CNN’s Chris Cuomo DESTROYS Tea Party Republican For Lying About FISA Warrant

During an interview on CNN this week with
Chris Cuomo, Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican from the state of Ohio, thought
he could get away with lying about what was actually in the Nunes memo, and more importantly,
about how FISA Courts and the FBI operate in general. Luckily, Chris Cuomo would have none of it
on his show, and he absolutely popped Jordan for repeatedly lying throughout the segment. Take
a look. You’re arguing the old meme of correlation
equals causation, and it’s not the same thing. Maybe he didn’t know what their guidelines
were. There could be a thousand reasons, who cares. Oh my goodness. They vetted the individual material themselves
and they built on it, and I’ll tell you what’s shocking to me, Jim. You don’t know that. Especially for a nuts and bolts guys like
you. You don’t know that. No, you don’t know it. You don’t know it. No, no. You don’t know that. You don’t know any of this Jim. You actually, you actually … You didn’t even read the application. You’re rusting Trey Goudy who wants to resign
rather than stay a part of this. Well no one has. No one has read the application because they
won’t let us to. I asked Christopher Wray, hey let us see the
application. I asked him in committee two months ago. I said show me the application. Show the whole world the application. We can clear this all up. And you called this … They won’t show it to us. Jim, why would you call it a secret court? All you’re trying to do is undermine confidence
in it. It was made by legislators. It’s a law, the FISA court. Chris. It’s not a secret court. They’re not in the woods. Now those are just a few of the highlights
out of that interview. The full link with the full video is in the
description of this video. But here’s the thing. Cuomo is actually very, very quickly becoming
one of the champions, I guess, of truth telling. I’m not saying that he’s the most honest person
out there, but what I am saying is he is not letting Republicans come on his show and tell
blatant lies to the American public, something that most Republicans are not prepared to
battle against. Jim Jordan was outwitted, outmatched, outplayed,
outmaneuvered, out-everything, by Chris Cuomo in that interview, and typically I’m not one
to sit there and make fun of the way somebody looks because, well I look like this, but
I will point out that Jim Jordan, as he sits there lying to the American public, looks
like a little weasel. He looks like some kind of rodent that really
shouldn’t be trusted. I make no apologies for calling out this man
and his greasy little look, trying to get away with lying about how things are working,
because he is damaging our democracy and sometimes people like that are a little bit ripe for
ridicule, just like Jim Jordan is. This is a guy who has no qualms, no reservations
whatsoever about telling people things that he knows are not true, and luckily he did
it on a show where Cuomo wasn’t going to have it. Cuomo correctly pointed out that Jim Jordan
has not read the FISA warrant, that nobody has. We don’t know, and yet that still didn’t stop
Jordan from sitting there and telling us what was in the warrant, even though he hasn’t
seen it and he really has no idea whatsoever. Jim Jordan is basically part of the Republican
disease in Washington DC, that threatens everything about this democratic republic. He threatens everything that this country
is supposed to stand for. He’s sitting there lying about how the FBI
works. He’s lying about what the FBI did or did not
tell the FISA court because we now know according to Nunes himself that yeah, the FBI did disclose
that they were using the dossier and they told him everything he wanted to know about
the dossier. Jim Jordan, apparently didn’t watch that segment
of Nunes on Fox and Friends, where he admitted that. Maybe he should go back and see that so that
all of these moronic Republicans can get their talking points on the same page, so that you
don’t have idiots out there admitting they lied and then more idiots coming back later
to try to tell the same lies that their party already debunked. That’s the problem with Republicans. You start one lie, but then you don’t let
everybody else know that you’re going to come forward and admit that it was a lie. Then everybody from that point forward just
kind of looks a little dumber when they go on TV. Hopefully Chris Cuomo continues to bring these
people onto his show and point out their hypocrisy and more important, their stupidity, because
we need a little bit more of that in the media. We need people like Chris Cuomo who are willing
to hold people’s feet to the fire and more importantly to call them out when they try
to lie to the American public.

