Community Showcase - July 2019

hi everybody welcome to this month's community showcase hi I'm Michael Damiani I see Ian hink Brendan Jones not here Van Jones enjoying some well-deserved time with his new board son so baby yeah they had a baby and they are having a good time there so I'm gonna be taking over this month and we're gonna be going through the submissions that you sent to us this is for $10 and up patrons had looked it up it's actually forgot so every $10 up patron we're gonna take a look at what you have for us I'm doing one thing a little bit differently then then Brandon does Brandon usually breaks it up into segments he does comments artwork like images first and then like videos is music and then videos I'm doing it like the Q&A the monthly Q&A we do where I just go in order from most recent comment and III downloaded everyone's tellin it everyone's that aren't working images download everyone's videos done like everything's downloaded I got them all set up to go so hopefully this goes smoothly and that's a lot of work yeah I got here like an hour and a half before my chicken tacos turned out to be beef tacos so I had to improvise and then apparently a router had fallen off the wall the baby was the earthquake maybe it was someone else who knows I guess wandering a crazy stress test on this are you doing a weird like shoot and you needed to hang from though I was like okay it's just there I was like when I blasted everyone in slack I was like who ripped the raft a walk you monster probably oh dear no I don't think anyone was here to do it so it was probably the earthquakes we had to do back-to-back earthquakes here so studio ghosts yes now I reinforced it with things we had on hand yes so next time it happens we net we know if that's confirmation that it was studio ghosts to dance in the earthquake yes sorry put your Taco Bell that's unfortunate but Thai food sounds way better than honey beef is the issue there yeah Taco Bell it's bad food yeah I've never had a good experience there except long time ago at something called fully loaded nachos and they don't make those anymore just cuz they used like a shell want them to make those well there was the name sounds disgusting it was like actual tostada shell and they put all the ingredients in there but he's like guacamole and like pico de Gaia was like oh this is like the freshest looking thing you've used and it's like it–like yeah and they stopped doing it I was like well never mind all the other nachos are nasty and disgusting like they used a shredded cheese so they're like liquid yeah gross like ballpark cheese is like their meat comes out of the hose okay yeah and I don't trust grilled chicken from fast-food places that's uh that's dicey yeah but they fried and you're usually safe with fried chicken even though it's not good for you so but better than nothing I also spilled mango iced tea on my shirt I was driving yes is the color of this shirt so it completely disappeared more or less so that's great so yes that's the opening sentence come on okay that's her life updates yeah run Damiani nyan and food talk all rolled into one both will be future patron gold shows yeah I know let's get into it let's get into your submissions and again we're going in order so I do apologize if you don't like this next month we can return back to the usual formats we'll see how this goes and again I have everything loaded and stuff so just bear with me make sure I get everything correct I labeled everything by my name so I was just gonna roll with it and just see but if we if it feels like we're okay this is getting out of hand we could start enforcing it but I kind of wanted to be like Damiani and I had joked that there's a new sheriff in town and literally to the word limit so if it was like mid-sentence we would just be like and really thank you guys for all that and just a stop nope that's it you don't get to nothing else that's what we didn't do the work yeah yeah so our first mission comes from a kid snow yeah oh so here's the weird thing I was telling chef before only 73 or 77 I like went down and loaded all the replies so maybe we'll solve this mystery by the end oh that's what I was yeah so we'll find out about the missing four comments we don't know this actually is a little iffy so you know this uh this actually is a this is a written submission so from kids Oh backflips into the community showcase with the last bit of creative writing I did that I was proud of hey everyone hope y'all's day is okay and you all have a wonderful lives Hart and here we go you want to read this Ian sure dramatic reading here there's blood on your hands there's blood on your hands and you can't wash it off the things you had seen the things you had done no amount of saving lives had been able to make up for it towns blur together but dive bars were all the same no one ever gave you a second glance usually the bartender however gives you a sad look as you single for you signal for yet another drink drinking to remember or to forget you can hear her but you don't respond words are heavy on your tongue these days and heavier on your heart you can still hear screams it's starting to get harder to tell them apart if you let your guard down for even a moment your hands will start to shake images flashing as if right in front of your eye a young blonde girl a smile wide enough to hold an ocean a man with nothing but love in his eyes before the light behind them guys hands red and dripping dripping dripping the glass shatters in your hand the bar goes silent you don't look up just put some cash on the counter and leave sometimes they find you but it's almost as if they can smell it the beasts notice you easier because well they can smell it you never go looking for them you haven't since you were young most times encounters end well laughs over drinks hands in the dark you don't know if it's to remember or to forget when they don't end well you've had enough experience to know how to deal with what's left behind experience doesn't make it easier you think wiping a blade off your you think wiping your blade off your jeans on your jeans theory you see the smile that can hold a notion and every girl who looks your way you can't help but see him and every man who shares the vaguest of features speaks words that could be even barely described as praised you never feel safe anymore you keep your blade closed and your words closer it had been the bartender that followed you you could feel her eyes on you since he walked in she seemed nice and it made you sick to see her lifeless eyes her second set of teeth still bared ready to give her life for her nest she was young probably turned in the past few years it made you sick with yourself with the people you had called family who had raised you to do this who had made you to do this your hands shake as you walk away experience never helps with the aftermath of taking a life you think you find yourself still standing under a lukewarm motel shower hours after scrubbing at your skin the water runs clear but you still feel the cling of dirt to your skin the blood that drips down your palm the nails clawing at your arms there is blood on your hand and you cannot wash it off today killing vampires at first I had yeah ambulance drivers like a bringing up a deal hence that trauma it's like Nic Cage yeah the case is very traumatic hey maybe one day Nick Cage will star in a adaptational that you never know Nick Cage Vampire Hunter is for sure a caged vampire hunter like I saw every it's not Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter so I would say Nic Cage vampire hunter for sure listen to some songs that came up with my from something called the group called the vampires it's pretty good had like some really good saxophone in it all right next up this is from Zephyr moon greetings Damiani Indian hope you guys are doing well seeing that it's been a while since the both of you were on the showcase I'll get you guys up to speed on what I've been doing the last few months I've been developing a webcomic from an idea I had back in 2012 and every month I've been showing off my progress right now I'm working on a character sheet I'm working on character sheets of the main cast and so far I have finished two and now working on a third I'll show you guys last month's character who was the main protagonist and this month's new character last month I said that I'd love to talk more about them but that would be spoilers and for funsies I'll even show you guys a work-in-progress of the character I'm currently working on design is subject to change all right so let's take a look at these real quick I gotta get this one sec I have it set up on this scene actually so we're gonna vanish for just a sec chat I'm gonna full screen the image let me get it right all right here we go how here we go so this is the first one this is Sophie Williams date of birth 726 1938 nationality japanese-american only sometimes has arms I mean the side view oh isn't that like standard next one this is Todd Carter date of birth 11 21 1937 nationality african-american also no arms in one scene as well she had a car accident give her a break yet yeah yeah and then him too yeah you won't see us when we're showing art that's intentional this is the working Crockett's yeah so yeah very cool very cool switch back over rock shot okay all right failed yeah thank you guys for your time glad to have you back in congrats to Jones and Amanda on their new arrival and a lot of love respect to Huber in this difficult time much love and respect and respect sorry Sarah in shock I've never actually said your last name before so I hope I pronounced that right Zephyr moon I apologize if I got it wrong PS clipping mask is still the best cheese what clipping mask is still the best cheese leper what is that a reference dude did we did we miss this let us know as we move on image editing show Photoshop internal okay yeah I was like wait was this something I said on a stream before it was like it's a joke right our next submission comes from Cesar Villa hello Ian and Damiani as I'm writing this it's July 3rd and III is finally over it's not over already I'm like what III 20/20 right now we're doing yeah what are you doing like pre-production meetings and stuff yeah it's knocking if you're thinking well yeah it's been over four weeks now no for me III ends when I watch everything you guys produce during the event and today I saw the last video I was missing great coverage as always I especially enjoyed the last day the friend coat special with all the guest panel thank you for that also thanks for making it right Damiani oh I know there's going I had a hundred dog bucks on the line in the Final Fantasy 7 release date thing so after your reversal I got 300 $6.75 75 cents and dong bucks back making my total of Don bucks 1316 in 40 cents not enough to beat King Huber but I feel good with my results how long would that have been from you you would have been like very short oh sorry on another subject back in February when you Damiani were in the guest seat I promise that promise to you that I would have beaten Majora's Mask by the next time you were in the show I'm happy to say I kept my promise and wow what a game that is I especially enjoyed the callback to the neverending story when you have to wake up a dormant turtle to get to get to Great Bay temple I think the major complaint in this game the major complaint this game gets is that people feel limited by the 3-day cycle mechanics but honestly I found it quite entertaining and I can only praised how well this game is designed meaning that you have these three days to complete a task you need a few cycles to do it but once it is done you always get rewarded with either an item a mask or a song for the ocarina that makes sure you don't have to do the same thing again unless of course you want to and then there is the ending Here I am risking my life for the people of termina reviving reliving sorry the same three days over and over again and when evil is vanquished or vanished what's the things I get okay link scram we have a festival to attend that that's very not a nice word I just saved you all and I can't even enjoy the party bunch of ungrateful bad word you can say dicks okay dicks and to wrap up I'm thinking of starting something when we listen to the buck bumble song I kept hearing dick kept telling Chet I keep hearing dicks chattin so I became like a joke I'm sure she made a clip of it so there we go yeah Jonathan's not here we're going really blue and I rap but I'm thinking of starting oh no I just give it okay in a wrap up I'm thinking of starting something I have a huge backlog and sometimes I can't make up my mind as to what to play so I thought of giving you guys a few options and commit to it by the next time you're back in the guest seat unfortunately an you get no choice Wow back in February the Humble Bundle had a PlayStation 1 and while I was reluctant to get it there was this voice in the back of my head telling me otherwise that voice that voice was yours again Ian's because the Tallis principal so I found out it's not it's not Talos it's Tallis apparently that's how you pronounce it I was just playing again a 2014 and like there's all these enemies called towel Tallis's and they're like oh it's Tallis so like oh those Telos anyway true that's not true in the game okay Tallis principle was included so I buckled and because of that I'll try to beat it by the next time you're in the guest seat so I can share my thoughts with you that's pretty cool and that's it fun with the road to get DLC let us know and then so we'll read the comment and that's it for this month thanks for everything you do allies love and respect to Ceaser buck bumble uh is the stream bumbling or a trolling me right now chat don't use the vocal okay just making sure just making sure it's good it's good okay well it's working me out yeah just checking to create drop frames and says it right there to make you look there uh yeah I saw you chat you apologize for the language yeah duh it's okay worry principal can both be good yeah now we're gonna get her headset ready for this next one because we have a video for Ian actually comes from gets it up sorry this is from Alexander Z Randolph easy ally in Hank my favorite so let me get this set up here here we go whoa just fell into that box huh almost ready I think Ian is the most talented ally I think out of all of us ian has the widest range of most effective talents it always just kind of bowls me over how en is capable of producing something that is so crazy out out of the box so drenched in his creative and editorial voice [Applause] or blood-borne blood block the comment seems really hard because now that they're my actual sponsor for real this time no joke fat burger easy update is a free of all sponsors everything reminds you've got damn box feet not to reminds me of my western music I think may have gone live before the video was public but the magic is not real dragons aren't real I know I've got a long flowing hair so I had that kind of ethereal like all right amigos but I never go like well you know welcome back to you can do all kinds of crazy things with vanities assassin's creed everybody tip their hats to an Hank for putting all this stuff together truly easy allies is one of the greatest