CoMmunity Creations #10 | Sharks! Chicken Noises! A Cowboy ... Octopus? | #DreamsPS4

hello we're here ministrations yes I'm Kareem and Tom and me hello I always forget about it and we had an update today and we had an update today yes so if you haven't seen our patch notes on the Twitter's or on the in dreams we've added some UI settings to help you with your preferences I need to remind myself of what they say you can have a thing where you're there's no prompt you can set your options for having the Sentry Center your imp reminder and I hear people have been asking for that yes and you can turn off your UI sounds yes meadow was very inspired by bogden's algorri yes and he was like god I really wish I could do that sub tangos got you covered and as well as an update your ordering about tutorials various other minor tweaks and improvements yeah very sorry thing to see is new players try out the new order see ya see and we'll keep the updates rolling so we will have more coming cool things exciting things yes but you're not sharing with you just a second sorry and hello to the people watching on YouTube yes twice in a row now it's very exciting and also Ollie's over here we're gonna play some cool stuff and creams in the play some cool stuff yet and we know cream skills I'm here for my field and but you'll also be back on Tuesday won't you Lou you who you're gonna do it cream cream stream yeah very exciting what we want to do a building and architecture focused one I figured cream was a good fit for that I don't we'll have a goal it's nice to have a dedicated one to this side of things just to show using dream for for architecture yeah and if you happen to live in and around Guildford this weekend is the very first Guildford Games Festival and we're gonna be showing dreams there and Barry's people from the studio are participating so if you happen to going nuts say hi to whatever molecules you find yeah few people from here web it's been a really great community effort so who's starting this off everyone has a roller so oh man so we have our Wild West our Wild West Hall of Fame appeared this is this week so that's on the right there yes that's all word Wester and I mean how have you ordered this what is the which completely yes Maps obviously bits and bobs yeah basically yeah and okay yes that's okay see where you want to start you know welcome to maybe I will start with play that you're in for a treat okay I've been traveling so I have a bit out of date same although I'm basically I just walked in to see them right over the stream and it's amazing okay madness acrobatic t-rex t-rex there's so much going on I love all the moving its servers the animations great penny surreal it's it is proper dreaming I like the music as well yeah pretty much you know that other dream that's like the really weird fairground yes we should collaborate oh yeah excellent well done bloom animate like that very cool you know we came actually with like a game okay what is this one oh so I believe this is one using mice wow this is cool it's wonderful and she has been very excited to see her work used in very very different ways that someone took the ancient times it's really it's sort of amazing how visuals are all really related to the layout way more than the he just how they're arranged it has very different feel than Maya's world but the scale here and the lighting is so much funny if you squint or I think it's Bladerunner Wow I said the scale of is amazing I think he's dating there like that pad the passengers likes Kramden like very impressed they just made it futuristic I mean we all love a light don't we will no mountain very nice explorable space that's amazing yeah excellent sure like okay so I clearly know what I'm going to choose here so I saw this the other day and I love sharks and they're one of my favorite animals and I had to play abilities oh yeah and I like that there's there's more options coming that is very exciting I believe I will choose the is mental today you know Steve who is one of our amazing designers and he's known here to do the most technical things and he was very amazed by the bendiness of the shark hurt the fish because that's actually using strokes only yeah that's that's only strokes you know how you know how when they do he roars and the stroke is doing that our models can't do that so the only way to do that models is you slice it like the armadillo and then use joints where you see the cuts while in year the it's it's it's very much like skinning in traditional polygons our engine isn't meant to do that basically so well done extra well done to you and a plus please send more shark material to the dream verse I or I will make a shark Jim and that is a threat to you all exciting thing not a threat really yes it's like I mean they're just awesome they get it very bad very ancient and they have lots of food they have lots of cool features you use game terms like the ampullae of Lorenzini which is the little electrical receptors that are at the bottom sort of of theirs they look like pores and so when they're like really close to their prey they don't even need to like see or use any of the other senses I can just like detect like where they are in locations that I just had a lot of their cool features nictitating membranes on some and like there's also a lot of like different like things that you wouldn't necessarily are different in a certain like variety of animals like having like the person above it where sharks and like there's cool CJ because we also need octopuses the person shark damage is see that's not your favorite we will ignore it anyway at toast the butter ghouls Wow which I'm a big fan of this is that toast the sharks in a all strokes but in one paint is that maintains its warm so been to see craters in the Chapman has really something's really happened to it look at the changes work also what are the pressure