CNN Hosts Most Shameful Debate Yet

One of the busiest 24 hours of news in a long
time, so let’s get right into it. We had democratic presidential debate number seven last night
and it was the most shameful one so far in terms of the hosting and the anchoring done
yesterday by CNN. Of course, as you probably now know, CNN on
Monday published this exclusive report about how Bernie Sanders in 2018 supposedly told
Elizabeth Warren that a woman can’t win the presidency, and then there was the pretext
of that used to create drama during the debate exactly as I predicted would be done and in
general we’ll get to that. But in general, CNN filled the debate with
baiting questions and split screens, trying to get people to fight. Basically nobody took the bait and that was
actually a good decision by the candidates. They wasted time with these open ended questions
like what makes you qualified to be president, which at this late stage of the game, just
weeks before the first votes are lame, worthless West waste of time. Questions. CNN wrote a follow up questions in advance,
which makes sense to have, but the questions ignored the candidates actual answers. So the debate was filled with followup questions
from CNN that were complete nonsequitors completely ignoring what the candidates were actually
saying. Really embarrassing. And the biggest example of this was when they
asked Bernie about when he supposedly told Elizabeth Warren a woman couldn’t win. Bernie denied it. And they go right to Elizabeth Warren saying,
how did you feel when Bernie said a woman couldn’t win? Bernie just denied it. And they skip over asking Elizabeth Warren. Well, Bernie denies it. Can you clarify? Are you sure? He said it was their context. Nothing. Look at this embarrassing moment from yesterday’s
debate. CNN reported yesterday that and Senator Sanders,
Senator Warren confirmed it, a statement that in 2018 you told her that you did not believe
that a woman could win the election. Why did you say that? Well, as a matter of fact, I didn’t say it. Uh, and I don’t want to waste a whole lot
of time on this because this is what Donald Trump and maybe some of the media want. Anybody knows me, knows that it’s incomprehensible
that I would think that a woman can not be president of the United States. Go to YouTube today. There’s some video of that of me 30 years
ago talking about how a woman could become president of the United States in 2015 I deferred. In fact, the Senate award was a movement to
draft Senator Warren to run for president. And you know what I said, stayed back. Senator Warren decided not to run and I did. I did run afterwards. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3
million votes. How could anybody in a million years not believe
that a woman could become president of the United States? And let me be very clear if any of the women
on this stage or any of the men on this stage win the nomination. I hope that’s not the case. But if they are, you will do everything in
my power to make sure that they are elected in order to the feet, the most dangerous president
in the history of our country. So Senator Sanders, Senator Sanders, I do
want to be clear here, yours saying that you never told Senator Warren
that a woman could not win the election. That is correct. Senator Warren, what did you think when Senator
Sandra Sanders told you a woman could not win the election? I disagreed. Bernie says, I didn’t say it. Next question is, Hey Elizabeth, what did
you think of of uh, what did you think of Bernie saying that this is not how you run
a debate and then afterwards they premised a full question round on it going to other
people with the title on screen saying, what do you say to people who think a woman can’t
win the election? It’s like who nobody has admitted to saying
that Bernie just denied. Having said that, it was almost a Saturday
night live parody of what a debate would look like. But unfortunately it was the actual debate. Now, by the way, not to Pat myself on the
back, but word for word, I called, how this would go down two days ago. I tweeted on Monday prediction, when it comes
up tomorrow, Warren will refer to Bernie as her friend and Bernie will say, of course
a woman can be president, but the moderators will keep going. Check out what Elizabeth Warren said. I disagreed. Bernie is my friend and I am not here to try
to fight with Bernie. And then Bernie Sanders later getting the
opportunity to clarify and literally use the words I tweeted on Monday. Of course a woman can be president. This is no big Pat on my back. It’s that obvious how it would go and with
what CNN would try to do with it, we could anticipate how Elizabeth Warren and Bernie
Sanders would handle it. Now on policy, there were some interesting
moments. The candidates were asked, would you bring
all troops home from the middle East? No one said yes. And this tricked some people. Elizabeth Warren said she would bring all
combat troops home. That’s playing coy with combat versus peacekeeping. Okay. And you have to understand that when I tweeted
about this last night, a few people wrote back and said, no, Warren said she would bring
everybody home. No, she said she would get combat troops out
of the region. That is way of not really answering the question. Bernie Sanders for example, a lot of people
thought, no, he, he said he would bring them all home. Bernie Sanders listed things that we would
be better off having troops do than be in the middle East, but Bernie also didn’t say