things ever happened to me if I will die yes thank you for that Alexander I'm all emotional now I left a lot so thoroughly enjoyable next one next question comes from Mason hello Ian in Damiani this past month has been a huge deal to me for one reason I finally got to see my girlfriend reach unfathomable levels of height during e3 because of a game she has been longing for animal crossing new horizons though the delay to 2020 hit us hard as we've spent the past prior week speculating a September 2019 release date we now spend every night together searching for new videos and interviews about the game and what it could be and makes me truly happy that I can share my passion for video games with her and the joy the game will bring us I will bring to us when it's finally releases today I am sharing a cover of the new Animal Crossing new horizons theme song performed on real instruments take that Nintendo real instruments not synthesized fake instruments your MIDI music size is a real instrument I know I may never might have known me to explain I hope you all enjoy love and respect and we'll switch over to this give me a sec whoa here we go enjoy your attention please the new king getaway package charter flight will soon be arriving at the deserted island very good very good Bravo I love that thank you for that that was very tough very talented man all of y'all are so good at everything yeah our patrons should start their own patreon stream yeah so talented yeah and then they could be like make us to pay to submit to you so then you could do a showcase our next submission comes RPG junkie hey guys nice seeing you at the Final Fantasy 7 concert Damiani my first Ally sighting thanks for redeeming my bet I had the concert pegged for the release date announcement I practiced a song for the next time you was on and last time I posted a revengeance video Damiani mentioned armstrong so here he is the Sam version of the fight with plenty of tot and dodge swagger song is not tomorrow from Silent Hill PS any idea who's gonna be on next month like over the next person who is supposed to be on we don't actually might have been me so doo-wop two of me on maybe next week after I like find a clone we'll get on that yeah just got green in it yeah that's like 1920s Camry and we have to find out what you do live – optional discussion during a topic during a video what are your dreams for easy a in 2019 2020 so let's play the video and see if it makes us want to talk about that but in the Latin alphabet Chuck offer begins with an i yes very good Indiana Jones reference it's like @vj junkies video Oh what is up here why isn't here oh no oh give me one sec and I will give me one second I will grab this for you you tune there gets played off of youtube I go this would be here let me capture the link you could totally do this you missed the H yeah that's always the whole thing I don't know if it likes the feature part when I'm gonna the way I'm gonna do this real quick so we're improvising here Chad we don't know oh yeah we'll work it us need uh oh no it Orakei me please okay we might be saved I'm losing your physic please almost ready yeah it was jolly co-op thank you full screen control dude push live all right so we're live and I will start it over here we go this works yeah what are my dreams for easy eh uh actually I thought I was a three Sun Tzu's a revengeance to being announced and happening yeah I hope that we the content makes you feel like you're this powerful they can do anything in life I like how it has both the piano plants and the actually control it but at the same time so good is Armstrong this specimen our unit yeah helicopters helicopters really gonna do this looks like a DLC yeah Jetstream but easy allies to continue upward trend and to just keep being a positive presence yes yeah especially big steering changes we get we get a double studio we get it live at East Coast studio yeah he's go studio that could be a dream I know uh Brandon wants to be at more conventions next year yeah we definitely want to travel yeah that's a something I think you'll be saying yeah eesti allies all right cancel hit cancel push live and kill this cancel all scream aah no you don't hear it stop it no this is life they didn't see that we said we were saved they didn't actually play the video okay we survived by like a frame there's just one frame I want to come to Canada what's the biggest okay okay for sure um all right thank you for that me junkie very impressive play very good always good see good revengeance play our next submission comes from petered scotsman 86 hey Damiani any in I hate hearing myself your headphones with headphones muffling my sound I guess the start of the month I took a break from gaming to have a few movie days I got into a run of watching Denzel Washington films I watched the equalizer the equalizer – which should have been called the sequel Iser missed opportunity missed opportunity right there deja boo' it man on fire I enjoyed all of them the equalizer films are great action films in gaming this month I played through the prompter DLC in Final Fantasy 15 it was fun except for the fact his main pistol is so weak so unless I grabbed one of the special weapons fights would last a long time to know about this next one I also started prototype 2 this month it has been a fun game to go through it has been fun to go through it again I got all the achievements back on Xbox 360 Xbox 360 and now I'm close to the platinum and the ps4 version interesting I reviewed that game back in game trailers that was not that great the final game I have been playing this month is final fantasy 9 I missed this game completely on the ps1 so did I I didn't even hear it was released really I'm really curious you didn't hear it was released originally Wow so after watching Ben's haul greats pitch for it thought it'd be a good time to pick it up and give it a try I am NOT very far yet but I am enjoying it so far love and respect beard Scotsman 86 yeah I need to play through all of office c9 and Final Fantasy 8 that will happen at some point in the future I was like wow yeah this I can you know it I can believe it just totally things I can never reverse master pantses us has our next submission hello this month I have for you my very own post III desire index I already see the deep the deep pledge comments right now why they're like they're like Kyle did the desire index I am removing my pledge and now you did it to caring community showcase I am double removing my pledge I'm pledging again just to say I'm removing it again because you're doing the double the desire index on community showcase how dare you anyway starting with number 10 Final Fantasy 7 remake there are a lot of yellow flags for hunting the scheme for me the multi part release being the one hurting it the most even so I really want to get into this world again to see all the updated visuals and music number 9 the outer worlds everything looks great so far and love the sci-fi theme the fact that's coming to game past day 1 boost it onto my list number a code vein it's looking a lot better than last year if it turned out to be a 7 I'll be happy the ESRB rating of the partial nudity goes a long way in my book ok number seven call duty modern warfare feeling some good buzz from the previews I always enjoy cod games and taking a year off from single-player has me hungry for this one number six cyberpunk 2077 that guy from the lake house movie being in this game is number five Phantasy Star Online 2 the Western watch is going to be an event I'm so ready to dive in but I know it's going to be overwhelming oh final number for Fall Fest c8 a remaster yep I wish I was playing this right now it sounds like it's shaking up shaping up to be one of their best remastered jobs oh and this comes with the whole game right not in parts Wow if they may follow Fantasy 7 remake 5s to 8 it would come out all in one game anyway third list you know like I'll like I'm on the episode of podcast I can't argue yeah I got a bad rap because of the draw system the district us peafowl systems radically different like magic is consumed as I MP if she uses so and you gotta like draw more to replenish there was like there was word of mouth there was like it's stupid so it's bad 90s no fancy fandom was a little weird 90s Final Fantasy fandom was a little strange because those all those all from like publication yeah heard of Star Wars and that really old movie you ever heard this is my old movie called Empire Strikes Back number 3 hello infinite at least once a week I think about halo Infinite in the shower imagining the possibilities of a next-gen more open world style of Halo with RPG elements keeps really keeps it high on my list so you're excited it's gonna be breath of the wild halo number two def stranding Kojima recently said death stranding is not a stealth game and it's not a shooting game either he calls it a brand new genre action strand game my curiosity is off the charts yeah he was like explaining how like he had to come up with tactical tactical espionage action was a John renamed they came up with a metal gear because they said the stealth genre didn't exist yet and then people's called it stealth eventually number one shin mu3 Shenmue freaking three the ultimate dream could the ultimate dream could come true before the end of the year this is my most desired game expectations are in check note I'm still holding it holding out for a switch pro so Nintendo games are we're not really considered thanks for listening and keep up the good work alright thanks master pants we had a really weird angry comment accusing us a fake hype Omega 3 there because Hueber was excited about Shenmue 3 and this comment was just railing about it being fake hype and I was like clearly you don't know Michael humor no we need to do now hmm we need to make a public service announcement spoof video about fake hype like warning people about the dangers of fake height its fake ID next admission from Sebastian high Damiani nyan I'm making a game in dreams project vex and I was sharing the intro of it last month I'm planning to have something playable in August which will last for 30 to 40 minutes the game will be longer of course but it all takes a lot of and really happy with my progress this month I will share some screenshots to show the games cast and first impressions the game has a top-down view and will be an action RPG when everything turns out well I will share a gameplay video for August until then love and respect let's get these going here that's awesome sorry so though I definitely got these yes here we go so first pic let me shrink this down so chemic look at that the main cast from left to right Elise Amanda Cody Mike and Ian some names might sound familiar but that is purely coincidental or rather my love for you guys but they shared nothing else this looks good what yeah I saw this one first cuz I felt like I had downloaded um I was like oh whoa it was until like I think the second or third screen should I was like I cuz I didn't read the comments like is this dreams I was like whoa here's second screenshot the group playing a card game called X cry I still need to animate that scene and the cards are not final dude what exactly was the professor working on dreams yeah this stuff like this is why I maybe will never do anything in dreams no really cuz it's like – do you know what I mean like this Dwarfs anything I think I would ever be capable Oh like seeing something beyond oh yeah let's check out the next one so this is a shop to buy some stuff the logic to actually buying something was tough but everything works that's pretty impressive no six six market beast bro effect heels 20 to 40 HP interesting yeah menu stuff seems like tedious to deal honestly but it's like super important game design has a lot of like kind of tedious stuff through that it's a local bakery most assets are from the community by the way otherwise I would have taken even more time oh that's a good shot yeah cuz they all look amazing obviously the shirt is custom I had assumed that he'd been making all of this like look at the shadows good man screams yeah it's pretty impressive engine oh it's so good and then the last shot here oh wow atmosphere yeah the group is investigating an old abandoned lab which was featured in the intro you know this can this feels like it could be like a multiplayer Pokemon game this is like a legit yeah this is something I would have expected the scene like in like the like actually could have come out like within the last decade it would pass oh yeah so within the last third of actually getting earthbound vibes actually like modern like modern interpretation of earthbound we need blood roll on that for us yeah that's the last thing the last submission there from Sebastian good work can't wait yeah I can't wait to see the video in action of that it's Mother 64 yes it's the HD remaster of mothers 64 you're just like secretly dropping shots and hoping Bloodworth picks it up and now you get that finally you get that blood or through your action you've been waiting for change the Allies I don't know drop frames oh I can always do this rule it's like technology man refresh we're refreshing don't start panicking when I'm shopping okay cool no job it was fine thank you for psyching ourselves out oh I got psyched our next submissions from Megan Pliner hey guys I'm writing this super late and I'm sorry I lost my debit card so I had to wait to get my new one I've been super busy trying to help my parents with a new house remodeling so they can get it out for sale so it's been a crazy week to say the least I hope my post makes it in so I'm sorry no twilight eclipse review again this month but I'm making it a promise for next time this month I'm just gonna post some gaming screenshots I took in some photo modes in its place hope you like them have an amazing week let's check these out swimming screenshots is who's the first one very nice I wonder if they're gonna do like a game of the year version or something like to release before the sequel comes out they already did baby it came out as game of the year next up is that what is that no charted chat chat is uncharted 4 is that one of the DLCs I don't remember this part in the game chat chat I forget is this like you got to put three circle things in there to open the door yeah I forget it looks really good though we're looking that good when I played it yeah I did or do but I played it on it that's what is this is I'm trained for always at that area yeah that's that yeah I remember this part I died a lot down here there's like a big gunfight to get into down here right chat it's one of the parts of the game yeah yeah really bad at shooting uncharted so I died a lot and got upset yeah with that yeah that was a fun part though besides that like the actual exploring part was fun yes like I I know they have the like Explorer yeah I do that I totally do that I just turned on auto aim and like using like easiest setting it was it's like ya think David Drake's like God tiered marksman he'd shot everyone so I was playing like how it should be played absol oh that's definitely uncharted 4 yeah it looks like ray tracing that's good reflections on the surface I like that that's like some hot ray tracing yeah that's pretty good I was using a pistol on heavy