CNN Deceptively Hides Bernie’s MASSIVE LEAD Over Trump

Okay, so there are these polls that become
more and more popular the closer we get to the primaries and eventually to election day
and they are called hypothetical match-ups. If the Democratic nominee were, would you
vote for Biden or Trump? If the Democratic nominee were Bernie Sanders
or Elizabeth Warren, would you vote for Bernie or Warren or would you vote for Donald Trump? And the idea is to start getting an assessment,
not just of who’s popular within the Democratic primary, but who might fare better in the
general election against Donald Trump. Now all the normal caveats and disclaimers
have to be applied. We are still, uh, what is it, 14 months out
from the election. Uh, these are not going to be a necessarily
the same numbers that we would get in November of 2020. Um, they still don’t account for what would
potentially take place geo politically and domestically between now and the election. But it’s an idea. It gives us a sense of sort of where things
are with some of these hypothetical matchups. CNN did the most deceptive thing where they
put up the results, the results out of order, which just so happened to make Bernie Sanders
look far weaker than he actually is. So first I’m going to play the clip from CNN,
then we’ll look more closely at the images. And the important thing to know is that this
is information from a Quinnipiac poll, and according to this Quinnipiac poll, the Democrat
with the biggest lead against Trump is Biden. Biden is plus 16 over Trump in this poll. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you believe
it or not, because the point is, is CNN accurately representing the results? Biden is plus 16. Bernie is plus 14 over Trump and Warren is
plus 12, meaning Bernie is second in terms of the size of his lead, uh, against Trump
and hypothetical match up in this poll. Let’s take a look at the CNN clip and large lead fee for all of the Democratic
Front runners there. Uh, tell us what this news means for the president. How seriously are they taking these numbers? I mean, w what Harry was pointing to with
the economy. I think that, I mean, that number is problematic for sure for the president. Okay, so now let’s look at the way that they
show the results on screen. Remember the order is Biden plus 16, Bernie
Plus 14, Warren plus 12, but for whatever reason they show Biden, then Warren and then
Sanders. Now they’re not lying about the numbers. When you look at the numbers, the numbers
have the right numbers, but why is it in this order? And then you’ll notice over to the right side
of the screen are Harris and Buddha judge who have even smaller leads over Trump and
Warren in the hypothetical poll. So this is not a story where I want to talk
about how much is a hypothetical poll worth in August of the year before the election. This is not me wanting to talk about is Biden
gaining or falling or can we believe that Biden is plus 16 over Trump? All I’m talking about is this is a data point
and the question is how is it that CNN came up with this order for how they displayed
the results? No matter whether you’re displaying the results
in two columns or in two rows alphabetically, there is no way that Bernie Sanders would
be at the bottom of the screen, even in alphabetical order. Bernie with a B Sanders with an s, he would
not be at the bottom of the screen. His lead is bigger than Warren’s. His lead is bigger than common-law Harris’s
is lead is bigger than Pete. Buddha judges. His first name starts with a B. His last name
starts with an s. There is no explanation for why Bernie Sanders
name is at the bottom of the screen. Now do I think that this is a deliberate attack
on Bernie Sanders by CNN? I Dunno. Honestly, not really. I know people are saying, Oh, CNN is now choosing
Warren. They’ve anointed Warren as the Non Biden person
that they’re going to promote. Maybe, Eh, I don’t know that it’s that calculated,
but it just always seems to not quite work out in Bernie Sanders favor in these things. Maybe there’s some deliberate nature to it. Either way, whether it’s on purpose, negligence,
indifference in competence. It’s another one of these subliminal digs
at Bernie Sanders. Bernie at the bottom of the screen, even though
the numbers say he’s actually right there behind Biden and ahead of everybody else in
a hypothetical match up against Donald Trump. Trump. The other thing is that, okay, the graphics
person at CNN made the graphic, the producer potentially approved the graphic, or maybe
even the producer directed the graphics person about how it should be made, but the anchor
Jim shooto could also have noticed that, hey, this thing is out of order and could have
pointed it out. And Jim Shuto either doesn’t notice which
is concerning or decides not to point it out, which means he’s complicit in the entire thing. I’m truly lame, very amateurish, and again,
whether it’s deliberate or not, it always seems to end up subliminally making Bernie
Sanders look worse. Let me know what you think about this. Make sure you’re following the David Pakman
show on Instagram at [inaudible] David Pakman show. And while you’re there, follow me on Instagram
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  1. No explanation for "B" and "S"? There definitely is; The mainstream bias against Bernie is BS. 😠

    #Bernie2020 from Canada. 🇨🇦

  2. David Pakman, Does YouTube choose the advertisers for your segments? The NRA was featured on this segment and I noticed absurd right wingnut ads on many progressive segments produced by others.

