CoMmunity Creations #8 | #DreamsPS4

hello hi everyone welcome to our weekly community commute this is why Siobhan got us all water community creation stream very did it you did it well then yeah we we have lots of amazing things to show this week so much and joined by Tom down the way bill Armstrong and chiffon ready oh you haven't been Yuva never been on the stream well you've been you've been appeared in silent yeah yeah yeah like like as an extra yeah exciting Rosabelle yeah moment I agree in fact we're gonna make you pick this off good of course if you don't know yet and didn't look at Twitter we did release a patch to the dream of us today so very excitingly there are some cool updates to search there is mm pics now added and there's an option to make less annoying prompts of recenter urine yeah which everybody is very excited about raise bail you did that didn't you yes good job what are you gonna play but do you think there's a lot of really cool stuff in here cool it's all cool well yeah it's all it's all really awesome to this one okay this is quite cool oh here we go got Evan oh dear God early today off camera next to me yes come my lap Alex Evans is manning the chat stream yeah yeah typing yeah why are you showing the rest of okay like you're showing her desktop missus you know okay okay would you like to be a quick video here between gonna sit on the power it's not directly grab knowing Alex he's like here's the production schedule I mean the twitch stream Alex we get yeah okay there you go there's a chair there that's fine we're gonna just there we go lovely fire hazard I've put the pillow on top of the power cable excellent ship it if Alex just catches fire a little bit fine oh that's where you drop the water all coming full circle nothing can go wrong to play away all right let's go okay mm-hmm where's l3 no one oh nothing skate like an ice skater would side side in between dreams chunk instead like this is super beautiful but your week that boy yes so cool so differences ballet the game about the belly dancer my demoscene friends elastic yeah it's really cool sort of similar sorts of vibe today yeah hi after your comments from the last week I was listening found it was found pounds the Casey Jones pound thank you yeah someone said that's so convenient that someone else we can have a stream where you Alex just lecture us on the inner workings of dreams are you good there yes if alex is asking myself questions on the chat said can can you please do a stream which is the exact stream that we are gonna get stream we're gonna be doing that stream next Tuesday so like good timing yeah it's cool dreams under the hood and M Berg's I really really love your work so very much your pirate skull island was just the best okay okay this is amazing yeah that's right this is beautiful yeah cool yeah presently I'm Alchemist 42 nice absolutely that is the background scene for the collection if you go back out into our profile okay so gorgeous well done what shall you choose well I had my eye on super tanks gaming in on the early access well the one I made on the Alpha is somewhere very cool enough to that visual one that you've been making really see my remake yes in progress one day anyway in the meantime and then we will have you back on where you can show it we were actually we were gonna show its new creation today but he's thick and Christophe has one so we'll be showing that the next time you have him on the stream which should but it never is strapped in your seat belt there's a lot of trouble up ahead Roger that general I'm on my way fully we need a voice the voice actors this yeah but do you already you guys are doing so well controls like they might lead dust trails oh you got you got 13 1880 trees so I really just appreciate it that they call this like their 33 but he's very happy that's very funny it's fine you're still got 90 health 1800 I'd say that we could use d3 that's already the name of the publisher that Saturday I mean that might be my brother with her brother setting a trend they I think race if everybody's favorite molecule that is pretty penny that's a lie he has a thing with eggs as well very soon your brother yeah to this level [Applause] that's made by Dino X dye knocks who's next right so you notice that the the collection this week is in complete disarray and and that is because Tom dent is on holiday this week and I know this will bother him oh that is very carefully but this is an mm pick yeah I see the little hat and actually if you look carefully that the eyes blink they're not gonna blink now are they feel like it just blinked as you did that okay anyway anyway that was good but I'm very proud of the dream averse team and the server team for getting this patch out record time we've started this whole new approach it's pretty the last part of the record patch next one TBC currently figuring it out soon soon and that one with OSC support back told me wow that's that's even news to me yes okay so let's why don't we check also do want to say that Tom just texted me with a picture of the collection going yes this Bob I know where I'm gonna go I'm actually going to go to captain white beards pirate taverns yes because putty doke I love this and I loved it when I played it in the jam and I have loved showing everybody that I've shown it to and I showed it to Abby last night as well what's in her what's up because I just need you to meet this character how do laughs I mean come on this is so brilliant he does not want to hang out with that cat and that one I feel like I've made