CoMmunity Creations #4 | #DreamsPS4

hello of Saveur divinity divinity divinity it is this is what I used to dig the games I'm gonna make John John and Tom extravagant John and Tom does have thank you so we are here again another another day another stream another week to play a bunch of creations in dreams absolutely and that we've we found some housekeeping we had our Tuesday shooing this week which was our first mmm jams dream with Richard Kevin Kevin who crater the Pirates are are there was a lot of pun yeah there were so many puns actually we're gonna get up we've been warned I've been warned that there's gonna be puns in the chat I wanna see them puns and we'll be back next Tuesday with our very special guest Shuhei yeah and he's gonna challenge you I believe yeah to make something yeah and she won't go easy on me he is gonna just be like John do this incredibly difficult and complex thing go and so when I do the stream next week I imagine it will look something like me just sweating not having much time talking head and I'm just gonna and I'm gonna I'm gonna so it's gonna be quite a change let's do this but it may all go completely wrong but I'm determined to try and do what you once because shoe is my hero yeah so for very exciting also on our YouTube channel there's now a bunch of playlists where these videos are found I am jamuns found are molecules who stream like rich in Bogdan oh yeah of course a playlist now on YouTube mmm-hmm and also we're now hosting your videos so like tutorials from like neon the coders sort of Genesis videos all the dreams basically on iuj I'm aiming to get on there at some point you gonna do those oh yeah I'm gonna do some I've got some job I've got some plans yeah fool John shall we play some games cuz do it okay shall I go first there we go yes do you wanna Jennifer there there you go nice which one am I going for it's up to you which one did you see in your crystal ball Oh No well as everyone knows here and outside in the IRL is brought as it's called I like mechs and I I know that you put this one in earlier so I'm gonna check this one out but oh nice nice Oh max this is a really cool character mm-hmm you're working this one earlier we skipped the camera nice pan around there's some firepower on this Mac ed have you seen this woman Scott fly they can boost along oh wow that's so cool I can shoot if I remember the buttons what are the potency on we think we was there you have to aim and then r1 maybe or l1 or square or triangle square or triangle or set or X no Nexus Y which one is it Tom oh just button mash yeah yeah I'm doing all the but like a guitar there is a shoot button there is there we go and there's a nice little sound effect as I wasn't there for the reloading we got here I've noticed a bullet unfortunately my fly's off in that direction yeah hit you in there oh right oh I see yeah oh no it's a work in progress the shoulders nice Hall Pass please so yeah very cool very much a fan of that well done is it by a sleeper wolf very cool is that like yeah just sleep nice also one of the most epic cover pages known to the dream reversal oh yeah yeah yeah yeah like the childhood of John Lee Jones my my child okay I'm gonna I'm gonna bring out on me we also have down here our first community Jam most popular creations down there so I'm excited but look at on me I'm I am partial to the giddy this is from the same creature is a warm chickens which was cool last week I believe on me now has a full game as well oh really I am but I found on me before I found the game so if you want to go and check out man chicken turtle which is a fantastic and a CT part man part chicken but altered that's on me I love on me I like I'm good on me okay cue you better thumbs bring out the 40 there you go John a nice round number they're very precious I'm a it mm-hmm okay what else have we got going on here ed have you got a suggestion which one I should do player's choice Jordan I go ahead okay so I saw this one earlier and I just thought this was amazing oh yeah Wow I reset it basically someone who's like looks like they've recreated like they're part of Hong Kong go yeah and it just looks so cool it's just like the detail was really nice and I'm done walking on first person so I'm controlling so I'll go go nice and slow so we can get some shots done my effect just looks so good it really is amazing the city's like they just feel attention to D that is just lovely I mean it looks really like it's lived in like I want to go down that corner and I like this or level design tricks of you know blocking it off so you can go that way that's really really smart so it just gives you the vibe that old as a subway down there but you know I can't go down there yet but it makes you feel like you can go down there and the same here they've made it so you can't go over too close to the water but I also really like about this one and I can hold triangle to switch it tonight so I'm just gonna hold triangle for a couple seconds and it level links to the night version of the level that's really cool right the water and I was just a massive fan of the technique they've done from the water here it's really good go over there yeah Jesse's loving it very much it's very cool I'm glad to chat like sit the chat deserve to be watching coolster I wonder if this is a remix of all because I'd like to it's really smart they've made reflections by mirroring the items and flipping them over down definitely worth making your stuff relatable so people can use your questions in their own dreams totally one day are myself stuffed well I believe is the name of the creator what can you go in that shop I like how there are slightly different things in the detail it's just how just love it very very very cool creation big fan big fan big fan big fan give you a massive thumbs up for that okay over to you Dental thank you very much well says they love seeing more people create in dreams we also we love it it's I love the I love checking like that the collection I'd seen yesterday like my favorite part of the week it's benefactions together I all started a hashtag made in dreams and yeah and sometimes I'm just I've got quickly mention actually it was a very nice bit of wood that was made oh yes oh yes I believe my god it was about the woods I was impressed as a ex carpenter yes that and I was like that is on point yeah and I could I could make some stuff out that paper wood yeah markings yeah I was it also makes me realize that I've got to like come over time and step my game up so I can't have all these whippersnappers you know it was incredible so well done hmm anyway I'm gonna play yikes that's a lot of spite oh that's name ever right yikes that is a lot of spikes for my friend dirty Harold's now we all know most of my talents playing games sometimes you've got you got talents talents they tend to not present when I scream John oh well that does happen yeah so who writes a yokes that's a lot two spikes okay just a nice jumping oh yeah I can't see any spikes oh oh there's spikes okay