil drill was there long befor the town

  23. Having never been to LA, I first heard about the oil wells from some old noir films. I remember telling someone about it once and they didn't believe me 🙄. But I think it honestly isn't so widely-known—especially because you never hear anything about it. It's like it doesn't exist…

  24. its the parent's fault for having these kids and not working hard enough to get out of these areas. Soooo, if you already live here and you keep having kids shame on you!

  25. The oilfields and pump jacks (oil well pumps) were operating far before most of the residential houses were built. So LA City & County Planners, who are neatly tucked in the back pockets of land Developers, put those customers who bought houses which in turn put the homeowners at risk for building houses that encircle oil production facilities – they didn't know what they were doing? (continued)

    And, instead of fingering the corrupt Planners with six digit incomes, the greedy Developers with 7-8 digit incomes and the stupid renters and homeowners with 1 digit IQ who more than likely saw the oil wells prior to signing papers, logic says 'kill the oil company'. Am I in love with big oil? Hell no I'm not. But lets put the shoe on the correct foot.

    The exact same scenario happened with the dairy farms, first in Artesia, then Chino (both in the LA region). In both cases the late coming, shit-for-brains home owners said the dairies smelled bad (no shit…, after 10 years of living there you finally discovered your nose?); again, in both cases the farmers were forced to move their entire farm.

    As a lifelong Californian whose preparing to leave, I know too well that a person was correct in saying "California is like a box of granola – if they're not a fruit or a nut, they're a flake"; or like one of those progressive home buyers that needs someone to do their thinking for them. And why doesn't that sweet environmental youth ask her parent(s) "Why did we get a house that's next an oil well?"

  26. Yeah move it to rural areas where the people don't matter…

    Where it has to transported for hundreds of miles endangering thousands of acres of forestry and wildlife to reach the cities that consume the majority of the oil, the places where people matter enough to not be bothered with the extraction or processing of the fuel that makes their way of life possible….

    That's selfish, and just plain inefficient.

  27. If you live in the United States and can't even speak english then I don't care about your complaints.

  28. only 12% of the oil the US produces goes to transport, we sell the rest, and guess to who? Russia duh your all fucking idiots

  29. the government told us we buy oil from Saudi Arabia and that why it expensive, they lied to us, every house in LA is supposed to get a profit sharing with oil under there house!

  30. My mother worked in an oil and gas refinery when she was pregnant with me. They wouldn't let her take maturity leave until her OBGYN threatened her boss with a lawsuit. By then she was in her 3rd trimester. I was born with a severe birth defect that almost took my life; my intestines perforated holes and I bled internally. I had to have bowel surgery and a colostomy at 3 days old. 6 inches of my large intestine never formed. I still suffer from chronic conditions to this day, 34 years on. I am functionally disabled and collect ssdi now. My mother was never able to prove that the aromatic hydrocarbons she worked with directly contributed to my birth defect. She was forced from her just within 2 years of my birth.

  31. Lmao hippies all worried about "the toxins" meanwhile knowing nothing about the chemistry and biosystematics.

  32. Seeing the oil pumps in residential areas is one of my abiding memories when I first visited LA in the 1970s. And the smell of petrochemicals in the air but it was still tinsel town with a aprinkling of Hollywood magic for a visitor from the UK!

  33. Oh please stop bitching, oil is what runs this country. Just live up to the fact and stop complaining. These oil companies create thousands of jobs for the blue Collar workers. Wake up America

  34. The oil field was there first and slum lords built cheap homes for people who don’t have money. So the only land is near these oil rigs!! Come on libtard vice y’all know this!!!!!!

  35. The AQMD is actually the correct regulatory agency to contact with these issues. It’s under their jurisdiction.

    If you have issues with your local air (I.e. businesses emitting smoke that makes you feel dizzy or nauseous), please contact the AQMD and report local businesses. It’s a valid means of addressing this issue.

  36. I bet half the lame use gasoline in their vehicles but complain about the oil what you just f**** move or drop dead

  37. Tears tears tears; children have to walk past a wells. Something they probably have no clue what it is. Don't like the smell or risks, move. The wells are stuck where they are.
    Reminds me of people who move under LAX's flight paths and then complain about the planes flying over. People can move, access locations to raw materials can not.

  38. I am not in the oil and gas business but I laughed my ass off listening to that stupid ambulance chasing attorney comparing the Aliso methane gas blowout one of the largest in US history evacuations to the South LA people of color not being moved. Smells like a POS class action attorney and after the settlement everyone will wind up with a $25 check.

  39. Screw all of these damn communist damn DemonRats! Them bastards rather have us buy our Oil from Saudi Arabia and Iraq that to drill and produce our own. Them damn Oil Fields where there before those damn communities where even build. You know what I say! Them Democrat Libtards can shut the Frack Up!!! Lol Drill baby Drill! Keep it turning to the right!! Frac it baby!! 🇺🇸🛢⚒👷🏻⛽️

  40. off topic but I really don't like the tint of a lot of movies and videos like the one here are shot know that hazy pastel-like tint that looks like you have to adjust the screen because it's just too light.
    it looks cheap and tacky.

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