gunfights hey that's that's Nathan Drake man Drake could like you give them like a single shotgun he'd kill like a hundred people yeah that's that's how it works what's the next one this days gone right yeah I know you can do make that color but seeing the screen shot makes me think we do need to uncharted these days gone crossover like just their their sons and their environments seem to do a crossover that's not as you yes you ASUN like I'm joking about like the environment Sheva crossover and then oh sorry that was the fifth one that was the last one for this actually sorry yeah does last one so thank you for that Megan the shots very good good shots zyggie piggy zyggie piggy villains head yeah next into more Keanu Reeves baby that's like you know next submission is from to tears you and ng right not angee there's a tiered u ng what I was like that is not how you pronounce the name I'm looking oh yeah yeah well that's our community knows them by so yeah I always go by like the most reputable name okay yeah we gonna like exaggerated we're not pronouncing it at all right I'm really sorry this is they don't there should be a like there is a way to let let you hear our mind sometimes when I'm streaming chat there's just be a sub like kind of like show going on as well or just like you get to hear what my mind pronounces your names as because of my mind is just automatic it just happens and there's like no question about what's being said in my mind about your name pronunciation but what I have to say it out loud in front of you for to be judge it's like actually having to think about it's like sometimes it does come out like I'll say someone's name you're like oh wait there missed a few letters in there didn't I well I usually go for like yeah like Tokyo slim just said like very intentionally and very clearly saying it really wrong also yeah good point we're being judged against Jones so yeah hi Damiani nyan did some art before going to Japan and I have moved from Osaka to Tokyo on my travels excuse me um okay so there's nine images here I remember this oh yeah it does seem like we're choppy for some reason it's a little weird but they're saying we're not choppy so I'm just gonna chuck it up – this is probably the TV refresh rate for Katie this is a really good TV yeah but that's probably why like something's going weird that's like it was like like look on the monitor over there we look actually really smooth on there and we don't like sometimes I'm guaranteeing you it's father this TV does leave cats not seeing it that doesn't make any sense anyway sorry let's take a look do do ghost studio ghost studio ghosts there it is number one yes here we go yeah number one I started from left arm and went along what would be sorry and went along what could become of it instead of leaning it became as a person who is hanging between walls love that yeah look at that there's a billion times better than anything I could do with that all the line work was done without a base draw just a dude saluting looks like it looks like Selena like fit right in with a manga very good work oh look at this whoa desperate final punch purple was too strong I don't know I feel like that fits right in but purple energy the teeth flying out I like that teal like yeah like aura coming out there's some key spiritual some reiatsu is coming out of that right there man fighting seems unpleasant yeah next up so rude to point a finger at someone how about two and then the next version is this done with ink oh sorry they get off on this no oh yeah yet again done the thing look at that that's very nice yeah next drew this to congratulate Jones and Amanda little did I know he would have been he would have been would have been born a week later I see they're doing a Vulcan yeah and that's a Batman yeah there's a chest here yeah well there's a colored version here this might help you see more clearly here you go that's like a bib or something yeah oh oh that Death Star on the shoes I get it now that's pretty good I feel like chess here I bet it just grows naturally to look like yes and he calls it a birthmark wait no but I've been lied to my whole life well that's kind of a wolf like a like dire wolf wolf or just like a wolf head of a wolf looking right into the camera nice try to showed you a shoujo sorry style with shines as its showed you jo-jo and then there's a colored version of this very nice yeah shoujo to the max yeah shoujo a young girl shown in young boys always get that sometimes confused for some reason and that's it for the month love and respect thank you very much good stuff tah who are you and then res evil zero disappointed me more than I remembered that was I think their comment to save ya it's funny how people are now like just posting funny stuff instead of saying is patreon likes to eat quotes unless you put a second it's very odd our next submission comes from Michelle Jackson game music general July update frankly I'm sure I'm sure if this belongs with music or with videos and well you're in luck because we don't have categories this yeah we destroyed all the genres here we go let's check it out oh actually I think that was really good thank you for that come back my mic hook hi I cook the saying hi alright so for this next one next missions from Jessie blue hi dummy honey please copy okay yes yes I don't know if you actually want me to read this but they submitted an mp3 file for us this first time they've done it yeah I got I have it so we're good just make sure there was anything else opposed to read here let me get it set up so I actually just I'm gonna add it and let it play here since mp3 files mp3 file so give me a sec here we go hello Ian and allies greetings from the Midwest when I heard you were going to be on the community showcase this month I realized that instead of writing something and having Jones or someone else read it I would tell you how I feel not only in my own words but in my own voice I've enjoyed interacting with you the other allies and chat and thought you all might like to put a voice to the words it's one thing to read someone else's words it feels a lot different to be recording my own so here goes during the last community showcase I expressed my gratitude to the allies for inspiring me to pursue getting into working as a voiceover something that has long been a dream of mine this is really a big step for me in the pursuit of that dream and in the process of making that dream a reality over the past year I've been watching the tabletop adventures and escapades and fiasco not shows because of the camaraderie and cohesion creativity and sometimes conflict of the group but it was you Ian as an individual who has given me emotional support even though you probably have no idea lyalya and the others made me laugh late at night after coming home from my second job too wired to fall asleep but your voice comforted me and the first time I heard you sing shouldn't it be easy I got chills in your range blows me away I've watched all of easi update reaction shots and every other podcast you're on when I'm feeling down your voice is all I need to lift my spirits I feel I've gotten to know you over these past years of filming you seemed very nice ready and willing to help and genuine like you're moderately secure with who you are and don't mind putting yourself out there it encourages me when I think about putting myself out there your positivity and creativity and complete absorption into your characters reminds me of the fun I used to have in high school acting class with my friends it made me believe that I can bring my characters back to life since I no longer have time to read aloud to my teen daughter before bedtime a habit we enjoyed even into middle school voicing dragons and wizards and storybook characters made me happy and I realize how much I miss it the Jolly relationships between you and the other allies is always encouraging especially in the entertainment industry I know it's a cold harsh world out there by the time you hear this I will have finished my coaching and I meet with a producer next week and then I go into the studio to record my demo after that marketing and listing and bam I'll be a struggling voice-over artist not because I have the talent because I've always had that but because I had the encouragement from watching you struggle from the beginnings of eza to the progress of new equipment and now this studio you've really taken the reins of setting up the studio and pushing its technology to give us the best content that can come out of the new eza studios I thought that if you and the guys can make your dream come true so can i and I may be setting myself up for failure but I won't regret a single step when I'm probably adding this a lot to get it under three minutes but I'll keep you informed of my progress and we will definitely meet in person one day soon and then I can thank you all for how much you have helped me not just in my career but emotionally as well thanks for all that you do and all that you are much love and respect jesse blue it's nice to hear yeah it's like emotional hearing all these things it's so nice okay improvise I didn't going to the previous comment I didn't see if you answered what I asked Michelle but actually I forgot what I asked in my question I totally forgot what I asked now and I also like missed that's a date I missed it it that's why I forgot it so good stuff there I saw I saw some people in chat jesse blue oh do you have put up the cross road link so I get the structure on when I read chat and try and talk it's a bad habit of mine now everyone's asking me questions and now I can't focus did you see any the 14 music is now on Spotify yes I did see that a lot of filefast music came to Spotify Oh Jack's on deck if there's a new card then I will refresh and it'll double check we'll see if we can get to that don't worry just spam and chat if I forget for whatever reason and I will definitely do that yeah I was gonna say like glad you pointed out in your recording Jesse about uh keeping to three minutes because there the the the I noticed the first time I edited my own video for the fantasy 14 preview or know something something I edited with my own video for the first time how many times I cut out I was making cuts to remove homes and butts or whatever that I usually do when I speak live like this in seeing how more succinct I sound but also the fact you tried like trying to not make it sound edited as well it's it's interesting at removing cutting out the ohms and butts and make and using crossfades as always there's a funny thing in there's the shadow bringers theme song there's a there's a part in the song where I actually don't know what the hell they're saying and the shadow bringers theme song there's a part in it where there's this like kind of like kind of like boisterous like a like deep bat base male part and they're just like chanting something and it sounds repetitive and the funny thing is I can't hear it but I like it I can i I keep saying shiny bow with it now because it's like duh it's like literally it's like I keep in my head it's like sure what are their setting and I know this is my head like it's in the shower today I was like coming in it's like shiny balls like oh no I was like anyone else get this reference that's us or anyone has ever used a shiny bow I was like I should explain it on streem so if you were like what the hell is a shiny bow and no I didn't I hadn't got that for stage hdmi matrix switcher that we used to plug all of our consoles in yeah so I don't have to have a million cables running all over the place yeah so now that we don't just have a bunch of consoles living here at some point I don't remember what my question was to Michelle during her segment I asked a question I completely forgot some I'm very bad for sure really I'm like come on can do long-term memory but can't you short-term memory very well anyway let's move on next mission from Brandon how about e3 huh like my predictions last month I'll focus on the five traditional conferences Xbox did good not as good as last year but the Keanu Reeves moment was the lightning bolt that makes III s memorable I loved his interaction with the crowd and cyberpunk and getting the April 16th release date in addition what I saw from Orie and Jedi fallen order fort saw horizon for his legacy you see looking so jolly and getting acknowledgment about both Scarlett and Halo infinite or my top moments however being a die-hard Gears fan it did not show well I did not like the weird faces trailer nor did I care for the Terminator tie-in because I'm a solo player I'm not in on escape though I did appreciate having a September 10th release to pair with Borderlands threes three days later Bethesda was an improvement over the last couple of years the pleasant surprises of ghost wire Tokyo and death loop went well with the segments on Wolfenstein Youngblood and especially doom eternal but there should have been a literal we're sorry about fallout 76 I love the fan montages the loud fan in the audience constantly interrupting Elder Scrolls online saying it was outright angering while it was cute with Keano Bethesda guy was constant making it all about themselves and unbelievably rude and seemingly unending screaming it's great you're passionate but the gentleman is on a schedule and is on a schedule and tens if not hundreds of thousands of people are watching to get excited for games not here 14 rows one after every other sentence Ubisoft was weird with pacing as it fell as it felt all over the place watchdogs Legion was the strongest presentation but outside of it Ghost Recon breakpoint in the division – it felt like everything else was breezed through not necessary or not properly explained I'm interested in Rainbow quit the new data I'm interested in Rainbow six quarantine but Ubisoft left me wondering if they should have pulled a Sony no-show Wow Square Enix absolutely crushed it for me the file Fantasy 7 remake presentation alone was the personal highlight of e3 but again cyberpunk is a real close second as for the rest of the conference with what was there I felt was properly ordered and paced out to me this is reminiscent of Bethesda's 2015 show an excellent start finish and at least one thing somewhere in the middle I have one thing in the middle there if Square was able to keep the Kingdom Hearts due to Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC trailer on lockdown that would have done better Dragon Quest builders 2 was strong listening to now Kyoshi to talk about fall fast 14 and hearing the cheers for fantasy remaster felt good easily squares best conference they've done finally Nintendo and personally a violent end oh and personally tied with square for best presentation Link's Awakening remake looks so appealing I'm fascinated to see how Witcher 3 runs on switch Panzer Dragoon remake was my favorite announcement and of course five words breath of the wild sequel I miss Sony but III was once again another great show on to next year next submission from Tyler hanging in Damiani first off just wanted to say once again my mom and I had a great time meeting you two at e3 I remember yes of course so office excuse me oh so off of a Twitter suggestion I upped the patreon so I could write engineering my thoughts going through ins breadth of the wild my