Confronting abortion and other social issues in Times Square, NYC

she says his coming back in the club to the sky and when he comes back it's not gonna be in grace and mercy it's going to be in judgments and my physical issue officer Stacy we want you to know the love of God today my friends that there was a name that literally made that out his name every knee will bow every tongue confess the day is late the night is for spits do the Jesus and that's Jesus Christ for you I'm not talking about your attendance at church you're standing in the congregation and whether you're a deacon or an angel I'm talking about just the love of Jesus Christ the by in your soul this is Spradlin Pro you my friends evil has overcome this world evil has overtaken us like a disease the good news is this there is an antidote to the disease but there's an antidote to the prevalence of society and the social issues that we face it's not down of political parties it's not round it changes the president back to assume aquatic president or a Democratic president when we tend to go pocket avoid searching clicking the next politician is going to fix the issues that we face the truth is we're pulling into sin but the coasters back in on the class of Jesus Christ because of the flesh is still the love of Jesus the problem is we don't want the truth we played without to find answers to the sin in our life because unfortunately our sin is too delicious we like having sex outside of marriage doing drugs drinking partying the problem so Jesus has given us a way through the wilderness and a highway in the desert that if you live for God if you trust in him if you abide in him and he will bless you but if you do whatever you want to do the judgment of God will come upon you and we've got a society completely falling into despair because we like our sin rebellion has eaten us up rebellion I am convinced that the world loves New Age religion because it gives them a plan of the answers that they seek while allowing you to keep your sin we love to go to psychics tarot card readers mediums we got Long Island medium on TV we love having answers while keeping our sin but the truth is there is a consequence to sin and there is always a victim to sin if you sin and if you don't know Jesus that's what your life is sin creates a victim of sin or either if the man goes and rapes a little girl that little girl is the victim of that sin if you go out and you have sex outside of marriage you get STDs unanswered pregnancies pregnancies they're killing little babies in the ROM and we think this is okay but there is no need to have an abortion at eight or nine months of gestation this is crazy this is insanity now we have normalized in our society the murder of innocent children under the guise of the convenient and the right this is insanity it's it's murder I'm using our children and allowing them the freedom to live or not become a little girl this is insanity were pleasing our children the Bible says to train your children up in the way that they should go and if we teach our children how to live given us he will give you away that is good and right and holy inside of you and he gives you new life but your power through this grace together come sin we would rather have our children dancing on stages and strip clubs loaded by the world celebrated by society speaking this is normal it's insanity my friends the Lord has gone crazy and we think that crazy is the crazy one because I'm just speaking of social issues at hand and he can fix the problem God can make this crazy crooked couple living in straight lips again and every obstacle you face every mountain in front of you can be brought low he can uplift the valleys and he can fix the problems that were facing before God and God's Spirit judgments God doesn't like people didn't love him in his ship him it was never God's desire to bring judgments but it is the consequence of rebellion and sin you choose however you want to live God visit grandpa he's not to be a servant to him you gonna choose do whatever you want to do because I don't want you to go home I don't want you to face the wrath of God I don't want you under the hand of his Swift judgement I want you to front grace and mercy and compassion and love I want you to wake up in the morning and man that a good cloud who created the heavens in the earth and whose hand is the soul of a living thing and the birth of a mankind to know that he's in control okay we got a little controversy on our social issues you'll see that darkness has began to cover this oil in a way that is unprecedented we see evil abound wickedness is all around us our hearts have become so dark and I'll have to speak a message of hope to you today that there is a light which has come into that darkness and his name is Jesus that is the eternal hope and salvation of all mankind that he even finds you in the midst of darkness picking up from the pit breathing life into your soul and give you life and life more abundantly my friends it is the will of God that none should perish that all might have eternal life in Christ Jesus God sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for your sin repent New York City today is the day of your salvation now is the time the time is so late and the urgency is upon the wind we must cry out to God and let him restore our lands we have all like sheep gone astray we have gone astray and we see the abundance of evil manifest in our lives we have children showing up our schools we have attacks all over the country all over the world it's melting it's growing over time we see the condition of a society worship and in the