at least three in this then yeah Dennis that qualifies as lots of just yet but we're gonna get there who uh right now this bit hmm got me because it says limbo oh yeah and I was like how about yeah tilt your controller and all you know that and then there's a double jump yeah Oh yikes yeah yeah yikes hey you guys oh no I didn't know I can do this I've done I've completed it oh I've really tell have you really I have I promise okay look at that then right ice bikes guys fight it Oh didn't see that one coming Tom my deal is too confident all right No okay right I believe in you yeah I believe this limbo limbo dooba dooba dip yep nice oh no oh no this one's mavin that's a lot of spikes guys a lot of spikes and unnecessary man spikes okay and then they've done it boom perfect first try first try done very stylish I love the the minimum is linked to that that's really yeah it's really really cool what was that there's anyone at laughing at my am ask your skills yeah someone said don't touch the spikes oh yeah yeah is that cool back to don't touch the Wolves on that side I was what you Matt yeah I'm wherever I was watching it and I was just like I just wanted to come in there my grip the control of your hand like drives way to be fair dog sausages Craig said it's quite hard so I feel I feel I feel justified where are we now this looks amazing so this level is called canyon descent desert stuff by fruity man Yoli booty fruit fruit man holy man like I thought it was like Italian you know like the chat is now ye whoring me whoring or how do you do does one year halt that's what the chest my a my gelatin I just realized out from behind or something like wait yeah it's good only good exists that trees the cactus sorry not true yeah maybe use the stroke tool and they've used triangle and it looks like they've turned down the spacing between them so you can just do it as one stroke and it just automatically does it so don't need to clone Oh that's as long as it's been touched cactus that dip I wouldn't I wouldn't I went no oh did he now a bit of dusk am I do love you I was just unprepared for that first job came I know it someone loves the water the water is amazing it's great I think the drums died when you got to the dangerous bit as well which I appreciate I like oh really no idea had to pick them up all the sound cues or like that cautious jump in case there was another jump for that because we can't hear anything here to see their appendages so I'm not getting the full experience jump and grab the zipline with okay I love them like this sliding down completely context to a big very more in the desert yeah I love the animation the character animation of holding on to it so it's great oh say yes cool is it fine let's calls it my and I'm impressed your breath and as John approval in the future I hope we travel everywhere by grabbing hold of big furry pink spheres I think that is floating around the place inevitable yes surely it's fun that is a possibility some says these could be the fur balls from our stream on Tuesday I don't know I'm not too sure but they they will go further this is a significant level yeah it's big isn't it oh you knew nearly went nearly went but did I know Tom know if I would have I would have gone look at the scenery yeah I love to see no sense of scale and fastest mount boom no time to hang around one final bridge you make me a lot happier if you put like a wind sound on the zip line please next time it's working progress ed the disembodied audio voice here you can't even I think I had to come like here I'm just questioning why I would have built my house here that's it hmm how do I get back cuz I can't sit flying upwards nope what you down you're down you're down all the way down that deserves a maximal like and the funds that's like a thumbs up that's how we end every every dream play for you that gets a massive like and a thumbs up read it then have really awkward like three seconds yeah okay I noticed something here yeah right we have a couple like multiplayer games here that we will play in a moment multi-layer people who shout out to the coffee cup and I believe the Creator is in the chat as well hello geek I think your hello everyone so it's on Twitter look at this guy ha look at the casual I see it's a person inside yeah like a coffee cup that's come alive no well no hey oh yeah hello she's a says eek okay this great character it's awesome I think it was I think a load of molecules are a big fan of it as well yeah I want a full game I like the oh my goodness it's Meza ready for it ready for actually I guess you do again just walking large book that's right I love the heat whatever it's called you never stop hands burning yes its separate to the cup so it looks like it's like face London yeah they do oh yeah of course it's really nice that took me by surprise I expected a jump Oh square as well apparently this thing ready okay way that way that way that way coffee look I think you've done too much coffee coffee addicted complement excellent that gets kind of looks like you've been played by Ben Kingsley yeah nice nice I'm gonna give that a massive like and a thumbs up on you can't thank you and this is summit one of my favorite things that happens at any point is coming on the stream and playing people stuff yeah this is this makes my week my day it's amazing I saw this license test I just have a forklift license this is great you did yeah she did so you're gonna pass this first time right yeah I would assume so everybody I would assume so well that's not some educational videos it's an educational video for how not to drive you forward okay okay okay we will see it's really that's gone from like can you press the accelerator who can you navigate this tight snake of a course oh no nobody – can you get it's a reverse oh no it's making music no no we're gonna mess with that okay I'm just reminded of that scene in Austin Powers now yeah I'm definitely gonna hit this two hours later yeah he's done hey I just want to say that corners see I hate about it and it was like you're under investigation he's driving this thing bad Mike spirit now get when I got my actual license I didn't have to do any of this so was this typical occupational hazard yeah I'm just balancing it on the edge chair yeah it's good tactics and then I wonder if you're gonna get pushed by the platform you know yeah you are you are oh okay I'm a good to get oh wait I'm just gonna I'm just gonna hope it's real tough okay okay I'm gonna back up on here yeah yeah let's try Oh oh yeah you got a place now I'm merely attempting this task owner has already demonstrated your capacity to ignore even the most basic and safety guidelines I agree that's true yeah to actually win this game you just need to reverse oh I see I yeah oh is that a spoiler Tom no but imagine that would be great with it right yeah way to win the game is to not do it with a a first like yeah I've never played this before this is but I did have a real formula person so you know advantage is this you should never travel