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  1. 100% incorrect – fascism, ie national SOCIALISM is left wing – it is tiresome and tedious to constantly correct the ignorant

  2. I know there are many types of communists.., but the Soviet union under Stalin was very nationalistic and racist. Stalin did not like Jews either. So when I read that Hitler opposed Stalin I was actually shocked by that because those two dictators seem to of had a lot in common

  3. They are just words. Social constructs. They mean different things to different people. At the extremes political ideologies meet. Facism comes from the Latin fascis meaning bundles. It sees humans as irrational beings who can be manipulated like sheep.

  4. I never understood Fascism being considered right-wing. No one has offered a compelling argument to that point. A bigger, centralized government doesn't really strike me as a conservative ideology.

  5. I love how fascism just became a synonym for authoritarianism. This is why you get retards on the right calling antifa/leftists fascists, and people on the left calling capitalists/rightwingers fascist. Both statements are idiotic beyond believe.

  6. Ancoms can't comprehend that it's impossible to have an anarcho communist system. What if I don't want to share my property? Who will stop me? Any group that attempts to do so will be a state. Just as the cartel is a state. Any group who imposes rules by means of force, is a state. Plain and simple. They never have an adequate answer to this. You either say that the workers and/or people have a right to take your property by force which is a state; Or you agree that nobody has a right to use force unless the non-aggression principle is broken, which would be an anarcho capitalist society because no rule besides natural law and the NAP exists (anyone can do as they please as long as natural law and the NAP is followed).

  7. Geovani Gentile was a Democratic socialist..Mousolini put his ideology to reality..fascism IS LEFTIST!
    Rothbard said " capitalism allows the individual to escape the tyranny of the collective & exploitation of capitalists "

  8. Fascism is also on the left not the right anarchists would be furthest right no government so I'm calling b.s

  9. Most certainly a naive view of both sides. For a video that set out to clear up misconceptions, all you succeeded in doing was reinforcing misconceptions. Look up Dennis Wise, the Greatest Story Never Told for an intriguing other side to the story.

  10. It Seems despite communisms mucher higher death count practically everywhere its been tried you gave it an airbrushed easy ride. Useless video.
    But dont worry populism isnt facism its just the natural practical response to the damage done to our societies by hatefilled leftists.
    The reason it is so vilified by the establishment is precisely because it is challenging this leftist/liberal establishment.
    Its commonsense and the culture reasserting itself.

  11. Fascism and communism are both on the same wing…. One is the dictatorship of the proletariat, the other the dictatorship of hierarchies. The poles shd be classified as right determined by liberty, the left by equality.

  12. fascism is not a far right ideology
    it is an ideology that incorporates left and right wing politics, some call it a 3rd option
    an example of this is the nazis themselves
    they gained power with social programs then focused on ultra nationalism

  13. Communism can be very racist. The jewish pograms in the 20’s in Communist Russia. China favouring Chinese and persecuting Muslims.

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