CoMmunity Creations #12 | #DreamsPS4

again green-screen in space I know anything with live in the green screens innocence absolutely it's not so good look like the looks people beginning when we when they will feel that way not always and we also discovered something amazing by Abby Tom stole Matt witless is I'm brother I thought we could do light reveals the people like in hopes that someone appears underneath there I've no legs now it's just good that works that works for me hello everyone in the chat we're just joining us having fun of a green screen community creation stream first one in a couple of weeks because we weren't here last week oh I know Wow and we're joined by Dave Campbell you've come to stream with us Steve I think I jump down once or twice before briefly to create something yes during the 24 hour stream yeah that was super fine I jumped in and out but yeah that's for this one this is gonna be great also hello to everyone on YouTube because we we've let you down ass on Tuesday because it didn't work so sorry about that it's your first time seeing the green screen right so you play some things yeah let's play something we have pillars of eternity from drowsy badger very well just I'm just gonna start that again so that they can see okay that's cool this has been looping for like the last like 20 minutes as we just sit here and admire it and do green-screen things in space one on my TV at home just playing at the background the whole time while I'm off making coffee and stuff yeah like it's it's a beautiful thing just have on your screen we guys got a few space themed creations today so we have to like I mean I do every week we'll just have like a new thing that we can put put behind us yes lovely things mmm just staying off the dream of us last couple of days and anticipation like it's all fresh yeah we have a whole bunch of topics from our community jams yes because the ancient times Jam is our most recent thing no it would be the summer festival one yeah that Pete kicked off last week yeah show a jump on for a bit of pins oh yeah if you wanna do it going for that is a solid choice a choice enjoying some of the doesn't like a cannonball and entering a lot of the pinball creations oh this is dude yeah what people have done with the ancient times kit assets is like unbelievable well yeah dude I'm gonna do it again I'm so impressed nailing it I like little oh you are gay okay guys mama no it's fine you get as many live to see one you can just be a holster okay guys for the next out yeah there's an owl and they get points of the the things yeah I actually have to help our to go escape oh no that's really good yes the original pimple table Desiree racism to which yeah I'm sure they had timber will in ancient times yeah of course the world's oldest game yeah true facts that you learn on Media Molecule stream exactly very very different teach nobody anything some true fact about animals today oh the bouncy balls of fish are oh yeah if you dressed ride that out I mean you can use a discount all my students got a little bit of kind of me not like that oh no the me flow sisters it's a new green guy animations oh I think I know who you mean actually yeah green guy's great I feel like if when you work in the animation Department you have to be familiar yeah yeah names got tossed around and you stand in turning today yeah Lex next Neville game says that I was looking to collaborate with other dreamers where should I start you can ask our on the reddit page which is a really lovely place everyone's always looking for playwrights on there there's a discord both for community run and both are full of very lovely people or just asked in the chat because I'm sure there are people who are wanting other collaborators that's quite smashed you gotta go which one you go I'm trying to get a map in the middle you could do this you really could that's a it's a great film it's quite cheap or you actually pull you away from just do it do it now why I'll be a we'll be there yeah we'll give that a big like and a massive thumbs up awesome right should we stick with the ancient times or should we go over here which one should we do we do it will be a list all the ancient times ones okay now yeah we'll start with ancient times I've been playing this part I'd like spoons because this is great also I will I would die for part a Barto bait oh I wanna know again using the kit oh this is a really really great hook mechanic is all there you go he's cute he's that beard he use him to explore and you hold down l1 and let go and you'll come that's very good okay then you can use him to perform I know I believe in you but not that hard tonight I don't even know it's a really great puzzle he's a great mechanic this is really try that way that's too far I can do this oh all right oh can I do it no not that one – I'm gonna do this way this came even a second in our jam there we go and I would do that pick this up I'm commentating I don't know a lot of this I'm gonna do this you can run around here doopa doopa doopa doopa doopa house very well I love gather the sounds that are teammates is young for just collect these junior next time well I can take over other games