with the lift forks you shouldn't you shouldn't the case you become top-heavy and second great you fall down but sometimes you need to put it up and then obviously like driving to get the thing that gets a messy guy on the phone yes yeah well so we need more of that because that's probably gonna get like intense not that it isn't already every night someone to make like a building site construction playground you know like mini diggers and dump truck and love a floor another floor I'm gonna make that listen to cookies no one's done it I'm gonna make it happen severe lack of love cookies created by the community I'm disappointing talk directly at the camera right I am disappointed in you I'm going to show you this collection from Kay Muffy look at this is a good collection it's nice to highlight collections yeah in this some people out there have gone to incredible effort to assemble some awesome creation selections for us that other people can then use and kits this is like a kit for making an awesome medieval level yeah you got some weapons down here let's cool wet them shields yeah and props so nature that's a lot more what's the 4-sided thing what's that mountain oh I like it oh that's nice that's really nice and then there's like a sort of game for like first floor of spellbinder just want to see somebody's someone asks me to make a lava cookie community yeah good response they're from us – yeah they don't do it yes so if I'm crater thinking all of these this must be made with Wow it's great you can't hear it but it's a great ambience though shield okay so come find its collection in our clique and you know what's really cool watching Earth I've realized that say you make a collection of cool things coops and styles and grades and gadgets and all that stuff and then you give it a way to be remix or and used by everyone else you basically like outsourcing people to make levels for you so you could have your level and then whenever you see someone else who's made a level of your kit you just tag it on to the end of it and then it will look like it's the same style that's very good that's a very good point it's like I want to make a snowboard game for example so if I made like all just the mountain and all the train I could just say hey can everyone make like snowboard levels yeah and we can include it in there because then it makes like a big game instead of just a single no yeah nice if I John I'd put flags everywhere of my name on my level so that you couldn't take credit for it you're going down level two which you'd stolen from me oh no no but I would I would like ask like and of course it gets like it is used here okay oh I saw this you with this the other day Tom my fault nurses very oh this is so cool also someone in chat black spirit ps4 has some reduced mention they've got some really cool like basic puppets so if you want to head to their channel on their dreams profile you'll feel to use theirs which is they're also nice looks like you can break this is cool right listen minds me of something I did that I haven't shown anyone yet so it's a mix splode easter you know I'm sure I do that's really cool it's so good I love these look like yeah really cool architectural design design we have this one in the middle of the office never didn't make all yours in a PSI I love that that's going to get a big like a big like and a massive but I can't remember my own bloody catch me yeah it's not a very good catch I like it someone asks where is shoe hey not Tuesday yet yeah that is the next week next week next Tuesday Tuesday she's changed a string shoes they scream no it's fourth facing hand facing hand actually that's gonna meet us Muse a lack of thumb puns phones that's big fun date thumbs up severe lack of puns where's it's naked Tuesdays shoes days a strong pun fun things I'm gonna look at a spring sunset so we've just heard a couple of also completely that's just my me today is the 16th for me right yeah exactly a month since early access came up was it 16th so was it 18th I forgot no what's the 6th 16 yeah but it just seems based on the amount of creations on longer it really does seem longer than that yeah right it seems like it's been out for a while for well yeah making stuff so quickly yeah it's really impressive tons and tons of stuff out there already yeah all the time yeah yeah constantly like there hasn't been a day since we launched that we were like that's like we were like oh my goodness that's amazing and yeah that remind me because we've had to community jams mm-hmm second of which it just ended and the new one is pirates very exciting very exciting I wish I wish I could compete in this all myself because I'm like well into pirates I may make some I made some cool water the other day you did I walked past and you were like guys one of the things I want to show on mushrooms but this is from obviously from the spirit one of the spring challenges one of the last one was a seat scenes challenge the wind look out back that's a yield cuz it got good audio it yes I don't know who did the audio with it was there another dreamer sounds like it mm-hmm it's really great so I could easily frame that and stick that on my wall was fun yeah right that's what I like walking around seeing which people who the team have like creations as their background good work Nico and computer cat mm big thumbs up oh no that's the wrong way around a massive like massive like and a big thumbs up you guys go away and work on this for a week and come back with a new catchphrase yes I was gonna say something about the same sad song end but they're like no I'm just the troll he's gonna yes someone says they're here on a lunch break and they have got much time so let's just start blasting now you can watch them on YouTube afterwards you don't have to watch it all right plate yeah we post this up next working day to our YouTube channel or as soon as we finish so which you can rewatch it yep um so when you finish your work so let's check out lit path I haven't seen this I have no idea what to expect hmm you probably do know I said so this is actually I think this is carry on from our Peter creation but another level in their game from a hollow I believe I sound so good – does it like it's hammer it can equip a nun quit but it's in someone will need a new voice by the way am i just talking unequivocal essing right and left on the d-pad it may find it necessary for this next bit maybe i'll square there we go I'm a huge fan of these cuts away levels like this yeah right it's really cool smash smash smash kill kill destroy – character so good huh me up John you getting like a nice I like your tactic yeah oh it's so nice color palette as well just simple colors well that was quite yeah say program always the same funny though having this days before is that you'd say Oh sneaky I'm psyched get the time and get the time in here comes happy file fiend there's someone asking about the feedback site yeah feedback dot in dream stop me is the best place to go if you have absolutely any questions