that campus my spirit I've seen them upstairs if it was covered in mud it would basically look like my cat okay cat that night night cat loves water loves rain it rains here the cat who spends all day just collecting mud yeah yeah I think the cries to go outside when it rains and then it just goes nuts and it jumps and puddles and it's disgusting so this is one of the entries to the prior jam I'm using the top ten pirate jam was brilliant I played through every single jammer it's just fantastic so many good games it's very characters that's great she yeah the quality work was super high yeah really high and and actually was also uh services a lot of people who are obviously joining in for the first time so yeah really really cool so that's British that's cannabis and basically you know I just want the whole game made about like this is only the beginning they're buckle captain white beards I love ye can we have a patch named after Dorset horn there are so many sheep names to be a bit cheaper no there is an awesome idea from Zildjian chat okay scroll past now but it's basically that we should pre publish these collections so that everyone at home okay long yeah we can totally do that yeah I'd be amazing we tend to get these together you know we do we should we should pre publish no yes okay oh my god so I just need to save it oh yes I love you guys I'm doing it oh yeah we are challenged and are gonna beat your the dream of us done yep yep get it is um John Beach and I will be in New York next week and we are doing a demo Sony has a cool space that is there we have put the information out on Twitter now so you can go there and you can read it and you can go to the event bite page and come so yeah we'll be there doing a create demo you are probably all way more advanced than what we're actually going to be showing because we're showing it to like people who sign up and are interested but if you want to come we would love to meet community members in New York stations let us know and you should tell us on social media if you're around and you can go and that's the thing you'd want to do okay say let's see what do you want to show okay I'm just gonna choose this because this is after my own heart if anyone likes pinball I really love pinball and actually I was thinking about something would be really cool to have either they involve it because I love this asshole game the worst start here but yeah there are lots of pinball games coming and I just thought this thing was a really funny concept and I enjoyed it out of the bugs anyway I just wanted to show that in hopes that people will make me morph involve against yeah that's awesome because they're really cool and I'm gonna do a whole selection of pinball and really enjoy that so it's not illegal a pinball template like what I was mentally production we will maybe write a place tonight yeah great excellent added to the post-it notes yeah one more thing to injury you've missed a person so I mean I could just sit here doing this for quite a while but probably just has it to someone else to might take impressive that is that is actually going to take a long time I mean well because part of the good way to earn point quickly income bonus and just do things that compound them but this is lacking something like point multipliers that's okay anyway I already gave I might have played this for when I was making the collection for a little bit of fun yesterday okay there's no which one that's let's go with the Monty Hall problem because I know what that is does anyone else know I have not made this one yet just like the Stanley parable I don't play the Stanley parable know that yeah this is the TV game show as this description lovely love Lily that's not the word explains well so yeah it's like a probability game basically is it better to switch or not or does it not make a difference let's test your knowledge here to test this dragon in ten wins the Fosters benefit request from templates but maybe the community could make their first ever may be over to the community made their first ever yeah yes yeah they're like you know just in situ she taught like level genre tutorials in a way and actually bogged down was the one who kind of started for me because I know how this game works which is it's not the idea behind this is you think the one that you've chosen you think is like if you think you've got a 50-50 chance exactly but the reality is you've got a third chance of this being correct and this becomes 2/3 because you know this is not create I love raising them but thanks yeah so technically the best thing to do probability-wise is to choose that second door but might it's not I mean there's still two thirds might not work every time it seems to be working every time this time let's see let's let's see what happens if I don't if I don't switch sorry but I like that you could use this for school – like illustrate a math problem or something yeah if I switch places what happens if you don't switch teaching I might still win I didn't win there's anyone made like hey we'll stop ain't sure where you supermarket game oh yeah that's cool did we give it a big things up yes yeah I want to see what Casey's choices oh yeah yeah how cute Tom talked about this on the screen last day the other time there's so many tons we have two times in this room right now how about us doing our audio and your tongue D so we'd like good really easy replacement for the string this week yeah perfect oh that fresh Tom Dundee so this is really dark yes I wouldn't play it through to the end because