fine you're just doing our let's plays tongue yeah you guys go jump over here as you see I've been playing this I've been banished today basically you're clearly pro but then how are we gonna get him through here you tell me I'm happy how we're gonna do it I'm gonna put that there is a no Andy but then this is this is a good one so then we go and put put him on this platform he likes it doesn't damage you this down runs oh no I very much tried to get run over we're gonna wake jumped in love I really want to see this game expanded upon because also we want me to narrate the whole of my game time with it yeah [Applause] awesome did you do 17 shots right that's like Dino – oh we've had been recognized this it came in and it is worth recognizing it's really cool yeah I interview it we didn't really know what to expect when we release the art kit like what people would do with it I found it really useful just to sort of play around with and figure out how to iron a level but I've done it's really incredible stuff I can do that nothing folks I'm getting like involved in this it looks like you're floating is the umbrella of it okay brother is now in trouble they sure are whoever's using that umbrella they're sure in so much trouble oh I said just so what happened I just so go down who could possibly be there and be in trouble no spike trap imaginations gimme gimme that's excellent that's I think that's was it like yeah okay wait again again it's very very cute whoa movies direction look at a so good looks like your cat is that why you like it so much yeah papi I'll I enjoy that you have a cat that also has your name yeah Thomas it gets confusing my it's a very distinctive run there love it look so good and then okay Fred oh oh that's right oh you like that can even people jump on it oh that's character love them already Julia died like to see a halo an RTA so I want to say I think a lo the remixes but it's cool that's good tell me tell me that's the thing I don't fire oh go light it again all right again and then like sticks hold down I wanna fire oh nice nice oh they're gonna aim and Oh pressures on Dave come on there's all you do this you can do this you can do this you can do uh get it no maybe I'll do this no man thirty six is it release the throat where we at oh maybe there isn't a fro in there yet hold to aim but you can't throw yet oh no if they're gonna be creating all games so you know X is a target I think that you can jump affray yes knives nailed it oh yeah oh he's great that is really cool yeah that's adorable that is cool very cool the guys are so expressive that's a great little control but have an accountant like this yeah great stuff great stuff good work that's one I love that look like namasthe um yeah yeah we got nice one right what we got and I'll get a twin stick roller this is great mr. cage a sick roller yeah I wasn't too sure what a twin stick roller was but what it is all right so controlling oh cool yeah I guess you can't play that on your own with a friend now you take this over all right do it you go right it's only the food this is a true test of going in in so nice hair in there okay guys heavy night on this members right oh so I was there to get stairs nice nice I'm going nice I actually happened I don't know the first level oh thanks oh no no I'm still alive okay you good oh you're on the floor there I think I'm meant to be down here Antilles local lament oh yeah I see the orange okay but so you have to call rate because you can only kind of see one if you yeah yeah oh okay I see oh yeah so I see you have to come up them and yeah yes then I go up and then you go down Oh Matt Smith those old Marple games used to play when you're a kid yeah yeah okay okay I'm going it's all on you it's on yes this is a great game focus on a look at your thin mate yep that's me Oh No to jump both at once oh we go at the same oh no look we're on the wrong side okay jump oh yes okay say we jump okay do you want to do the jump ladies okay right so we gonna three two one and then we'll roll okay yeah right three two one roll and jump all right oh that's right right three okay three two one roll jump yes oh no and the gate Oh neck that you like this is gonna be how Media Molecule runs are like team training sessions from now on yeah it's a community creations okay I can't take much more stress than that say mr. Keith Jones okay oh wow I'm so proud of us sounds good yeah yeah people loving the green screen we love the green screen my arms need someone's make like I don't know t-rex heads chomping down on something else a screen so we could just show that sort of thing happening boy if you look at that one I look like I am in a sort of thrown village hello she climbed up like that gorgeous lady that is really nice such pretty things with this gorgeous yeah nice one make it yes right right but don't burn down a – Stone Age they fancy that's the most popular one community gem this great Belgian hash brown it's a great idea as well mmm there's just so much going on hold while of it oh yeah that cow is like die didn't big as a pig cow cow pig pig a steering obviously obviously yeah you would only trust a pig how cool is that yeah chasing the