first Zelda game for some context literally the only Zelda I've ever touched was finishing in Temple or doing Ocarina on 3ds before falling out of it I'll admit this game took a while to really sink in to me the slow start left me feeling a bit lost in the world and as someone who is terrible at souls game souls games I was dying more times than I care to admit after some aimless wandering starting the main quest and completing some shrines I finally decided to do one of the divine beasts for the Zora this is where things picked up tasked with retrieving Allah sorry test with retrieving electric arrows from a Linnell nest Lionel sorry the thought of stealth didn't even cross my mind instead I charged straight in and proceeded to get one shot reloading my stay repeatedly I continued getting one shot I know this experience very well perhaps blocking one hit before dying after many tries something finally seemed to click the perfect dodges were happening every time and little by little by ten to thirty damage weapons were taking his health down by the end nearly all my weapons were destroyed but I brought the beast down there after this fight the comment just clicked while there were while there are still times I get destroyed by enemies it feels like my fault rather than me not understanding the system once I finished the first piece I explored finding memories and shrines and even the rhythm of this became more satisfying finding weird characters in the world better equipment and exploring mysterious areas in the hopes of finding the Master Sword all feels magical assuming as I write this I just finished my second beast the Gerudo one and again I plan to slow down and resume exploring and filling out my map before I attempt another beast this game has something really soothing and beautiful about it even though the stress of tough fights the closest piece of media comparison will be something like Princess Mononoke I can't wait to write in again next month see what kind of progress I've made since writing this one last thing of note directed it's Ian and any other allies who like weird meta-narrative and books I highly recommend reading if you haven't Italo Calvino's if on a winter's night a traveler Dawn's favorites got me thinking about it as it's my favorite book and author highly highly recommended it's a book done in the second person about the reading experience alright that's all on to the next month love and respect Tyler edit I found the sword just to get more hearts now know what that's a reference to got it funny thing I don't for some weird reason the last like few months I've been obsessed with alright and already and being like all there's two ways to spell already but there's only one way to smell all the words the words I was like what are you talking about yeah like already can be like a state of being or like a time thing whereas alright is always to worse yeah alright you can smell this one in a script setting like if you're writing a script and it's someone speaking it it's okay to write as one word to spoken but in an external like written text it's always supposed to be two words I always like I used to always write as one word to until it's like oh I don't know why I'm just like weirdly obsessed with that now something weird anyway next a mission from Zachary how did you look up everything you needed looking up this book usually I've listened to books I wonder if this would be a weird or would be fine as but if someone's actually listen to it on the audio format how is it will see next emission from Zachary hey Damiani nyan last month I spoke about my experiment of returning to foul fantasy 14 after dropping it about 6 years ago with a level 34 warrior she dropped it right when a realm reborn came out it was 6 years ago at the time I just started storm blood and was look the you mean six months ago and six years ago the storm anyway at that time I just start so I'm glad I was looking forward to it despite hearing it wasn't as good as heavens war yeah big you know as a type over there yeah yeah anyway well here's my two cents heaven's word is definitely better the better overall expansion but storm blood has some amazing stuff going on in it heavensward is so effective that guff it's because its primary protagonist while store blood is great because of its antagonists a deal filled storm blood is hurt a little thanks to its narrative being split between al amigo and DOMA almost it mostly came together in the end those four point ex patches though huh and now in shadow bringers final fantasy xiv continues to impress each other it's easily the best game to bear the final fantasy name since the original playstation ID or anything about it and really have nothing bad to say for my last bit I just want to touch upon being a tank some more it's a really interesting job and one that I'm going to love I at first didn't really understand the nuance of it but it's got a lot more fun since I as I started to learn when to pop cooldowns and support skills it also does a lot for your ego when you finish the trial is the main tank ended up with all seven player recommendations as for the tank changes if I point out I love all of them I play as warrior and there's nothing I don't like I love the new AoE combo the lack of TP and new skills available make it feel like I'm actually contributing more to the fight besides being an HP sponge it's still early days and shadow bringers but I can't wait to see more I'll see you all in eating raids come 5.0 safety come know what five point all actually oh that means story mode yeah I the explanation and the one blended together so I show caught that yeah that comes on like a week peepers checked yeah well I saw two things and it just like my thing was my mind rather than I can't read my mind like this substituted in that and it's like yeah that makes sense yeah that's really good yeah I'm sorry if like I'm not understanding the first paragraph obviously you said you played heavens warden storm blood so I'm guessing you either stop playing six years ago and then he came you played six years ago stopped and came back for a Heaven's Ward maybe or you started playing six months ago but yeah like level 34 you won't even be in the heavens Ward content so anyway I get the gist of it like you you play for a while and came back from yeah I came back and you I think your sentiments pretty much in line with at least what I think I would say I've heard other people at least say this well these pictures have all been pretty good heavens ward usually as cited as like the best one especially for the story not just like as a good story in 5s a 14 it's arguably probably one of the best stories in the file fantasy series it's one of the better upper tier narratives and like traditional narratives in a video game as well it's uh it's a definitely I'm it definitely is a much better written narrative than a realm of worn around born story I think it's a lot of flack for nowadays people like will jump into it expecting like this unbelievably amazing story when at the time it was like it was just oh good it was like decent and now that better stories have come out in the series it's towards the lower end of the yeah it's a lower tier story so people know wow why are people doing so nuts about the story this is just like okay it's like well what would take it to this part this part good and I think it's a good point like the the the story of heavensward is largely dependent on the protagonists amarak horse Avant I start Sheba's real identity who I'm forgetting their name right now I don't know why I'm forgetting it what about of her the they introduced really great new characters and the the story about like the relationship between man and dragon essentially their human kind and dragon was like kind of like the focus so this is a really interesting story a Nene perspective and it was kind of a departure from the more traditional like oh we're fighting to save the world from like this evil empire storyline they were going with where as storm blood they come up with a like a really strong villain the dude this giant armor dude with a samurai like it's like what all the pictures were the type of martial art and he's just like this like ungodly like talented fighter who like no one like you get rekt by him every time you fight him but there's more to his strength he's got like some weird special power and it was like wow how is he what's going on here and stuff and like the story is like you're like you're trying to liberate two lands that have been basically oppressed by the Empire and you're seeing how they've been like ravaged and devastated and I'm like you don't like rally them to rise up basically and overthrow you know they don't IO from that can you jump oceans straight to either of those stories yeah you can actually jump right into heavensward story like there's a well you also have to jump see that's also job boost and Venus unlock this if you job story boost the lower level story anyway yeah she'll bring yours is really good hopefully my review comes out this week I think you'll see it I was very impressed by it as well next entry is from discarded digit I was hoping to use this post as a way to show my first Mario maker to level proper playtesting and polish come before it can upload instead here a few takes on games that I've played recently guacamelee to didn't need to use guacomole Emily as a plot device actual guacamole oh I didn't know that I ever touched guacamole – so I don't understand this okay absolutely one side oh I'm just guessing because it's called welcome a ahead – so then cuacamole in it yeah my 80 plus hours saved into persona 5 will forever go unfinished but I only feel relief because Joker Kasumi seems like a much better ship to drown on granny arrest 1 & 2 are the first and only games to make me sympathize with my mother's belief that games shouldn't have stories what do those games have stories or they don't they have stories is that a program that sounds like a that's something good that sounds like good not good oops sorry that sounds like a I personally do for first story light games is there like action game clarified didn't like the stories that makes me play those that makes me a little sad Oh Mae everyone's opinion is different baba is you is literally the best puzzle game of the decade played the missing I can't guarantee that you'll experience the same impact that I got out of it the game is too important to be forgotten finally Nintendo you better have a splatoon like DLC cycle for Super Mario maker to LEM respect discarded digit dude what if they started doing like they're kind of like probably not vs because it doesn't really fit the vibe but like themed challenges for Mario maker – or they're like make food levels oh yeah that'd be so cool if they did like offense yeah they should actually they were doing at the Smash Brothers for a while where everything had anything special but like they do like go spirit stuff why are you forgetting the name ready spirits spirits spirits matches works like this is like this week is like Luigi themed or whatever so Luigi spirits will show up that's but thank you kick it a step further with martin-baker – obviously yeah I mean like ghost houses but I think they have probably will have DLC because we never got that extra suppose it's slot for a new style like next to that and now people are like well that has to absolutely be DLC at this point right since it wasn't part of launch announce that they announced it yeah they showed a thing whatever I forget but yeah I think I'll marry maker two stones looked amazing my AC broke again does every movie sharing codes Oh cat temple 2.0 room alright next submission from Chris Hanna Danny my man and I released our second album at the end of last year I'm spending way too long writing recording it the song is one of my favorites off of it Lamar spent Chris Barberie let's get that they cast protection on it good idea protection Congrats in the album that's a lot [Applause] morning morning on my own surround matter we define to the world I was a long time [Applause] Oh Meital way you to find just water [Applause] an interesting conflagration of genres that was dope very good V thank you for that Chris keep up the good work excellent stuff like that there's a quality that I like out bees what they call like I would I listen that in my car test yes gotcha next comment a next comment our next submission comes from Raphael yeah hi guys I have posted one of my songs to showcase ah earlier this year in January with Jones and Ben it was pretty positive so I thought I would also share this new music video send me good vibes from Japan a love and respect wrath here we go so much goo is cold do people you are Nicole think so oh that must be it thing cuz my legs are freezing here we go we're me I you ask me why me [Applause] it seems to be in three for that video to readjust us back cuz I think it's gonna resize back to a man yeah everybody knows what sixteen thank you that back to back yeah well I mean all-around excellent submissions to have those two back to back it's like a Power Hour right there how power our submissions our next submission comes from Matt ahoy ian Damiani and my fellow allies normally I submit a video game cover I've recorded but this month it's a little different I'm submitting an old piece of music I forgot about and recently rediscovered it's called I'm off please enjoy eleven respect okay yes you yeah did that soothe your soul yeah good stuff thank you for that man very impressive our next submission comes from is Tim that is Tim yep I am always impressed by the ever increasingly diverse ways to spell memes and make sure I pronounced them right it's always good enlighten us Chad if you want hey Damiani hangin by at the end of June I started blood stain ritual tonight I backed it in 2015 simply because of the GT hype surrounding the campaign and Koji Igarashi I'm not fully completed the game I'm about four to five over hours in but I feel confident enough to give a good first impression of the game bloodstained is the very first Metroidvania or to be precise ego vania game that I ever played I never owned a console in the 90s early 2000s so all the classic games of the genre were simply out of reach for me that being said blood stain still evokes a nostalgic feeling in me the opening screen the background music and sorry the back of music in the mini is and in the game itself the animations of the characters and the combat itself it all feels familiar and absolutely true to old Castlevania games the same time it also feels fresh and up-to-date I have the strange feeling that my emotions with the game today are alike to the emotions I would have had if I had played a Castlevania game in the 90s due to my inexperience with the game it took a while to get into the combat the first two bosses were a real challenge I've died more than 10 times on boss since I hadn't figured out how to combine attacking jumping back stepping and a different kind of shards into a symphony where I could deal significant damage to bosses I am still far away from being goodbye and progressing slowly at first I haven't tried it yet so any ice I need to play it but don't worry did your descriptions like how Sakura was for me don't worry didn't you like you know like return