nosing and I also like Ed post expression when your budget actually and of the camp has zoomed in the commentaries and just how providing of this is beautiful reminds me of home I don't know kasnia gorgeous oh yeah yeah yeah beautiful Oh thinking about Apes odd to see yes things as well I mean I like gonna cool down yeah changes the car isn't good machine gun it's very upset he's very angry so I just like be rolling people take like silly concepts and make something out of it yeah yeah we toast is like stress that if the butter comes to them and then they're gonna get deep well let me show you what why we do we go through that water parishes he just becomes a slice of bread Oh meaningful that was maybe that those should the butter the creator's just keep churning them out that was fantastic I think I'm going to go to you know what I'm gonna jump into the jam because it was there was a lot lots of really interesting stuff in this jam modes of loads of cool things I guess like looking at Mike Moore number one was Mac 17s Marshall L Clayton Wow yeah but the quality of the modeling man yeah seriously good proportions there no I I hope you guys also posting shots of your stuff and you know art stationed in these places that's really like this is a prime candidate for some 3d printers yeah I like the posture as well very very cool proportions very nice everything about it yeah the pain every angle you haven't close with the meta buttons even just a nice bit with like waistcoats a bit higher lots of study very very nice work I play games that design is hard school can you say well yeah you feel it on the other end of that is cool one of my other favorites the blinkers you know just everything about us we love kora and maybe we could be together yeah like Disney stars exactly maybe she's yeah maybe she's her sidekick okay well done child oh nice really amazing to see as well how the development of this that's what is this thing oh this is yeah Wow actually I believe you mentioned that like people posting that yes oh it's just the one that I what's up to you oh yes yeah oh my god yeah yeah yeah yeah you did oh my god yes that one the it's really amazing as well I'm happy that you are realizing the the level of detail that the sculpture one of the reasons we were against having texture in dreams is that you can model it like and it's much more powerful in the traditional tools they use normal Maps and all sorts of things to get that detail but you just model it and our engine copes very well with copying the same module many times so that's what the the artist here is done beautiful taste it's very dramatic I like the sort of subdued color scheme it's very scary I also recommend like if and when people get chance to go to the shoes it's very cool because they create a scene with this in facing down some soldiers like a whole weekend this weekend look at this it's very cool and I like the sort of K the cage it's in order that's classy yeah beautiful yeah I'll check out somewhere these winter Massacre shame you don't have a sound really you can tell you can give it a little bit of sounds and what's the TV control I need to do that my friend I believe the TV intro maybe yeah I mean I'm started running yeah this is this is good brace yourselves champ we're good enough sound really cuts the HUD in the beginning as well it's always good to see people doing their own instruction flash does help hmm I would say let the compass the compass actually light is yeah that's what I really liked about this one was it was too kind I hadn't played in quite like it and actually within the jam context this was quite a different different food feel that sort of feeling of I guess being really far away snores good Woodsmith yes that's where one goes hmm it makes me feel cold let's go say did you just make a shiver sound like oh okay just curious it's nice that the mechanics as well like the the torch mechanic really suits the environment my sanity's dropping what happens northeast so northeast you must go this way because obviously go towards the sound obviously don't bother to drop off that would just well you might be able to you know use the wood to maybe set alight again it streetlight go into it cool look the use of the square texture here yeah yummy ground another think they were all just hand-drawn by you in Francis yeah yeah I think this are old me yeah we but in one of the incarnation Francis was doing that the last ones that made it in the game but we are going to hopefully expand on that collection and very 8 styles you know it's probably the point where I'd be like what do you think I'm down well yeah why don't you just go the other way don't be fine makes you a natural parks you to bed and it's all lovely I never ever watch horror things and would do the things the actors do feel right keep going yeah new object survive why does it go in the basement for example I don't think things really work I did yes certainly good you have the courage I thought that my bravery would be rewarded but clearly I was wrong everybody should just go home get an apple pie and get sucked into bed your game that's another Jam we're gonna have yeah apple pie apple pie Jonah let's have a nice oh yeah it's a different atmosphere we're out the furniture party to engage your imagination okay only ready to engage judge mice all these ready baby I'm gonna grab the yeah it's really cool you just grab they change it to other things yeah just are – oh well that's really cool actually grass that's so cute only on really lovely kids that's super adorable and the reddish but I can expand on that you can feel a whole game yeah very cool console okay maybe – every oh yes I looked at this the other day this was cool we'd like more gobbles I say puppies work that reminds you of oh no no I like the creative portfolio no dreams is really just there's lots of the coulomb hand-drawn sketches