queries if you encounter any bugs during an access because though all of that feedback will help us shape dreams yeah into the best another thing is other people on there may have oh that's nice we have already answered questions right yes sir so you might find your question already yeah yeah so it's always good to check there first if you can't find it in there first that was awesome digital thing part of a bigger game called the hollow which is awesome which is very great let's just kind of get a thumbs up for me just get thumbs up and a massive light lit ya know yeah I think it comes grab the other ps4 controller because we go ton yeah we're going to play some multiplayer and I think we need to require me to sign in guys okay there we go right I'm blue yellow right yeah okay so I'm yellow hello join play turf mark or split screen so our first chef at this green spot actually I believe the Creator 80ml ve is in the chat hey hello sorry if we don't play your game right I think we all do we're practicing early about me okay so you can randomize the map we're doing that again oh oh that's cool in that cool and then we can play the game yep okay so I'm gonna get blue oh yeah I see it I see what happened there okay so I'm red comet blue and this is an actual split-screen in dreams but since we don't actually have split-screen do things like lava splits me this is like loads of maps and gadgets there are the crater is used to make this happen that's why the split-screen down the middle is quite fat to cover up the thing spawning in the Mount which is just so smart and absolutely insane did you explain it like I'm five years old it's a split-screen game with tanks of shooting each other I meant more like how they've achieved it so that instead of them being like static the whole level I assume is moving around and you see it's moving around but like a looks like like a block at a time and so as it's crossing that black you don't you yet I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry Crossing like an idol because that split screen in the middle is big your notice if you look at either side of it as I'm moving you can see them just about spawning in and out as are you coming just about so it's like basically drawing the level for you as you go around and then it's working out where the other player is by lots of complex gadgets and manners which I mean if you open this up I imagine it looks absolutely insane there load of people have seen this in the – you'll be like how ok it's very cool that's a that's a split screen split screen spar and being top down and not having camera rotation really helps like if you throw camera rotation in it it starts going you want to make fun do you want to make fun the back of me I just want to point out that I've been absolute destroy new combos yes yeah just you know I just I'm just you know I want it you gotta get because this shouldn't exist so the the level by the lips and I'm guessing here is it's moving the whole level on the right and because it's in cubes you can see that's what's going extraflex split-screen in the middle is borning them along that line so as I go this way it's D spawning them and as I go this way it's respawn that's insane yes absolutely the same and how does he decide the map like how does he know where they spawn I wonder if it's a rake a scheduler on a sculpt if it's not that why don't why don't they do that well they're in the chat if you want to explain everyone says hi by the way Alex hi this is amazing but what it's wondering is if you had a sculpt and you sculpted the pattern of the single sculpt yeah this is me optimizing somebody else's thermometer sure single sculpt yeah okay but then you could like scan the surface of the sculpt be a lot of raycast but there'd be a lot of things there must be a lot of blocks here that's what I do understand yes okay then nice there we go I just got two kills and I was very happy enough to mom too left for like ghosts do you yell too young for gauntlet are you think of it a like oh sorry sorry give that massive like and thumbs up oh by the way sorry to anyone who was using the play later yeah q oh yes in North temporarily naughty server team and our tests failed to pick it up which was also not your server team sorry about that shame on you Alex shame one good yes another month there are you good at be still my heart it's Ed's over here don't say to me audio molecule down okay we can continue screaming we'd have to nice schedule like a sixty ok I love dreams to run at 60 mmm oh nice I'm green Thomas the red core nicely your melon and melon and I'm rose oh yeah a really satisfying simple buy my money's on green sorry melon dammit well come on man I'm reachable yeah yeah just know what ice all done I thought I could count the blacks greens running away with this no I had it no I had it I was winning you never had it I was winning no no I was I was just making you feel like you men have won you follow the person who's in lead and yeah words loom up behind tactics tactics excellent work Tonto I love that down thumbs up give the thumbs-up method like in joint Tony that's almost there I was about to do power then don't turn the pier Alex you wanna play something it's a hard no we don't have weird pencil ham okay so function oh no no it's really short cable so after will hold it cast away it's quite nice from solar McKenzie oh yeah that one down down one day and see what the chat saying oh is this gonna be painful no no this is a this is a big way subtracting I'm gonna learn right now trumpet let's do we activate lantern mmm chat hello hey hey slows we're working on this for some time actually so we haven't seen him for a while yeah first creation I believe title screen I mean this is just slick as all we are gonna show this trumpet lands on the shore this is more like an open world exploration level yes I think should I go to the beach I think I should go to the beach yeah yeah wrong beach but nice try nice so one of the cool things that this does save your progress as you usually very come back well I really like the D saturated Misty song 4 a.m. Beach Walk kind of vibe also like I'd have made the wet sand me in the water and see if I can straight throughout completely not a friend that yeah a little specular reflection going ons activate activate beacon chase it I am I think uh-huh how's it going wait for it find each area has three of those things oh no way okay find them and set up oh wait who okay it's really nice so this is this one giant scope you think you know no no I can see which is cool Dave used they've use acetate he's won and then they've made it useful of multiple sites you can just around I say float of this their music we've got the audio down Simonelli a little bit and it's a really nice sort of white how many engines season now you could know so it's like a so you can sort of teleport I'll stay because I think the first is looking yes does poopy spooky I love the village this one has come I can tell you where one is this one that's really well