leave some of the sweeps and for people to explore yeah anyway Evan on the side I just don't understand why you have to choose go to the front please go knock on door okay room-by-room search mr. Casey Jones sets that where pv % yes I love shopping in the dreamers ya behind the sofa no I was like didn't the only one where I struggled to find the cat on the further run yeah we have to show some of the there was also a really nice one that Enoch root did where it had a top hat and danced over the picture it just sits in the fluid out some time oh here it is you are getting the Gary biscuit story now I think just keep following that cat I'll be playing it to the end no no we're not we're gonna play it about half way hey there you are kitty I'd still like to pick up the cat okay you try to leave this room kitty [Laughter] run the other way a good place to stop for people saying it definitely gonna stop for my there's a whole narrative to this it's it's message so okay yeah I'll try I'm like my heart might give out for finish it you'll be fine okay I think I'm going to play traces of time the traces of time it's pretty spectacular yeah well I found somebody I actually really want to play traces of time but that heading I found some way to do the track at the Attic is just my favorite prophet is just winning so let's see aha shruts maker asks why is there a heart in the corner of that one dream and the answer is because of the knee and then dick and then picks feature so there is now a pinned collection the dream surfing which is aimed mostly new dreamers yeah but if you just want to see what we're into spit like LBP head as well you can go check out and if your dream gets picked you'll get a little orange get heart and even if we take you out of the Olympics it's to me it will be help would be a people who needed dreams just have somewhere to go to start yes so it's great okay all right you're already square which tape 12 v what's the 2006 2002 2003 2004 99 8999 yeah well you're doing in 1999 I was one I wasn't even one based on that date Oh who's the one I had just moved to go to college I'm just looking around it succeeded out to chief white so I'm okay look at the next tape this is definitely a weird gave to hold it do it mm 563 mm mm and then we'll jump Oh mister noises I feel like something bad is gonna happen always let always left that's how you win means always less yeah I think it's just gonna keep going like this and it's just making you think that and setting you up for the rest of the story I mean there might be but the tapes left by the previous owners from the house mmm it's like bang this reminds me of that level we played on the stream the other week with the like passive-aggressive 20 it was like don't go here then we just went there don't follow directions about you've done this one I just know there's a sea monster oh it's a giant squid massive screen amazing yeah someone mentioned on the stream that the shadow of yourself is kind of a penis yeah in the corner behind real power vented to this week's Kats order that suits me now there's real lower field it's Christmas I love all of the subtle things in this that are actually just really making as well feel things you know that's Christmas new folks that wasn't knowing but everyone's lots of people that have it meant to be happy time just like their technique for this I don't know if there's anything else in it just it's just cool yeah and there's even more tape so people can go and watch even more tapes and unfold more of the story oh I mean a bunka maybe if somebody had it can't matter maybe it's a bunker sure no no this one go there all right there are quite a few yeah there's quite a few more great famous Pro Ferry that was very cool well I mean I can save I can save trace of time for you that's okay we also put in Pablo's FPS here just some people wanted to play around with it and remix it yeah I really enjoyed this the markers live in concert I was actually looking for a bunch of other things very personal somewhat approximate a bunch of things thumbs up that one yeah yeah there you go vegan okay says I'm going to make a sequel to this at a wedding where the father the bride hits a knife against the glass forever I love that there's like short little like bit so you can do I just think are so funny you're really enjoy flowing in for new effects for the grave hope you're gonna go and sneak them in am I allowed to do we're not doing create my changes though are we this part I mean well they won't get cue AIDS well let's talk about this we can negotiate you know I I'm I'm very Pro your account do you wanna invert colors flip screen flip screen mirror screen there's a mixer where you could do like there and then the white point it would mirror it and so you got like those kaleidoscope you know like crazy do them will just figure out when turning so half-day tough the etosha born three years later like farce roads slacker 8 2 or 6 it's just a scene is yeah really well done and beautiful the sort of Sun coming in from behind the camera what is that white every time I see those I always just think of like aliens yeah yeah you know you're out in the woods and suddenly there's a weird bunker yeah that's happens all the time yes it does around here this really modifies in the woods yeah even in LA there is like an old Nike missile bunker that was up at the top of one of yeah the boundaries yeah yeah I do that in every game and then I get stuff and then start gasps oh yeah good what makes sense here yeah this is really nice yeah far as Rebecca 