  3. It wouldn't have mattered if pps went to college or get educated enough to understand rankings and no matter how they placed or misplaced the order!

  4. Biden sucks, he is as senile, mental-wise, as Rump. I'm not sure what the difference between those two is, except, maybe, who's the bigger bs'er?
    And Kamala!?!? For the love of Zeus! I'd abstain from voting.

  5. The order follows the candidates polling order against other dem candidates (in this poll). Perhaps they have first sorted them in that order, and then updated the one2one match ups, without updating the order??

  6. Subtle though it be, the graphic has an effect, if only subliminal. Biden->Warren->Sanders is ordered in decreasing establishment conformity.
    Of the five votes that count (ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC), CNN votes for Biden.

  7. By now you should have realized that the host of this channel has only half of a normal chicken brain to make a video like this and be proud of it.

  8. That's true, but not new…even when they mention the leads vocally they always put Warren over Bernie…when his numbers are higher than hers.

  9. It's in the order for how they finished in the Dem Nom results of the same poll – Warren was second, Bernie was third.

  10. I'm a college dropout and saw it immediately, which means their multiple post grad degrees knew exactly what the hell they were doing.

    At least be covert about it, CNN.

  11. CNN is just more corporate owned garbage. Look people, the ultra rich own everything, news networks, most politicians, movie production companies, advertising companies and they are the ones buying the advertisements on these news shows. As long as the rich own it, they will make sure that it serves their purpose. To keep them rich and to make them ever richer at all costs to society and the environment. Education in this country is supposed to be the basic foundation for building a solid democracy, but now it is just a tax. The rich can buy their own schools.

  12. Warren is polling at number two among Democrats. She is ahead of Sanders with Democrats in this poll. This does not mean she will stay there. The first primary is in Iowa in February, that is an eternity in politics. The candidate I favor is polling at 2% and I don't think he will be the nominee. I do take comfort, and I think that all Democrats should, that the top five candidates are beating Trump by landslide numbers. Sanders people should remember that Bernie is not the nominee by having the second most votes, he becomes the nominee by having the most votes. Beating Warren won't do much if he ends up in 2nd. A race car driver once said there is the guy who comes in first and everybody behind him is the loser, it is just what order of loser. 2nd place won't be voted on in November.

  13. Its bc Elizabeth is more popular/in the news this week — on most networks. She's also on the rise and that's newsworthy, too. I don't doubt Bernie gets shafted but its likely not a conspiracy.

  14. Cnn is shady as far as portraying polls. They mislead and form narratives for their own agenda. Look at what they did with yang recently. It's total bullshit

  15. ABC is also putting Elizabeth Warren in the 2nd spot in the center in the stage for their debate. Bernie is actually the candidate in 2nd place!!! MSM is using Warren to foil Sanders! It's plain as day to anyone paying attention!!!


  17. CNN, sadly, does actually perpetrate fake news. This is a huge problem, and has been for years. Look at their relationship to DNC primary polling…

  18. It’s not surprising they have been leaving out Yang from graphics where he is polling better than other candidates.

  19. David, the statistics are shown in the DIFFERENCE between the 2 candidates with Biden and Warren BOTH having a greater spread. So no. It's not complete randomness, just simple math…

  20. Haven't you morons figured out polls are bullshit?only when your candidate leads does it matter.then presto changeo they lose.then the crying starts all over again.i will eat my phone if dumb bernie wins.that proves these polls are trash if hes leading.

  21. Whoa, this is much ado about nothing. I totally support the premise that corporate media prefers Biden and Warren. But this order was probably simply according to a poll that they had on hand – many show Warren in 2nd place to Biden, and that probably governed this order. Of course, it's interesting that they don't choose the poll that has Bernie in front!

  22. No, this is 100% absolutely intentional. How many times does the media have to do this kind of "mistake," every one of them just happening to marginalize, denigrate or criticize Progressives? It never happens the other way around. FOX News did this type of thing for years and years, and somehow the graphic always found a way to help the people they liked and not help the people they didn't.