hidden if you want to find out for know you can just explain I'm so sorry just I'm playing a game like the first time in my life [Laughter] alex is playing his first game ever and it's your game actually the first game I ever played to completion there's a Metal Gear Solid 1 but I didn't have a memory card so I had to just play that's quite nice thank you that's and there's several days and I put it on the full screen but that's quite like a late game you'd already be oh I mean as I said expectant voice I played a lot of said okay that was my first of those credits first first oh sorry I was not paying anything he did it you did it you ate them you're good yeah all right lovely so there's one there's gonna be one hidden in one of these houses isn't there I don't want something if there is one in the house many people got got I mean it's like really this is sort of like my my god don't you live in London Alex I've done that one that's where I came in so each a year so you can see how if you go back to the lanterns you can see your progress in each area oh I see with the teleport so it's gonna have a look at the yeah everyone let's go laughs go laughs oh my god you've got one in I've got what it needs yeah I need more I need more of these I need three in my life where I go then Tom so if you want to that's so that's the one you're currently finding I believe something down there I can tell you there's one in the forest if you want to go back to the four bears in there free and each one is 3 n h1 I don't know how I haven't done all of them so if we need we need like twitch plays Pokemon twitch plays casting pass away something says that no spoilers but a gal from man made an awesome sculpt for the end at the end I've only we can add any we can stick around for me we'll be here but there's me there's green there's one there's on this one down there yeah I know I want that little green throw up there oh yeah wait way more way more appealing mysterious glowy green cave it's like where you've got to go yeah exactly there's nice little foreshadowing there I like the bounce light there yeah don't we win we won't finish it for its 11 because we don't to spoil I don't want to use a torch I do which is R 1 which there yeah look at this people that's that's that's just this is fantastic I mean I could play this for longer than you were willing to watch me play it but yeah this is great I got caught up in it yesterday putting like getting the list together though tom has the hardest jobs these days he just plays dreams all day hey nightmare it's just how do you live a day time I wake up in the morning I'm like how am I gonna go through there's definitely something over there another one like the arias off to your right is like some big old superb Marbley outside oh I meant to go on the walk where I know but this is a really big scene yeah is the whole thing just one might activate this or no that's the thing that you've got to find the things and the main flying lights into it I'm guessing if it's teleporting he might be using other scenes but maybe we can practice yeah any tricks how did you build this yeah hasn't done anything I there is only one scene were loading activated as watch him little spinner goes is he gonna go there come on dude this is where go somewhere else shop what why twist em nights in Milan that's exactly yes always caught Cory bar log from like yeah can you say give it a thumbs up in a massive like give it a thumbs up and a mess of like ok yeah excellent should we demo'd the trumpet yes have you seen the trumpet I've only seen an animated video animated video yes yeah you come on I do nothing at least implode trumpet yeah yeah okay joining being invisible today okay right bring the trumpet up I'm actually chewing a piece of my jumper so I can put my jump until I think also tinny or sieve tannic alloy is in the chat hello Turner Calloway hit it now bear with us because I looked at this on the video and had no idea what was going on apart from the fact that was cool okay so we're gonna turn up get us as well so yeah yeah so assemblies fine I think you blow into the mic and it picks up the volume nice and then like a trumpet you press the buttons on it to modulate yeah Alex I thought we would remove that feature I should totally forgot that we had like audio input as an edit mode thing Dewey oh they know this has to be an edit mode so that it comes it's coming out of the focus that's because Mark wanted to do fluffy mouths right right right it's all marks he lethal yes yeah yeah so can you hear this do you want to say and we Alex playing so let's just test right chat let us know you could put you actually had to confer with us no no the tears badly yeah oh yeah that work does that does that work yes they can hear and I think it's right if you have the thing yeah hold it three people did yeah yeah is it just the shoulder buttons so it's r1 l1 touchpad and the l3 no r3 a few right if you move our three up this is one of the most insane uses of Dreams yes so far it's just so like out there I also believe he's working on a violin oh yeah and so here's our ticket yeah nice so Alex do you remember a long time good and if it was you but we had a little test where you could put the DualShock on a desk and hit the desk this is cool and it played a drum kit yeah yeah this is something else okay this is just could you still make it can you have an owl always if you used to like outfits yeah challenge whoa so actually I was working on something else which is that we were thinking about what is a few wanted to perform a drum thing yeah also called performing a drum thing if you wanted to drum one of things you want is really low latency which means that like then when you do that to when the game was funds you want it to be really fast and one of the cool things about the DualShock when you were in perform mode in the game normally the game runs at 30 and we only so all your logic is running at 30 frames a second but in perform mode when you're performing sound we actually go with 200 before no way what's a thousand over five 200 yeah I didn't know the audio engine one to two hundred frames a second to get a better sort of response and what I was looking at was if you put this on a hard table and you could build this in a dream now or tanikella I could totally could and then you have a wire coming out of the gyros and yeah and then basically you you you you've drum you fingered room on the table and then controller picks up the little vibrations and then you'd have some sort of signal remapping but what's super cool is I realize if you're really fancy you can actually tell where they're drumming based on whether or not it nudges like the accent and so I was able to get like basic kick snare and hi-hat was the best I could do wow this is long before we had dreams this was like when I was just actually got the PC with this plugged into a PC but ya reckon you could build that and dream again they go so take out the challenge challenge make a drumming so hard surface put this