yeah well I heard you were on stream being like oh I'm so bad it doesn't mean beat a boss in your second try or no ass kicked like it was horrible like I felt like I was never in control my cou I felt like it was by the grace of like a lucky blow that like something worked it made you feel like you're I mean there's spirit at the beginning was not fun so I learned didn't like an experience with the genre sorry at first I disliked the saving system since I lost roughly 16 minutes of gameplay due to stupid mistakes however it encourages you to get good and learn your enemy's attack patterns the only thing I would like to see improved upon our markers for save rooms on the normal difficulty twice I had the situation that I was on low health and in dire need of a save room however instead of finding a room I picked the wrong turn it started a boss battle but you never really led to my death in both situations a save room would have been close by so a minor hint would have saved me that's the genre baby you can mark your own places on the map to finish this month's comment I really enjoy the game you know though it'll probably take me more hours to complete than an average player certainly on the Kickstarter certainly one of the kick starters that was truly worth backing 11 respect 10 that I need to get a tea caffeine wait I have this but this isn't I'm caffeine in it black tea or it has no sugar no carbs no sodium no fat no protein caffeine content oh here we go caffeine 77 milligrams I just like TF caffeine in it so am I not supposed to drink a lot of black tea then t is the highly caffeinated tea I mean it's not as caffeinated as coffee but black tea is the caffeinated of of the tea what's the caffeine doing in uh well technically I think it opens up these serotonin there's something here they keep you away blocks it blocks what's the thing that puts you asleep in your brain oh so this thing is not good to drink when you want to go to sleep right something that I drink so much of this smell it's a drinks I give so much of this all the time like morning noon night nobody explains some stuff Damiani this is shocking to me that you didn't know well I was like black tea has nothing in it so I'm like oh this is extremely good for you so I mean I go back to strappy Hall water tea well water is the best thing for you tea is better for you then soda yeah but like it has no sugar calories in it so that's why I thought was good about it green tea yeah green tea is listen alright so I'm going back to Green Team there were your viscous herbal teas have no cat like Earl Grey Earl Grey is black tea damn it alright I'm going back to green tea only oh that's why I drink jasmine green milk doesn't eat how much caffeine this happened that's probably like a green she's a little less than this oh oh there's the sodium difference see this has no sodium though but this has a ton of sodium actually that's not all that says 1% of your daily value nevermind that's not a lot Wow I saw a big number and got scared is not bad it's just you know where's the caffeine count on this yeah right black tea green tea oolong tea and white tea all come from the same trees just a tea tree it's just how its prepared changes the coloring and the concentration yeah I don't see any caffeine count on this maybe this has no caffeine what kind of tea Jasmine Jasmine green tea chat doesn't say it on the box of the bottle but this one does green tea has caffeine in it it's just a little I don't think they really have to report it because most people just no never from powder all right there you go it's okay sugar in it that's fine gotcha that could be why it's all bad just don't heat the bottle yeah is that don't heat the body I don't like I like hot tea years thing meaning you dude I have an aversion to hot liquids kind of across-the-board honestly the only thing I've ever drink and that was a hot drink besides like hot chocolate I don't like drinking that anymore was a hot sake but that second very strong chance oh yeah like I like ramen off like it seems like any kind of like soup super like oh gosh stew miso soup I really like miso soup you got a stew going I like a hot and sour soup is pretty good too Lord bergamot black tea yeah tastes kinda like Froot Loops for quite interesting yeah no I green tea is my favorite but anyway I do it's interesting to know because I do drink she has like hella caffeine well I drink a lot of tea at night too so that's yeah I don't usually allow myself to eat after 3:00 but I'm tired right now so five is like I don't I don't know I must have never knew this interesting Red Rose tea I've had is that like like isn't it never mind next submission from James hello he and in Damiani for this month's comment I wanted to talk about games I've been playing as well as how excited I am for the rest of the year first of all I've gone back to playing splatoon too since they announced the last big event for the game it is funny every time I go back to the game I find myself picking different weapons using it the main game I played last month though was breath of the wild I beat breath while back when I came out and it was one of my favorite games for playing it I had a lot more fun than I did the first time I beat the game I did things differently I made sure to beat that I made sure to beat the divine beast in a different order and focus on exploring different areas I also found so many things I missed in my first playthrough like the story of impass guard and his two daughters which I never knew about when I played when I first played the game guys yeah he's a guy who's like actually doing stuff for the egan clan because they're like oh holding them hostage or whatever I believe is the story it's like an optional like thing you can do to get the final memory I believe like he's guarding like the orb I believe that opens up a shrine for last thing anyway I'm sorry that's right I play both these I played both of these games because of III suppose with dundun breath or wild I'm so excited to play so many things I can't wait to get my hands on dragon quest 8 hero in Smash Brothers I still can't wait from firing them three houses and I'm about to go radio silent on that game and of course I can't wait until I'm guessing breath of all – or Link's Awakening I'm also looking forward to Panzer Dragoon No More Heroes 3 and trials of mana trail Zaman I keep seeing no trials omona trails against trials in my trouser model travels of mana so the weird thing is in VO and in spoken bo in front of st 14 it goes in five eyes 14 they say mana and mana there you go be invincible yeah they do depending on like yeah as for next month and I'm looking forward to both drank less here's two and firebomb three houses very nice yeah good exciting a range of games come on out what yeah during this builders trees next month Oh yep oh did you see that thing that that village in breathitt wild is basically what I wanted to hear your opinion if you already talked ad nauseam oh it's a cool video but like believe it no here's two things oh yeah no it's like I'm great I'm glad to meet a video that gets a lot of views and stuff and like here's the thing it's always good to point out things that you know if they were ever pointed out in the past it's still good to keep making newer videos of stuff cuz people will forget and I think that's what happened I don't know if anyone actually said it publicly when it came out but my first playthru a breath of wild when I went to that village there's name 'search with them Ella I can't remember now because like just forget the name when I was exploring there I was like is this I was like a lot of stuff looks like outset Island from the winwaker i was like this is heavenly and sorry i was like this is like already not like this is clearly a nod to it but like i didn't literally think it like there are videos maybe suggesting it literally is it and I don't believe that I don't think it's literally it I think it's a nod to it like a lot of that game that's not – that's because I think that this one is the only real game and everything else is a legend in the this universe you know and so like maybe things were based on things you know in the reality of the yeah I know you theory that's my theory it's a good theory I like it it's an odd no oh no I didn't mean to come across my basically what I'm trying to say is that what didn't think it was that important to say anything about it and I get yeah it kind of stinks like if I'd like literally just like oh let me just put out a video says hey I think this might have been ousted Island or nod to it but I guess putting it people love people leave this stuff up nod theory I guess like honestly I don't I like I'm interested in the stuff I think I just don't care enough anymore about timeline stuff at this point since they'd be like I'm gonna burn out on it and oh you are you are too the Zelda timeline I know I am I'm personally champion that they ditch they just sever all ties with the past games and I just want them to like move forward with a new mythos like just do your own thing at this point I don't think it's cool to like have to require people to know 30 years of Zelda knowledge to appreciate the breath of water breath awhile to like it definitely there is a nice layer of a Easter eggs and references you get from part of the world if you played the past 30 years of Zelda games but going forward there obviously be younger fans they might they will play a whole plethora of the different wide range of games I'll come out like past and present but it shouldn't ever be it shouldn't be required to go back and play like over at a time where this game – under winwaker time saying this like breath of water law – there's only keeping direct sequels and the st. characters then that that feels like that's natural you should play those games and gift like that story and understand the characters yeah I hope that – I really do so thank you James vast from a next submission from Super 3d cow hello don't hang in I have been playing a song in poppin music each month for the guess a lie oh yes oh this one is very good this one is very difficult despite having less notes to hit in the other songs they are arranged in difficult combinations enjoy oh man every time this blows my mind sure I have this what if it maybe just download these at different files and they're no longer showing up for some weird reason so I did grab everyone's stuff but frosh no blotch dip and I'm gonna need your help again oh I control me so get ready it is ready so soon as you're ready in here we did it and I will pause it do you work thank you and yeah I don't know I wonder if the converter thing I use just like some of these had decided to make them unreadable files and that's what's going on here anyway I apologize for the delay here we go let's enjoy music together hello Damiani and Ian I wish I could play a song for each of you but three minutes is not enough time and I've been saving up a song for quite a few months to play for Ian this is the hardest song yet community showcase ranked at level work I actually haven't beaten it yet but it's been a while since I last ride so we will see what happens I present to you real quick result but why did I choose this song for Ian because of the artist Akira Yamaoka yeah really unsettling soundtracks for many Silent Hill games so things are about to get weird let's go I'm having trouble finding a character really embodies just yes you say Laura – me love are you already bonkers Oh yeah good one really well that was that was really hard oh there we go also yeah these a fail that's like really intense v as in bad V isn't bad that's nice though you're right but yeah B is in that song is bizarre better luck next time Oh B isn't better than I could ever possibly do but can someone do a buck bumble in that I will support them yeah I thought he did it I thought he's succeeded in that yeah that was we in our book you succeeded yeah great success we should write in to the developers to be like that's a success yeah alright yeah yeah it's like oh yeah I gotta get this higher ranking quadruple s our next submission comes from next gen Heth hey in in Damiani hi first off I wanted to say thanks for playing my mark maker level oh yeah I meant a lot it was cool seeing you figure it out Congrats to you in for beating a level with a 4 percent clear rate Ben Ben gets the credit but people keep saying like good job for doing it I'm like but I watched been doing it for a very long time so you know it was a team effort but yes that level was cool with my younger brother and my recent trip out to LA for e3 I just wanted to share some pictures with some brief brief comments for each so I believe I do did get these as well next gen half here we go yep see they're there it's funny of all the photos right oh yeah this collector edition surprised me that's the one I never thought cloud would be a detachable action figure as opposed to a solid statue yeah that's part of the the big collector's edition yes lads are it's big looking sinew it's just too expensive like it's something no there are some like fans out there that was like it King stood by us like it's too much likes too much not even guess like and we get worried about spending that like on I don't think I've ever bought anything that remotely expensive for Final Fantasy and maybe one thing in history of anything for Zelda that was that expensive yesterday I just bought the most extravagantly expensive thing that maybe I've ever bought that wasn't like a car was it yeah we see they make you have a sense museum or something in I basically start up when I read this have asked people keep submitting me your sins I hope reserve them next one oh that's a good stroke world ice born would be my game of the show I guess play the demo 5 time ha ha it was trying every single time man I'm so high for that there you go getting those weekly hunts it was really cool I was a cool thing at their booth they had their very nice look at this persona other nice born certified royal would be my other game of the show even though it wasn't playable really wish it was was the play ball at Anime Expo this past weekend I don't even know if Alice had a booth there or not nice anything I was so disappointed I guess I had assumed incorrectly that they were doing like a persona 3 portable whatever where they made the female player I know it's a story I was like because I was like jump back in and go through it yeah I misunderstood that too but at night like that was pretty early on when they made that clear yeah next up found out about a poster signing the day before it was one of our best experiences getting to get these signed posters Kaname uh Fujioka actually signed it and drew a picture of a pelacone next to it ooh also in a nice palette go cat yeah now I realize I had a really good conversation with these guys uh and we interviewed those two guys but I mean the yeah these guys good stuff look at this on the first day of e3 we were led by staff to a secret backdoor shady entrance into South Hall they cut down our wait time to get in from a couple hours to under 10 minutes so of course we use it on the second day when we did we got to meet Nathan Fillion for super brief moments and of course my camera didn't work well so I got was his blurry photo of my brother