Community Spotlight: Lake Carroll

THIS WEEKEND'S ENTERTAINMENT. 3 JAMES: THERE'S A LOT TO FIND AND DO AT LAKE CARROLL — JUST NORTH OF LANARK. IN ADDITION TO A CLUBHOUSE, AND GOLF COURSE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC… THERE ARE MANY AMENITIES EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE RESIDENTS. — A SKI HILL, MULTI-PURPOSE TRAILS, AND CAMPGROUND. THERE'S ALSO A FISH HATCHERY TO FEED THE PRIVATE LAKE. LOCAL FOUR'S SHAWN LOGING TELLS US IN TONIGHT'S COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT… THOSE AREN'T THE MAIN REASONS LIVE IN LAKE CARROLL. 3 " Betty Carrubba "My love is the lake, as my shirt says."To truly experience Lake Carroll, Betty Carrubba says it starts on a boat.NAT – Boat Engine Betty "First drive into Lake Carroll, you don't see a lake. We were driving around saying where's the lake, where's the lake."The 640-acre man-made lakeTom Stangle "By the way is the largest private lake in the state of Illinois."Is the centerpiece of life in this private residential community for Betty and the neighbors. Betty "We have a home right on the lake, so we can enjoy all the water sports. We have a boat, jet ski."Sam Haldiman says it's especially a hit for the grandkids.Sam Haldiman "The first thing is they open the side door on the pontoon and they're jumping into the lake. The four-year-old screaming and jumping."While taking in these views life here also has a slower pace far from a concrete jungle. Sam Haldiman "There's no traffic jam. There's no gridlock. There are no traffic lights."There are 950 homes that span the 5-thousand acres and while some use this as a retirement home other owners come here for a weekend getaway or to raise a family. Abby Sturtevant "My husband and I grew up out here and lived in Chicago for about a decade and made the big move back out this way."It's been about a year since Abby Sturtevant and her family packed the moving truck providing a yard and freedom for her kids to play.Abby "Do you go swimming?" Son "Yeah" Abby "Do we go boating?" "Yeah" But when it comes to life at Lake Carroll they might come for the lake but stay because of the people.Abby "The neighbors are wonderful. All of our kids play together on our block so it's a great sense of community."Betty "They don't even hesitate to come out and help when the weather's bad or your dock gets dislodged."With plenty to do Betty "We're a community. We're not individuals who own homes on a lake"It's easy to get to know one's neighbors. Shawn Loging Local 4 News" 3 JAMES: BE SURE TO TUNE IN TO LOCAL 4 NEWS TOMORROW EVENING. WE'RE LIVE FOR OUR COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT FROM LANARK'S áOLD SETTLER'S DAYS.á 3

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