midst of this great tragedy we continue through life unfazed unaffected we continue shopping and misery and how can this be we must cry out to God there is power in Jesus to change the condition of the world that we are in there was head found in the cross there was only one name under heaven given to men whereby we must be saved unless we will perish and Jesus is that name he is the answer that you have been looking for your entire life and if we as a society turn back to God biblically if we look through the times of the Bible and we say and nations turned against God they saw the judgment and the hand of God swiftly wall against them but when they handled himself in the sight of God he would lift him up he said of my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal the land God will heal this country if we turn back to him New York you pass the law well you can kill babies in the Graham up to the day of birth how can we do this because of the convenience of a mother there's no reason to kill a child a ninth of gestation there's no reason georgous perform a delivery we talked about the woman's body the woman's right to choose my friends women and men alike we need to choose before we have sex if you don't have a baby don't get in the bed with a person and this is gives us these babies to be killed and the monuments to bail in the city we're killing our children how can this be and we think it's okay it's become normal to kill the innocent that's not okay we have to repent for our sin and the time is late now is the time the power of God can reach you or your ass you are incapable of living a good life without the power of God living inside of you and we can only find Jesus through repentance we turn to God we seek his face we say Lord forgive me I repent for my sins I choose to follow you help me to love you but you spit inside of me give me new life we didn't come to pick monkeys my friends you know fearfully and wonderfully made and God has a purpose for your life the blessings of God can only find you when you are living in his will happy directed by his hand what he is walking by your side and yes this holy word take my dingus you were fighting him and he abides in you old New York when are we going to wake up we want you to find help we want you to find forgiveness watch out you got somebody behind you we want you to provide forgiveness for your sins repent for the kingdom of God is at hand darkness has over what our lands many of the plans of manhood but it's the law that must stop that we can wander through life and we can surrender to God and know that every day he's gonna lead us he's gonna guide us he's gonna direct us he's gonna be here for us choose this day who you will serve New York choose this day where you want your life to go many of you are holding your aimlessly walking through confused own shot and broken but God has a plan if you just went to him went to him although weary and heavy-laden it God will give you rest no your say he said my yoke is easy my burden is light up put my spirit inside of you you will give you that way where there is no way he'll be the highway in the desert away in the wilderness we lift up the rally's and bring lo the mountains in front of you and he'll give you the power to overcome the prejudice that you face day by day Jesus there's only one way to God all roads don't lead to to eternal life my friend God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for you in our sin all your enemies of God in our sin we are separated from God and through the sacrifice of Christ through the payments that he paid for us through his death there is election he conquered sin he broke the curse ever I flashed that if we trust in him we believe in him we repent for us in we can't find life and life everlasting and he is going to prepare a place for us he said in my house are many rooms prepared place for you so that you can have eternal ship with God not just now but we as believers who are here our identity has already begun we live in the spot we walk in the spirit this world is not ahead friendship with the world is enmity with God my Manito be minded man isn't stable in his ways so we have to there's only one name there's only one hope there's only one answer for the troubles of your soul and the problems that you're dealing with many people are eaten up with anxiety sex on sort of marriage were party we're running through this line trying to find a way but you're not going to find it without a light to illuminate your path it is impossible for someone to make it through the darkness without something just show them the way and the Bible says that the blind lead the blind we cannot see without the light of Christ to guide us his word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path and we're here for the same purpose of reaching you were the love of God because we care about you we have a desire for you to beat one into the kingdom of God to find the answers that you've always searched for and you can somebody talk to this this family over here as we see people Jesus but since God sent His Son Jesus to die for you right in the beginning out of the bade him and through that sin into the world and as we aborted to sit over here enemies of God was separated from God and throw the blood of Jesus have paying the price of the cross being resurrected from the dead he conquered sin broke the curse of the flesh so that we can be reconciled unto him and the Bible says that the message of the Cross is foolishness that's why you shake your head as you walk by you mark and you score because in your mind this is foolishness in your mind this