Could there still be a contested Republican convention? | IN 60 SECONDS

Cameraman: Alright, Michael. You’ve got
60 seconds. Michael: I’ll speak really fast and we’ll
get it all in… Neither the media delegate counters nor the
candidate delegate counters are going to wait between June 7 and July 18 to see how many
delegates show up at the convention and support different candidates. We will know after the June 7 final primaries
whether or not Donald Trump has won in primaries or caucuses 1237 votes or if he’s visibly
short of that number. Trump has suggested that this is some kind
of arbitrary number—actually, it’s a majority. If Trump does not get to 1237—if he’s
visibly short of it—I think that the convention will move to other candidates, and I think
by far the likeliest nominee in that situation is Ted Cruz. What is John Kasich’s strategy to get nominated
at Cleveland in his home state of Ohio? I think the one problem with Kasich’s apparent
strategy is that always it relies on, as one essential step, the other guy messing up.
You can’t always rely on that happening.

  1. If trump has millions more votes, he's clearly who the people want. If it goes to convention, the GOP's safe play is to give it to Trump anyway – in my opinion the only way to try and unite the party. I foresee (sadly) a Clinton presidency.

  2. 502 delegates left and Trump only needs 246 (he has 991). Remember, there was a time when he needed close to 60% of the delegates left. This sweep brought him to under 50% and he's leading in all the coming states.
    He has more primary votes than any other candidate in GOP history except for Dubya Bush, whom he will also pass soon.

  3. I just think it is weird that Cruz can be given the position when Trump is leading by such a large margin. I'm not entirely up on my American political process, but how is a contested convention fair?

  4. Oh let Cruz or Kasich win the nomination and have Trump run independent. That type of chaos is exactly what we need in politics right now.

  5. This whole election system is rigged to favor the establishment candidates, so the monied elites can decide what happens.

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