down on the hard surface control later in the game detects the vibration regulations and then you don't Anna Calloway yeah you want to give it another demo just so ya you know so to recap to everyone else dream he's not following along that's so cool this is a dream by tannic alloy and he's got a little microphone here that we've plugged into our chilled shot and then you blow into it and when it hears the blow it pretends to be a trumpet and I can then and the sound is coming out of the DualShock so yeah DualShock here and it's coming out the DualShock so that's why you might not be able to hear very clearly they just feels like I'm playing a trumpet it really does it's made of plastic I thought there you can see what he's planning to add to it then I make these angle function for the force of the sound like leaning back as if you're paying up oh yeah angle will be great on articulation you can feed that to the spiciness on this on the nice and the next thing we just want someone to freely print like a special like cage that you put yeah I'm shocking to make it like who needs to there was at the move sharpshooter we're going to have the the DualShock the creative says I don't know that I've ever been so flattered thank you there we go flatten flatten here rock on you well thank you for making you all work for yourself that was fantastic I actually didn't choose beginning of this stream because I was like working or something ah boring then I realized I work I was like why am i doing this thing he's going to hang out with the cool guys on the screen shot ohm someone says it's a sharp Tudor let's have a look let's when speed gives way to the high school yeah yeah this one is sedition from cheval that is highly refined rays come from brazen okay way that's I think they're probably and add more huh Betty okay nice I I really want to see that expands yeah up to see a whole game in that windowsill remember that yes my to severe tax gadget as God rain sir and if you do want to play anything that was playing on stream will release they collect massive some math but the thing if you want anything that we're sharing will release the collection into the wild into the dream of us after their off stream you know you can probably take that mic out now you probably can't yeah I'm gonna nice and meet okay let's pollute less every Luke oh I think we'll enjoy we'll all enjoy this one from pro Tosh we'd better spring box so again I'm gonna give this a pre-emptive thumbs up what I know okay okay I'm sorry I was getting ahead of myself right ready I'm ready this is just a nice little wait for it everyone yeah believe say I love this one's grown the end ed was it you who he made the Sun effects of the school's flying the agent airway falling to their death yes and the Gophers fun fact how did you do it I screamed into microphone duty was pitched up by like two octaves so you can play Plato away so you can see where I wanted to give that pre-emptive thumbs up I can but that was just yeah I'm flying on the edge of I say sorry John now you definitely should try forklift license test alright okay that's the intro right accelerate of course it is incredible I love the difference between ethics of my approach is amazing I was like backing up funny one look at that first try oh my oh my god Alex just ninja first I think that's my favorite dream of the day that's a big price yeah yeah praise indeed I was there plays okay that looks cool is very impressed with your forklift skills oh yeah oh yeah I'm game if you driven a forklift like that on my building so Alex I would have not been happy waffle man oh man this is the person who is create the scoffed at the end of castaway force alone each thanks only just realized if we got together with insomniac on a stream we could be like insomniac dreams yeah public call out surprise we need you here right someone's got to take a clip of that yeah it's tweeting and tweet at them were asking for that 50 years pop over 2g scam best blue eyes in the world he does terrifying yeah yeah it means you can never lie to Ted like a feeling and said Alex something yeah I'd be like I can't lie this is it that's completely true yeah okay have to say these I don't know whether this is the selection this week but they're the like variety of art style is still awesome and the quality is kind of creeping upwards yeah it's getting a bit scary a bit awesome a bit awesome mmm my main positive emotion is fear something duct learning duct what's the air view have you open the math and quest so my little blue cross then I see their completion few percent okay already but you've got zero out of fourteen things what's wrong with me nothing no no no we'll say we'll say it'll tell you someone will tell us in the chat hey what what happened this is great this is really good very good ofE that's good yeah that makes sense now yeah Alex Alex is like what's with those big smooth rocks there he said why is it this big like okra cuz I know but I'm thinking about the smooth rocky outcrop alright yeah sure say spill as amazing as well the world is either debt the the sky the sky boxes the changing like clouds it's really nice I feel like this and the one that is lenses then they could like because they've obviously worked a bit together yeah they could do like a collaboration yeah well they could do like a world mashup oh yeah DC versus Marvel ah well see people collaborate with each other is just like the best thing but yeah you could do this strange kind of universe crossovers once valiant love I'm gonna guess the code or them Oh alien language I did not guess I think it is axpy people two to one wow it's incredible effective there nicely walk there yeah nice it's got a good knee lock going on strong any luck ten at ten a lifetime of knee lock you know that it's always questioned all the code is on the matter no no no they're actually just saying it's cool it's cool yeah it's a bit of a grotty top of the funnel there look at that yeah well oh yeah that's great nice texturing they're really ones we have missed with a big sort of land Lance thank the structures that sort of help you guide yourself around the monoliths does she have a bit of a low e going on am I just seeing horizon and everything really just stapled that look yeah it's great we carried some of the characters that people are making just gaufre my mother write down the menu is insane what have we got left we've got these here which are our Jam oh the music and music and this is the character of the oh yeah this is great this is beautiful I saw someone's the YouTube project Genesis yeah yeah if you didn't if you didn't join us at the start we've actually start hosting a community videos on our YouTube family so project Genesis on their knee on the coder the what if you seen the water streams video I have microwaves made in dream I never do you know we we we were showing that around studio yesterday and there's people Sony as well they were just like you know what streams and we were like we can ask this by the power of amazing