carrot of course so good Jay husk asks is there a chess game in dreams I believe there is actually is there yeah I've recently seen a chess game um I can't remember what was an auto chess like could you play against a I know I think it's a to play like like just give john beach about 20 minutes there's no don't don't challenge it no that's so pretty a little party oh she's so good I love just how this incorporates all the bits of the kit yeah seems like has a purpose to be there and oh yeah together all just works so smart oh a song says that the maiden dreams Lego fits perfectly between our heads it does indeed right what we've got left on here oh we have got these two it's panic panic okay I'm gonna sell this once I'm sure mom marrying no Jessie I believe this is the beginning of something bigger sort of gonna continue making this yeah that's a good question where are the RTA flying to and the Stone Age plane probably not look for the sword was never intended to be found now we'll pay the price may we find our way in hell goodness me Oh dark Oh super serious I think the sword is one of my favorite bits of the kit because it's so cool no wayfinder character already yeah oh it's great he can wait finds as well is that any has it has a oh you're now officially holy sex acting in dreams and then we open this and this is the kickoff big this our big sword Artem quite the wrong says the pickings Danish play might be a Gloucester old spot exciting and then that's what we have yeah I mean treat I'm intrigued yeah yeah go for it this is amazing detail this is in setting insane I said insane wait then wow yeah wow awesome that's really good yeah City balls and they're awesome and they've done a remix of our do yeah well the cat I think all the characters are really good are different versus last thing that was this one conversation I love the scroll Wow is awesome and I see how they did it with The Strokes it's super clever so cool frazzled apophis do your Wayfinder voice nice okay yeah record the voices in – yes voice acting needs I think children's parties these different characters like some sale items I love to make out like that so brilliant perfect I love it that's a lot of tech we got the choices are branching this is really beautiful I love it I'm excited so there's 18 conversations to be had it's a control scream oh my goodness actions actions actions mode wave reach oh she's amazing she's so good I'm excited I am assuming this is a plan to be something much bigger but yeah I love this one cobalt dreams okay play it you know in our collection lots of there's a lot to check out if you need dates do some voices for you wait what is that I'd like that one a lot which one this one hey show me okay your hair this is all excellent and I love it they're doing some funky it's amazing so many RTI this is ridiculous very good right right very good work big like a math sums up that's our ancient times just a selection I'm going to Hall of Fame check out all of them there were many so impressed yeah just so impressed all right great stuff and yes the hair is glorious in that creation oh yeah this is super cute right pretty so the gift so much everything well I love about Ryan's and they've sort of taken different themes like you started by doing like landscapes and then like animals and now robots is the theme someone asks what other impressions can Dave do whatever kind of voices can you do my god I mean should we see what else is just and your character and there's a really great one option for voice acting which is the Salton Sea but we might want to save that one until the end if we were going to if we're going to smash them voice okay like a super epic performer when we did the e3 like sort of III band on stage yeah that was pretty amazing that's triumphal I felt like you were in character character it's nice to do a voice on stage looks great Davian be on every stream out please oh yes this is the eponymous Adam fall I feel that something that the cat has gained like the bar is heart heart getting higher and higher the camera work yeah we're super and pretty like talk about it but like the house of Beavis camera work in the Edition that I did yeah that's like Cyrus it's so well done yeah yeah just someone in the YouTube chat early access is still available you can still get involved to go to the PlayStation Store there's a link at the bottom of our video if you're watching on YouTube and it should take you to the right store so yeah you can get involved in getting on the front it's like a look at this character the character if you open the controls it's great there's some really cool little hood Miguel's trying to get you to do your Arnie impression the Machine I wonder if it takes quarter's it does it totally takes quite as America a drink yeah protein save save save streams yeah now more karim streams dave dreams i can't do a cream puff get cream after get oh no I'm just talking about getting you on strings around voices that was that was phenomenal dave is improvising there yes you know improvising amazing Oh feel like you've gotten voice acting puns I just don't know how you don't if you're eating ice cream down you got some quests to go