that they would all come, come home and this is actually not shocking. It would be unrealistic for a presidential
candidate who understands anything about geopolitics to say every troop is coming home from the
middle East because the reality is some troops are going to stay in some places in the middle
East, whether Bernie’s president, whether Warren’s president, whether Biden’s president
or whether Trump is reelected president. That’s just being realistic. But if you listen to how they said it, none
of them said they’re all coming home. There was a discussion about healthcare costs. Bernie was asked about the price of his plan
and he was asked multiple times, don’t we deserve to hear the price tag? Bernie has given us the price tag and now
you can argue Bernie’s price tag is wrong if you want to. That’s a legitimate conversation to have,
but to continue to pretend that Bernie has never addressed the cost of his plan. Again, more of this staging by CNN, which
we’ll have more about tomorrow, that was adversarial to Bernie to save a lease. They also focused on the cost of healthcare
without ever mentioning the cost of Wars or military interventions, which is very typical
in these sort of establishment debates when it comes to foreign policy. Pete boot edge edge didn’t have a particularly
good night. Often his answers were very consultant like
in a way he would state what the problem is, uh, in society or in the economy and say that
we must fix it. And then his time was up that those aren’t
solutions. It’s not policy to restate what the problem
is. It’s great that he understands the problem. He sounded good doing it in his polished way,
but not a particularly good night for Pete. Buddha, judge, the topic of free college came
up again and once again booted judge repeating this thing about, I don’t want the children
of rich people to go to school for free. This is the wrong position. If you have a system where everybody pays
in on the basis of their income in order to fund a tuition free state schools, if the
rich are paying in, their kids should be able to get it. Otherwise the rich will start arguing. We shouldn’t have to pay into something that
we can’t benefit from. Remember, most of them are going to go to
private schools anyway. Mayor Pete is just wrong on this. Let them get their free tuition to a state
school if they want to go because they paid in. It’s a policy disagreement and I think he’s
flat wrong on it. Lastly, Tom Stier actually didn’t do bad billionaire. Tom Stire bought his way into the debates. I don’t support him. I don’t think we need another billionaire
president. I don’t plan to vote for Tom Stier, but yesterday
he actually did. Okay. He brought up climate change a couple of times
when it went well. Here’s one clip of Tom Stier does white climate is my number one priority
and I’m still shocked that I’m the only person on this stage who will say this. I would declare a state of emergency on day
one on climate. I would, I would do it from the standpoint
of environmental justice and make sure we go to the black and Brown communities where
you can’t breathe the air or drink the water that comes out of the tap safely. But I also know this, we’re going to create
millions of good paying union jobs across this country. It’s going to be the biggest job program in
American history, so I know we have to do it. I know we can do it and I know that we can
do it in a way that makes us healthier, that makes us better paid and is more just Stire did better than Pete Buddha judge. He did better than Amy Klobuchar, and in fact,
he did better than Joe Biden as well, who was extraordinarily low energy yesterday,
and Biden probably benefited from not getting as much speaking time if I recall as Elizabeth
Warren and as Bernie Sanders. So who won the debate? If you evaluate yesterday’s debate from the
perspective of the average person, I believe this was a defacto win for Biden. This doesn’t mean Biden did anything great. Remember, the more Biden talks, the worse
it is for him. But CNN did what we knew they would do. They successfully pulled Warren and Bernie
into this story about whether or not Bernie said a woman can’t win. They did an entire round of questions about
it on policy. Warren did fine, Bernie did fine. There was nothing new or surprising about
the policies they were advocating for. They’ve been doing it for six prior debates
to yesterday, seventh debate, but low energy. Biden was able, as I predicted, to just talk
about policy and even though he kind of bumbled through it, it frames him as presidential. And the net effect yesterday with Amy Klobuchar
being a non-factor, Tom Stire basically a non-factor booted judge certainly didn’t do
anything to claw his way back into this thing. The de facto result is Biden gets another
couple of weeks now where he remains the front runner with no major obvious blunder, despite
just not sounding good at all. That is going to pull him out of first place. I know that to you and I, we watched this
stuff closely. Biden’s seemed slow, confused at times, centrist
policies that don’t appeal to me. But if you think about this through the average
voters eyes, the muddled Bernie versus Warren thing is not going to take Biden out of first
place. In fact, it’s going to perpetuate it. And that was exactly the goal of the Bernie
smear that started on Monday. So overall, a completely botched debate following
the predictable CNN playbook to a T, tell me where I’m wrong. Checkout some of the things I was tweeting
as the debate was going on last night at D, Pacman, and tell me where you disagree.