doesn't make sense the Bible says the message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but those were saved it's a power of God that when God loves you and he wakes you up to his truth do you understand in your heart you will know that what we're speaking is Trump and everything and your life can change and you can find the hope and the peace in the turmoil that you've always looked for Jesus is that hope somebody's over here I don't know they're listening here they're with us okay Jesus the name above every name choose this day who you will save New York repent for the kingdom of God is at hand every day we are following people into sin why are we so amazed by the tragedies in a society children being trafficked children being cut open from the neck to the bellybutton organs being harvested to be sold on the black market our children are being raped and abused our homeless are being neglected left on the street we have the ability the finances to help the people that need help and instead with walking through life completely unaffected by the suffering of the human condition how can this be my friends but if you went to Jesus he will put his love in your heart who will help you to hurt like he hurts for the broke in the downtrodden in the forgotten together we can change this world one soul at a time but it can only happen if through the leading in aggression of the Holy Spirit together we could change the world one soul at a time but we're never going to reach everybody that each of us can reach somebody you can make your difference in somebody's life the love of Christ can be shown through the testimony of your life and both can experience grace mercy compassion and love through your touch through your head through your hug your embrace but instead we'll walk it through life we're overlooking the abused we've been looking those who are forgotten about we're thriving the corporate ladder we're trying to just make it through life and we think that success and riches and fame and glory and power is going to give us the answers to the longing of our soul but you're not going to find self-actualization through careers you're not gonna find self-actualization through success there's a reason why every year we see another celebrity diet of available rules for suicide because even those who are successful wealthy the sufferings are holding their broken they're still looking for something and yet in the same breath I can tell you that people around the world with nothing let help in Jesus they're perfectly content my friends we have to turn to God the time is late choose this day who you will serve if you would like to be safe please come to us and we'll help you run to Jesus we'll play with you we'll show you in the scriptures where you can find the king of kings and a lid of lords that is the atop and salvation of all mankind that is the way where there is no way that he is the power to overcome sin through his spirit we can conquer this sinful nature of unrest with it I don't understand where's that she's humble like some kind of shield at Archer put a sweater through cheese's you can find life and life more abundantly if you want to play with us police con we invite you to follow Jesus please come we'll play with you we'll show you the scriptures everything you need to know if you need pray for your family if you need hope if your heart and your straddling your suffering anything at all come to us and we care about you god bless you my friends god bless you new york repent for the time is late if you want prayer please cover oh praise the Lord Jesus New York City praise the Lord no the Bible says this is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it how many people are glad and rejoicing that God has given you another day in His goodness in his place or that you may continue on living life but I want you to understand that there is a reason why he's giving you another day why he's giving all of us another day you know a lot of us say that you know that we have different purposes you know as things like that well let me tell you something there is a common purpose that all of us have in common there is a common purpose that all of us that there is a reason why will for even walking on this concrete you know what that is is that we would know God and make him know that we would know the Lord and make him know and unfortunately we live in a city that in general does not know the Living God you you need to find and you don't know who to give thanks to you breathe air and you don't know who provides it you you get you get help and you don't know who gives it to you this is a sign that we don't know the God that made us you know the Bible says you know that the wicked will be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God we live in a nation that has severely forgotten the Lord and yet the Lord is still gracious and long-suffering not willing that none perish not willing that America perishes but that all would come to repentance and that is with God that is what God is commanding all men everywhere to do as I'm glad that you're walking in Times Square today no matter what your your your your errands are or whatever they may be going maybe all your lunch break you may be going to school you may be a go to a friend's house whatever it is but now you're passing by and you passing by hearing the word of God and I'll tell you there's no greater blessing there's no other more important thing in your life then you come to face to face with the gospel of Jesus Christ and I hope that today I hope that today you woken up thinking about eternity because that is exactly where