Crime and social problems

I asked Sara an expert in youth crime which were the most common crimes connected with social problems one growing and difficult area is bullying this is the activity of attempting to hurt persecute or intimidate another possibly weaker person it can happen at school or in the workplace or anywhere another serious problem has to do with the taking of drugs and in particular drug dealing a drug dealer is any person who sells illegal drugs a crime that is sometimes taken lightly is fair dodging this is riding on public transport without buying a ticket if you're caught you don't get arrested but you might have to pay a fine public transport is a typical place where pickpockets act these are people who steal from the pockets or handbags of others in public places a new crime area has to do with computers a hacker is a computer user who illegally gains access to restricted computer systems a potentially dangerous crime is joyriding this is driving a vehicle for fun in a dangerous manner without the owner's permission it often ends in an accident another crime which has taken on a new meaning is piracy this used to be a crime committed at sea but now it refers to the unauthorized use or appropriation of patented or copyrighted material like music or films take the things without paying for them in shops is another form of stealing called shoplifting another very common crime is speeding lots of drivers think driving above the speed limit will get them where they want to be quicker but it often just gets them a fine or into an accident the last crime we will look at is vandalism this is the term used when someone destroys or damages public or private property

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