  1. I have tuned out of the debates, and have opted to investigate the candidates policies on their website. CNN are not good faith actors, you know things are bad when Mika and Joe on MSNBC criticize CNN commentators.

  2. Hold on a second. I agree that Cnn's reporting that Bernie didn't think that a woman could be elected president in 2020 was a shameless attempt at trying to portray him as sexist. However let's not be twisted trumpist. Bernie was asked did he say that,. He said "no." Warren then said she "disagreed. Not yup he didn't say that. Someone lied. Cnn's reporting, though shameless, is factual. Doesn't make Bernie a sexist.

  3. My guy is Bernie. I was also supporting Elizabeth Sanders and donating to her. She lost me on this last the bait. I will not donate to her again. If she becomes the nominee I will support her. She lost me though. Not just the burny stuff but wanting to pull every single troop out of the Middle East. I disagree that would make things unsafe. It's a crazy world over there and we should have some sort of forces

  4. I saw this during debate.. seemed a bizzar question to Warren after Bernie denied saying it. Doesn't look good. Makes me not like Warren.

  5. At end of day, I still yang gang.. but I actually like Tom Styer. He always says good stuff and sounds human. I like Bernie. The rest are lizards

  6. They framing of questions and apparent lack of listening to candidate’s responses told me that CNN doesn’t care about the policies, just the ratings.
    It was a sh$&show that seemed especially determined to portray Bernie and Warren (the progressives) negatively. My least favorite debate of the primaries.

  7. Warren has lost all respect. And these moderators were there with a very obvious agenda. President Bernie continues to have my respect, support and most importantly BERNIE HAS MY VOTE ❤️💪🏻🇺🇸

  8. 1:46 I had a different interpretation when I watched it. They assumed that Warren was correct because (it seemed to me) that they were taking the hyper-PC position that you should always believe and never doubt a woman who claims to be a victim of sexism (in the absence of irrefutable evidence to the contrary). Apart from that, I didn't think it was a terrible debate (I only watched the first part). The discussion on Iraq was good, and Bernie gave a great answer about being ready to fully support whichever candidate who wins, because it's most important to remove the most dangerous president in history
    Edit: also, the CNN article claimed 4 witnesses knew of Bernie's sexist comment, so it's hard to argue against

  9. Why do we have to have our debates through a single corporate media outlet? Why not have the debates in a different venue and allow the news people to participate IF they donate to the venue? LOL

  10. I'm disappointed that Warren would stoop so low! So what is the answer for CNN, how can we stop them from resorting to their tactics?

  11. anerica went full circle ignorant when clinton gave the media the right to buy up every competitor and push the desires of 6 major corporations…obama pushed private charter schools quietly and now betsy devos is on overdrive to push them …actually after massive education cuts ..this budget 9 billion .. mostly with a evangelical slant in 2 generations creating braindead soldiers for jesus…they want armageddon or are the uktimate jim baker con jobs who just want to control the world …how rhe fuck did trump end up with paula white as the w.h.spiritual advisir ? the biggest con in the game oh i firgot the enture administration are cons …either the path of america must be stopped ..And all half you idiots care about are your guns
    pls start a civil war… .

  12. David, wtf what the heckity heck?? Hearing your intro, I braced myself for the worst of CNN's sly yet crude spin, but all I got was you either mistakenly or willfully ignoring the crux of this mess. It came in Elizabeth Warren's disingenuous answer to the question you are complaining about. At first I was with you—for the reporter to listen to Bernie expressly deny making that comment, and then blithely ask Warren how she felt when Bernie "made" it seems idiotic at best, and shamelessly provocative at worst. It looks like something we should call out as worthy of condemnation; I agreed with you on that. Until I heard Warren's answer! She disagreed?! What does she mean? That answer not only says that Bernie DID make such a comment to her—a slap in the face to his denial seconds before—but also that she wants us to know it, and is seeking an indirect way of telling us. o_O David, what are you doing? Are you getting enough sleep? Please tell me I missed something (it has to be something major!) Warren's answer seems appalling to me, and in an instant, by giving us a frightful glimpse into Warren's disingenuous mind, completely exonerates the reporter, though only by pure luck. Please respond—what gives?!

  13. What's most ironic about all of this was when Bernie went to the Fox town hall, he was treated better there than by any of the other media outlets.

  14. It really was a disgrace. CNN should be fucking ashamed of themselves. Who was that hack moderator asking the questions? I get that she was probably just following CNN's orders to stir some shit up, but she should be banned from journalism for being such a worthless hack.

