Communism & Women's Rights

1984 after one year of structural reforms a cultural revolution is underway Africans are far from indifferent to sankhara he goes further and questions an African society in which men have always dominated women security to the London Stock Farm ellebra we don't own a stock farm the way a guy up all that money be Mesabi he creates a real shock by being one of the first heads of state in the world to promote women's rights dan defeated Islam comma Quonset or limit epochal death wish he for Podrick issues in Kumasi on Deborah say this attack to Dallas is on the target on the litigation field on Kim is ridiculous refugees Ignacy la calma come to life you can feel some tango sensation from somewhere on WA the spot unless the screen nauseous Memphis avoir see the personnel avec le Liu Lugosi / – soup operas a Donna class evidence at MCC true con el estilo gasps Oh Darla Kazan paper route on da Vancouver Delos is MTV EMA's affair Dafa discontent venal paladin village ahmet Menefee MCL Judaism Bakken KNN Nefario al a tomboy Gemma impolitic u.s. Llantrisant a feral poor chick a poor ramune Lapham a hairnet ma de la Sol City traditional Recife so we are in certain traditional court effort called the Mirage horses nexium a set da new people say Shalom kiswa new commander Nala Fanny pizza shows up or it is religion cause I had a practice romerito graduating Pumbaa say Allah favor de la revolucion cream Devon concert a deaf an Angus evoke you today zone avec la la dame and la formación militay who Nevada from beaucoup de Sam Sangha Jean se pay Abu Zeid circulation Keveza demand apply nom de marsay OPA and deport elemental Nikola zone De La Salle Premiership deter freakin Kia donated post from Oscar Minister condition Finland lovino Minister plum mini gradually ed Islamic sam'l competency 72v a local john de la salida fans remarked who Tomas little fella holiday famosa Gonzalo sale exception Lukla telefónica val taleggio sell machine which will be Bel Air Jordan 11 a salami so 11 euro fell machi a Laplace Kanna village ogimachi as ET de tomar el condom an acoustic insulation la segunda juice SAT means tangent so Samar a Lozano clever koji ma S&P deco Vivek a slammin append own con le reality depression ammachi gemology baklava memory teetotaler from the true lover corporate or cat works together with men a young male my age or older we do a typical clinical labor I never felt that there's something men can help can do I cannot because I'm a woman and never I've never had one moment of this kind of sucks because the whole you called propaganda or whatever media representation we see numerous hearings everywhere People's Liberation Army women who are is repairing the telephone line that filter called I'm a seagull or shahi yen and it's really strong women up there and fixed in pole and you feel that I want to be that that person first year I was here imagine my American friends their homes or their fellow culture Aleutian while China what he did I said oh I was on a farm and we worked very hard we got canal with our hands there hem prejudice paid to Doug and sure about para windows dirt and to make build a canal oh it's which sure whatever labor you did how do you feel at all I was feeling wonderful because it was so romantic to me that I was able to make great contribution to my country when the water running through the canal we have tears in our eyes so that's very romantic it made us feel like we were like those revolutionary them is emergency oh you're to bring wash oral if you know they I also pre-wash you don't know anything better when I came to dinner since I was shocked by the my doesn't media representation of women in this country the actual mentality of women's can't you shocked me I remember the first year I was here I still with American family and she had a friend come as called we had a conversation as she says I don't have to own your daughter three hours she was so happy so proud of God was she a cheerleader at work so what is cherry garden honest gentleman cheerleader but I was very interesting leader you know ii think what Cultural Revolution has here the way in our cultural wasteland is really misperception for period nothing by the greatest music offers novels films and also sculptor also changing all the artists large how to change the culture that the culture oceans about junking part one that you can only get rid of it was always always their survival tradition so that's why they came up with a slogan that we have to combine the old with the new and we use Peking Opera has a phone and we gave a new content from the traditional story yeah the previous original story isn't the white-haired girl right the white-haired girl herself doesn't have much fighting spirit at all she was raped by the landlord and got pregnant she cried a lot of the time she didn't know how to do everything and then canteen picked it up and this is the raw material for model fear for this ballet what is immediate from the ballet is this accordionist this weakness in tendency in the film version the very interest in the ending that when actions the fiance find here from the girl and it's all I find you and then they get married and they happily ever after and in the model fear they're not getting married at all and this will ambiguity whether they're still fiance or something of of revolutional comrades in revolution we don't know but then in the end this white-haired girl got this red spot on her head very beautiful visually and then pick up a gun she joined a drama fighting for challenge to produce engineers and technicians for the new society training was expanded and the Communists said women should have equality with men with equal pay Ellis gesture was one of a new generation of women exert leniency Australian I lived if you gotta a commune is mother Soviet when Lenin said that communism is Soviet power plus electrification I decided that I should become an electrical engineer but that was my holy duty priest you and I didn't want to just draw up plans I wanted to build an electric power station that was my mission and I achieved it and the neverland one year the Revolution gave me the right to feel equal to any man it gave me the right to work to study what I wanted to study another linear per hour George it sir which is a better future Yoda Rosa was held up as an example to others we live so well our hospice is joyful in no other country well it is for the young people of us we're the happiest young people and on behalf of all young people I want to thank our party and our dear comrade silent for this joy that we have standing for so the veg most ruthless Stalin set a task buildings will but the most are you really and thanks to the fact that people trusted him and this enthusiasm of young people it was possible as well remember this was a country where people were illiterate lived in the virtual darkness war birchbark shoes even now I think it's like something like a fairy tale if the more love we love store within a college is possible one of the most difficult times to raise these great constructions I with you it was only possible through the unity of the people and the love of the people for their idol no door because for us Stalin was an idol who you have saladin us will commune teams of young activists were sent to the country with many volatility strategy Graham first we don't we went from house to house in search of illiterate people we knew grandma we made a note of their names but unnecessarily we then found suitable rooms the whole class is initiate you see for a while you design you learning to write would open new doors for those trapped at the bottom of society one woman who couldn't attend classes because of her child at home was helped by anastasia and Elizabeth yes Gazala stored civility Bellucci Anouk what would you see Martha yeah would give up if I said he has a talent for you I'll come to you so you can learn to read at home I've no real quit yes I remember physically that when the baby cried she carried on writing with one hand while she rocked him with the other emotional a Neum Bingham Alice if there's a member she was so keen to study I'll always remember her striving for knowledge and enlightenment it was immense well is the condition of women any better under socialism what little there is left well having understood the functional relationship between female subjugation and class domination many socialists anticipated that the destruction of class society with the destruction of class society that sexism would pass away men still tended to dominate the top associations and institutions and the top leadership position still I want to say that the transformations that did take place in Communists and other revolutionary societies did benefit women significantly and they represented a dramatic change in the condition of their lives from the often horrible utterly horrible oppressions they suffered in the pre-revolutionary society in countries like reactionary countries like Poland Bulgaria China Cuba Russia I mean once the revolution came in you found female educational levels rose dramatic women could enter professions which they had been previously barred from they dramatically increased their numbers in Party and parliamentary affairs to a far greater extent and in western legislators in West question Parliament's they enjoy improved health care especially prenatal and postnatal care child care assistance legal abortions which by they've just been outlawed in Poland and and in East Germany for all effects except very rare restricted measures the Marxist government of South Yemen abolished child marriages many of these countries also introduced egalitarian divorce laws in all these countries women were guarantee the right to a job in communist countries ninety percent of all women worked and prostitution was greatly reduced Hill were before the Revolution prostitution was a major industry and by the way prostitution is coming back I mean more and more of it including child prostitution as conditions throughout the third world get worse and in the United States get worse prostitution increases in Cuba one of the interesting things you had and you had it also in the GDR and a few other countries you had what we call the family the family code they were in criminal law but they were false a civil law which said that both all adults in the family had equal obligations for life maintenance tax and I remember going back to Cuba the second time in 81 I saw a housing project I'm you talking about Cuban men you know and and they couldn't see each other but they were like two balconies one there and one over there and there were these guys mopping they will not fit in Florida I was shaking stuff out hanging and they were doing housework I mean if they knew I was watching they might have died back in who knows but I mean but they were doing that and that's something I wouldn't have seen in 74 they were cold the house were closed and there was a big campaign to say it is not unmasked Yulin to to do this works and your obligation is only to help out with your wife when you help out that presumes that it's her primary responsibility your obligation is equal to be doing this to be doing this so there were these kinds of advances with all the other contradictions and all the other sex things that would still remain in these societies now with the collapse of communism and the restoration of capitalism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union women are now tasting the blessings of the free market they are now the first fired and the last hired 70% of unemployed women in East Germany and in the former Soviet Union many a very high percentage of them professional women with college education 70% of unemployed I'm sorry 70% of unemployed people are women in these countries 70 percent so unemployment has hit women much harder even even harder than men and hit men pretty hard too now new positions and training opportunities go to men first women also lost all those other services free childcare services paid maternity leave paid lead to to tend to sick children and that and the loss of those things create further obstacles to female employment the effects of the re-emergence of capitalism in the former communist countries have been catastrophic for the condition of women