8006 nicely work and lovely mushrooms quick Kosta sent that for the stream last night he stumbled upon that what do we think care all you it's all your choice I'm gonna try black start that's a lovely way of introducing yeah let's login thanks remove a third X it is nice back reference to preview screen we're building in there it is yeah we bought the match we had a great time again but since I beat one of many places you can see the sky hundredweight feet Francis oh really good ey that's really nice Frankie news sources yeah it's been a breach in Superior major Garcia tech facility stations first year take between sister are so amazing to see what people do with dreams I know that's like the reason my gosh say it again Superman it's so it just it's really no questions willing to open the door yeah yeah mmm a cool yeah we didn't we originally dreamed had only one front barrel professional hero a most certainly my club pronounce delivery livid yeah no she's amazing she's our new york-based molecule yeah mmm New York yes so gorgeous beautiful you some colors make shadows great lighting yeah exactly and audio sounds very atmospheric all alone let me see what happens next okay let's go with let's go with please don't hug me yeah I put this in for super value please don't hug me actually I put this in because I really enjoy seeing the the please hug me please don't hug me sort of thing continue to spread across the the universe I like to see a theme that sort of rolled through a whole bunch of different content this is yeah please don't burn my hat at some point you have to adjust do you think up warned you very unfortunate to be hugged by what's out I fell oh I see okay I understand this now I just just like the humor value hat use your hat what'd you do that was using my hat hold it at the cactuses it's like dr. Niles and Doctor Who but they're cactuses cacti no are you getting better every time look at that how many cactus hugging games we played I mean you only really need this one that's like that yeah oh okay he survived three catch a couple me personal best yeah okay are we skipping Tom no time when we were eight that was you seen the top score and ready it's like no it's amazing isn't it there's another game out there somewhere where all you do is just wait high score on it oh yeah you're still in front of this you know screams uh I think maybe I'll choose his Midsummer Night's Dream yeah I am so I actually saw this so such cetera I saw this a while back kind of came and I'd really as a huge Shakespeare fan so and I really love this play and I just loved that it was with time he would really a pop me but I just loved that it was set in the world and I loved it someone had taken that idea oh hey Huck we've got the characters all around us from it I love this Midsummer Night's Dream is about Shakespeare I read is that it's like stuck in my engraved in my brain again it's a great one I went in to see it I played puck in it and now Jenny I remember every well as fun of the quince quince and then they're lying about everything in English and the cool thing about using Shakespeare is it's not I think that was it when I looked at it before this was that was the extent of the level yeah okay so yeah yeah it's just really yeah yeah I love this and I don't see it very very cool nice work good country let's see okay here we go I just think this is great and cuz we've shown this a couple to like we've shown so much hang it on the original you know Bad Kitty and again this is what we've shown cuz it's kept evolving and different like people have just been building on on the Bad Kitty so let's be this one recognized and so the last time we showed this there was so much less to do and it just keeps having things attitude and it's hilarious and those naughty points Bad Kitty track race I have not done yet this is something that one way you commit and I love that level alright also so that was a b2 level yeah you know we've also shown this the cart Racing's which is not with the cat would not even know it has in it so this is like lots of things combined I'm gonna miss anything just I know I shouldn't be one of my favorite team it's seeing other animals another really a big fan of all the animals but yeah so this is like something that's been evolving over the course of our streams and I'm just really like William Shatner well done I love that you keep evolving this it's hilarious so it's a great job so yes I know we've shown it I'm like okay I don't know what to play well what are you looking for not everything amazing well like that keep always doing that maybe maybe always go left left be really sad if it was uneventful now can't ever go left that's more like it goes left turn come on that was oh sorry people are watching not even gonna look at that filing cabinet Oh could be things in the filing cabinet there's not much going on so there has to be no raids coming in it's gonna Rumble oh do something just get yeah yeah you got got oh okay okay let's go right well I was gonna brighten than that no razor bell it's like don't always do enough take a right strategy full supply if the route connects back into itself is that when you planned go right stuff yeah yeah Roosevelt moved on already yes it's like she's revised her interact with that filing cabinet as well because the last one you know no not that I know of yet there's been a request on the stream for a special straight I'm going but it's fine going yeah we're now in a whatever was it was after us all right I'm going right right so taking that back to it one line