on and then there's some combat there's like whoever manages your schedule tell them that we just need you for every Street will will pay double actually we have no budget that is not you know we pay in kudos and Penn love hugs cake came to the bottom we have a green screen though which I feel yeah it's cool we can take you on a holiday green screen it's great and then if you head out that way and you head out this way that's I love the cardboard box sort of door look it's really good yeah you're rocking out there with purpose so say some bad guys how's it cool like cooverman nothing's happened to Kareem he's fine don't worry we're actually gonna do another that's true we're gonna we're gonna keep trying to bring cream on like once a month – yeah entertain us he really was get involved in the green-screen fun so uh who doesn't exactly he is his burnt orange media this is a awesome fool in dreams we are media content in this one it's really really good yeah yeah the city's like really cou you know in sculpt it's really simple and effective yeah over there it's just like really it looks great the sense that I think I sell shoes for I love the sense of scale in some creation yeah right there's one in the book one in here um she's got a planet in it it is huge yeah we're showing some of the other day was demoing it was like how big can you make that big like how small can you make the character and it's like changes behold yeah I think it's really cool nice you taking down this yeah something once will yes on the calculus in twitch that will be the first careens green screen dream stream I said it's like recess Kareem stream of dreams behind the green in front of the green screen frames ranges because I swords surely that couldn't produce any memes no no hurry right Allen creams not gonna do my crease green screw creams dreams green screen stream means now that you have closely against these buddy yeah sure yeah that's right should we move yeah yeah yeah day and night because there's so much to do any yeah much to cool across five a well done yeah right let me have a look I feel this one is very therapeutic terrific yeah economics right well I mean I already see a shredder yes yeah this is good yeah we take that everyone's Chilean so far aren't they this is someone that has a bad commute yeah everyone's happy my everyone's working I'm gonna does I mean let's people not forgetting those cars are driven by someone nothing let's go points how many can you pick up at once we find out Oh No anyway when I was younger I used to see how many peas I could before this is very similar soon very soon died fear I feel someone has had a fine journey home yeah I have my old commute in LA yeah sure no no now that you know what I think it is to your point therapeutic that people are taking up the road rage in yeah that's yeah this is a like a PSA that's at one eleven hundred points my good good I wanna check out high school because I bet you there are some people like the robot cars sure it's like self-driving cars like it's like a future things works I've taken over yeah you're saving the world one car at a time affectionate 2800 points Wow yeah nice nice nice nice that's very good both anomic phenomics great great using right stuff you got your turn mmm – where's Connie summer vacation oh it's great where do I start I feel someone who's actually Dave you'll enjoy this one as opposed to all the other one is this was utterly hate a hated them without passion what a perfect day some great music by a rapid jellyfish at this name yeah it's a very good design daydreaming who's coming Orioles team needs to see this yeah big Sunday Summer Fest will parties follow that Jam and then there's yeah then you have to be collective way through your was a coupler has got a right there that's one of those yep this gets hard as nails I just got back into total spot yeah we've got rocking some seven all right can I do like a flip no flips but you will be collecting things okay ice-cold bread for dude oh yeah of course age-appropriate I feel beverages is law that's what Custer said if you want to play any of these creations they will publish the collection as soon as the stream is finished so you have to the dream Queen and then you can see with our other collections from the stream and if you're entering the summer jam we already made a festival stage music some Media Molecule sheep legit today we're gonna have a join us for one of our creation stream oh yeah yeah sure yeah thanks my funky sheet that's that yeah we'll give you like a sneak preview and see if there's one that you're yeah yes oh why she Anna and what we should get you to do for that is like record in a few lines yes and see what people do with them yeah guarantee throw a few voices out for the dream of us gonna be sneaky for the community we're not going to show you this but then also we have a few more let me show you which one coming up this one starts this is the next that's the next one this one I think this one might be your jam I think that could work I think oops you focusing now it's your time I'm curious to see which one that you set aside Dave we will have a look now so these ones coming up say what