Communist-Anarchist Group - Declaration of Principles (1887)

the Communist anarchist group was founded in Lisbon after a series of talks elisee reclue the anarchist geographer gave in portugal in 1886 the group's Declaration of Principles were published at the beginning of 1887 and they read as follows considering that private property raw materials and the instruments of work in the current social scheme are the cause of the workers misery that the state as an indispensable entity that the management of private property is the cause of despotism privileges class segregation social decay and corruption that in light of this fact the working class to realize a better future for its emancipation needs to eliminate the state and private property that this aim cannot be achieved through legal evolution northrup parliaments or workers state that the emancipation of the working class does not consist in user pink plutocracy button firmly destroying it whether it may be that it is easier to inhibit a new government from arising than to topple it once it has arisen the communist anarchist group in Lisbon constitutes itself independently of all political parties to communicate and agitate inspired by its theories declaring social liquidation and the social revolution as the necessary means to obtain the emancipation of the working class therefore we reject one legalistic means of action in electoral or institutional parliamentary forms to the legal support given by the state or religion with regards to the institution of the family three submission to Authority be it personal legislative absolutist the bosses or paternal for patriotic or nationalistic sentiment and racial religious and linguistic egotism and antagonism as a means of action we accept the recommendations of those who reject the in Grund iseman of individual persons and the vicious conditions of this society one solidarity with all groups which like us mean to eliminate the current social system passed down throughout history as well as all anti-establishment persons to accelerate the political and economic dissolution of states advocating abstention from the voting booth desertion from the army violent strikes and illegal propaganda in the sphere of information three make use of the disorganization which these tactics cause the public authorities in order to proceed with social liquidation and as a colouring of the future organization we inscribe one-off like the words communism and anarchism

  1. why, after so many failed attempts, hundreds of millions dead, do you believe that "communism" or "socialism" will ever be the way you wish them to be and not always become exactly what they always do?

    It's a good a idea if we can naturally evolve into it and maybe we will…. but forcing it means taking power…. and absolute power corrupts. No matter how good the guy who centralizes power is, once done, it will always go to the most ruthless killer.

    We are a lot more likely to see technology slowly cancel out government functions and monopolies and render it obsolete than any other path to a horizontal society. A death of a thousand cuts like Uber killing the Taxi monopoly.

  2. I wish there were portuguese Brazilian subtitles so I could share with my comrads around here. I loved It!

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