  1. Chris Cuomo is a breath of fresh air in cable news journalism. I love to see him calling out the bullshit and stompin' on it!

  2. Listen Linda listen, you’re not listening to me but you’re not listening to me. How do you know? You don’t know that? 😂Jim Jordan is a unpatriotic lying 🤥 Trump supporter. Fuck you Jim

  3. Stupid republicans just can't stop lying it's like a bad disease that is affecting the whole party they're infected with some kind of immorality that hasn't been seen in politics in a very long time it's corrupt and if you want better than this then register and vote for better than this

  4. I said it once I said it twice and will say it again. Chris Cuomo simply doesn't fuck around when he's interviewing idiots.

  5. This guy will go on to fox and won't get challenged by there reporters which is where you would like to see happen… People won't change if they love Trump or hate him…I didn't like the guy from along time ago especially not to be a political figure but I didn't have a vote I never thought America could vote for someone who lies none stop if you lie about stupid little things how could I trust you with huge things I can't simple..

  6. I wouldn't exactly call this "destroys", although he does win the debate.
    If you really want to see "destroys", watch this clip of a British reporter, annihilating Donald Trump, when he tweeted garbage this week about Britain's National Health service.

  7. CNN are cherrypicking news not very objective about any news at all…dont get me wrong its good that Cuomo calls out the lies from the Whitehouse but all this is just strategy…How about real news like the political corruption in both political parties, medical bancruptcies, healthcare crisis or stagnant wages, perhaps climate change, polluted water crisis or oilspills..etc..but that aint going to happen when all six major newsmedia organisations are owned by corporations with an agenda and not objective news reporting….

  8. before you talk about grown up things yanks…. first start to pronounce DOSSIER correctly ….. you do realize it is fucking french what the fuckkkkkkkkkkk is a dossiejee ????? Any idea yanks ? No …. because it doesn't exist !!!!!!! You yanks are so fucking dumb……. eyyyyyyyy New rule yanks : Stick to your filthy yank language let us Europeans do the REAL languages allright !!!!!!!!!!!!! Good …… because you need to be lined up and SHOT only for that fucking STUPIDITY I have to look at and listen to everyyyyyyyyyyyy fucking single day !!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I bet every republican thinks the opposite — that Jordan 'cucked' cuomo. I think that Cuomo "got 'em" — but I'm definitely not part of the trump train.

    This is the hard part about the current political discourse — it is (almost) impossible to take an L. Your side just thinks you won….

    Also, shouts to Chris for calling a statistical fallacy a meme.

  11. I have to ask. Are Robert Mueller and James Comey good and decent men? If the answer is yes, then are they Republicans? If the answer is also yes, then we have a paradox. You can either be a good man or you can be a Republican. But you cant be both. . . . . . . . .CHOOSE!

  12. Republitard Pea Tarty bigots, desperate for any shred of truth they can build their hate on, continue to step on their own ignorance. Mid terms are coming and rats bailing off this ship of fools. Trumpanzee wont sign sanctions against Russia? WTF! Why? What does Putin have on him. He's attacked everyone in the world, but Putin gets a pass? Why? What does Putin have on Donnie Little Hands?

  13. Jim Jordon is one of the Koch Brothers’ Prostitutes. No love for truth or our Constitution or our heroic FBI. He is an enemy of Democracy…Treason!

  14. I wish CNN or MSNBC would hire Farron for an hour show. He'd check those lying weasels like an NFL cornerback. All that weaving and dodging…Farron would have none of it, pal!

  15. Republicans are fake news and have Never been afraid to look dumb. they have been attacking the intellectual and appeal to the lowest common denominator for a reason

  16. LMAO, Nunes has already admitted his memory was. based off of lies that he was too lazy to actually read what comes across his desk… It's hilarious how much more the government is corrupt since the pussy grabbing Cheeto became Fuher and chief.

  17. The problem with CUOMO pushing back on their LIES is that they wont come back on his show .. and CUOMO needs these liars to continue having a show !!