this one can you tip it later in the year yeah and I think maybe I think maybe the I showed you just then til there now and move that a little bit say they have a thing I think possibly we could get you in for here that's a little down line but I think maybe I could really I would really enjoy that that might also go really well with the voice-acting oh yeah that's a good that's a good point very well done fun yeah nice I rescued several I scolded at the party torturing you community there we just don't want to spoil the surprise of what the jams would be how about game is what the difference oh yeah let's do it oh yeah Doreen's in the chat cept Orion hold on very good I love these intro it's okay it's so brilliant that's a bunch of really good that's a great thing to put the start of your games yeah a little stumped that's uniquely you yeah door is great and more of the Haynes 808 griller I think is another one they're all very cool you're a very very good during a 360 hello right okay so okay sunny day baked beans baked beans hard I mean should we just should go straight I would be ruining it if we go straight for the heart do you sunny day first because I still find it quite tricky when you when you open up baby no Ben you're like play sunny day and we'll open up baked beans and maybe leave the challenge to their community that's right let's play okay so we gotta focus I like it okay let's have it right oh this is different is our – this is different – I played out okay there's a plant an extra plant yes that one yes son is missing its face yeah yeah well it's more like a face missing a son yeah oh yeah at the bottom of the cloud yeah Wow Dorina these different each time you play them are there a few different ones because this is different from what I've played earlier you're missing a rock by the door oh yeah yeah there's an extra hill in the bottom of the hills we should be better at this why are we failing good house no yeah big cloud cloud yeah this map there are 10 different a hundred differences to their own right so each time play like it okay right ready babe means are you going again oh yes difference this is stressful the bush there's a push the tooth there's two extra bits on the end of that there's a missing piece in the tree yes and then down the bone the missing pieces and then the bush at the bottom right there those two bit tree on the other side there's a little hole and on the like if you look on the right there's one yeah I can't see it so lightweight yes cloud cloud about the tree there's an extra to go up there right there nice nice nice nice oh my god stressed no oh wait right say no okay circle and baked beans I would eat baked beans or baked beans hard it's up to you let's do hard yeah okay sure make me ready saying go cannon okay I open loft oh my god seriously sorry Dori and I'm not okay and I participate psycho I can tell you it's like the bean it's really giving me a headache I opened it on my desk and I was like no you got five it's pretty good going I'm impressed for random clicking absolutely oh yeah there's one right down down down down up up and over to the right no other right but that one I think yeah I feel like I successfully got it so find one l'chaim aside of all my funding oh I've tapped on the never mind alright times up Dory says they he did that in a 35 last night was it just a load of cloning like that's very good well done all alone spot the difference oh wow give that and yeah everything I like doing that I want to make sure that we know it's quite enjoyed right we're going to show the beginning of Slayers roles too because a happy unique sometime which says well see why it's a highlight because it's very cool anticipated in the in the other season of a great intro yeah there's a hole right warning this game all of the saves you Pro worse at every every scene change you can manually save by using fast travel continue that's cool because of the way will work this doesn't need a voiceover this isn't like it's great this is just uh this is just an announcement it's a new iPhone also she sings play using the same browser may cause bugs later in your playthrough for forcing you to restart continue if you think if you did it in the Arnold voice there will be better different you're gonna get minute okay wait how do you get you get a little bit man okay nine slaves the Rose to the age of monsters with deadly beasts and terrible creatures Romer and slightly is under win-lose restraining to become skilled hunters yeah they pushed back the beasts into hiding the age of monsters is wrong past Slayers now take on contracts called Scrolls to slay men and paste in exchange for gold yeah they both respected and feared you and not the Slayer sir that was amazing they're like come on kids haven't you seen predator like like jerky his kids are named at the Terminator I don't know life gave lemons in the chat that's exactly how it sounded in their head anyway slash girls to fully voice acted mini quest side quests quests we have to stage the kitchen and I haven't played through sales force to you yeah the trailer the Train act is actually head back to five simple thank you it's so good the trailer if you