every one of us is headed with every breath and every chip step now we take there's about 160 thousand people every day that walked into eternity that's two people every single second two people a second people are walking into eternity and one day one day we're gonna be we are gonna be one of those 160,000 people and god forbid but it can be today and if he wants to walk into eternity today where will you spend eternity where would you go and we live in a city that does not know God do you don't know what your purpose is do you know why you here some people don't even know what they are they don't even know if they're male and female that is the type of society that we live in today that we don't even we have a a a identity crisis we don't even know what Dawson people should be walking into we don't we don't we don't even know whether whether abortion is wrong or right yes here we are in New York City 2019 where God has blessed us with the knowledge of his word you got his Wednesday 3:00 and it's not it is not a self-help pimp that you gotta buy at Barnes and Nobles know you could get the Word of God for free for free and I was discussing this earlier there are people in other nations nations that are all destitute of common resources that we need America has it in abundance failure in these countries they're poor they're hungry they're thirsty they don't have the bill they don't have the blessings that we have and yet when they receive the Word of God when they receive the word they hug the Bible they hug it they cry over it like if like if they got in their first meal in a month this this is what they do with the Bible they receive it and they hold on to it like if they're holding on to dear life but here you are with much excess much always against the Word of God that is able to save your souls but here you are squandering the word mocking the head of God laughing at what Jesus Christ did for you some even have the audacity to even use the mouth and the tongue that God gave you and use it to blaspheme his name and you use it to deny even his very existence and yet even still God is stretching out his hand his name peers hands to you that you would get to know him that you would know his love is mercy and that you would know God's holiness yeah you would know the ways of God and so I want to tell you folks that the reason the reason why there's good news the reason why there's the gospel is because there's bad news there's good news because there's bad news in the first place and that bad news concerns all of us God has bearing witness against us in his word that says to us that there is none that seek after God there's no one good no not one the mouths are like an open Sepulchre so for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God do you know what this means ladies and gentlemen hey man praise the Lord praise the Lord you see that I believe that is the reason there why God is still blessing this nation because of other eliminates because of a remnant God always has a remnant somewhere and America that have a remnant so you need to take you need to thank the born-again Christians that God has not judged this country because whatever there is a remnant God has mercy God has mercy because of his remnant the same God that brought judgment on the whole earth four thousand and a half years ago with some flood in the days of Noah you know the reason why he did that even so much that he said in his word to it that it reflects at him that he's that he has made man what a statement by the Living God that and it repented the Lord that he made humans but you know again the reason why you're here today is because there was one man that found grace in God's sight and that man cold nor nor was it a Jew go read your Bible actually but Noah was righteous nor was a righteous man who didn't live like the rest of the world who didn't live like the rest of society and they're in their own understanding in their own rebellion in their own wickedness he found grace in God's sight and God spared Noah and his family God spared Noah and his family no plates no build the bill and preached for 120 years just think about think about the UH patience and long-suffering of God that for 100 120 years God has long-suffering and patient hoping that people like that people would get into the ark but you know what I'm even convinced that the only reason why why are like eight by seven other people got into the ark is because they were just simply Noah's family they were just simply known as a family that's I'm convinced that's the only reason why they went into the ark that besides them not one went inside that Ark and Noah was lifting up his voice for 120 years longer than then most of us are alive he pleased he preached the coming judgement of God and all the people had to do to be saved was get into the ark just get in but they didn't you know what they did the same thing now a lot of people do today they did the same thing that a lot of people do today even in Times Square they mocked the Word of God they laughed at the Word of God they ridiculed Noah they ridiculed the word and many of you have done the same thing and maybe you're doing it right now under the breath under your breath but you know what God himself but God himself God himself he was the one that closed he closed the door to the art nor did it close it it was God and he caused it one week one week before the flood came on the earth one week it is the same God that led the children of Israel out of Egypt with his mighty hand he split the sea for them he gave them bread he gave them food he gave them water in a walk that even for forty