Comali – Official Trailer (Tamil) | Jayam Ravi, Kajal Aggarwal | Hiphop Tamizha

You were in coma until now, da – For how many days?
– Just 16 years, da SIXTEEN YEARS?! Bro, I’m ready I thought you’ll be like Jayam Ravi
You look like ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi – Chennai has become like America
– Do you know how America is like now? We used to bathe in a stream – Yes
– Let’s do that We are walking on that stream! 2 tea and 1 cigarette Give me the balance
I have to go, bro Hey! This is only the balance ‘He has lost 16 long years of his life’ So if he wishes
for something, fulfill it Aiyo! Your jeans is torn Everybody is looking – What brings you here?
– We came to meet someone – Who?
– Nikitha Krishnamurthy – Tell me, she is my wife
– No, she’s my girlfriend What does he mean? Nikitha…! Doctor, before his coma
he was in love with Nikitha That’s why we are here, doctor Dropping a letter
and staring like Cupid! Throwing a flower and smiling
like Casanova are out-dated This is love That is not love ‘Vallavan’ No chance you’ll know, sir It’s a matter between
your wife and me 16 years ago – What ‘matter’, uncle?
– Keep quiet, baby I thought I was first! “No one can hold a candle to you” “We are ‘made for each other’ true” You are a scoundrel
with none of these privileges Wave whatever magic wand you have! In case we come to the streets …only you are responsible for it “I want you daily, my love so true” NOOOO! “I want you daily in my life anew” ‘Office calling’ – Break that…break that damn device
– No…no…no…! BREAK IT! “Joker, jester, prankster” – Which year are we in?
– 2016 Look here if you don’t trust me ‘I will enter politics for sure’ Hey! This is 1996 Whom are you trying to fool? ‘ComaLi
The Clown’ subtitled by rekhs

  1. പടം ഇന്ന് കണ്ടു.. കിടലം കോമഡി എന്റർടൈൻമെന്റ്..

  2. 96 சம கலாய் சேகரு செந்தன்டா உண்மையான கோமாளி ரஜினி

  3. Total movie was a blast… Nice message to everyone on earth… Jayam ravi anna, Yogi babu anna, Varun hacker brother semme acting…

  4. വെത്യസ്തമായ സിനിമ കാണണമെങ്കിൽ ഇങ്ങേരെ പടം കാണണം…ജയംരവി ഇസ്‌തം 😍😘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕

  5. മലയാളീസിന് ഒത്തുകൂടാനുള്ള നൂൽ 😁

  6. semma fun filled movie i watched in theatre really superb jeyamravi and yogi babu acting was outstanding inthe movie

  7. So nice jayam Ravi Anna always all movie is different story so cute this so nice who jayam Ravi Anna fan like here and who like the trailer like here god bless you all 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  8. ரஜினி ஒரு எச்ச…. தொட நடுங்கி…. ஒரு RSS மணநிலை கொண்டவன்…..

  9. Samaa movie 👌recalling old memories…..🤩Athu oru azhagiya 🌛 kaalam 😍 90s kids lam oru like poduga… 👍

  10. They have removed the RAJINI dialogue 'NAAN ARASIYALUKKU VARUVADHU URUDHI'. Really annoying to see it removed. Bastards.

  11. ஹீரோ 10 பொண்ணுங்கள Love பண்ணி 100 பேரை அடிச்சு நம்மளை மண்டை காய வைக்கிற Movie இது இல்லை ….இது உண்மையாகவே நகைச்சுவையான சூப்பரான சூப்பரான சூப்பரான படம் ….எல்லாரும் பார்க்கணும்

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