texts to me what do teams like is it memes memes about skeletons this communism this post is 20 times funnier if you imagine a CEO shouting it at his board of directors I accidentally just wrote the Soviet onion on my paper and now I can't stop laughing layers and layers of communist propaganda did someone say layer who would win the Czar of Russia a book leader of communist China mr. ping jokes about communism aren't funny unless you share them with everyone jokes about communism aren't funny because they are basically classless jokes about communism are funny in theory but not in practice jokes about communism are funny because communism is a joke jokes about communism kill me every time just like the 100 million killed by communism I've seen some pretty great animes and I think I'm ready to make the jump to communism this onion won't make me cry the fray of the market the fray of the people the solution is not demonize in shock lifters but overthrowing capitalism this is why people make fun of communists on tumblr oh the places you go if you weren't oppressed by class society and wage labor things that are great in theory but poorly executed in reality communism boys when you wake up from a nap on capitalism still exists when you kill well over four times as many people as Hitler but nobody cares who would win global capitalism time when you have two diamonds in Minecraft but your friend has four we need communism when your mom says communism doesn't work you're fucking delusional hell I was taught to view communists versus how I view them now while so you're a communist yeah why did you become a communist memes well you know capitalism is not that great do you ever just look at your boyfriend or girlfriend and think communism will win introducing baby pod the vaginal sound system to give your fetus a concert the Communist Manifesto full audiobook YouTube our tube who would win all of communism some polish guy just one more episode just one more page just one more piece just one more try ravioli ravioli seize the profit Olli this is my linen closet shows you some towels and this is my linen closet shows you communist propaganda hashtag Bed Bath and bolsheviks hashtag communism works on paper but not on tile or marble have you considered iron curtains for your bathrooms when you have room Paul's drag race a date but revolution at nine I feel my socialist side will balance out Hello Kitty's decadent capitalism optimist the glass is half-full pessimist the glass is half-empty communists the glass belongs to the workers in capitalism the snake bourgeoisie or snores huazi are responsible for the casual oppression of the snarl at Ariat smell proletariat Carol marks like socialism before it was cool doesn't like extremists letter wheel founder of the Soviet Union ends up always being the sidekick in real life though Stalin that one asshole everyone pretends to love paranoid as fuck great photo editing skills no thinks an extreme black-and-white sometimes actually has good intentions though fiddle Castro actually not such a bad guy just has a bed Rabb let's power get to him though Kim jong-il voted biggest control freak with regimes still in power probably just an ironic communist to be honest YMCA but instead of young man they say comrade and YMCA is USSR comrade steel production is down I said comrade you must sleep on the ground I said comrade seized the factory in town there's no need to be a wage slave here comes comrade boy oh shit rise up why aren't you a Marxist it's liberating but Karl I'm only six you've got nothing to lose but your chains having sex is a lot like communism each person gives and receives equally you take turns reading from the Communist Manifesto Joseph Stalin is there such a dog's promoting communist propaganda is stupid I disagree wholeheartedly girlfriend please don't talk about politics when you meet my parents me sure babe two pints later the gentle neighbor uh shall no longer suffer Bob Ross draws a hammer me nice Bob Ross draws a sickle cause everyone needs a friend me holding back tears nice when you playing Scrabble and you cheat by making up words ethical capitalism years of government propaganda and money trying to convince them to be patriotic capitalists the youth communism want to learn all about socialism you've come to the right place socialism is fuckin stupid friend on a scale of one to ten how much do you want to kill the bourgeoisie me how to count past infinity a real boyfriend calls you his comrade in arms texts you communism will win wants to do people's war gets jealous when your memes a tanker is overprotective of the science of Marxism Leninism loves communism more than he loves you the Communist Manifesto why the fuck everything cost money after denouncing capitalists on Twitter until 452 am 510 am back to denouncing capitalists today we are learning about Wall Street when the revolution comes where will you hide she may be getting fucked hard but do you know who fucks harder the bourgeoisie over the middle and working class joined the revolution comrades capital 1 capital all roses are red grass makes you itch ready to die for your country you commie son of a bitch my little pony our little pony when you get to the communist unit in your history class I've been looking forward to this Carole Marx creates communism Karl that kills people when you give up on getting a girlfriend because you're ugly so you decide to find a communist friend who has a girlfriend when you find out your school is removing the Communist Manifesto from the library the sacred texts why does red and yellow always make me hungry a communist party membership Communist memes aren't thank you fuckin normies when you share all your pens in class but no one returns them communism hasn't worked communism works on paper but will never work in real life due to human greed true communism has never been tried Stalin did nothing wrong North Korea is secretly a utopia adventure capitalist adventure communists who would win literally half the world some guy and his book club name a more iconic duo our wait farms exists Stalin it's free real estate I'm Peter by the way I'm a socialist oh we are using our made-up names then I'm spider-man anime girls with silver hair are so cute food this folder is empty when it's Karl Marx birthday and there are no memes about him my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined me we don't starve starve starve together when you post a pro-communist meme in 1980s in the USA I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet but your kids are gonna love it Soviet agent prepares to kill me and Trotsky at the orders of Joseph Stalin 1940 colorized capitalists do you want to save don't save when the time is not yet right for the revolution so you have to hide your lust to murder the bourgeoisie when the ax craniums won't do as they're told starvation I only type in lowercase because I hate capitalism hippity-hoppity there is no property I'm Groot we are Groot four more spicy memes just like this be sure to leave a like and scrubscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other videos and thanks for watching

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  2. How come America is so against Communism. The Communist party can't run in elections, they're raised to look at Communists like devils.

  3. Communist jokes aren't funny unless everyone gets then…… Unlike food, nobody gets food under communism

  4. I am communist

  5. Did you know that the mandarin characters for hungry and language together make Russian


  6. Germany attacks france
    France: "chuckles" im in danger
    Germany attacks russia
    Russia: "chuckles" were in danger
    Russia 1942: "chuckles" your all in fukin danger

  7. mr. ping led communist china? then the seret ingredient of the noodles is that THERE ARE NO NOODLES

  8. i dont know why people place a LINK to SUBSCRIBE in their description
    i dont know if theyre conscious that theres a SUBSCRIBE BUTTON THATS CLICKABLE

  9. Soviet officer: Slaps roof of grain silo
    "We can fit so much fuckin grain in this bad boy…

    … but we won't"

  10. Like how commies say hitler wasnt a socialist. Socialism is just state run industry and hitler heavily encouraged state run industries over private owners. Usually the fewer individual right the more socialist/communist it is.

  11. I remember seeing peace land and bread by Histeria it was about Lenin complaining about tsar exploiting the poor, at one part in the song it said "To a Russia where you ate food every day!" Yeah, they fucked up on that one

  12. Spongebob: But Patrick, that is my money
    Patrick: Have you ever heard about ShArInG?
    (Soviet Union National Anthem Begins)

  13. If i steal something in the U.S.S.R is that a crime. I dont think so cause every thing there is ours

  14. 0:34, it says “fictional character” which makes sense because China’s leaders never did shit about anything

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