Controversy Over Delayed $20 Bill Featuring Harriet Tubman | NBC Nightly News

tonight for the first time a look at what the new $20 bill might have looked like last month Treasury secretary Steve minuchin announced an Obama era plan to put Harriet Tubman a famed abolitionist on the $20 bill to be unveiled in 2020 would now be delayed until at least 2020 six minuchin at the time calling it a security issue it is my responsibility now to focus on what is the issue of counterfeiting and the security features but tonight the New York Times is reporting a preliminary design of the bill was almost finished created before President Obama left office in a new statement to NBC News minuchin standing by his decision saying the suggestion that this process is being stalled is completely erroneous and the Bureau of Engraving and printing writing in a statement the bill was never scrapped and they never plan to unveil the bills design in 2020 but the timing of the delay causing controversy on Twitter some calling it a political move to delay the replacement of President Andrew Jackson a slave owner with Tubman with the projected release date coming after President Trump would leave office Blaine Alexander NBC News NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

  1. Why should Harriet Tubman be on something that represents debt slavery? Let alone Andrew Jackson. Our country's economy was sold by Woodrow Wilson, and Nixon decades, at the advice of Senator Rockefeller, the corporate imperialist fossil he was, didn't help us out either.


  3. Her legacy is rooted in resisting the foundation of American capitalism. Tubman didn’t respect America’s economic system, so making her a symbol of it would be insulting.

    Look it up, its a tall tale anyway

  4. I'm all about putting a black woman on the $20.00, but Jesus…why not Halle Berry or Kerry Washington?!!

  5. The $20 bill will look so ugly with Tubman. Instead let's build a statue or a park in her name. As a Canadian I would not buy that bill.

  6. Anything to make Trump look bad, and racist no doubt. Black unemployment lowest in 50+ years be damned! Closer to election, watch for a study saying Democrats are smarter than Republicans. Happens every cycle.

  7. I think this is a non story. The government has already said the delay is for a security device and the design hasn't even been done yet. The design they are talking about was just a viewing and they are following the exact procedure of finishing the security system first then the actual print design afterwards. This is what most people would call a poorly investigated report.

  8. There is just no need to change the $20 bill. Are we now going to be so politically correct as to put super athlete on the twenty just for diversity sake? Leave the bills the way they are, if you were to take all the faces off of the bills, you still have the same amount of money-no more/no less. I oppose it-makes no sense. Political activists Schwerner, Cheney, and Goodman paid with their lives to advance the cause of freedom and equality in a very troubled America in the 1960s, should we now then change the currency again? If the powers to be were to decide to exclude from consideration because they were black that would be wrong, and by the same token to consider someone solely because they were black, well, that would be wrong, also.
    Demo: Age: 67, black, proud unabashed conservative, lover of all

  9. Democrat Andrew Jackson was a lousy president. This woman on the new bill is really one ugly face. But I don't mind. She's better than Jackson.

  10. Just make a new dollar bill like a $41 and put her on it, there's no reason to change what ain't broken.

  11. I don't know why the government wouldn't want to do this $20 bill. She looks so ugly on the bills that I wouldn't want to keep them in my wallet. I'd end up spending my money more frequently just so I don't have any of her bills in my wallet to look at.

  12. Put her on the EBT card! …not $20 bill! What next? Maybe some famous fa99ot on $100 bill to replace Ben Franklin?

  13. Personally, they can leave our existing money alone. If they wish to add a denomination, fine. However, if they change the twenty, I will not use that bill.

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