of code check the electric now 27 it's very prominent electric outlet but are you going to I do recommend if you are going to play this at home you should play with heads oh no oh yes go back through there though that's the beginning I know yeah basically just wanted to make everybody really uncomfortable on stream very good you know five to ten minutes and shapes when sculpting small detail these are like effect to the outline effect right to maintain you do you find the new room okay one woman at one more minute keep going wait terribly yeah or maybe I mean I'm always going left [Laughter] it's more downstairs please services what is this safe downstairs thanks yeah definitely you would never lie to you no no no it's definitely isn't this hidden serious man this looks like an exit I think at this stage a secret exit I mean I wouldn't have don't stop if it doesn't stop you yeah it's if it wanted you to go that way to the secret demon somebody needs to make game events get gustan before they scare people game like all the things they have to do in order to set up the scares I've noticed imagining demons with paint guns I don't know something yeah this is great this is really cool yeah this user has a whole collection of architectural components in their profile that are awesome yeah watch this as one as it's very good I fit lonely demon setting up a Rube Goldberg room yeah music great concept [Laughter] it was lovely even the basements are kind of lovely no they said the MA yeah definitely when people want them to be sunny in lovely they are and then they can also be super scary music yeah I mean I don't think like most people when they're like ah here's my safe place it's a face that's beautiful say gorgeous double yeah yeah and definitely check out their architecture kits because it's quite nice there's a good spice Huff's get snake dust is this another level that's gonna coat dark nice where's the market by the market I think when I started it before I started a different entrance but the tiles I think when I played this the first time I was kind of just it was just nice to see something that just set somewhere different the gist yeah immediately put me somewhere else it's just lovely to check out their assets because they're quite noisy enough things I'm not quite comfortable with yet faff is your favorite there isn't it staff has a really fun memories and I prove faff is the best that is the best word you learn when you come here okay I think yeah I definitely lose that progress Wow it's already Wow Wow yeah wake up this is another like horror ish game so I tell you an amazing bug that Mark Adame just told me in the corridor as I walked into the stream no cuz I'm worrying to fill the atmosphere there's another okay just one minute that's pretty so beautiful just rolling flowers for second looks like a lovely place to visit actually yeah it does should we take a picture yes I just nothing makes me wish more that there was some Fatal Frame element where all the sudden there's a ghostly light that would be amazing go in we will do more improvements to photo mode you know that we need to make it better yep which what does that come before or after the grave do you think that's what makes hair look streaky you know how like hell and also hair fun science facts Alice has two highlights a reddish brownish highlight and they whitish highlight so that the new that's what her white hair looks like hair okay [Laughter] in the trunk trunk no it's cool it's like you can so be it's really amazing you see them on the wall there where oh they're okay say he's that does that hurt him mom and dad are they way it's someone's birthday birthday just so much nice detail sometimes nice – yeah so pretty I would recommend letting people yeah and this one at home because like this is a full narrative which nice it'll wrap up at the end and everything yeah actually I can't hear all the music sounds yes definitely good take mins yeah very cool okay I will give it a like in advance just finishing it phase PS fantastic gorgeous gorgeous another thing that I particularly love in the dream reverse right now we have shown electro funds yes amazing characters before but I was looking through in Sally's and they're just so gorgeous and the way she's presented them in this little if Twitter today goodness I know the Internet's ugly enigma he has shared a screenshot where he's managed to get his game play small to do a hundred and six thousand two hundred seventy-one percent oh I love these three these are awesome I mean I love the metaphors characters they're incredible yeah yeah can't stop looking at those hats I didn't I actually do you know how different the mood of these ones up though also like I just want I love everything about them and I just want to know what happens next with them yeah thumbs up and back true they'd make to know what they make great 3d prints actually would be yes I'm gonna impact oh yeah it's really cool oh this that's pretty size Kim Berg who did the great um Skull Island impact Thomas Wyatt ease off camera do you know about the doorway glitch to get to under this super super stretchy throw about it yeah that's good okay I'll take that back with all right that's awesome yeah yeah this is the kind of stuff I keep trying to make and I'll get halfway and I'd be like – no please start again alright I liked what was the bug the bug was the audience ever that whatever worked oh my it's my luck oh my god was it running out of battery my dear sometimes I'm so weird the shavon just had this little remote okay