Coco Peru Interviews Jane Fonda: "Newsroom and Aaron Sorkin" (2/4) | LA LGBT Center

now you're on Allen Sorkin's HBO show the newsroom you play a CEO of the network Leona Lansing which is based on well it's named after Leona Helmsley Helmsley a very Lansing but it's really Rupert Murdoch marinated in Ted Turner right you know I just I'm a lot of people have said watching you on that show it looks like Jane is having a lot of Oh God are you oh my lord I'm not in very much I'm what's called a recurring guest star under this honey honey just be grateful you're not saying it's come to this but uh oh I mean his rising and I thought I know I'm gonna do a movie in a couple of weeks and I hadn't heard anything from the newsroom right it was in the first episode of the second season which will start to air in July and so I thought well nobody's calling me I guess that's it for me and then and then on a Wednesday I get a script and the whole end of this is five pages of me that ends the seventh episode of the second season with a scene that I mean I would have slept with Aaron together I didn't even have to sleep with anybody to get this thing maybe it's because I didn't sleep with him that he wrote it is one of the great scenes is it disease beside the car this you haven't seen this no no this is gonna be this next one oh my god now we can't wait I get to say to Jeff Daniels oh shut the up you Daniel Craig wanna be among other very good one-liners I love saying that and you say it's so well

  1. Oh trust me kid you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. You want bible quotes? I'll give you some if you really want them and I do have to say that they aren't quite pleasant.

  2. Feel the wrath of the Spaghetti Monster! If you do not follow him than you will never reach his holy meat balls!

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