Community Biggest Wins #26 / 2019

[Applause] I have just one question for you are you ready are you ready to leave LEGO Island yeah yes yes but the got it ladies and gentlemen we got after 50 bonuses played I got it finally yes man this is gonna be huge eight spins left oh this is going to be a kitchen oh yes Wow 3000 to spin your gotta be kidding it's no serving than the whole thousand but see Wow 4,800 I can't even think straight my huge yes I really don't know it's gonna split tonight is it gonna max you could do 20 by the way this is 150 bowlers normally do I mean oh yeah easily come on if I get 100 points eggs eggs that's over 50,000 [Applause] [Applause] that's 7 X to the 5 eggs I think we're gonna kill myself okay that chance yeah yep Oh be good oh oh my god that's to be all right chance it can also be talked be nice nice okay okay oh my god you

  1. MA GET THE CAMERA! omggg that last bonus clip, I'm dying!!! I was so excited with them 😂😂😂

  2. OMG some of those wins. Loving the monopoly live hit. That is euphoria right there haha

  3. The last guy who played monopoly needs to pay 45% tax :DDDD enjoy, never play on shit ass tax casinos

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