Continuity of Community when SHTF

morning YouTube bear with barren dependent calm the Oso Independiente listen continuity of community it is something that we have talked about before this channel although it's been a while since we touched on it and we've had a lot of interest peaking lately with the concept continuity of community what do I mean about that what is that it's probably an alien phrase to most of you think about continuity of government what goes into continuity of government there is stockpiling of equipment and material resources per se there is a plan several plans as far as personnel go as to who does what when why and what happens if we lose Todd well if we lose Todd then we need to put Jim in there and if Jim goes and we need to put Bob in there and so forth and so on there's a plan and there's a plan so that when things get sideways we don't have to stop and think we've done the hard stuff before continuity of community looks very much so like that says me and I don't know how many people if anyone other than myself are discussing this but I really believe we need a way to continue our community we need continuity of community community is gonna be like the only thing or one of the only things it says me it is going to enable an individual to survive what is coming chaos no fear-mongering no Dermer porn but things are gonna get sideways and when things get sideways the more people you have on your team to help you the better off you will be so what do we need to maintain community moving forward like I said I've done a series of videos on this you know security resources food shelter kamo Transpo transportation on and on and on all these different things that will be required of us in community somebody's got to maintain it stem if the government is stockpiling food to the rafters right which they are they got underground bunkers man yeah they sure do and that could be as that because of nuclear warfare yeah that's a consideration it could also be because of damaging hail like had a brother sent me an article recently about five inch diameter hail stone one of many from Arkansas 5 inches students in China getting pummeled by hail thirteen people recently killed in Uganda by hail the hail came through the roofs of their houses and still have enough force to kill the people inside the house who then took off running outside of the house to get away from the house of is disintegrating running right into the Hale store it was 13 dead over a hundred injured from hail right so continuity of community what do we need we need food we need food period the end through his strength right we need firepower in common we need transportation we need a certain degree of specialization of Labor other things and a livestock and we need the ability to produce an agriculture probably needs some equipment which means we need equipment mechanics and just my mind is on this this morning that as things continue to become more untenable who's gonna do all the hard things you know the government is not coming to save you they're not we've discussed this ad nauseam here one particular camp in the United States is of the opinion that the government will give us everything we've ever wanted or ever needed and they'll take care of my student loan debt and they'll make sure that I get a $15 minimum wage and they'll blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah everything is great in unicorns poop rainbows right there's that and then there's another school thought that man the government is going to come and Institute martial law and they're going to round everybody up using 5g trying to cook your guts and put you into Walmart FEMA camps so that the One World Order can sell our livers to the Pleiadians because they need that to power their spaceships that's not happening either they're not coming they're not coming to save you they're not coming to enslave you they're not coming they don't have the bandwidth that's avast government conspiracy they just want you to think that take it from a cog in the machine they don't have the bandwidth fully one-third of All American and tax dollars currently go into continuity of government one third to put that in comparison that would be like let's say you got a thousand dollar paycheck 330 and it got spent on prepping the government is prepping the government of what's it is it Sweden or Norway that matter they're all the same oh they are they're really nice people it's sad it's sad because I used to be Vikings and now they're really nice people anyway I think it's Sweden although Norwegians are crazy some Norwegians are crazy I think it's Sweden has basically sent out a memo to all of its citizens hey you should stock up here's the things you should stock up on that one of the things being Iowa's at iodine tabs to flood your pituitary gland glands so that you don't become an irradiated in the event of nuclear fallout that was interesting but you know crackers and bread and canned fish and all the stuff that those you know Vikings even have this right then and there being open and honest about it well more open more honest about it backtracking our government spends a third of its paycheck on continuity of government we ought to take preparedness seriously they do they probably have better Intel than we do and they're preparing like their lives depend on it vast underground cities and roads that run from DC to San Diego completely underground super highways and underground fueling stations and semis that never see the light of day okay maybe maybe cool why would they do such a thing probably because situations above-ground would become so untenable that it would make sense for them to be located underground that's a freaky thought continuity of community words we're kind of going all over the place here the government's not coming to save you so how are you going to save yourself the answer is you're not but your team might your mag might your group might you guys might save each other if you get together now and do the hard things and actually building community actually really try and be extremely intentional with your time really do the