years in the wilderness their feet deer deer deer sandals their sandals that they had didn't went away that's all that's how God was preserving them and yet the people of Israel wanted a turn back to Egypt – it is now there's nothing new Under the Sun there's nothing new Under the Sun the Apostle Peter said that in the last days mockers and scoffers will come working according to their own lust saying where is the promise of his coming this is the father's fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation and here we are all these continue even after 2000 maybe plus years after the Messiah the savior of the world came into the world and here we are we're doing the same thing continuing in our ignorance of the creation of the front and of the coming judgment thanks a lot of your thinking ah slumbering into the judgment of God and we're here to tell you to turn to turn from you with your ways and turn to God through Christ the Bible says that the wages of our sin is death some of you think that death it's just a br a physical part you think that death is just that somebody takes the last breath I tell you folks that is not not in that the only meaning of death that's the physical part but you have a spirit in you and just as the book of James says just as the body without the Spirit is dead so that says that tells me that whenever whenever your spirit leaves your body that is a physical death but here's the thing that the Lord said to the people of Israel say sure said cute he'll made the eyes cannot see he'll make the ear titty not here simply yes yes sins have separated you between you and your God and your necklace has hidden his face from you that he will not hear say Bible says that if you're not paying again then we are dead in our trespasses and sins so right now thanks if you're if you're not born again of the Spirit of God the Bible calls you dead God calls you a dead person so you don't have to be physically dead to be dead to be separated from God is to be dead and many people in New York City are dead in their trespasses and sins and are continuing as if as if everything is right and roses is okay but it's not okay because the worst thing that could happen to anyone as if they go into eternity in their sin that they die in their sin and it happens to many people every single day jesus said except you believe that I am he you will die in your sin and that is the worst that can happen because if that happens you will end up in hell with nobody to blame but yourself but here we are first tell you about the good news there is good news even though there is there's this bad news that concerns every person under the sound of my voice whether Jew or Gentile there's good news folks but says the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is everlasting life through Jesus Christ our Lord everlasting life some of you say you love life that you like you love to live you like to live but yet but yet many of you are not willing to come to the author of life that you may have eternal life if you love to live surely surely you would love to live forever but you know you're not gonna live forever but if you want to jesus said i am the bread of life i'm the bread of life Jesus says say he who eats of displeasure I'll never die now like the children of Israel that ate manna in the wilderness and they died but just said this bread is such a kind and those who eat it will never die jesus said I am I am the resurrection and the life he that believes in me though he die yet he shall live and that is the will of God for you he felt he jumped to the prophet Ezekiel said do I have any any pleasure that the wicked that the wicked should die – no I do not take pleasure in the death of the wicked but rather that they turn and live New York City you need to turn and live because your ways are the ways of death there's a lot of truck dealing in New York City a lot of truck use a lot of patience a lot of murders a lot of every a lot of drunkenness they call this suppose we call Claire the city that never sleeps the city that never sees the biggest the largest city in America the city that never sleeps but you know what having been born and raised in this city just up town from this island this city is sleeping this city is sleeping because you're spiritually sleeping because you do not know what is ahead of you there's a judgment that is coming God promised a wrath to tell on the ungodly all those who do not obey the gospel and here you are hearing the gospel that God in His love and His mercy he foretold through the prophets long ago that he was sent the Messiah the Christ into the land and he fulfilled that promise about 2000 years ago and now he said Jesus of Nazareth from the glories of heaven born to a virgin conceived by the Holy Spirit and lived the perfect life never sinned never violated God's law unlike all of us have and what about doing good among all the people in the Land of Israel he healed the sick he made the blind see he made the lame walk he made the Newspeak he made the Deaf hear cast out demons raise the dead and then many other miracles instead of many witnesses and just after three years of preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God they crucified him on a cloud I'm pretty sure anybody here familiar with the cross you seen it you see it on many buildings you see it tattooed on people's bodies you see the clothes even wear as a necklace around people's necks you know people call it a Jesus piece a lot of rappers a lot of rappers wear these these golden or platinum closes that cost thousands of dollars but you know the curse was never meant to be