Communists Condemn Arrest of Flag-Burner Joey Johnson in DC

America was never great America was never great America was never who's our leader who's our leader thank you who's our leader thank you how you doing on noche Diaz with the national get organized for an actual revolution tour yesterday July 4th 2019 right here in Washington DC right in front of the White House right as Donald Trump prepared his fascist rally with his tanks and his planes at 5:00 p.m. we burned that red white and blue blood-soaked rag right not once but twice flames flew high right in front of the White House and that flag burned it burned for the children in the concentration camps at the border it burned for the families and places like Yemen who have to pick the body parts of their children from the rubble caused by bombs dropped by that same made in the USA on them it burned for the black and brown youth who grow up in this country with a target on their back to be gunned down by police or massively incarcerated it burned for the women who are having their rights to control their own bodies stripped from them by courts that flag that fly that red white and blue flag it burned not just for the horrors of this country but to imagine a world without all of this as Bob Avakian has said if you can conceive of a world without America and everything it stands for you have already taken great strides to envision a whole different and far better world and not only did we burn that flag to envision than word for that world here twice we also did it at the us-mexico border on the same day and we did it here in the face of Donald Trump's howling screaming fans as they assaulted and attacked and attempted to prevent this and despite those attacks the mighty mighty Rev comes stood their ground and those flags burned but despite being attacked and assaulted by Trump's thugs we were the ones who were attacked by the police and arrested Gregory Joey Johnson who lit the flames on yesterday as though as one of the two people who were arrested the same Gregory Joey Johnson who went to the Supreme Court in 1989 and fought to defend the right to burn the American flag was arrested yesterday and is being charged with malicious burning and some made-up story about assaulting police officers a story which has been shifting and changing by the hour since he was arrested these attacks and these lives were illegitimate and unjust and we have come here today to tell the world that not only was it right to burn the flag but we had the right to do it and we denounced the arrest of Gregory Joey Johnson and the other member of the revolution club who was arrested burning this flag who himself is a veteran a veteran of the US Armed Forces who turned away from fighting for American Empire and stood with the people of the world in fighting for revolution and we're in the national revolution toward call for this day of flag burnings to envision a world without America because we know we don't have to live this way and we are on a mission to organize the forces the thousands throughout the country to prepare for the time where we can actually make a revolution and get to a world without America and this Saturday go to Rev calmed us to find out about a livestream to support and learn more about and get organized as part of the national organizing toward that this revolution is on now I want to turn over to Carl someone else who was there with us yesterday burning that American Rag so address you now so before you leave he used your name was on suppose I'm no JD s noch AZ okay I'm Carl Dix I'm down with the Revolutionary Communist Party even a lifelong revolutionary fighter I'm also a veteran of the US military now look let's just look at this attack that came down in front of the White House Joey Johnson who was right at the center of the fight for the right the flag back in the 1980s took that case to the Supreme Court and got the decision which ruled that flag burning is exercising your freedom First Amendment rights free speech gets arrested for what crime burning a flag in front of the White House he gets arrested he gets beaten he gets charged with assault on a police officer and malicious burning he's playing to me what that one was this tells you something about the rights this country's supposed to give us look this attack was outrageous and it was illegitimate on Joey as well as on the other person who is a military veteran who was deployed in Iraq and stepped away from committing war crimes and being part of committing war crimes for this Empire to stand against it to stand with the people of the world and for revolution now a lot of people will say to you oh you can't burn a flag or you shouldn't at least because you're disrespecting the veterans look as a veteran let me tell you this I learned that they send up in the US Army in the military they send us around the world to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity against people all over the world that's the role of the US military I was able to find that out before they sent me to Vietnam I learned that we were going to be fighting and killing men women and children we were going to be burning people's villages and I realized this ain't something I should be a part of I refused to go and they sent me to Fort Leavenworth military penitentiary for two years now when I hear all these people say you should greet a veteran with thank you for your service I got a different approach we should ask that veteran what was the content of your service were you a part of dropping bombs on defenseless women and children were you a part of destroying the villages and homes of people around the world because that's not service you should thank anybody for you want to thank a veteran for their service it should be for their service to humanity like mine was refusing to be a part of those war crimes right and crimes against humanity just to bring this down this outrageous attack on Joey Johnson when he stood up for the people of the world when he put out the call to imagine a world without America and everything it stands for and to fight for a world without America and everything it stands for he needs to be thanked for his surface because this was for the people of the world and everybody who stands against injustice should support Joey to be part of the fight to get these charges dropped Joey and the other person should be out of jail they should be out here on the streets continuing their work to be part of organizing the thousands into a movement for an actual revolution to get rid of the horrors that this system brings down that's the message we're going to take into the courtroom and we're going to spread throughout society because Joey didn't do anything wrong he was standing up for humanity and who acted wrongly were the police forces and the howling Donald Trump fans who attacked us in unsuccessful attempts to try to stop that red white and blue from going up in flames and just one last thing I'll add is look for the pictures of the cops who stood by while Donald Trump's fans attacked us and tried to stop us from burning the flag which is indeed constitutionally protected then watch the videos of those