but I really like this just because it was a completely different style from them the donor published if he recently like their sentence I like it very very cool nice dips alleged little girls like those images when you look at them and you can just imagine those well that house has two lights the others have one why that one is a circle light I think yeah exactly yeah yeah intriguing I do a couple more from the chance which is about favorite creations like personal favor creations there's so many but have you guys got like a recently a recent favorite hey I think it's in here is it here I thought you were gonna put it in the critter 100 no but yes yes we can we can we can find that whatever take care but that's one of your yeah you know next week yeah we'll have that lunch fun favorite for next week alright well I mean why don't you will go first of all I love the one one of the ones I I really like the the Beavis played the update to like the cool okay well we'll chat later oh that's pretty great it's very cool you know I have unit my idea we wanted to get 3d prints of those statues 10 feet tall no but I like this someone in the very early days as one who did the girl was the hey sitting down with like beautiful work there and the person who does the sea shots and the little animals eating of strawberry I really love electro fawns work of seeing anything that they put up and Amburg and Chelsea you love seeing Chelsea's work her work is really great oh yeah I think that's quite amazing H so they think about it it's now like you know the names of different raters are sort of following I've been loving trending though to see all the new people that that's been that's been that's been awesome but this is cool this is I guess the riff on there is a some Pikachu there's mark song from the stream really good capped it like this cuz it felt a little bit like everybody's Wild West creations into this yeah giant Wild West dance party that's such a good idea oh it's mesmerizing I can't stop watch it okay it's got feel this cactus the common Miranda Road and it's holding back it's smooth so that it shows you amazingly nice work dude what else what else what else what is this this was this looks cool oh hey sling Rock post Oh sharp moves Oh over the style are very much oh it's brilliant it's very well done oh yeah brilliant samosas yeah all the music in the water highlight everything about was immediately identify feel look any interesting like sort of sub themes within the jam was aliens yes yeah is that a thing in American do you feel like out in the desert that I guess you do there yeah everyone is out there yeah no there's nice I like I like a little mashup ste those things like if you go to like the Renaissance Fair and there's the people there like dressed like they're in Star Trek because it's like the holodeck but yeah a lot of our alien sort of sites inside like that are all out in the desert it was a real like interesting little thread going on about aliens aliens those that movie Cowboys and Aliens Daniel Craig you have the most like dark skies places where you can really see that adorable boy oh yeah that is cute this is not mess you see this one tom yes thank you visit theme going on with you and cute sort of slightly cross creatures yeah who would win the toys were played the toaster yeah that's a good question yeah Oh even another remix of this oh yeah oh this is a I really doing all the remixes this is quite fun I love the boots yeah yeah quite a few of them though we just yeah yeah all right here we could it we could probably have had a whole collection of mark remixes ah yeah sorry VIN I feel like Mark is probably very excited to like have his little like band and yeah yeah his fellows so this dungeoneering this is good this is good stuff yes it is crazy whoa how did they do that you know I don't know anything very nice time the on screen from the games be gain nothing's being you level up by random encounters is you taking the leaderboard from the greatest engineer around already the beginning yes you have to then sorts of points they get randomly got a wild chicken appears chicken news what do we want to go with magic moves back no your best shake an impression but sadly you know your worst okay but the chicken sees right through now text Natalie it you'll be lose our life we should have fought that chicken eaten it that's fun fact when I first like this I made wild chicken or diseased it'll start and maybe you're better at it than I think I think I think this time you sure you just make the chicken noises to put yeah okay so I make chicken noises yeah mom been a that's good that was good yeah make noise back Matt Emily does a really good chicken noise room because demonstrating it yeah yeah okay right who to go with something different this time is it ever not a chicken no it's always so beginner level ways chicken I believe you want chicken noises hey no again did will go with something else will do write it private drive it no we we haven't got any gold coins kill it okay there we go no I get that before he had a chance to rip punches ooh well how'd that any a big stupid place yeah I mean there's a life do one what we do almost little one right left okay right ready you ready ready what we did with what we have Oh pretend you haven't seen it yeah yeah I thought about the empty dungeon right desperately being on the tube you trip over a rock and get a boo-boo quickly we die didn't we there we go I think with a very hard road is dungeoneering dirty yeah surreal so that is that I enjoy that one that's excellent goodbye station I think I was gonna look at this one strange range Oh strange range Simone you're getting a toy yeah so yeah I played this at a time the other day and I really enjoyed it oh it looks that it's quite satisfying the bottle it really reads mm-hmm I like the banners that they've done it my name is were just