    CNN probably has decided by acclimation that Biden is the frontrunner and Warren is "in second place," and thus they put them ahead of Sanders regardless of the numbers. If they could have found a way to put Harris in 3rd, they'd have done that also, because they see a viable path for Harris (she surges in Nevada and then wins California and she's right in the thick of the race), and they see no viable path for Sanders ("eh, he's peaked, no one wants Socialism, he's just a grumpy old man now.") So when they put Warren in the second slot, it's possible that a lot of them don't even recognize how biased that is. But the producer that put together the graphic? 100% guarantee that he/she knew.

  23. You mean to say the oligarch owned corporate media is slanting the results to Bernie’s disadvantage? If I had pearls I would clutch them so hard right now.

  24. of course it's deliberate Every Little Bit Hurts or every little bit helps. let's face it Bernie is a capitalists nightmare. once this country gets a taste of successful socialism which by the way we experienced under FDR. and was so popular and for many other reasons, he was elected 4 times, the big corporations in the wealthy few will lose much of their power. these people are going to be willing to risk Civil War to keep that power.

  25. David, are you not doing the same thing that you claim CNN is doing? I see absolutely nothing wrong with the way they presented, and I think it's telling that you didn't point out the most likely scenario, which is that they were listing the candidates according to their national polls, starting from the left top and going down, and then moving over to the right column. In that order, Biden, Warren, Sanders, Harris, and Mayor Pete, is exactly the order in which they are ranked nationally in most polls. Most lists start from the left and go down, and then move over to a new column. It wouldn't be natural for the list to start at the top left and then move right and then go to the next line like you're writing a paragraph. Talk about making mountains out of molehills… actually, this is making mountains out of NOTHING. You're doing much worse than what you are accusing CNN of doing.

  26. I mean if it's an accident, it's hell of a convenient one. Occam's razor suggests it's deliberate. The have the means, the motivation and the rest is in the exact order you'd expect it to be.
    Moreover, not only is Bernie the only one who is not in the right place but he is switched up with Warren to make her stand out. It's pretty clear what CNN is doing since pushing Warren is their whole shtick now.

  27. I beg to differ. If I would have seen that same CNN report my first thought would have been the results are not in order and Sanders is #2. You are making it appear as if there is biased behavior on the part of CNN. In addition. CNN gave Sanders extreme coverage over Hillary during the previous primaries. We had a tsunami of coverage that benefited Sanders. Today Sanders is blamed for Trump winning by a large number of Democrats and splitting the party. I think that making a whole show on why he wasn't on the second spot is lame and kinda gross that you are going there.

  28. It’s the order of their favorability in the specific poll. Biden 32%,Warren 19%, Bernie 15%, Kamala 7%, Buttigieg 5%. Going from top to down and then left to right. Not difficult to figure out.

  29. You're right about the resulting slight, but it is so minor I would want to see other similarly odd choices before attributing the order to bias. I read the columns from left to right, so Bernie's name isn't at the bottom to me–it's in the middle. I pay attention to numbers, so the information isn't distorted to me. The Mr. Monk in me might have put Warren at the top in the second column to emphasize that Trump was at 40 percent for each of the last three opponents, but that's just me.

  30. Did they organize them by how well they are polling? There are polls out there that have the order as Biden, Warren, Sanders, Harris etc

  31. Your pro-Bernie bias again, David. Look at the Quinnipiac poll between the Democratic candidates — Biden leads with 32%, Warren is second with 19%, and Sanders is third with 15%. So perhaps, the ordering of the matchups against the current occupant of the White House, is the ordering within the Democratic primary from the same poll. And yeah, Harris got 7% and Buttigieg got 5%, consistent with the ordering

  32. I wonder what would happen if Biden really screws up the next debate and really slips in the polls. Then all you have is Bernie v Warren and the rest flapping in the wind. How would CNN handle that? Be very interesting don't you all think?
    Note: I hope this happens so Perez, Pelosi and Schumer choke on it!!!!!!!

  33. I would assume they arranged it this way due to the fact that in that Quinnipiac poll Biden was #1, Warren #2, and Sanders #3, in the part asking people who they would vote for in the primary. Alternatively, maybe they just placed people on the screen randomly and Bernie happened to be on the bottom.

  34. I'm not buying any of this talk about every one of the Democratic candidates being in position to win easily in the general election. That's a nice thing to say but just doesn't square with what most of us who've been around for a few election cycles have experienced and the basic fact that U.S. society, as most of the current Democratic candidates have staked out positions that are pretty well to the left of dead center, for better or worse just is not that liberal. And for those whose wont is to go on and on about how in Europe so-and-so's stances would be perceived as moderate, this is the U.S. electorate that we're talking about here, not the electorate in some other country. That's just the reality. As well, as when people start thinking about how much their taxes might go up if and when any of these progressive proposals become law that's going to be an issue.