haven't seen the trailer go to the life gave lemons this is Twitter life took lemons Twitter because the trailer is great and it gets behind okay see you look at this awesome that I think it said there's a dog find the mountain looks just that visuals really really nice yes isn't it you get a sense of I feel bit cold looking at also cuz it's summer in England and it is cold yeah this morning this morning I mean jeans climbing a hill it's so epic yeah yes and now that you've stolen Matt's umbrella you know Joey getting been raining every rained on and cold on their never giving it back never ever ever I'm sorry I'm really gonna be collecting everything in the office of let's have more fun with a green screen any green objects that shouts any molecules with green stuff on them yeah bring it in fine they're gonna wonder why there's like an uptick in sales of green clothing and Guilford's yeah chroma key color is really sad no idea was here before I came into this dream was just just buy transferred then wear green t-shirts are they yes all this I think would have looked cool yeah I feel that this is the perfect opening to this kind of game when you die you lose half your gold unless you store it in the bank nice knowing you're a great I feel like that does take an account other people looting you and you follow it yeah of course yeah yeah that is what happens okay if I crouched like crab spice I have crabs I am sorry find a way inside formed I may be crouched life get limbs I do apologize you're sneaking I'm sneaking yet sneaking down an empty thing of space toast are sturdy dreams have a limit on how big your creations are variations that will help you guide and your create light size but if something gets too big you can just link your levels and you've got a whole fresh one yeah and you can go I mean this is a great example of exactly that because this is a huge guy I don't actually know how big this is can you look at the map no we know I doubt I doubt it okay but there's a place there's a part one on you – I don't know if you've played the rest of it but it's like I play part one yeah yeah and that was huge yeah you can just keep linking those together and linking those together and yeah make some pretty massive creations plus there's a lot of people are doing really incredible stuff with optimization and making like quite big spaces foof time your books sword some strong know like if lemon says it's about two hours long Oh whereas the original was like 20 30 minute sisters that's very good hold on absolutely it's very exciting when you announced that you were doing it was yes ash Gross was the highlight of I don't pay too much more may the gods forgive those will fall so they made rise again that was quite goodness Bray chest right oh yeah that there is breaking got some gold take gold hey gee it's great I love it let's go see stuff to you I would like to see what the continent of suits nuts ramen endure the a thermometer thermometer the moment that would be an interesting concept for the thermometer okay yes this is great is the cool yeah it's very cool yeah so they've made up all their own like more yeah but some of these are actually I think if you go yeah go over to we've had a Mouser on stream before so if you go over to it some of them are actually explorable Wow in a second oh whoa yeah yeah yeah I recognize this yeah that is awesome yeah cuz we've shown this on the stream before there's an overworld this is so cool you can change the night sign yeah it's just brilliant let's go back tonight I'm actually gonna make the other cities I'd hope how do I get back out to the world that I can go have a look at more some more things yeah yeah yeah I like the lake that everyone's pretty good to explore the third era you do get a sense of all this law that they've this world that they've built what sacrifices this is beautiful yeah and just the style of all them never coming soon of all them of the map is just yeah once a popular pilgrimage destination I love learning all your your laws it's just and it's just really really really cool well done a Turner nine that is awesome yes the continent of suits and that suits and that's I think what swoops in that that's so impressive yeah what we've got left we have the steampunk robots it's a cottage which is very beautiful these two down the side it's a cottage I like it is I really yeah it's it it's what do you think I think it might be a house I like this craze sort of thing it's called it's a cottage cheese yeah and their user name is it's big I'm not messing around this is actually actually actually story this is their first dreams creation um what I kind of dig about that too is it submits like a tutorial where you sort of paint you know and everything but this is like a really nice like their own spin on it yeah maybe that show how it came about I don't know just made up that narrative that's fine very pretty I'd like to be there that looks relaxing to hunt special it's a bridge yes it should be some like real exclamation look looks like when you change the scene it's a bridge my juice is a big role just sitting in a nice postcard isn't it you see you like a little bit thanks for visiting mm-hmm