  15. I really Shirley hope that Bernie Sanders takes the gloves off it's time to go to battle for real for real quit being nice Bernie handle these motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. It wasn’t CNN. It wasn’t the moderators. It was Bernie’s obvious lie about what he said to Elizabeth Warren, and how upset she was at him for lying about it, questioning her credibility.

    Here’s a news flash: Bernie cannot walk on water.

  17. Warren is only there to split Bernie's progressive support. Take his supporters and combine them with the ones Warren is sucking and that is the real double digit lead Bernie would have over Biden. Stop letting the DNC split Bernie's support.

  18. I believe him about Medicare for all. I believe him for the Green New Deal. I believe he will revolutionize the way campaign finance is done in this country. I believe he will bets Donald Trump. I believe he is a compassionate honorable decent trustworthy man. I believe him.

  19. This comment section is full of poorly sexism!
    Men can disagree even sharply and attack each other even in very mean and rude ways without anyone criticising them for it but already the smallest confrontation between a woman and someone else is “backstabbing”, betrayal and morally low.

  20. Warren refused to shake his hand after the debate. According to cnn and her supporters logic means she must be an anti-semite

  21. Bernie might have said it, was he wrong? Not that he doesn't want one to win, a woman cannot win in this country. That's the sad true.

  22. to Pete butjob,If the rich pay for the roads they should not be able to use tehm,they shoud use private planes and helicopters to travel….got dammm stupid ppl.

  23. If Bernie can’t even turn to Warren and ask her why a “friend” would leak that conversation to the media? How is he supposed to stand up to Trump?

  24. I wish Elizabeth had not pulled the ‘women card’! I mean, I don’t walk around being a woman, I walk around being a person! And she just made an idiot of herself as far as I’m concerned! The ‘woman’ card didn’t need to be pulled! We’re all aware that she’s a woman! And then she proceeded, on national tv to confront him in a very unprofessional manner. She just proved to me that she is too emotional to be president! This is a petty issue! Bernie now has my vote!

  25. The worst lines IMO came from Klobuchar. Instead of her previous reasons for opposing Medicare For All (which are all dumb), she literally said it's because a lot of Pelosi-style Dems don't support it. Purely argument by authority. And during the discussion about a woman being President, they tried to ask Amy a specific question. Yet after the trigger happy launch of her prepared speech, it took 3 tries to shut her up long enough for them to ask the question.

  26. You're wrong about one thing, David. This debate wasn't "botched." Like you said, this kind of moderation muddies the waters and keeps the public uninformed. That's great for Biden. CNN set up this travesty on purpose, to prop up Biden.

  27. Why are people still talking about Bernie or Andrew yang? Would you rather have higher taxes and let the government decide what to do with your money? Or would you rather have UBI where yes taxes are higher, but you get 12k a year to decide what to do with your money. It's not about Giving money to poor people, and why do rich people need 12k money, it's about "YOU" having the decision to do what you want with your money instead of the government. Considering 12% of Americans agree with Congress.

  28. Arf. Well, CNN are your people. They've essentially been trying to engineer a coup for the last 3 years and you've been cheering them on every second.

  29. Warren was smirking when the question was asked of Bernie, it was a set up. I think it back fired on her. But, this subject is still realistically needs to be questioned, if a woman would win? Trump has to go, whoever can actually beat him is first and foremost.

  30. If biden is a choice to draw in moderate elderly, well, I would much rather see billionaire Tom. At least he seems passionate about real issues and definitely has businesses sense

  31. How do we know Bernie is telling the truth though? You just assume Warren is lying. If she was a man you’d believe him

  32. The more I watch Pakman, the more I like him. He has really well thought out yet simple takes on things and it's refreshing.

  33. Abby Phillips (the CNN so-called moderator) somehow managed to avoid most of the blame. People talk about Elizabeth Warren and CNN. There are mentions of a shameful "CNN moderator". Well, she has a name. It's time Abby Philips take the blame for her outrageous question

  34. That debate moderators have been worthless in all these debates but particularly in this debate!!! That BIASED BITCH who said that BERNIE said that SHIT even though he clearly said he didn't say it should be SLAPPED down just as hard as Warren needs to be SLAPPED down too for being A LYING ASS BITCH!!!

  35. And Joy Reid (AM Joy MSNBC) smeared Bernie on her show this weekend! I was shocked- she did this with one guest saying Bernie's posture and body language showed he was lying blah blah blah ! I've lost some respect for Joy Reid to do this! 🙁

  36. and why that question is important? how writes this stupid questions ? trump?fire those moderators…..that's not a debate ?

  37. Just seems incredibly unlikely?
    If Warren is standing up for women, please do it, instead of wasting time with petty identity politics??

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