hard things go help each other out constantly stack food have weapons and know how to use them right they do all the things do all the things that we talk right here but I think it's time that we begin this conversation again in this continuity of community because I really feel that things are going to get less ideal not more ideal less ideal as time goes on and I am not trying to scare anybody within the sound of my voice I am simply trying to encourage you all to get prepared to the best of your ability I take it very seriously that there's some 39,000 of you here who pay attention for one reason or another to the things that I have to say and I try to be a good steward of your attention I don't ever want to scare anybody top 12 reasons in zombies are gonna come to your house and rape your dog and eat your kids and shtf to you to walkie now I'm gonna make a cool thumbnail of some guys standing in front of a burning city holding an AR with the gas mask on and then talk to you about how I mounted some solar panels on my Toyota pickup truck shut up dude clickbait clickbait I don't want to scare y'all want to encourage you that it can be done and try and document and explain to the best of my ability the ways that I have addressed or M addressing these issues that we all face that hopefully you can take something from it and put yourself in a better position than you find yourself now and I think the word community scares a lot of you I think that the idea of being accountable to somebody else other than yourself is something that most people all cat whether they admit it or not their ego can't handle it and that's okay mine couldn't handle it for a long time either I don't want somebody else tell me what I can do and can't do well you need to shift your perspective on more community is it doesn't work that way but it's understanding anybody who's ever been in the military everybody who's ever been on a team sports anybody who's ever been part of a good team at work gets it it's the team first and then Bob not Bob and then the team there's no Bob without the team so we take care of the team we meet the team's needs so the individual needs are met and there's this wonderful synthesis that happens between all the individuals what all these individuals come together and form a cohesive unit becomes its own organism you know it's like when you've you've worked with guys for so long that you don't need to talk I can tell just from your body language what you're about to do I can tell just from the way that you're standing how things are about to go just the vibes that you put off whether or not I need to be more switched on or less switched on like that's team that's community that's what we should be building we should all be building it towards a common goal of self-sustaining rugged individualism within the context of community going forward all right independence maintain your independence from the system because the system is going to hell in a handbasket it's falling apart man and if we know it's falling apart eyes wide open no fear what can we do about it stack your fruit to the rafters make your good friends your best friends find like-minded people well there's nobody in Albuquerque well then maybe you shouldn't be in Albuquerque well how do I fight I don't know I don't know community pages at patreon are a great place to bump into like-minded people this is a fact I've met several of them there all right praise the Father for the Arkansas preparedness Network that fosters meetups of people in Arkansas for preparedness that's awesome I wish that there was more of that elsewhere the Viking network from Viking preparedness is like-minded people trying to meet up and do the things marination we go and bless people we've never met before that's how we build context we do missions together right there's people out there but you got to get outside of your comfort zone comfort kills if you're comfortable you're only one step away from the dead that's no good no way no so yeah build teams stack your food the rafters at zero your damn rifle yes zero your rifle know how to use it at your medical squared away at your combo squirtle I get your transpose squared would do all the things right start doing them because pretty soon in my estimation we are going to go from these things are nice to have do these things are need to have and I would have truthfully hated for you if you find yourself in a need to have situation without the tools the equipment experience to rise to the occasion and a big part of that may be the biggest part of that outside of knowing who your father is and knowing his son his continuity of community I want as few speed bumps as possible on this road of life and if I can mitigate as many of those speed bumps as possible but doing hard things now by building context with people now by learning by training by sacrificing now making sure that the group is strong that the individuals can be strong I would encourage you to do the same and I would ask you to please put your comments down here do you want to hear more about continuity of community if so just say yeah you know yes I want to know more what aspects of continuity of community are you interested in talking about not a kid encourage you if you're here and you want to be please make sure you're subscribed please ring the bell the YouTube algorithm hates our guts right now we don't precisely love them back and it's crates on my soul more and more every day to try and maintain a YouTube presence so if you want to be here please subscribe please click the bell so you'll get notifications please tune in for tactical Tuesday's 7 p.m. central question and answer and please consider patreon it's a dollar a month cover charge click the baby bear at the end of the video the dollar a month is just the cover charge to keep the riffraff and the trash talkers and the comments out it's night and day between youtubers patreon I can say and do whatever I want to say and do over there with zero censorship so thank you everybody for being here and I appreciate you fight the good fight get ready I don't know what it is it's coming