cops being high-fived and fist bump by Donald Trump's howling fans that shows you where this system stands and underscores why it needs to be gotten rid of the revolution yeah I want to take some questions from the media TV I'm sorry did you read that WJLA TV thank you yeah thank you for asking that question because this is one of the lies that's been repeated by the by the by the authorities and by the media that we wanted to make clear we requested a permit for Lafayette Park in plain view of the White House we were denied that permit and given a permit to do it somewhere else in the park outside of view of the White House this was an unconstitutional violation of our right to choose the site of the protest and so we did not go with the desert the quote-unquote designated area at the same time the area that we did choose is a designated free speech zone okay in front of the White House you do not read we did not need nor did we have a permit it is constitutionally protected in fact I could burn a flag right here and it would be perfectly legal I'm not gonna do that today okay what's your choice your groups choice to go out on 16th Street that is correct we decided we decided the assignment location we announced in advance that we would be doing it in front of and inside of the White House and that is the apartment we requested and were refused what do you say to the majority well I would say like you know look the majority of Americans in the time of slavery thought it was wrong to fight to end slavery okay that didn't determine what history had to say about that and go ahead and look at the eyes of the children in those concentration camps and you tell yourself what side of history are you on you go and look at the people of the world who are blown to bits in places like Yemen where families have to search through the rubble and pick up body parts and pieces of metal that say made in the US the drones that are dropped there let me scuse me the bombs that are dropped there are supplied by the US government okay the planes that drop them are fueled by the US government go and tell the you look at the youth that are depicted in the Central Park five you know dramatization when they see us and think about the generations that have grown up criminalized the grade dehumanized massively incarcerated and then yes murdered and gunned down in the streets by police all over this country and decide which part of history are you going to be on because we when it made the message yesterday that our choices are not what they tell us that we have to choose between Republicans and you know who are now fascists and Democrats who wrap themselves in the same flag of atrocity we have a different choice which is to make a revolution to put an end to the system that does all of this to people here and around the world and we're not taking a poll to see how many people agree with us when we're starting from reality for Fisher for mr. chair what is your message to the proud boys and the other Trump supporters who did confront you yesterday if they were watching this right now nice try with those flags burned and I know some of them were trying to claim that they were able to stop one and we saw the videos I was there in person and saw it it's true one of you got away with a fistful of ashes and some and some and some charred fabric you can have and do whatever you'd like with that and also what is your response to the added charge of assaulting a police officer this is a bogus charge it's outrageous it's also one of the it's one of the stories that's been shifting by the hour since it was announced the the initial claim that was reported was that one of the officers was attacked by the by the by the burning of the flag then they changed their statement said they were hurt in the process of making the arrest I don't know what they're claiming now and I don't really have that much comment on it because they haven't they haven't figured out what story they're telling yet and I could try to preempt everything that they might make up and every story they might tell but I think the lawyers and the defendant should actually you know be able to carry out their defense let me just add one point to this assault on a police officer is the charge they almost always add on people that they are brutalizing when they arrest and that's what happened yesterday and it is as illegitimate as the rest of their legal charges on Joey you mentioned a couple of times or the problems you have across the nation you're trying to gather them all together and support what you're trying to do then all due respect why is there only 11 people here at this press conference so for a clarification I said we're on a national organizing tour to bring forward the thousands of people into an organized force we have supporters you know and and there needs to be lots more supporters but we do have supporters so that's not the point this tour is on a mission to prove organization okay because there needs to be people who are organized to prepare for this revolution and to lead millions as as soon as possible time to be able to overthrow the system and really make and get to a world without America so we're not just going for supporters we're actually going for organization and this national tour toward put out a call for flag burnings on July 4th and there was Joey Johnson responded to that call by calling for some people to join him in DC for a July 4th to burn the flag at the White House as Donald Trump was doing his speech and that's exactly what we did at the same time other other people in revolution clubs in the other part of the country we're in at the us-mexico border burning also two American flags over there and then there were others people who were burning flags at home or in different places and in different parts of the country which I've we're going to see bits of reporting on but I don't wamu so you were at the burning yesterday I just asked you have been like what exactly happened was there any sort of confrontation with police or physical activity with police they would covered back up this okay I'll get to that little officer charges no Jay and I both were a part of the crew that carried this out we marched in in uniform these shirts chanting one two three four slavery genocide war five six seven eight America was never great we set up and created a perimeter within which Joey could burn the flag because we didn't want anybody to get in the way wouldn't get hurt by accident or anything and as soon as we set up some of the howling fans of Donald Trump began to try to break into our perimeter and I had to repel one or two off of myself Joey burned the first flag a couple of us got knocked over we reformed Joey burned the second flag the confrontation with the police did not occur in relation to the flight I saw no confrontation with the police there was one with the fire extinguisher who sprayed it and put out one of the play but it was too late it was already burned then we formed up to march away from the scene having done what we came to do and as we marched away a couple of Secret Service men were running the other way and told they asked who burn the