a fashion statement the curse is not meant to be plated at a at all at a fashion show the curse is the instrument of God to demonstrate his righteousness you want to know how God deals with the problem of sin I suggest you take a good look at the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ because that's where our sin was dealt with yes all sin blasphemy murder drunkenness robbery homosexuality outside to sexual immorality bestiality lying idolatry covetousness it was dealt with at the course the boss said that he's that Jesus is the propitiation for our sins he is the Passover lamb he is our atonement here's the wisdom and the mercy of God here's the exact image of the invisible God and so just after three years of preaching the gospel they crucified him on a cross and in their ignorance they fulfilled didn't even know because they were ignorant of the scriptures they read it every Sabbath and yet missed it they missed it that in their ignorance they fulfilled what the prophets said would happen that the Christ the Messiah would suffer and that he would enter into his glory and guess what folks Christ has entered into his glory the glory that he had with the father before the world even began Isiah many prophets pretend of the sufferings of Jesus Christ they Fairchild of his death Dave Fairchild of his nephews hands they foretold of his whippings they fare true of his beatings God thought God is a God of details God gave us intrinsic details about what would happen to his Anointed One when he would come he said that he will be rejected and said that he would be rejected by his own people so about 2,000 years later here we are people are still rejecting The Anointed One because we don't want to humble ourselves there are King David in the book of psalms he said that the balls of a son have come have compassed around me they pierced my hands and my feet oh my oh my bones are out of joint [Applause] and say Mike to my government they cast lots this is King David 1000 years before he anointed one Kane the prophet Isaiah said who has believed our report in in other words who has believed the gospel well for the profit starts out the 53rd chapter by saying he has believed our report in layman's terms he has believed the gospel to us believed our report and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed since when he shall grow as a tender plant a root out of dry ground he has a couple eNOS and there is no beauty that we should desire him and yet we had as a way of faces from him and we esteemed him not says surely he's born our griefs and carried our sorrows he was despised and rejected of men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and we had as the world faces from him and we as Bowie esteemed him stricken smitten by God and afflicted you see that's what the people thought the people thought that he was being smitten afflicted for his own transgressions but no no no folks this is the realization says we esteemed him stricken smitten by God and afflicted says but no but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace for our peace was upon him and by His stripes we are healed that's all we like sheep have gone astray we've turned everyone to his own way yet the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all he was oppressed and afflicted and he opened not his mouth but was led as a lamb to the slaughter and like a sheep before his Shearer's is silent so he opened not his mouth so he was taken from prison and from judgment and who shall declare his generation for he was cut off from the land of the living for the transgression of my people was he stricken this was written about about seven to eight hundred years before the Messiah came so who fits that description who fits who was I sail speaking of surely because says he continues to say that that dot the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand he shall see his seed said he shall see his seed so Jesus of Nazareth when he came he was rejected despised though he did good among the people and they nailed him to a cross and he died on that cross not for himself but for us for inequities he died buried in three days later Jesus of Nazareth defeated what no one else in human history could not defeat and this and it is your enemy the one day the defeated is your enemy that enemy is death and that he rose again from the dead our lujah Jesus has risen he is alive seated in his glory at the right hand of the Father and he's coming back folks to judge the living and the dead call upon the name of the Lord and the Bible says you will be saved repent and believe the gospel Jesus said the time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe the gospel to repent and be converted that your sins may be blotted out that times a refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord because that is what we need at times of refreshing so turn to God folks they may have mercy on you through the blood of Jesus Christ that is the only over you to be delivered set free for whatever Ponzi jury I myself was in bondage I was afforded kid I was so many things and yet God delivered me six years ago with the snapping finger just like that that's the power of God so I'm testifying to you today to the gospel of the grace of God that no matter what you've done you can be you can be forgiven you can be cleansed you can be washed made new again in Christ Jesus who alone has the power and no one else to turn to the Lord today in New York City where the time is running short the time in that hand fix Church the more white still got time [Applause]

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