a really nice style yeah using this jokes as well it's cool that the octopus is always the the thing moving for all these tens this is really well done yeah just like another example of it cool to see people doing different things within the jam team yeah that's incredible I have a feeling if this continues forever Siobhan will keep at it forever I think Siobhan's fair game I really love shooting galleries all right me too yeah you know what I'd go to a shooting range that was run by an octopus of course you would where's my sharp shooting range what is that connection Oh stake collection we don't oh cool my bad for not featuring as many questions as we should yeah it's the most useful thing when you go in the browsing and you search by collection and you just find collection after collection of superly use lovely naming organization and its algorithms tick we'll never be like people's tastes you know and people put like something that says you know weird dreams or something weird is a hard thing to under intimately its I love it love it love it this is very cool by the way these assets are astonishingly useful the the sort of floors and the tiles to the scene yeah let's meet that's made using this collection you look at the top nice the air-condition yeah why do you always first time thank you classy brilliant very very useful great great is very happy to see this collections and okay there are some amazing curators in the best remixes of my one of her eyes as well is like like the yeah yeah David Bowie stuff nice very cool yeah yeah dogs listen some of the masses about to are incredible yeah what's that so some of the ink remixes that people have done about you know it's kind of like Francis the bear unfit possessed I think showed this on a previous oh yeah yeah we did a little get a double it'll get a double feature but it's a it's a cool lion he's a Korean yes we did but it was one where you weren't here 48 but yes okay cool really lovely tongue okay back to you know I want to go I want there's what I want to go with but maybe we save Pig detective maybe we do and maybe we or maybe he wants to play that 204 people new to two or three people who forgot the controls okay so this game is all about kicking things oh good I like this already yeah I like great we really need this game yeah different wait boxes it's really interesting to see how just you know like obviously the dream of us kind of matures as that weeks go by but it's just amazing to see how many little things around four little games like cool games like their you know where they have a whole shtick that's like is it the opposite of please hug me get away from it's the creative that characters who've had the character on a previous stream but I like the I like you look in the room in the genealogy I like it when people see that a character can do something and then uses oh no we'd have to look at the dream oh yeah well we can look at knows Ben's profile and see if they are the actual circle not the EM you know so I believe they have taken that character yeah because the only thing you can do that character in its initial level is kick and they've gone well that would make for a good game oh great that's really nice it's a cursory cool also excellent I don't know there we go so now it's ballad mocks alright yeah I think I hope people I could have been emotional okay I think I might take a look at I could stay dead okay party doke so puddy takes another crate I'm very familiar with I love my work as well and actually puddy don't did the amazing cat pirate yeah that actually had been made ages before but that putting it together as the cat pirate was part of the jam which was awesome but the cat was one of one of their cool characters it's just you know no people okay so are they all armadillos I know there's missing others there's a Oh full range I love all the characters yeah yeah yeah they have a nice style to them very sort of almost illustrative realistic like that movie Django just there you know from different a great character used to these great characters great characters oh my god it's lovely very nice great it's pretty sort of even those that you know you see the annual success like my character that character so good lots of mood yeah so much food it is more I love it yeah characters in this they are so cool obviously other people loved it to you zo came up in the top three 3s second second Lewis that is amazing well done really too cute lovely characters amazing amazing I saw one that is intriguing what sculpture oh yeah it seems like that might say it's relevant to your interests whoa check this out apparently yours is a follow that armadillo will let people follow the armadillo oh there's another it's like an educational oh I didn't oh whoops and brilliant and then if you go on the d-pad left and right no oh so it starts X I see now so just breaks it down and up to those this other side and this the right and left no no text and yeah right and left to change the sculpture yes there is hard to do I have no helpful tips hair tips Karina okay how do you give us your best tips for creating hair when you either sculpt it as a form a shape or you you you use the strokes to layer it up and stroke by stroke build the sort of hair that will allow you to do more physical things with it but I would start by the sculpting just to get the form of it here is very difficult by the way on it you can't crater definitely increase it to you you need to also you need to have the the skull needs to be correct you can't you can't do the hair without having the right skull and the place of the ear and the hairline really matters the relationship with the face I love all the advice they get this is so good if you scroll through the next go right and it you know sculpt to sculpt three and like cut out the mouth try to use this and and actually the order in which you do everything is