Abby you were brave today was it saying it was gonna run out of battery someone was asking about model X is on the list but we have no plans right now it's that was uncharacteristically well yeah is that we do still have as a dev feature so John beach has been 3d printing things and I am such a fan of house of Beavis that I have sent off to a 3d printing company that I won't name on stream to get me a high statue from the house of Beavis yeah I get me one did you get us one yes didn't we I did actually house you were doing it didn't we agree that it would also be like 20 meters tall we did actually ask for two of them to be in the front of the office – mm yes which is the 24th of June ones for the office yeah with it's the one beautiful lady yes looks exciting wait okay games right no one can see original we're just basically talking to a ghost alright there's a visitor I don't even see them lovely in notes in dream first visibility slider that we've seen yeah that's me there we had direct well said yes yep I think something went down slightly definitely went down some people was burning but you but I okay I mean okay you are all that is left you have I am say you know you love to be thankful people I wish I'd time that just oh no oh no pretend to be dead I want to pretend to be dead I'm sorry oh oh there's no pretend to be dead option that's why I was looking for no okay that's just a tap you probably would've got stabbed why am I suddenly okay I'm suddenly fine it's the killing yeah yeah that's very cool that's fine I love waiting check it out it's really really bad our beady jellyfish within the chili but we like it oh yeah universe team that little thumbs up thing needs to be do we have plans well needs to be press it to tell so it's not clear which one it is yeah yeah I'm always like pressing it then repressing it yeah dream / – yes doramin – I will I will I will write that I will make sure to write that post okay thank you okay sorry it's a couple left internet of things oh I love this yeah I saw this a while back like I found this remote it is yeah right that's what I think is so cool about it internal network and only a few of them transmit data to the app and the star topology where all T devices are connected to the up and now let's focus more on the security aspect of devices okay okay I think we have two left after a and the last upgrade so let's go here do period it's it starts also but some of this stuff we've done is really cool whereas well did you make the Maidan dreams logo move was that you yes everyone with OLED screens there's a video that we made internally and we shared around so you can see how smoothly pixels you take a remember if you take a four minute video and scrub through it it does one full rotation yeah oh I played this this is awesome oh yeah this is like a whole story and yeah it was good she's a moody lady maybe I envy her turn through where's it coming he's got a backpack on there's a nice trees he's trying mmm probably not I haven't seen a soul for hours being a straight and Michael's really you know like always every hitchhiker horror movies based and either the US or Australia and after we just should yeah happy have you ever rocked this hair 13 probably not far off I'd say in my in my early 20s yeah hi this is you know more or less if I don't brush it but yeah what it looks like North North I am Adam hey internet name is has done an amazing generative yes but again post it on the internet but he's too shy alright Adam a check out his Twitter feed it is unusual cadence I think it's his handle yeah that sounds right yeah unusual cadence on Twitter yes no only tweet in a bit when I find me internet Pope yeah it's so cool fan and it's turns looked like a whole bit yes fan weirdos that's right what I liked about this as well they didn't use vo they use like little sound effects for the voices seem you know speaking back like it was a bit like how I use gibberish no BP yeah would you get in the van I don't know the quest area I really definitely not get in the van they said they were murderers revenue not merge that's something a murderer would say it keeps going from there it's very cool and that was really nice but yeah nice work nice so I believe you're on the last upgrade and that is our last chance one I know Tommy yeah so think we've done robot so oh yeah yeah yeah we get to okay that robot that my route I think we showed bits on an earlier one and then now it's it's just come on along yeah can I hear a rouble voice again so you can't hear a robot device again yes nice it's like a bunny rabbit got anybody new have to guess one how long loping how's everything shield special don't waste it one over here yeah there's gonna be a much bigger enemy now each special nice mass limit revisit defeat wasting it up our anatomy and horror basketball and horror yeah that was amazing they were me that was the feq a team in Japan added in like the horror element like the most amazingly like my things so good I yeah I don't know how far this goes I just was like playing with all the funny controls and I just thought it was such a cool tail go special special or do you feel special yeah anything oh that's whoa I think that your first eye aiming for that guy the beeping means is the basis being attacked very cool very down nice work yeah okay great so last one yeah the last upgrade scary biscuit Wow like that I'm not even gonna try to jump my cap just as you're gonna have avoided altogether really gorgeous here scary beast is what these people Twitter is always like i'm so rubbish