shaking his hand so I present to you blurry Nathan Fillion feds awesome that's pretty good um a fun story in West Hall there was an entrance all the way down past the food court really like like is there's an egg's you're gonna exit but there's a door lasted doors right there that used to be the protip way to enter immediately like I said let you line up at any door but no want to go that far everyone want to run through the middle it what what it would do is like you'd get in first and like you go up and then cut across the Nintendo really crystal I was always in the back booth you'd actually get there a little bit before most people in the middle they actually started closing off a few years ago like you have to go through a filter you to the main thing but finding a new shady entrance I'm impressed pro strats at e3 always impressed with a – I figured out that I don't know if it was just the media entrance but there's that one of the stairs that was really good this year oh yeah it was an honor to meet some of you guys III thank you for taking the to talk to us Ian my brother's conversation with you was one of the biggest moments of our trip for him thank you for making it worth flying out now Donna Annie thank you for getting our hopes up because before you were before you we wandered around all day and in see one Ally wait am I in this Oh oh no this is Jones okay and then finally tell Jones we are sorry for bothering him my brother and me were the second and third out of four or more people to walk up to him when he was just trying to see some drank was builders last day yeah everything Jones and dragged was Bill it's fine it felt a little bad to do photos with Ian and Brandon and so I guess there's another Brendan yes there you go make your trip fun and I can definitely say everyone should try and go to e3 once in their lives Shawn next in half on twitch and discord and is it thank you for that good stuff yeah it was a highlight of my III hanging out you guys our next submission comes from Joseph happy Monday and in Damiani I'm submitting another one of my hotline Miami music mashups and the only one I was happy enough with to share online I don't have the talent or desire to write music myself but this iOS app called Traktor DJ would find mp3s on my phone with similar beats per minute and then it would just it was just a matter of trial and error of finding tunes that sound good together while adding some crossfades and other effects sadly I got rid of my iPhone and can never find a similar program on an Android or even Windows so I haven't made any remixes and years and I miss it quick questioning Ian are you aware of any cheap and/or easy to use programs that can scan a library of music for BPMS and then put the two tracks together on a digital turntable thanks and hope you joy another exists but I don't it's not something I had really tried to do I think able to do it they didn't post the name of the app they used on here alright so let me add this I downloaded this mp3 file from here SoundCloud hope that was cool [Applause] yes so I was like doing it on the beat with this hand but then seeing myself doing it offbeat to what I was hearing and I was just like get on beat you mm-hmm yeah that was cool on be yeah I was good good stuff thank you for that nice up there hope we do find something that can do it for ya future those for sure next mission comes from Stefan um hi Damiani and even human he's even even Stephen I don't want to share some good vibes do you know what game does Blue Point games working on right now I heard they are working on the biggest game to date rumor says they are working on demon souls but I hope for more I hope that they are working on remasters of all Metal Gear Solid games can Sony make a deal with Konami I hope the love and respect to one's a get name dropped a lot when it comes to blue points current a project that's still unannounced so we go it's demon so that would be very cool thank given souls would get people are very excited I think Metal Gear obviously it would be they I mean they I mean the question is would they keep the soul dupe trick in Demon Souls so people could content tourists Demon Souls would they fix it that wasn't that and just sold dude thing was something not intended you can look exit well I mean did it become like a staple of the community and they never fixed it if they they knew about it I never touched it then maybe they'll tell them I'll leave it all I mean it was still around yeah yeah it's probably something it won't change then I guess world tenancy dude yeah for cake world I hope they make I hope that the remaster remastered whatever makes world tendency more confusing yeah they're like add like three other layers to it that's like their whole trailer just like this like see trailer to reveal it it's like what's going on the only promotional material is like a 20 minute video explaining world tendency and it makes like no sense if you kill this this many people and die this many times you can get that treasure chest for like only under certain conditions like if you are always three feet away from enemy when you die it actually does a +1 to +3 range but the integer value changes when you are more like it it's like really it's like what like factors in like real life like time of day whether like news headlines yeah it's like we like it like we check server status to see your IP address for your location look up weather and other data from that territory yeah also like yeah like to change where your playstation is saying that it is based on the temperature of yours to your playstation as well it's poison afraid so many characters are in your name also uses the PlayStation Eye Tori to look at the color of your pants it's like the first night of characters in the first word typed every day it's the most typed word every day into the PSN search like how many arrows d-pad bus pellets were unlike your menu every day we had that and if you're using monster brand HDMI cables you can never get white world tendon yeah ever if we just break the immersion factor for us we never get it I'm gonna do that whatsoever that actually be cool they actually if the do if they did a remaster or whatever remake that scans your like old previous save data and like makes like an enemy based on that or so dude do you like fight yourself we're off lining the monk door old character oh dude that'd be nuts as a game ever done that where you fight like cuz I know like you don't wanted to it like games that use like previous game safe hospital have I ever made you the enemy yes there's like a game where like if you level up too much you like you fight yourself and like your character you have really high stats like the people like purposely don't level up it what is this game forgetting right now RPG it's an RPG yeah I have a memory your old character comes like no no yes we have to remember this will come to my and maybe I'll come to me later yeah oh I'm sure there's more than one game I mean besides old obviously but like your character data when you have to find Oh your hands in Final Fantasy 10 if you power up all your summons like you level them give them that even though he can't did I die at the end they're like super powerful so like it can make it or take forever to be long stuff I know that's one example raising yeah that's for sure one you know Cooney why didn't you know can you forget do you bring one next question from from ASBO good afternoon Damiani nyan gaming wise June was primarily centered I need to have had an order it's coming given wise June was primarily centered around waiting for Super Mario maker to and then playing Super Mario maker to you I've been enjoying and making little worlds but I fear making challenging levels or unique mechanics isn't quite my strong suit yet still it'll be my main game at least until three houses comes out lacking much gaming news I thought I talked a bit about some books I've read recently so first up boy Snowbird by Helen oyeyemi that sounds about right I just want to make sure I got that kind of close this is a retelling of Snow White primarily told from the stepmothers point of view this is set in 1950s America and involves a family passing for snow white or white I think Caucasian or for Caucasian like it's not capitalized I'm assuming that woody and said the little adder it was refreshing to see one of these retellings that is a series of oh I see what you did there moments then the ass okay yes are you are you the aspect of racial passing adds new dimensions to the obsession with a mirror not quite on board with how the last twist was handled I'm very curious to read more from this author okay there we go kitchen yeah next up the dead Duke his secret wife and the missing corpse by Pew Marie eat well I think that's right that this title is oh that's a whole title the dead Duke is secret wife and the missing corpse are those three deserving whoa this title is such a bull is such blatant as Bo bait that frankly the author should be ashamed of herself it's a keeper of a story and I have a general weakness towards non-fiction books about very specific weird and preferably obscure events in history so yeah I liked it that's good to hear number three if on a winter's night a traveler this is part of my haphazard hey I keep hearing about this book so I should probably check it out about two yeah I take two summer reading it's basically meta the novel so I already know a lot of people who would hate it I found it kind of charming and a fairly breezy read yeah this is just definitely means you gotta read it yeah for backstage at the Lincoln assassination by Thomas bogar every once in a while there's something that gets a bit stuck in my head I want to call it an obsession but something I'll look into sometimes hoping that I'll make a little bit more sense here is one of those since 1913 there has been a theater on Broadway named after the brother of the man who shot Abraham Lincoln and it yes it's just so weird to me that a single family that produced these two men actually existed in American history that's not even mentioning their father who is the most famous actor his in his own time I guess what hooks me about the story is that obviously I grew up knowing about the Civil War in Lincoln's assassination but learning that the story is also very much a part of the story of the American theater creates one of these links between history and the arts that my brain can never resist anyway this book doesn't really get into that it's mainly about the people who worked at Ford's Theatre at the time still interesting though I love it when your head you can it's like I want this okay wasn't it so good well that's it for this month looking forward to spending the weekend with you all during easy livin until then love and respect this yeah that was a nice hold to comment there and thank you for that yeah John whoops that's a joke okay interesting a great joke Oh a bend of thorns theater here Z well our next submission comes from Travis hey fam this is my first time submitting so I've been trying to get back into art and make it into a daily habit the goal is to become better and enjoy the process I only got two pictures this month and in the resolution of an iPhone so that one I'd be able to enjoy my art or make some for others rather than it's sitting in a book too the restriction would help me focus my ideas in composition and three I won't have a lot of space to fill so hopefully I can actually complete more projects keep that motivation train going also I enjoy sharing my art with people and fingers sharing it with the Allies would be a really good motivator as well love and respect and here we go let's check out these do your first one here we go fall out poor dog that's really nice that is really good what is this thing about the head sign yeah Boston or something why it's something else look at that dog that is really good though holy crap nice and then here is oh sorry my bed and then their second one final fantasy seven oh there's a black materia summon meteor to come crashing down got Sephiroth sore and a Buster Sword and oh this is this is interesting because I think that's midgar's in the background right there so this is after it's become overgrown and overrun with vegetation and stuff which would mean post ending a foul Fantasy 7 the meteor are still there so that's interesting unless that's green stuff I'm seeing on Midgar supposed to be like ma Co energy maybe coming from the reactors I'm just seeing it wrong we'll find out when they say it oh I say they say yeah pretty sure it's Makos I think they've said it in a having children as well yeah it's the cover art for the remake I'd be nice I like these there are two very different styles very nice yeah very good our next lesson comes from Stevie G Stevie G hey guys hi this is my first mission for the community showcase and I'm really excited to show you what I recently started I am starting to create pixel art and I want to show you two game ideas I have been working on these first three screenshots are from a working title called the three islands basically megaman but pirate themes take a look at these hi hi so choose an island to travel to move jump attack oh I see you like dodging the cannonball fire with the skeleton right there got a little life meter nice let's see uh my mouse cursor in your mouse cursor we are interacting now we are I actually don't know and then the last star from this game oh yeah little showdown here I play the last numbers they cannot see your yeah they can't see you like Mouse the next one is also a working title called vendetta you are an investigative journalism sorry you are an investigative journalist or you are tasked to investigate a government facility after the tour that the guards give you you are still suspicious of what they are planning so you sneak back in to have you speak it Wow you sneak back in have to traverse to the environment without being spotted I am thinking of stealth mechanics in a game like hitman Splinter Cell and mark of the ninja and want to focus on making a really in death enemy AI system we will see how it goes I don't have much with this game but here is a work-in-progress title screen I need to animate later thank you so much for all that you do love and respect cigarette there at the smoke coming up yeah it's really nice very nice stuff I'd play that babies yeah thank you for that next mission from Stephen Beaumont hey guys hi my gaming update is that I finally beat dark souls for the first time after picking up on the switch picking it up on the switch the game bested me on the ps3 because I didn't understand the upgrade system and had every weapon divine since I had heaps of those upgrade materials safe to say I loved the experience and had a really successful successful run against all the bosses in the main game in DLC our Tory Asst was definitely the best character design with RC and smile a close behind the thing that boggles my mind is that elitist shit on Dark Souls 3 for being too easy and yet I have beaten all the bosses of Dark Souls 1 single-handed as well as the same for blood-borne but I cannot overcome overcome the twin Prince's without help from some people taking part in jolly cooperation in contrast and yes I do understand technical advances a lot of the Dark Souls bosses