  1. I am an middle aged single prepper, I live in a small town in East Tennessee. I would love to find other like minded people in my area. It's hard to do because of people so clannish. I am considered an outsider..

  2. Bear my brother. I thank God for all you do. And ask his blessings upon you. My problem is, what do you do for having/getting antibiotics for later?

  3. Norway tells their people to prep for anything, Bjorn on YouTube talks about it, love your channel too because he also talks about pagen ways and culture

  4. Happy you don't play the clickbait game… They only hurt themselves, we ignore those crying wolf with no reason

  5. Yep, I was watching a documentary where they were showing the pamphlet they sent to everyone. And the woman who was in charge of National preparedness, made the pamphlet, and was doing classes for kids…..tgats some serious shiznit

  6. Yes. It's a good subject. Community is also a constant back story to all survival situations. Even historical events of natural disasters, famine, strife, subjugation and the horrors of war have back stories of community. A whole series of books could be written about the subject. Even a TV series could be based on the subject and down well. So long as there is no political over tones. IMHO that is.

  7. Come Unity; Community. I think people would be surprised by their neighbors if they got to know them. Even in suburban areas.

  8. At 13:44, I wanted to finish your sentence with, self sustaining scallop farm (Wedding Crashers). I do not watch it anymore, but I had to throw that in there. Sorry! Continue the lesson please.

  9. That click bait description sounds like some Canadian Prepper videos. I will admit, I have clicked on a few, but now I watch your videos instead. Thank you, for all of your efforts.

  10. Yes, I would like to get more info about continuity. Specifically, would you say that a military ish structure is more efficient or a theocratic/democratic tribal system, example: the Hebrews (before the monarch). Interestingly the pirates as well. I think some pirate crews elected their captain and admin to lead them in battle, but made other decisions and plans as a group.

  11. Great video Bear! Ya you're thinking of Sweden. But also Norway… annnnd Germany now too. Problembly more counties we are both unaware of. The point has already been made. Thanks Bear !

  12. Yes anything you have on your mind Iโ€™m interested in learning and getting a different view than my own

  13. To those that do not know, Bear has also taken on a vary righteous goal for himself, and to anyone who wants to follow along. Bear is reading the bible from beginning to end, word for word, he is leaving nothing out.

    Bear posts 2 videos, one on Fridays & the other on Sundays on YouTube of the readings he is doing. Please to everyone, take the time to follow along on this righteous journey Bear is on, for it is truly a journey worth taken. This Sunday is Matthew 22 & 23, The Parable of the Wedding Banquet & A Warning Against Hypocrisy.

    Thank you brother, for I am truly enjoying your reading.

  14. This is going to be a civil war and a schizophrenic one at that. We're going to see combat and risk in a way we've never seen before in history just because of the mental and moral short comings of western society. There's going to be innocent people just trying to live and those will be split into people who are living and those who are desperate to keep doing so then there's going to be the wolfs out to hunt the sheep. They will meet the sheep dogs. Then there are the ones who will just be out to cause pain and bloodshed. Those who have been hoping for this and those who think everyday about all the crazy and horrible things they would do if the police weren't there.

  15. Great video, I also think it's Sweden. They had a prepper culture for decades with bombshelters etc. Then it went away in the 90s and now their government is trying to bring it back into their culture. Much love from SA.

  16. Absolutely, yes keep all the videos on community coming. That is where my heart is set right now. And I am doing everything in my power to advance that concept. Even gangs understand this value. I don't understand why it it such a difficult topic.

  17. I appreciate your take on this. Continuity of community will be essential for the long term survival of everyone. Is it any wonder why the government feels threatened by any developing sense of community? A sense of self reliance in the context of community does not foster a need for "government"…this, it is a threat. Great topic T

  18. Hello Bear,
    SHALOM bro…great to see ya, great advice and info today,, your so right about it all, the Government can't and well not be able to help when SHIF happens, ..
    God YHWH bless you and all man kind. God YHWH bless America U.S.A and President Trump,,,2020.
    I know your not about that Brother Bear not he's better than the other thing that was going to be and you know it and so does 99% of America!!!
    Lots of love at ya'll

  19. You think 5โ€ hail is something? May 3, 1999 my high school got hit with hail from the storm that produced that Moore F5 tornado. The hail was literally penetrating the steel of cars. Largest hail Iโ€™ve measured while chasing was 6.25โ€ at its widest and weighed 5.3 pounds.

  20. Bear I have a question about como not sure what steps to take to get started would appreciate it if you could help thank you

  21. Be prepared mentally, physically, and absolutely spiritually. Yes please more, finding lost souls one person at a time. Thanks Bear much love brother and God bless you and your family.

  22. First week as a patron and I got my moneyโ€™s worth in the first day. Appreciate what you do.

    Love the continuity of community talks. Would definitely like some longer talks on it…Iโ€™m personally interested in learning more about tribe makeup: structure, trade/skill makeup & redundancy, resource allocation, group infrastructure vs individual, things of the sort.

    More than anything though , I think a lot of us just want to hear what the Lord puts on your heart. He knows what we need to know a heck of a lot more than anybody here does.

    Keep on keeping on brother.

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