thanks for visiting the cottage yeah that's beautiful there really is a nice choice of camera angles too by the way it's just like great way I love it it's big it's big it's a cottage it's big it's awesome I'm gonna I'm gonna play him and playing with play and play FPS ninja found by Mark Kelly last night this is great this is our cool Spike's Carol right bear with me right hold on yeah it can I give you I'll give you the community right because this is this game not easy easy sexy yeah you've got your serious gaming almost a son I've leaned forward oh ok awesome setting yeah these enemy even practicing this I have oh no oh no I'll go no I want a kill oh I think I threw you off the practicing bit yeah like I got this nose to head show let's go Oh No oh my goodness Oh No hey I'm gonna get him and then I'm probably gonna this is great as well I'm really hope this is gonna be expanded upon it's very tense also the battle music we come on oh oh no oh no 7:3 yeah no good my thing in Overland my friend with the Turk God you only get one star boy until they notice you pond great it's great and then we're going to be thank you thank you thing and go up here and then there's more let's get around to this area okay where is he does someone there is one around here there is yes shot but there is another one there and I believe there is something like a boss up here but these red can't be but you can just Pro and it's time so you encourage to speedrun it very well done really cool very good that's really cool very cool well done Roach an John I missed actually we need some the volume for this one cuz it's K this is a music video this is really funny cuz I've been experimenting with something a little similar this person and I are in a similar wavelength I think on creations right now there's a cooler and better than mine oh yeah so camera shake when I happens as well yes the block that moves like a yeah looks really really good I want to look at their logic for a second hold on I think it's remix the Polish someone in the chat said can I just say that I love that you jump between an interaction game and then into a music video in one second things are so cool yes I love it okay that's yeah just get surprised every time I jump into it yeah your feet are so surface basically except this is very similar to this is cool yes okay I will yeah yes Orion yeah that's awesome that's great anybody cool there you go Dave thank you have those three though we have fun where else oh no I Claudius is good my class is also great they're all great they're my favorite I love about your enthusiasm they're all my favorite everything is awesome I love character that's great iCloud yes looked actually a bouncy house when he's got shielded cool statues while those nice Coliseum back there Bobby's world on YouTube says they finally can join the live stream – Las Vegas hello from Vegas all right you do not have enough Iraq to go through the door awesome cool yeah you see the fountain over there yeah oh nice totally hostile yeah great stuff very awesome yeah like it the roots community hello from Louisiana from someone else hello hey awesome Ryan let's have a look what do we have I know Saturn because I was talking about earlier the scale I saw some Twitter last night oh this is gorgeous love the camerawork as well I'm pretty sure if this existed when I was in school it would have made every single school project – ever had to make fires like a Navy nerds I made like everything with videos I would have just done everything we didn't get to do a little video stuff in media yeah it's going to it especially especially we were lucky enough to have we were the basically the broadcast center for public access television yeah big that we kept the community informed nice I liked his well here you can go into here and there's like you can see storms happening every now and then a little bit of lightning oh yeah yeah that's very cool we mean show Pablo some of these because yeah he loves space somebody mentioned they got a 502 bad gateway error there are some issues logging into PlayStation on the web today so if you're trying to go to in dreams' at me and you're having trouble accessing it that is why it will be cleared up there's not much that we can do about it in the meantime so appreciate your patience sorry for the error hopefully it gets fixed student yeah yeah that's very cool again really nice background yeah perfect JC theme what's left oh my god steampunk reports and the Salton Sea which is used right when it is that's that's some special ending please oh they're cool that's awesome I love the way this news Wow I love like I love the colors yeah this is so nice playing with the tent as well as the base color itself and yeah attack yep also like that it shoots flames this remix of pool as well let's see well now we're on to the next robot oh yeah again flame through important two robots stompy stompy love it yeah brilliant these are so good let's see if they're remixable and give them a thumbs up no not at the moment no but there's two makes makes me wonder if they'll be doing more of them those are awesome yeah right so I'm gonna so I'm gonna do great alright so I think