Combined S. Korea-U.S. air drill to be smaller scale than usual this month: Pentagon

Seoul and Washington will hold a
combined arrow drill as they usually do during the winter season in mid-november
but the exercise will be scaled back this is largely seen as part of efforts
to leave room for nuclear diplomacy with North Korea Kim Jiyeon explains further the Pentagon has made its intentions
clear on an issue that has been the talk of the town among defense circles in
South Korea the u.s. vice director of the Joint Staff Admiral William Bernsen
in a press briefing Thursday that the Allies winter-time joint air drill will
be held in mid-november however he stressed it will be on a
smaller scale than the vigil and ace exercise which was suspended last year
to support diplomatic efforts to denuclearize North Korea he didn’t
specify the number of personnel or aircraft that would participate but said
the upcoming drill is to maintain readiness while allowing US diplomats
room to continue negotiations with North Korea the regime commonly condemns their
maneuvers as a rehearsal for invasion Seoul’s Defense Ministry remained
tight-lipped on the matter of reiterating its working closely with the
u.s. to finalize plans the ministry’s taciturn response had led to conflicting
local media reports that had been quoting a statement from another
Pentagon source that the two sides will hold the combined flying training event
as scheduled referring to the exercise astra vigilant ace south korean media
outlets also cited sources are saying this year’s drill could be held under a
different name similar to last December’s exercise in which the two
countries air forces conducted the drills separately without the
participation of US strategic assets such as b-1b Lancer bombers the combined
part of that drill was carried out by pettalia nor units smaller than that
aimed at data linking to tests of u.s. fighter jets flying into airspace
outside Korea could still properly receive real-time data from South Korean
reconnaissance planes scenarios included verifying the main targets in North
Korea should a War break out Kim Jiyeon Arirang news


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