Tony we've had that video ages again only and this is a and this was made for the Spring Jam which is obviously you know this is a very British to spring yes yeah yes night I like I love the term I think you're British did the person who make this the person who made this possibly it's got a kind of friend you know I need like the coke texture just looks you just wanna like yeah nice brilliant face give that a so yes ooh such a massive like and a big big thumbs up it's just like it's just something about a turn-based gameplay blow two people have been making turn-based gameplay in dreams yeah operation picnic shout-out to that from the beta flying free by our friend lucid see you later to do the challenge I got fluffiness mmm loose it's been going around doing loads of cool experiments on figuring out the thermometer which is really cool and the sort of offset between sculpting a big thing we put lots of detail on it or lots of small things and so the swings and roundabouts fight as you yeah and it's really cool he's breaking it all down and explained it so because also L we people Kucera the alchemist she's pretty good on the optimisation front as well yes fluffy someone just asked if Kareem has done a sculpture he has Mac we haven't actually had a kareem stream we did for a while lovely people on the stream in the community yeah absolutely that's it's just like yeah obviously cream stream it's spring though here they can here come here come the case yeah there's a corrector in place also if you notice Alex they've made a really good use as an option that isn't used very much on sculptures which is the one-year Fleck no no the one that makes the flex get bigger the further away it's like increasing so if you notice the flowers that the white flowers what yeah you can see them doing that so it looks cool and it does look cool and you know what I fought against that slider I was opposed to it luckily Kareem just went behind my back and said Simon put it in or else what was that of interest why were you opposed to it it was phrased in terms of and I was again I was wrong but what I believed it was gonna be like was like a 2d filter of the screen what I was worried about was the dreams of tenants here there are some beautiful games to do this but I actually think they were rubbish which is where they then do a 3d scene traditionally and then they basically do like a sprite sprite well I mean we you suppose as well but it's more well it's purely 2d you can make that look really good on the only time I've actually seen it look really good was an unreleased fable prototype that apparently is that it actually really really good shoutouts done Williamson for that one but most of the time I'm you don't like that look it's really hard to get right and I was worried the dreams would stumble into that list of course Alex okay we have Neil you haven't done this one being a neon peanut my daughter's allergic to this peanut so Noel has a full shower before heading home oh this is all they've taken off the motion blur just to give it that that Chris baby look now you see this little tight reflection cute hey buddy I'm gonna bump you peanut you know that's so cool look we we sort of stumbled on that for cute like I know men Lou doesn't get enough props on this he's working on some cool stuff finished as well and it's great for the style of like candy handy gameplay I was I was a mess boxed by the way you can make up the air bouncing the other nice as well I love that they cause I kinda mums yes so because I thought this was all the maps I wasn't expecting like him looking and I believe is arty or LT – I think if you jump on here you get some control I've got a little sneak square might be to pick something up so yeah and then yeah Rose it'll tear away like like tear ways this sort of I love the Stars good kicks it was great was it all hang on those comments there was text are to crouch I like sneak is this a believe is actually L – yeah typos bug fix okay a class bug L to instead of sneaker crowd people I'm gonna say crown peyote is Crouch Oh sneak or it's like if I sneak he's kind of like almost like baby's doing okay try it feel it it's all about the game feel I'd say there's a cow WA yes it's a hide from something confident that's the slider handle an animation here but Oh actually uh exactly when you do the paint thing yeah a meant for that one yeah I think so is this the the effect slider I don't think it's become really oh no is you're right yeah it's you're right it's the slider that was it yeah I remember when Kareem did a hand on animation originally like the dream is there to work on the logo dreams and we develop using it but he did this beautiful stock frame animation thing and from that point on I was like we've really got to get stopped frame animation into the paint'll and I remember and we will feature locked everything but and I remember sitting with a marker me and come we just do just one button and I was like hack it in like L 3 or something to like advance frame and don't tell anyone and just put it in so that you can do frames but he's actually added buttons and the whole like next frame previous frame like I mean it's a real thing but um yeah so mad props to market and fun and fun adaptational on top of that there was the frame by frame animation but if you put it on something that was like physical moved even as didn't frame by frame animation it was moving slowly so I asked him to just put in that little option which there's only move when the frames are fated you get proper animation actually that's something that we spoiler leah was gonna murder me but I know that one of the things that was requested when we do the animation tools pass which is coming at some point in the distant future Liam is actually at the moment is on holiday but his work on the accessibility was yesterday which is really cool but you know when he sports clones himself it's to do animations you'll be able to do them on twos and threes so you'll be able to like record an animation with the action record it and then dial in like a kind of stop frame you look really cool so exciting there's so many cool animations yeah they look like it's unbelievable actually so can't wait because I mean you know the workflows can just get better and also we see how you use it as well like as a new collectively all use it sorry okay so we've got a song this course great I love people that are saying scenes for their music so you're not just getting an empty sort of I'm visualizing star levels as well yeah holding base as well I'm just stop this until he brings the basic quick quick okay we have to wait until it says look at the situation on the screen over there no you're good really was this so good during come on dude I made this three minutes time waiting for jobs we're gonna be so silly how long do we carry on signaling us is never gonna be one i'll just even join the bats in there yeah it says it's the chilled out mix EP so Bogdan was like following somebody and Hussein at this like from like