that is everything that is everything so the Saltine see ya bye Mon beep come on beep gonna give it a I've already given up thumbs up right so this I believe is from our pyro Jam Eastern every scope this is great yeah mystics are only as your main the cargo was said to be nearly infinite supplies of saltines with value of flavor beyond all measure I learn what a Saltine was hangman oh do you not do you not know that's right you don't yes you up wound you up the avian captain of the most ruthless and hungry crew of pirates on a voyage through perilous waters your ship was scuttled and your crews scattered on the shores of an uncharted island now captain you must rescue your crew and unlock the secrets of the saltines right look at the art style to saltines and you are on a quest to find your so Dave yeah we have five Paris first time we need five different voices okay parrot voice abilities of Paris also great music saltines are also incredibly delicious if you cover them in caramel and also then like milk chocolate over the top oh then it all hardens and it makes like a really good snack I mean I can have my mom you know to try them voice tomorrow it's blame the stream okay right so from this game they were all acting quite close here we can I know the music and everything in this is plastic I've been weighing there I found this one like before we stop streaming last week I've been waiting waiting for this moment this is the spirit if there's the style of the cap of the parrot matches environment yeah and so pretty yeah they've done a really good job making it all look like one okay ready this is Pauline pretty good bloody murder did you go there got so supported the resume sure that was that was Pauline if you didn't catch the same yeah okay great right alright the next on but believe me you don't police women's voices no that's true that's true yeah yeah very very true alright ready something happens when you collect all 40 saltines as well do you you obviously know what that is because I don't imagine I live in a world where Tom's not collected everything in this level attentionally more than one yeah fine find all these saltines ready Presley score coupling saw first Mike Pressler present and correct have you noticed a set of three large statues something odd as a thought and presently has these great frosty firstly presences that was like a Bruno versus me you've got to I mean no pressure right this is good right okay so I needs that more somehow no pressure day I feel I should pressure for you deliver on this last one popular it sends a little flavor yeah I think I know I will say I need to collect 40-somethings now you can look up to the sky ain't just make that you can leave that as this price no wait how did we get up there yeah that way I forgot that's a guy oh my god Tom no I thought you went that way but oh maybe you do need to get 40 to get to the last one well we may want to leave that is a surprise but that was the Saltine see and play this tonight one I guess frankly we want Dave to have a voice yeah well done I'm gonna put pillars of creation back up who made that one that one was maan beep come on beep come on beep Lakes absolutely love it absolute G well done everybody good collector FPS is space explosion that's his dream maintain car at all in an hour all right well so that was first a stream yeah we were back on Tuesday for a Tuesday stream mmm jams yes I believe is going to be a new community jam I think no no no no yeah the next one will start the 23rd thank god it's gonna be it's gonna be that one okay I can't wait come some action now I'm looking forward to that one okay cool yeah thank you all for joining us that brings us to the end of another stream we will be back on Tuesday 23rd yes and we're also gonna be at Gamescom so if anybody is planning on heading there let us know on social media or whatever and come say hi to us at the show we're also gonna be a pax in Seattle so again let us know if you're going that would be really cool to like meet people in person and say hi and continue to make awesome things because it's so much fun to see and we're gonna continue working on some of our upcoming patches we have some really exciting stuff coming down the line so can't wait to share that with you and we have all the details oh and we are update this week was awesome because you can now go to in dreams and launch things from in dreams yes on to your ps4 and you can also this is require you found out about this one just fully updated it was you can now if you see if you're creating you see an element on in dreams you can now send that to the tip of your imp remained dreams so if you find like a chair that you want to lean on in you could love so you can run in dreams and do that so it's a very smooth awesome Dave thanks journey us yeah and thanks everybody for joining us and we'll see you all next week you

  1. 30:27 That's it. Boi If we don't get some voices sound pack of him in creation mode (also I hope we get some screams / grunts)

  2. It's funny that they played this Dream 35:04 as it has the Conker's Bad Fur Day music, which is probs owned by Microsoft.

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