  18. Jim Jordan is a perfect example of what the republican party represents, come November remember him and his lies.

  19. All I can is that I have never been wrong reading people in my entire life. Not mostly, not usually, always read people right to their core. It has saved me from a lot of troubles and headaches in my life. I am not sure when I saw this Drump man on TV for the first time maybe 30 years ago. He made me sick, really really sick in my stomach. Everything about him was negative and dark. I couldn't stand the man. Here we are…………….That's all I have to say.

  20. Wow dude, you're going for the championship of liars trophy with this bullshit aren't you. I mean almost everything you say here is a flat out lie and Cuomo lied his ass off and deflected during that entire interview.

  21. When did uncle Fester's son get his own TV show? Can he make a room light up by sticking a light bulb in his mouth like his dad? And what is this bald headed stooge so angry about?

  22. True reporters like Cuomo who know how things work, who aren't there just to look pretty or handsome, reporters who want to ask questions and get real answers.

    More of those please news companies!

  23. Notice how this freak still uses the "democrat" bullshit from Frank Luntz? It sound like rat! durr huuurr hrrrrrr….fucking inbred idiots.

  24. Are you kidding me? THIS is your example of Cuomo telling the truth? Just about everything he said in that clip was bs. Not to mention his terrible composure. You even admit that he is not the "most honest man in the world". Yet he is your champion of truth? You really, really have to do better if you want to convince people.

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  26. Too many people mock those who don't agree with fascism because they either don't understand what the word means or they're fascists themselves. From Trump to the average neo-nazi in the street, the cry "Antifa" is used as a derogatory term against those with a bit more savvy than they have.

    I'd like to propose an "anti-bullshit" movement for obvious reasons. It's a term most people can understand. Just wait until right-wing morons (including Trump) start pointing at people like Cuomo, Farron, Colbert, Kimmel and many, many others and yell "Antibu" like it's the same insult.

    The instant response should be a slam-dunk – "So you're for bullshit? You want that? You're that stupid?" They might as well all be wearing t-shirts with the words "I'm with stupid" and an arrow pointing up.

  27. Umm….I don't think you know what the word destroys means. Especially when part of that "destruction" consists of Cuomo trying to put forth that maybe the FBI didn't know the regulations for submitting a FISA warrant. Oh, and Cuomo starts, in this video, with a lie ("it was made by legislation") so there's that. Couldn't you at least try to be honest for once?

  28. I like Cuomo 😊 yes his surname sounds like a 1960's washing powder, but thats beside the point 😊 doesnt take any rubbish from K.A.C and her cronies including this Jim Jordan cretin xxxx

  29. When the military fights war for MY causes: veganism, animal rights antinatalism, to reverse anthropogenic global warming (AGW), legalize all drugs, free all prisoners, THEN I'll respect them.

  30. What really makes me mad is, they yell all over you and when you prove them wrong they don't acknowledge their wrong and continue to try to talk all over you.

  31. I love your show, but please don't insult weasels and rodents by comparing them to republicans. Weasels and rodents are very nice animals. Rats are known to show altruism, something republicans never do. And weasels are very productive, something trump could never be. Compare them to infectious puss or something, but not weasels and rodents.

  32. I guess you’ve missed the news this morning. The Republicans just passed a budget that will add +100 billion to the debt AND they’re removing the debt ceiling, adding trillions to the deficit. This comes after a HUGE tax cut for billionaires. If you think any of this will be good for the US you’re as stupid as the president. Oh and the stock market just had two of the largest single day drops in history…just the beginning. Next they’re going to come after SS and Medicare. Oh wait, tRump PROMISED he won’t go there. Enjoy your peanuts…while you can.


  34. Did you play the wrong edited version of this so-called debate my man? Anyway you're the one who sounds like a pathetic little weasel. By the way we're going to find out The truth pretty soon here when our commander-in-chief declassifies the facts which Jim Jordan was trying to convey to this fake news hack who kept rudely interrupting him. Anyway enjoy the truth; have a good time trying to digest it 🖕.

  35. "One of the champions of truth-telling"… What a bold-faced bullshit lie. Cuomo is no different than Jordan.

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