  1. Feminism encourages women to work outside of motherhood. This destroys the nuclear family and leads to declining fertility rates. Men and women are biologically different and have different roles in nature. If a society wishes to exist in the future it must obey the laws of nature.

  2. Watch "Women of the Gulag" and you will see how women prospered in the communist Leninist Stalinist workers paradise

  3. yet burkina faso is still a shithole for a country and no one wants to live there…. but women’s liberation amirite!

  4. WTF WHERE IS ALBANIA ? enver practically draged women from slavery to equalety thats it people have spurned uncle hoxha to much no fucking bunker for you

  5. This is just absolute garbage.
    I hung out with left wing women in college and they are all stuck up bitches. I'm a nice guy and I all these women are just disgusting! And even worse, some of them will talk to you and lead you on and make you think that they want to fuck but in the end they're all the fucking same. Fucking stuck up bitches! Women need to learn their place. Men made Communism. Communism is European.

  6. This is one of the greatest videos i have ever seen thank you comrade these clips are priceless thank you so much

  7. In the video (8:38), the video goes on to a segment dicussing how Stalin inspired the people to do great works (a short paraphrase). Are there any books about that, or about Stalin's leadership in general?

  8. I love the change from "gets married and lives happily ever after" to "joins a revolutionary army". That should be a requirement for all remakes

  9. I never knew communism did so much for women. I'm only sixteen, but I'm beginning to to realize that socialist policies would make any country a better place to live. I just have trouble understanding what full communism would look like, and there is such a stigma against communism in the US I don't know what I can do living here to help.

  10. Hi comrade, would you mind if I mirror this on my channel? My feminist video catalog needs moar Communism!

  11. I really like this style of video, you don't see it enough on youtube, you're just letting the sources and the people speak for themselves with a bit of curation on your part.

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