sixteen and making a full drum bass so I think it's hyper tronic incredible dreams is the new bass revival the hypotonic remixed dream all night which is the one that everyone uses in their oh yeah so the only things we've found III which are the top three most rated creations from our yeah yeah so mad pop is gonna go descending order or if you want to go up it's up we go elements of spring on the right is the third most popular we actually featured this on a stream before but it's beautiful is that but it did we bias it oh my gosh no I don't I don't I don't believe so I don't because you obviously when you're voting in community jams you don't know the name always a were from avatar you know the mother tree oh I see and all that's beautiful beautiful style really nice there's that game isn't there which is sort of points of light or something and it has stags and running around in the forest mind you that I know that when you mean I'm in the indie game that dusty place to keep it Oh someone but that's really cool I love it beautiful little mmm that's gorgeous rockery fantastic lovely colors did they scoped the that is that community I said that they scoped the White Stag I don't know actually because it's a really nicely um and we can see because Wow well done 100% legit legit that's very nice and then so what the clock what the clock aiyah Christic crittenton it's just so good look at this it's the emotion rage those animations in you I will shield my face I love that the shield shows yeah no that's great yeah that's great that is that's oh that's kind of fist or in character in some sort forget rome total war its egg total egg most popular channel creation in the jam has voted for by everyone in dreamless dairies flower shop it's just incredibly um Jake nadir taking a 23 I made one two three number one two three Jake's in the Chuck hello Jake hello well done well done so beautiful look at those flowers there they paint or sculpt they must be paid I'll be turning in examine holy moly outside I so far in dreams I've sculpted one penguin and it was awful so this great Wow I was engaged in a conversation or discourse era or what penguins today actually I did such a thing with my daughter she was very very pleased about penguin downhill race kind of game and while I loved it so yes thank you to whoever made the penguin down we have to have a resurgence of mega penguin at some point oh yeah summer we have to have a mega penguin maybe his year it'll be man was it magic Snacks it's done the woods fine yeah the wagon never did I realize a plank could be so and I feel like now I've got to like actually come out and like right now I'm gonna do it I've been warned and basically John's planks a second-rate we get at this point they are second-rate and I feel shame who are you John it's tragic there's no key go inside and this is you could have put Easter egg in there actually thevery quite funny oh because spring and Easter oh yeah and there's little choice we need to put what was the chick called in the fuse dream signature right yeah is that your sickness you Jake can we Forge your bank account now yeah and we now what access I need to find we need to find out he's gonna Jack what is that what is it but we found mystery we found it open open coming in through the keyhole it is yes Shawn strife in the chat says I just want to say thank you for dreams it's really helped me for a time of being burnt out a lot to learn it's extremely satisfying with it thank you good luck with your recovery yes absolutely yes and thank you for everyone for watching and if you want to watch if you're just joining us sorry we're about to go [Laughter] and you can watch this on our video I archive within the next five minutes yeah we'll release the collection as well once we finish oh like an award speech when they all go to go head to our YouTube channel for load of community videos from lb Pikachu project Genesis a load of others and as well as streams from our molecules rich in John eventually these streams and more and all sorts and asked us on Twitter anything you want we have so much planned and we love seeing what you make my dreams yes I'll keep doing that and make pirates because that's Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday and John's gonna make things I'm gonna put myself in the firing line I know I haven't figured out how I'm gonna mess that stream out but I mean it's already gonna be hard Melanie just fun fact for everyone who doesn't know I was oh yes and he came up to make something with me and that's when he asked for the twin stick shooter yeah I make but we just started i've been up there like five minutes and then alex and luckily come mumbling out of the audience just to like show me yeah it was it was we just I was tired do everything I could to make sure it was it was tricky so he won't first of all we had like a script at this point all right and then Alex just comes along it's like you know I'm gonna tune in for Tuesday's use to watch a litter and then next yeah and then yeah that'd be fun it's gonna be hilarious and we'll see you on Tuesday

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    I thought this was going to be simple like lbp as If it was in 3d.
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    Screw Mm for ditching playstations must iconic franchise. There doing what naughty dog did to crash bandicoot!
    I don't want to spend hours and hours making a puppet or level.
    I game and I wanna play with other people!
    When I was a teenie weenie pup, remember all the fun I had with my friends in "dive in" I miss those days on lbp2.

    This game is too frustrating! couldn't they make it more simple, For us newcomers?.

  3. The thermometer is the what's hurting this games potential. I understand why it's a thing, but I'd wait till ps5 comes along to buy this game as the memory limit won't be so strict.

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  7. Media Molecule is brilliant. I am worried about this game not selling well because they are arguably the most talented dev team in the world and they’re taking a massive risk. I think it would’ve been easier if they attached a mascot to dreams like they did with LittleBigPlanet, maybe they can make a LBP in the engine they made for dreams to financially make up for the huge investment this was.

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  9. @ATMLVE
    Yeah, I even have postd on the site. On my phone it says "you must first sugn on with a provider" on PC, it just gives me an image with "access denied" and saysvto delete PlayStation cookies. Neither of which makes sense.

  10. Tutorials on hitboxes and really just basic logic of puppets would be greatttt. This game is awesome, but there aren't enough things to get you started on truly creating your own stuff with solely the tutorials. The great games usually have remixing turned off as well 🙁 again, great game, just feel it could use more tutorials for logic

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