had only about three combos and I felt like I could bait certain attacks a lot more often than in Dark Souls 3 maybe now that I learned to parry playing Dark Souls 1 I will see how easy Dark Souls 3 can be but I need to beat Sakura before that Oh at all this is a classic game however the jump is still a joke and a very bad one at that and thus this game isn't perfect sorry and finally I bought dragon's on one last night yeah after I beat dark souls and I look forward to playing it until next time love and respects so weird a bunch of it's the theme song from Dragon's Dogma or the one song you always love this play first one yeah is the dark arisen versus or doesn't have disappointed all right an exhibition from Tyson hello hi I've been busy with work so it's been hard to find time to do art it's exciting though and I'm under my first NDA recently I was inspired by the river city girls trailer and decided to make art love and respect who dad oh cool dad hey wait does that mean I think that's us nice access unless you think that's Maximilian dude that's cute being rated you liked it I think it looks like a fighting pose or something that's really good though I like that I look like I'm gonna rage out I'm like charging up my like we're like both casting the same shadow – it's like or we combined our shadows yeah we're gonna do a team attack right here Fujin be pretty cool that's yeah really like it yeah it's tough yeah let us know when the indie expires and you're actually allowed to talk about what you're working on be really awesome to see that thank you for that Tyson next mission comes from Dan oops I think I click something and it causes the camera to freak out for a second but we're good now hello allies or hello dummy in everydays li reason this is the final month of recording video for the Shenmue easy a dub project a weird thing that is happening next month unless delayed is the very first episode of Shenmue the easy a dub today I have 4 parts for Ian if he'd be so kind as to read a little dialogue you started this project by reading a poem by you uses uki it's fitting that you end it with the most vulgar vo of the project I promised these are all actual lines from Shenmue and I apologize ahead of time for making you say the swears all right so yeah a man in a fancy suit at a construction site who has no time for Rio's questions man in suit that is too busy oh no no no no did I say one too many nose oh no no no oh no no no stray nose those two what trees that three are not two three nose okay hang on oh no no no that was three there we go I just can't now if you want to talk ask someone else did that sound like a busy man in a suit okay your second part was intended to at one point for the troupe then it seemed like it was going to be Jones but now destiny has bestowed upon you Nozomi this is the one that Huber shouted about in that bathroom female who cares about Rio seemingly as more than just friends it is unclear how do you say this name am i saying it wrong yeah most people save Rio but I mean the why pronunciation speakers like the whole Ryu vs. yeah and then what always tells us to say it like do you like he was just either say it so fast I like the Y is like not even like it doesn't accentuate it at all the like row like what wouldn't a so me sound like people who care about things what do they sound like okay real real okay if you reads in that have things settle down for you any if there's anything I can do be sure to let me know a black car you know a car like that splashed mud on me when I went oh you know a car like that splashed mud on me when it went past I remember it was fairly yeah yeah why are you asking about that car yeah why are you asking about that car why are you asking about that car why are you asking about that car why are you asking about why are you asking about that car your final part is a juicy one there are two really mean girls out on the streets of the town they skipped school to publicly smoke cigarettes and look tough they're very aggressive you will play both of these girls good mean girl one get out of my face schoolboy man jackoff man shut up go home to mommy what's with you I'm not in the mood for this piss off man jackoff get out of here before I hurt you man what's with you I'm not in the mood for this don't make me hurt you boy mean girl – huh who the hell do you think you are I'll slap you silly pansy oh you pansy I'll slap you silly you pansy what you want twit pansy hats cake what you want twit pansy ass geek you're asking for it jerk what do you want twit what what want me probably want me to kick your ass what do you want twit want me to kick your ass okay bastard and that's the saga begin Thank You Ian and all of you guys so much for making this weird project in reality all the love all the respect your friend and Ally dan Allen Detroit Michigan CHUM's I forgot we don't have to do it this way Jones I remember when I deal with Jones eventually gets to a point it's like alright you read these I'm like oh okay Jones sure oh uh if you have no do you want to read I can keep reading them if you have no desire to read yes they go ahead I see the scrollbar is like two thirds of the way or how many I'm seeing let me blast this ibuprofen I got nine more so nine more yeah more we were on one right here is our next one stay hydrated body drinking water I'm drinking tea with caffeine where's this meme going around on Twitter where I was let's stay hydrated Bop and it's like mean to you oh and the longer I saw that made me laugh so hard was did you drink water today you stupid bitch hydrated vibe gotta get your attention somehow one row rollin Jr hola Ian a Damiani hola wanted to start off by showing some love and respect for you both I've mentioned this before but every single Ally has affected me for the better and I'm constantly grateful for it Ian I recall seeing you on my very first easy a podcast last January unlike a lot of the community I can't claim to be to have been following you guys from the GT days and I didn't know what to expect when I saw you and Brad sitting in the middle having opposite stories on lab Oh between your hair your nails your overall influence you stood out from the others and part of and part of my brain hit a wall I was so intrigued yet confused because my life had been molded by others to stay on the path or fit the mold and here you were just beating yourself you had steering clear from that currently playing Detroit become human and there's a part where someone breaks this mental wall and I feel like that's what you helped me to do I know I don't need to say this but please never stop being you it's opened my mind and heart to so many possibilities and I'm so much better for it Damiani like Ian you've opened a world for me that I originally shot out my first gaming memories were from the NES and Game Boy when my uncle gifted me his ps1 with Final Fantasy 7 Gran Turismo and Bushido blade I lost I was lost to everyone including Nintendo in high school friends introduced me to MC MVC – that's Marvel vs. Capcom – yeah on the Dreamcast followed by smash melee and Metroid Prime on the Gamecube and while I loved them I was still hooked into PlayStation consoles I only really used the Wii for some motion control stuff and stayed clear of the Wii U excuse me when the swish when the switch came out friends told me I had to get it I wasn't sold immediately shrugged it off and said it's not worth it for just Mario and Zelda game for this year damn was I wrong when I heard you talk about the console and Nintendo's push for more third party I decided to try it out got it early 2018 and it's exactly what I needed in my gaming life got my ps4 in early 2014 yet I'm sure I've put more hours into my switch now well it's even gotten me to rebuy games I already had on PS or Xbox because now they had a better chance of getting played like Dark Souls ala boy hollow Knight cuphead and the steamworld dig games all great games had it not been for your impressions and knowledge I wouldn't have given Nintendo another chance and I thank you so much since last month was able to get through yaku's and express a pout grease gato Roboto cadence of Hyrule owl boy the gardens between katana zero and Kimiko all on the switch that's a good list finishing up rime on the switch as well even if it buckles a bit a more II respect Oh respect oh thank you having respects love to hear ya I love the switch it's a fun system yeah like I love my ps4 but man this which is probably my good will the whole and but also take it on the go yeah like clunky console part of it like we use it was like yeah yeah so funny I have it here they've been played it all the day like fancy seven on there grinding out to get the final Limit Breaks force still during it Vincent's level for Limit Break and you fees level for a limit break and then I have everyone's full a lot of breaks in that game for what percent Thomas to seven there's just the original versions on switch I forgot they put that on there yeah that was the recent one though I missed that oh yeah that was a while yeah oh yeah oh yeah I'm reading me hello Damiani need on me honey and ink mmm hello yes I usually greet the two allies doing the showcase by smashing their names together but I don't think I can ever be more perfect than this combination Damiani and hink oh dami is anything earlier what so Dom da M comma Ian a and it's next part of my name and instead of doing yeah like I for ye they like you do another comedy date but II with explanations Dom comma and II love it yeah anyway anyway Super Mario 2 is maker 2 is out huzzah just finished all the levels in story mode started making levels and played Kyle and Ian's levels and having so much fun perhaps the thing that excites me the most as a video game music enthusiast is the treat of having koji kondo writing new old music for the stage themes that were in the original games I love Super Mario Bros and world's desert theme and the Super Mario World forest theme particularly another musical idea that I really enjoy is the music box night versions which brings me to my submission I present to you for this showcase the night version of the easy allies theme learn respect Kevin Jillette that's awesome yeah the music is so good at maker 2 everything about Mario maker 2 is perfect was really nice I love that using it for stream ending yeah with that ask uh poori Jackson Lou says greetings inna Damiani hope you guys have a good July with fire emblem and builder too I can't wait I've been playing a lot of blood-stained and loving the game also started a little bit of Mario maker to which the group stream was one of the best this year nice geez and now eight point two patch since it recently launched and Wow eight point two patch since it recently launched Mario maker 2 is on eight point two World of Warcraft patchy oh wow I thought that was just the word okay in chat they were doing my case as well this weekend and I was like what's what's this eight point two patch report topic like oh wow gotcha finish stranger things three and loved it not spoiling but it was a fun ride all the way through summer anime season has started with dr. stone an anime adaptation of a manga by the eye shield monka about restarting the world through science when every thing in the planet is turned into stone fire force the creator behind stole leader when the fire fighters armed with magic and science fight people who can combust into fire demon instead sun's fire and one piece which has launched its new arc in the anime with a new director and it seems to do the arc it's based on justice in animation and design and Ian of Damiani I will recommend promised Neverland as I have two other allies it's only 13 episodes and worth watch I've heard of that actually hope everyone has a good July and can't wait for easy living with AC this time we hope so we shall see you that will be like we like we should do that like you see I was like one of the first things we go alive like we roll like a pre-recorded video or we record ourselves entering first and being like where is it we're just like worship it's like if it's not there we go nuts it's like yeah Jordan Curt says greetings Damiani Indian right before e3 with kids of high roll days away I decided to give crypt of the necrodancer a shot an easy choice within only being three dollars with all of the sales yeah I'm having a blast with this charming game but man it could be brutally difficult on standard the main mechanic makes it where to where you have to devote a good amount of attention otherwise an enemy might sneak up on you or you might miss some actions altogether with around 15 hours invested I've still only managed to get to the second zones boss shout out to all the different modes that change difficulty gives secondary objectives and even change even just change the gameplay mechanics entirely running out of time Microsoft conference convinced me to try game pass ultimate extremely good value upgrade program downloaded many but Ori and the blind forest was first solid Metro buoyed Metroidvania absolutely beautiful Mario maker – jolly boots but slightly sadistic co-op making action yeah shout out to y'all streams for a lot of entertainment but also a lot of inspiration that will do it for this month great games are a coming til next time thanks q Jordan David CLE Cleveland hi Anna Damiani hi I can't believe you let Kyle and Hubert get away with that Final Fantasy 7 bet nonsense nonsense that cost me like 200 Don bucks love respect Dave Cleveland PS here's a vid of me meeting Jeff Goldblum my friend met Jeff Goldblum [Applause] oh that's fun Teague says hello damiana nanny in hi not much time this month for art but here is a recent illustration of my own take on Samus done for a patreon demo personal patreon is patreon comm which is te e ke t CH as always I thank you for the tremendous work you both and all the other allies do to make this such a great community well one didn't mean they saw a black screen regardless so that worked out for me check this out truly why can't metroid crawl what I remember the dumb meme i cant metroid crawl super metroid they want to know why samus couldn't like just get down and crawl there are things they got really frustrated when they really needed them more full delight yeah anyway this is really good colors are it looks like you make like a good framed poster piece of art as well yeah nice I can't wait to see more of Metroid as well in the future yeah let your prep for outcast writer says hello Ian and Damiani hi hope you had a great June and best wishes for July thank you for holding down the fort and keeping community showcase going as Papa Jones steps away to take care of his new addition also wanted to say thank you to you both both of you and the rest of the Allies for your great III coverage thank you thank you with that said it's been five or six months since I've posted anything on the showcase due to a variety of factors the most interesting one was being interrupted by a tornado that landed a mile away from where I was time moral of the story don't wait until the last day to post to the showcase oh sorry yeah just out in the field like to make my supposed to the showcase yeah you make a joke of it you know it's good that said that to people who like friends abound really scared by the earthquakes