  35. Whoever is leading between Bernie and Warren will get my primary vote. When the primaries are near, we need to have ONE progressive candidate to get behind.

  36. The only rational explanation is that since all the Dems beat Trump, CNN wanted to stagger between males and females, which their graphic accomplished.

    But the obvious conclusion is that CNN is trying to down play Sanders!

    If I were CNN I would claim the gender staggering, because appearing to want to diminish Sanders is really bad!

    Common CNN. Play it straight.

  37. Here y'all go again. Actually almost every media source I've seen has actually talked about Bernie's lead. What we are seeing is Bernie is losing ground and Warren is gaining steam considerably. That's what the media has focused on. Bernie bros quit trying to make things look bad. That's a trumper tactic of spinning the truth. I hate even bringing this up. If Bernie can pull it off, I'll be just as excited as Warren or any other progressive. Not so much Biden but if that is what happens, I'll be 1000% behind him. The DNC has been fully transparent giving Bernie the best chances so no one can sart otherwise but here we have dumb lame attempt to make it look bad. David packmann very disappointed in you. You just dropped my list of relevant progressives to watch. This kind of stories will get us divided even harder. You making an hypothetical accusation without a lick of facts just to stir pot

  38. Not a fan of CNN, but that wasnt a random order. It was in order of their placing in the primary polls. If Kamala Harris had the biggest lead over Trump why would they display her first when shes polling 4th overall?

  39. CNN: Puts Bernie one spot lower than he is, making people look down 3% more to see him.

    YouTube commenters: Evil CNN conspiracy to burn Bernie Sanders!!! We all know a considerable portion of the electorate can only see half of their TV screens at a time and most can’t read numbers!!

  40. This kind of thing is rarely accidental; I think commercial media is not too fond of how corporate unfriendly Bernie is

  41. What?! CNN is being deceptive? No way! Lol. At least Bernie is being represented, Yang is usually completely omitted. Count your blessings #yanggang

  42. You are correct. Thanks for your effort to bring the real story. I trust you more than just about any news source. I like TYT but find you less….i dunno..MORE – more integrity. Thanks again for your work, i know it's not easy.

  43. I sometimes say how good it is that there are channels like yours nowadays to combat the unnecessary and polarizing 24-hour news stations. Your analysis of the order of the information on this graphic is turning a 2min CNN segment into a 5 minute youtube video. This video is a waste of time, the point you're trying to make could be made in a sentence or two. Please don't become one of the childish talking heads you spend so much time criticizing.

  44. Hell, CNN isn't even smart enough to place the candidates in alphabetical order to hide Bernies lead; that would have been OK. Jerks.

  45. David… dude… you're reading WAY too much into this "deceptive order" thing. I would expect this kinda "let's make up an issue where one doesn't exist" over on Secular Talk, or the Young Turks. The most important take-away from this video is that even Booty-Judge is beating Trump.

  46. Do you all deep down believe all these people are that much ahead of Trump? Whether we love him or hate him it’s important to acknowledge he’s going to be very hard to beat

  47. What? This is a story? Why is everything Bernie related a conspiracy theory? This is stupid af and I’m a Bernie supporting.

  48. I'm Canadian, so I have no vote. I think Warren would be a better choice for America. That said – fairness matters and this is the kind of thing that deserves an on-air apology. Why is the Sanders campaign not demanding this?

  49. You are a fucking prick. How moronic are democrats that they cannot or would not do simple math is not CNN’s fault, dickhead!!!

  50. If we’re lucky 🍀 CNN will hold back Bernie like the ACE IN THE HOLE 🕳 then BAM 💥! They post his numbers…the Orange 🍊 keels over from the joint causes Hamberders and heartbreak! Every immigrant child he tried to sentence to death is allowed to walk, crawl, spit and anything they want as he’s lowered to the depths where his best friend awaits!!!

  51. We have ALL known about the tricks and manipulations of these news outlets and corporate political leaders. We talk about these issues year after year after year… nothing we can do about it but spectate and be upset while watching our political leaders, who work for us, run around with the best of healthcare, fat wallets and act as if we owe them something. Donkey of the day should be given to the American people…..

  52. I'm sorry David I normally like your vids. We have many other truley important things to discuss. If Bernie was asked, he'd lean forward shake his face, and wave his arms while saying who cares. Don't take it wrong but you just did a Biden.

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