it's late makes this dust fall out like ambiences so did we do be please don't hug me so sweet we played middle is very very bad yeah okay so they loved it there is any super it's also super hilarious to watch people playing somebody said it was like the dark souls of and I think got a bit addicted to you as a day yeah well evokes his sister's life waiting but there's also other writings in the US and it wasn't far off either maybe maybe it's a married usually yeah yeah there's a reading in my home state of Pennsylvania is that I think it's probably one in almost every state if you like sort of like a Springfield reading in free-cos is shouting out for red red in California ready yeah there's a red in California the original reading is sorry I forgot everything here I mean there's a lot we could talk about believe that a spirit out of the stream isn't the original office I would stop sucking beverages for Scranton nice round slow I meant someone from there the other day Osato bearish oh I'm sorry the usuals British office right you like the energy rate using cloned things I agree good attractive very Texas proud of yeah I love all the graffiti on the wall all the detailing just beautiful not just everybody's plate nice a great four feet yeah very good very good fifty – braces everyone true that that was amazing except for you this is from the stream that we did on Tuesday so we were just offering people wanted to remix we learned a lot of fun facts about how dinosaur Anatomy works and yeah go ahead John started off by doing something with the new ancient times kit and already that's a beautiful question it was pretty cool to just say taking the kit plus then the templates – just because you did that and like I think was like ten minutes fifty yes and actually what was cool was that the right way to draw a dinosaur which is this one and the wrong way to draw it on yeah but he sketched it on the wall and then built from there and he also put his color palette here so you know he knew what colors he was going for and could also like copy the color off that this object and get it on the dinosaur that we changed a little bit and yeah and then made a lovely dinosaur and we left it here for people to remix and you name it in the end Pablos or because that's you know exactly his channel and he was hoping maybe people would make some outfits for it oh good idea I believe there are some good ones we can yeah there have them we're gonna compile them and and show them you're gonna do for this one but someone ran out of time today sorry anyway yeah that is a collection we've already published it so you can go play everything now and we will be back next week with Alex if you want to know why the thermo czar the way they are yes please say come to the stream on Tuesday yes awesome Tuesday stream alex says lots of things and talks about stuff yes who's gonna be on the chat though that's what I want to know yeah who's gonna be control I think maybe we will get days yes okay sorry Evie are they allowed to have beer anymore probably yeah and then we'll do another community creation stream next week Tom debt will be back to put everything in a nice orderly way I'm so glad this bothers you we miss you and we'll see everybody next week

  1. Media Molecule promotes abortion and murder through the so-called "Dreams" game. Do not support or allow your children access to this nightmare.

  2. Guys, I love Dreams immensely, but you have some seriously nasty bugs in the credits system. I created every asset in my game by myself, and it cost me blood sweat and tears. Last night I added to the main game a lute design that was saved in another scene. And in that scene there was someone else's patch of snow. I took the lute into my game and suddenly every one that created that patch of snow gets credited. This is seriously wrong. It's not even in my game.

  3. I Guess these videos do a lot to inspire people. But i find its the other way around. I get frustrated as i very much doubt i'll ever be able to make anything like this. I keep managing to mess things up, and not knowing how to fix it, delete everything and give up. My puppets head completely fell off today, and i had no clue what I had done, and no amount of undos seemed to fix it. Everytime i went to play mode, the head fell off. Also, Please do tell me how the hell you control things so effortlessly with the DS4. I just seem to be fighting it constantly.

    Sorry, Long rant, and take nothing from you guys. Dreams is Fantastic. Just frustrated with my own ineptitude.

  4. Thank you for boosting the other persons Backrooms! It wasn’t the one we sent you, but it feels good to have boosted another player in such a way! Thank you!

  5. Yay thanks for adding my pirate tavern!!! You can also turn around down those stairs and enter the tavern and sleeping area through double doors downstairs 🙂 I think it’s missable so I have to fix that

  6. I'm excited for when the Dreams community evolves enough to make stories with these creations. It seems like now we're just getting mechanics, characters and world building down, but there's still a sense of purpose or story lacking from many. Traces of time was a good example of what's to come!

  7. Omg. I got featured, thanks so much. I added alot to shattered black yesterday! That unfortunately wasn't in the version that was shown. Please go check it out again. Iv added a cover system throd person shooter and a training level(still wip) thanks again so happy ypy like my work. Peace

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