and like earthquakes are yeah there's no joking matter but it's like I've been through tornadoes like earthquakes I mean obviously the big ones are horrifying but like just a shake that we experienced doesn't really hold a candle to how scary tornado a personally anyway III was awesome despite Sony's absence and who cares about ei although Jedi fallen order has my attention could this be a finally decent game from EA all still wait for the reviews before I purchase but I'm fairly excited about fond order please please don't screw this up EA even bigger news for me is I finally got a Newton my new computer that I've been saving up for a year and a half Congrats it's just a base Dell XPS desktop model but it's so nice to finally not be using a half broken laptop that is 13 years old it will probably take another year for me to get halfway decent video card but things are really good that's awesome one reason X pot one reason is Xbox games pass for PC since I don't have a PlayStation Xbox or switch the option to play some Xbox exclusive games on my PC is very appealing and the price of ten dollars a month is fairly doable for me even though I'm pretty much a cheapskate when it comes to getting games so I'm still doing some mental gymnastics to see if this $10 is worth spending on games past to try something I might like or buy something I really want still this expansion of games Pass is a really nice game-changer for me and it is probably just a question of when rather than if it will probably be easier to make up my mind once the Steam sale is over which is my other big reason things are really awesome for me gaming wise I used to live fairly rural for most of my life so high-speed Internet wasn't a thing at least not if you wanted to spend a bunch of money now that I have a new computer and high-speed Internet taking advantage of the awesomeness that is a Steam sale was just too wonderful I've got a bunch of games I've been wanting for years and still stayed below $100 I even scored RPG Maker MV which I've been wanting nice now I can start making video games also Ian I love it whenever you showed the work you did an RPG maker it always got me so hyped for the time I could finally get the software and now that time has come have a blessed day and month and thank you for reading my comment love and respect Thank You outcast writer yeah I need to do more RPG maker love that okay Jason a nice tackle for June I only really played Super Mario maker – it's great I can't really say anything bad about it so I'm going to talk about e3 instead going gonna go press conference by press conference before that though great job to the Allies on coverage I can see that week being held also it did feel like something was missing from an accept from an excitement level without Sony being there Microsoft yes Keanu is in cyberpunk but I still have no interest in that game at all to me that has the same weight as what actor is going to be doing a voice in an animated film sure great means nothing I do think the use of lighting to hide that car was a Lego car was really neat that's true also Spencer Phil Spencer said in regards to project scarlet the most powerful and highest performing console we've ever designed I mean I would hope so that's he that usually is the point of next-gen the thing I hate the most about Microsoft press conferences is the unseparable garbage they spout I think it might be inseparable that says and adds nothing other than that I don't really remember anything from the conference Bethesda I'm interested in ghost wire I'll have to see gameplay before I even know if it is something that will be for me but the presenter was really fun and she did a great job on selling it that's true I'll be interested to see what kind of game it is it was Ubisoft there was a dog and yeah that's about all I remember about that one Square I don't like the original Final Fantasy 7 but I was really curious to see what they would show just something about the characters made me never really give a crap about them it seems like they just fleshed out in this new one which is good the whole adding a bunch of stuff to where the first game will essentially be only the first area and them not knowing how long the rest of it will be made me pretty much check out more isn't always a good thing it depends on the pacing Who am I kidding though I'll admit to being a hypocrite if it was 9 they were doing this all for I'd stupidly be all-in without questioning anything a vendor's looked kind of a I don't even know why anyone would buy it on Kuragin unless there's an upgrade plan because it seems like they intend to support the game well into next gen Nintendo stoked for breath of the wild sequel this is a game I want to go into noting as little as possible astral chain looks neat banjo kazooie and smash looks fun it was a solid little show I'm looking forward to Link's Awakening love the art style would be nice to see them do the same thing for Link to the Past to finally play through that game without having to look the atrocious sprites of the original and what's right what's up okay okay well to that last line we're close down on scape but just get that shot in there it's okay I know I know Cal hasn't influenced a lot of people this is the last one oh we got to refresh because I think there's one more after oh yeah I think I remember yen as a fan I'm vampire the masquerade bloodlines correct and is hopefully probably looking forward to bloodlines – I am which is set in Seattle the reveal trailer had several scenes set in Seattle underground so I went and took pictures of that this month Oh fun plus I'm throwing a little surprise in at the end for Damiani getting to the important things first an original 1890 Thomas Crapper toilet in unrestored condition okay here we go yo that's awesome okay and there's a fancy one that's been restored here's a fancy one that's been restored so it was Thomas Crapper real okay I think so they always make that joke in every other movie about and I read everybody with at least two movies I've seen make a joke about the being named crapper John or whatever like a minute.i to the eyes that's one and then there's another British movie I saw that made that joke okay now the next couple are from the Seattle underground let's see what we can see man this is cool yeah this looks like waiting in a line edit bird in Disneyworld like going like a ride like they make it all themed and stuff yeah that's pretty cool oh yeah I don't know anything about the Sonic under green oh it's a sonic under green oh yeah this definitely looks like I'm going to a Disney ride it's like pirates or Indiana Jones ride right here this is real-life Damiani yeah real life is can be a ride – whoa yes this looks like uh you're breaking into like a banker something like gt5 opening mission Oh Seattle burned down in 1890 and they've rebuilt on top of the old city damn I didn't know that that's awesome I gotta go to Seattle dude also what I'm a vampire in Seattle hang out down here all the time of course the only way to go this is sweet I love stuff like Roman ruins in there man this is neat these colors are amazing dang there and then what looks like a busted pile of scrap metal apparently used to be a Nikola Tesla built elevator is this I'm not sure if this is the one 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 this is the last of the underground so this next one should be elevator that's an elevator Nikola Tesla you messed it up blew it up Tesla hey blue man man one of my prized possessions is my set of yoshitaka amano tarot cards since this is Damiani z– first month hosting community showcase and since Noah has already done such an excellent job of ascribing each allied to the mate to a Major Arcana card I thought that each month I posted a mono version of the Allies on the couch this month judgment Damiani and star Ian you helped me up here in oh you got a face to the URL yeah I don't know why is when didn't download for some reason but here we go there you go yeah hope this works look at that judgment in the star that's good a mono art those are really cool yeah it's like us it's our cards but now we're different that does seem like us yeah that's like me I came down everyone keep saying don't you toot it it's very true okay good stuff thank you for that back over no we should have saved those crapper pics for possible I will refresh now and it should be at the bottom here Eric Jackson is just wanna make sure that we're not missing that's when you post receives from Eric Jackson okay alright so I'm gonna have to do this so we have to do this we need to comment for sure so hey in in Damiani this is a replacement comment for my devoured comment parties for any sorry apologies for any stress this causes I wanted to produce more art but I was too busy playing 4 out of 5 and training for an International juggling competition I got a second by the way here's some fan art in an unfinished self-portrait so here we go let me uh we're to do these as web pages so hopefully this looks right go ahead so I'll click on it there you go unfinished self-portrait and then uh oh I don't know if this will work but tribe pace ok does more of a sports guy so intimidating again don't nod cross easy a that's really good oh yeah I can't you bring in the can't see my mouse on there okay go ahead nice good and last not least oh look at this that is really good thank you for that thank you and Linda vet PS deepest sympathies to you in and your family thank Eric Jackson thank you he got through so there you go thank you for that really good work there very good stuff that is the end right of just nine minutes after but we started late so three hours we got the schedule doing it this way so yeah you're you're breathtaking cyberbully be able to do something Jitsu or I just can't we come counter Yves I say amazing things to people and be awesome yeah hopefully like the switching a little bit of the mingling of the format they're kind of breaking the barriers of I like of not like doing things in categories I mean if you prefer that like if you're watching this after the fact and you found that wait like oh when I watch this after I do like seeing it in that format because to note it's easier for me to skip let me know like that's something I didn't consider as like people watching not live but to everyone else you know watch it live let me know what you felt and if it work well and we'll see if we can just next month because I don't know how long I'll be doing this definitely next month I'll be happening me and someone else possibly a clone of me will be doing it for the month of August Leon and we'll have to see what September holds very likely September will also be the same format but beyond September I feel like maybe you might get you Jones back possibly by that point in October by October I would assume but maybe later and who knows take all the time he needs so yeah if we go get to Long Point maybe I'll like get Kyle to host this one time like the fourth episode of Anna Kyle Kyle would rush through it like me if I didn't I will I will sit here with Kyle and I will go through this and we will be what are the two Muppet guys again the old guy is like yeah Chad who are the two old guys you like make fun of them up until the times that would be Waldorf that would be bossman and me yeah boss made me doing the community showcase together that's how it would be I believe Kyle loves the showcase it will take five hours there you go I'll Photoshop like I'll put a face over ourselves on the stream as well to make us look like that we can't leave you old fool bolted to the seeds but yes they were sure it was pointless it was short we loved without the buddy caveat on those submissions like you will be subjecting yourself yeah Kyle Boston let it be known yeah like how Boston will be critiquing completely unrestricted able to say whatever he wants about your submissions and trollee we have to tear for that to cover the damages order fees what's the damage that we have to cover for this yeah yeah maybe we do this I know he's done one before and yeah well Steve but I mean there's plenty of other allies like we can see what it goes on and yeah we'll figure out so we don't know other than me we don't know who else will be on next month yet let you know as soon as we figure that out probably at our monthly meeting this month let's probably we'll figure it out so yeah by then and again if this is for $10 enough patrons so thank you again for doing that I always love to see it works that you submit and yeah coming up you got easy living yeah baby he's living just like three weeks three weeks three weeks oh boy 21 that would be that'd be 21 days from now and like we're July like 9th today so like yeah like days months it's three weeks from Thursday no sorry it's two weeks two weeks from Thursday for us to start getting set up yeah we're gonna know the schedule yeah we'll have to fill in one block still yeah we're gonna figure that out group stream tomorrow is definitely happen yes that's happening don't worry let me just look at the calendar it's two weeks from Thursday absolutely this is three weeks from last Thursday sit here quietly while I look it up I'm gonna sit here quietly yeah it starts on the 26 moobot is right listen to moobot 26 through 28 a two weeks four days I said three weeks but there's like less than two weeks work before that thing starts up Kui yeah we're gonna do some shooting spoiler mode for stranger things season three about to have to do that good stuff and then I got other stuff happen to tomorrow as well so we will we'll see you tomorrow on the group stream live next time and then I will see you all again from you showcase in about a month from now so we're gonna do a spider-man who else has seen spider-man we saw yesterday I've seen spider-man just do one tonight too just double double spoiler mode double features we start mixing up spider-man I didn't like he makes the venom joke about it it means like here is ugly as venom and then hopper shows up it's like no spider-man don't do that it's like Oh and then they lined up side down and that's the marbles that's alternate that's worth like 6 to 2 I think is upside down is what they said stereo said that that yeah upside down is worth 6 to 2 there you go I actually don't know I forget how Jones ends these or anything like that but that's that's always said so we'll see you all later thanks again and love and respect and I wish this camera would stop doing this bye

  1. 18:50 Ian tribute
    1:31:37 1.25 speed recommended for this song solo.
    2:00:40 Nathan Fillion?
    2:27:14 Final V.O session for the Shenmue EZA dub
    2:38:42 The night version of the EZA theme
    2:53:27 Almost made it
    3:00:51 Power Ian

  2. I prefer having the written, visual and audio portions split up the way Jones did it. I often listen to a few written submissions but then skip to the drawings and videos since I find them more entertaining.

  3. Question: Are you guys going to publish a review of Mario Maker 2?
    I love your videos and really like to know your opinion on that game.

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  5. As a submitter I don't like this audio mix, because I want to hear what you are saying about my submission.

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