everything it's this is the most simple because when you see the final thing and you look at it and you go like there's no way I can do or how can I do that but as soon as you see that you see oh no first you do this then you do that it really helps this is very generous effort and the studio space that its own placed in is something else yeah great the colors images yeah like going to did we go to like Rembrandt studio in yes yes yes yes does that feel yeah yeah the lighting and the colors is fantastic and all the props that currently and the ground there is just crazy good very generous very exciting to say lovely I just don't want to leave it brilliant brilliant Wow must must find out who are you yes I think yeah cool brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant a lot of love that in the chat as well it's very cool lovely and the tips the tips are very useful I said I take it this is another remix of using the ancient no yeah of ancient times Jam there's a lot of ancient time stuff not using the kit yes just of the theme that is cool scale here Wow sense of scale is instantly I like the shape of the characters in a trailer I love the vast solutions for space it's amazing that's really cool I like the fact that the old gray and then bits of green yes helps the eye and the color in the water over there tasteful huge yeah I like things scary like yeah I like big things yeah size matters I love it I mean I palette palette is really just yeah it's also populated by the people with you it's awesome really sense of space is brilliant seriously I think the reason get excited about big things is it it's not only this you just make a big level or full of that doesn't achieve it it you only feel successful scale when there is small and large and the right things in between all that needs to be good in order to convince you as soon as if you if you convinced that the place is vast there's a lot of choices that have been done correctly so you can just feel that yeah there's everyone saying dreams under really appreciate actually as well today episode 2 was released oh yeah retweet on that on mmm so you can Joe right his dreams in the hood what is going exist again it stopped running you'll be silly I'm not I can't do this anymore this is not what is set in the Job Description visit exotic locations it said use your skills to the fullest the head by some cave cave can you turn off that damned speaker thank you killing is what you do best as they say in the office if you want it dead just go it I know that's the thing I really love but I was expecting something like a hero falling for the highest summit or decapitated by a masterful Samurai but as it stands I spend 90% of my time in the office an on occasion get dragged out to perform tasks like this no you've only been here six months some of us have been there for over six years leave this now John I guarantee if you stick around for another six months you're gonna be blown away by the things you'll be asked to do here I mean look at Jen six months ago Jeff who's mainly particular sightings around the office and now look at it what was it you doing just the other day Jeff six time knows what amazing things you're going to be doing here so come on in let's get back quick forelimbs come or we'll all be next in line to the block then let's get this over with big gray team where I love anything in Episode two we meet Dave the keyframe it's a lot of fun oh oh they're so good so funny it's brilliant it's like the emojis movie but the dreams the dreams the dream gadgets player piano player onto the treasure hunter this is repetition and names here yeah I'm gonna try on to the Jays go ahead the character model in this is phenomenal oh look at that some people have the noise command now I know but it's also localized it's in French in English oh I like it I'm enjoy career of Dreams under hood is in the chances okay right this is Claire few instructions next jump circled Crouch Interactive's triangle my flashlight okay press and hold I want to run a straight line okay I think we're just gonna dive in and Alex Terry was saying this earlier and taking notes like old school Oh taking notes down so you're telling us that we're gonna be hopeless I'm just saying you think you know well did you bring a pin I mean as you can see did you bring it or resist it can be no it's very but I've a head of a plan ahead oh I love the people to credit I'm finna dreams infinity dreams and yeah okay maybe that's what we should put on the collection but Media Molecule I go I am very into the treasure yeah oh that's very good like his white cyclist there's no no issues no he's very goofy it's pretty quite hot where he is old very suits mosquitoes I think if I look down how much of the how much of the chat will say thick yeah actually no it will now there's one will say what explain that's a gem box oh that's true yes I like hold on a second yeah this is there's actually a whole thing going on here okay I'm just gonna now you wish you read all the directions and I'm gonna play it when I go there or you can just grab that notebook and we will how much time do we will just head off should you want to play it angel TV amazing work is the first published creation amazing please that looks really good I really like it I like the picture they chose to the hunter is fabulous yeah yeah Hunter is okay cream you I believe in you for this one okay Venice shootout is with our world-famous music player piano to keep him docile and don't miss too many notes you have to begin but and then yeah definitely do calculate yeah okay we'll help you yeah I'm very bad in that stuff no sir those people it's all I have to do I have to do you have been killed there's a lot going on as well wait I'll try one more time so I need to you read the help let's redo it used to do X write down write X and then what do I do when the arrows happen so if