flag and tackle Joey and the other guy whose own it was also veteran and the next thing I saw they had to both on the ground brutal izing them puffing them and then taking them away and that's what I saw in the same location he burns in each Street so it's on Pennsylvania Avenue right in front of the White House and we burned one flag in that location but not in the park we burned it in that location in the free speech area I might add which it might surprise you but it's an area where you're supposed to be able to exercise your First Amendment rights and you don't have to ask the government that might be the thing that some people are getting confused on they may feel like the First Amendment is something that you can only exercise after you begged and pleaded with the government to do so that don't strike me as there was one other individual who was part of the flag burning was arrested not we're not having his name available at this and the there was a third person that's being reported was arrested who was not with us and my understanding is what's been reported as they've been released without charges I do not know the circumstances of their arrest or you know the second person was a male yes yes yesterday besides what we've said already we don't know anything further they are being held in this building which we assume to indicate that they are City charges as opposed to federal charges but we are not we are not we were not getting very much cooperation from the Secret Service who held them in custody last night we had to hear a lot of this from media individuals who reached out to their prêt to their press department and they've not been very cooperative thing I'll say is about a month ago Joey Johnson won a settlement in Cleveland because in 2016 basically the same thing happened the attack we had announced and he had exercised his right to flag at the Republican National Convention he and about 15 other people were arrested in the process of doing that all the charges were dropped because they were also illegitimate and they were similar and the and then so he sued the city of Cleveland for violating his constitutional right I don't know what the course of action will be in this case we're demanding right now that they release Joey Johnson and the other member of the revolution club if they drop these outrageous illegitimate charges and invite other people to support go to rev con us to find ways to support further they're made we're demanding that they do not put bail on either one of them we not know what they're gonna do yet they're supposed to be arraigned today the question you have points of attention in the revolution club that you were at hearing to yesterday do you want to speak to what one of those is its point of attention number singers yeah we have six points of attention in the revolution Club that guide the conduct their goals and the methods of all the people involved in the revolution club ok these points of attention include not acting for self but acting for humanity for revolution and communism they include men women and differently gendered people being treated as equals and comrades it includes fighting for a world without borders where people of all nationalities languages and cultures are respected and it also includes that because we're serious about preparing for an actual revolution we do not initiate any acts of violence and we oppose all violence amongst the people and against the people I would add to that that yesterday in addition to in addition to the general stance of not initiating any acts of violence our primary purpose of being there yesterday was to burn the American flag it is what we were there to do and it's what we did and in the face of tremendous assault by rabid thugs all the people involved in this maintain their dignity their composure their discipline and they made sure that the flag burned and that we all got in there and began to exit in a very disciplined organized and orderly fashion that is until we were attacked first by the Trump thugs and then by the Secret Service and other police agents any other question thank you oh we have a long time supporter of Gregory Joey Johnson Paul I don't know your last name in a – you know Maga I know who would like to share a message thank you my name is Paul magno and I'm supporter of the plowshares movement in anti-nuclear three of whom are presently in prison awaiting trial and Georgia they've been there for 16 months and co-defendants are waiting as well in this society we have 400 year history of having established European colonies made a choice to take 10 million people from Africa into slavery here in just in the second hemisphere when they called the new world at the time and did that in order to take away the land of indigenous people and Bill extend European empires and build them into them into the new world with 400 years on from from that endeavor four or 500 years 500 past 500 years from the discovery in 400 years to the project in earnest and we've come to a place where we have a completely pathological society crowned by a pathological president we continue to insist on wasting our idols up for worship before people they could be dollars they could be flags they could be genocide 'el nuclear weapons and on the right side of history on God's side of history we have to stand against those things and challenge them and challenge the mystique they weave over most of our people that enthralls them and captures them and keeps them from being free people who can build their own society and build a just society Joey Johnson has been doing taking issue with the flag with a match since the 1980s and back then before the birth of my daughter you know he was doing that and he was ultimately vindicated at the level of the Supreme Court and I suppose this Supreme Court would like might think twice about regressing itself but we have a right to say what's wrong with our country and what's wrong with our world and to fight for what should be right for our world you always done that others have done that many of us standing here and sitting in jail and marching at the border and resisting the attacks on Yemen and resisting the silliness of and dangerousness of Donald Trump we'll continue to do that whether levar says we can or not because it's absolutely the most important service we can provide to the possibility of a human future when that is on the line thank you so we're gonna go in now and check in on our comrades yes so fast in that committee we have cameras we have lead the cameras at the front door [Applause] doesn't matter those then you know then you're not a professional absolutely 32 years

  1. He was arrested for not burning the flag in the area his permit allowed, using an excelerant which is against the law, and injuries to a secret service agent because he threw the burning flag on the officer but he dinna do nuffin

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    The real problem is the fascisim in america that were told is democracy, it controls both of the partys ,
    At least them commies know something is wrong with the country.

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