you okay yeah then you always have to dodge the bullets that's the bullets with l1 and r1 come on yeah you will only have to dodge bullets if you miss notes okay there's that effect choose one thing to focus on yeah but don't you just pay the piano perfectly you'll be fine okay so you just now you don't touch touch oh that's it started yeah are you in training I think you're injuring you yeah oh yeah I guess I would help so if you press l1 oh okay all right okay it's not fair oh [Laughter] okay I get it now at least yeah but it's not when I got it I what an evii mechanic yeah I like it when um oh if you miss a note then you have to dodge that is really clever and I quite like this I love her the matching game so I'm home it's really well done my favorite things like that is when you do dodge you're playing a different part of the piano so all the notes that either lower or higher as well so so much going on my turn and here we are okay exective there in the chat team beat a fan through this on the Monday morning gave me an emotional reaction at the end you've seen that I mean we have seen it so but I'll let everybody if you haven't seen it what we're gonna skip it for now because we did show it on the street we showed the trailer we got very excited it's called the series of the big detective continuing the Bullock's acting like someone s if we do know it takes 90 minutes right yes yeah we'll just play a little bit at the beginning I highly recommend everybody go play this it is really one of my favorite tune minutes this is an experience and so you have your inventory and I love your having so much super snip when it released I play I was playing it I played it like 25 minutes before I went home and they I tweeted about it and they were like oh did you finish I was like wow I got to the bit with a rock no you're very just stealing no hats no pants no entrance yeah so big yeah I know what that feels like sheriff dead dude roaches closed until new sheriff arrives oh maybe that's we had just met the new sheriff on the train okay we can buy moustache buy hats pants hey his pants pence ha'penny I love the writing the pig detective yeah yeah good this is also really enjoyable it looks great as well like it's actually very carefully-designed great graphic designer they're lovers big in town so then if you go back over and set the piggy free I'm just gonna go in here I love the end the detective points good dissent much to do as well big just went up there minigames and solid pig gold oh wow he go yeah well there's food clue I was so intrigued because I was like what's this mean hopefully that wasn't important I'm saying rock on a pedestal in the desert she was fine I mean it's fine nothing weird no no one will miss it so what I really like they've built a whole bunch of like mini game mechanics into this and the ones that is in the scene that we're about to go in is very cool oh actually sorry after that good getting ahead of myself oh I love their flashlights a pig I mean I might be partial to sharks too but Kenny was the king of gibberish I loved Kenny's give his gibberish time I hate you bridge that there's always a detective yeah so then now I remember that I have a gun clearly right wait for it nice and you've let the child in there as well out of my way oh no I got I have a pig detective more question for the craters is this the same cat as that help from they from the episode zero I need to know this they have at least I'm gonna stop it in a minute because I want everybody able to do all the puzzles and experiences for yourself because it's fabulous and I don't want to give too many things away but what I really like is they have built in a whole bunch of minigames to this and one of the things that you can do is pan for gold so and you've got to sort of shake this out with them gonna do terrible job this right now me throwing my gold away I'm so penning so there's like you know Oh am i dancing on top did you get some good you know get a nugget of gold and can you see people still panning and everything might do it so yeah I think every now and then so they have this name a couple they were like committee game mechanic so they build on that are like just great and I love that and amazing and congratulations on releasing yeah episode it's fabulous and I believe they have started great where people said it has pants I see yeah interesting development what happened I don't well why no I mean these are things character development right okay yeah and I'll just leave it there pig detective is super fun and awesome and has a great sense of humor I hope everybody enjoys it I think that is our last thing has everything yeah yeah and so thank you for joining us and I hope you enjoy the update they're saying there will be eight episodes total which is amazing exciting I can't wait thank you everybody for creating amazing things a dream yeah that was and I think we're gonna like put a call out on Mondays for people to share some of their favorite stuff that they played over the weekend so you know stuff that we look forward for featuring on the stream yeah you got it like and yes and then cream won't use day one is this news jam is for you to show us like favorite places where you live that kind of cool stuff not like not like exact not like your address nothing creepy but you know like something you like from your town or city if somebody else's town or city yeah yeah in the city one in fact I think it they feel for Games Festival this weekend they've made some assets from our own town of guilford to hopefully be able to publish this and it's reverse so you can see where we live so cool great yeah thanks everybody for joining us and we'll see you next week

  1. Can you help me I want to use the paint brush (flecks tool) tool on my puppet but it keeps switching to sculpture tool. Please help

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