Chuck Todd vs Crazy Republican

>>Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have been
pushing this nonsense conspiracy theory involving Ukraine. And how it allegedly tried to meddle in our
2016 presidential election. Now that has been debunked over and over again
but that hasn’t stopped some of Trump’s lackey’s from regurgitating this propaganda. One of those lackeys was Senator Kennedy,
who recently went on Chuck Todd show, meet the press. And found himself having to defend the statements
that he made about Ukraine. Take a look.>>Now, come on. I got to put up, you realize the only other
person selling this argument outside the United States is this man, Vladimir Putin. This is what he said on November 20th. Thank God nobody is accusing us anymore of
interfering in US elections. Now they’re accusing Ukraine. Well, let them sort this out among themselves. You’re just accused a former president of
Ukraine. You’ve done exactly what the Russian operation
is trying to get American politicians to do. Are you at all concerned that you’ve been
duped?>>No, because just read the articles. Do you believe The Economist magazine is a
reputable journal? It’s been around I think, since 1843. Let me put it this way, Chuck, let’s suppose,
and I don’t believe it, but you’re right and I’m wrong. Then what harm would it do to allow the President
of the United States, who has a demonstrated record fighting foreign corruption to introduce
evidence?>>Why doesn’t he?>>He has been provided every opportunity
to provide exculpatory evidence on any of this. And they have chosen not to.>>No, he hasn’t, no he hasn’t.>>So he was suggesting, Kennedy was suggesting
that Ukraine, there’s a possibility that Ukraine could be guilty of hacking into the DNT server
to obtain those emails. Again, look, Fiona Hill who is party intelligence
community, testify during the impeachment investigation and specifically called this
out. And said, look, there’s some republican lawmakers
who keep pushing this propaganda that Ukraine was behind that hack. And Ukraine was absolutely not behind that. It was 100% Russia, we have evidence to show
that. And this is incredibly harmful toward Ukraine. And by the way, it’s totally harmful toward
everything that’s going on right now because it de-legitimizes every single part of our
government. Just to do Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s
bidding.>>So, let me be as clear as we can possibly
be about what a wild conspiracy theory it is that Ukraine interfered with our election. So what is the theory? Well, Trump laid it out in the call with Zelensky,
the Ukrainian president. He said, look, CrowdStrike has a server in
Ukraine. And so I want you to investigate that. Now Trump has said that, CrowdStrike is a
Ukrainian company that took the servers of the Democrats?>>The DNC servers.>>The DNC servers, and somehow brought them
over to Ukraine, and are still hiding them in Ukraine. Crowdstrike is not at all a Ukrainian company,
it’s an American company based in Sunnyvale, California. The material, the information that the people
who hacked the DNC servers got is not in a server, it’s in the cloud. There’s no physical server in Ukraine or in
Sunnyvale, it’s in the cloud. I liked it, I pointed out. There’s no basis at all for this wild, insane
conspiracy theory. So then, the people who originally put it
back conspiracy theory turns out was not Trump, it was Putin. So Putin says, yeah, I think the Ukrainians
have a server and it’s been that’s they’re hiding. And Trump doesn’t know anything about a cloud
doesn’t know anything about servers as know any of that. So he says, Vlad told me to tell you guys
that it’s Ukraine that works for me that works for Vlad. It works for everybody who’s crooked. So now the entire Republican party is like
yep, nope, there was no cloud, it was a server. It’s a Ukrainian company, I dont care that
it’s based in California. I’m just gonna lie to you on behalf of both
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The entire Republican party, they’ve all become
stooges for Putin. It is disgusting, absolutely disgusting. If the Democrats had done 1% of this, 10%
of this, the Republican party would have shredded them, and the media would have gone along. They’d almost put the Democratic party out
of business right now, if they’d done 10% of this, working on behalf of Putin. Like the obvious six stooges that they are
with wild insane conspiracy theories, they don’t even bother backing up with one fact.>>Okay, so here’s where I think the biggest
problem is, because Republicans are gonna Republican. Trump is gonna Trump, they’re gonna do what
they do. And they’re not gonna have any real evidence
to back up their arguments. They’re gonna spread propaganda, they’re gonna
spend lies. They’re gonna do whatever is possible to show
Trump that they’re loyal to him. And in fact, Trump recently tweeted in response
to Senator Kennedy. Thank you to Great Republican Senator John
Kennedy for the job he did in representing both the Republican Party and myself against
Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd on Meet the Press.>>No, Meet the-
>>Meet the Depressed, okay.>>Meet the Depressed, that’s so clever, not
remotely clever.>>Okay, so they’re his lackies, of course
they’re gonna go on any show, any network or cable show. And pretend like they’re supportive of Trump,
that they believe him, that they think he’s innocent because they care about their political
careers. So stop having them on the shows. Look, the reason why we talk about it on this
show is because you need someone in the media to debug this nonsense. Otherwise, you just have all these mainstream
media outlets who provide the platform but very rarely challenge these law makers. Now in this case Chuck Todd, congratulations,
you challenged Senator Kennedy. But more often than not, he doesn’t, which
is why this clip made news. And I was like, whoa, Chuck Todd, do guys
see that? He challenged him, it’s amazing, let’s all
give him a big round of applause. Great, how about don’t have these people on
anymore? If you know they’re lying and they’re gonna
lie, it’s predictable, why have them on?>>No.>>I mean, they’re good at media blackouts. They’ve done it to Andrew Yang. They’ve done it to other Democratic candidates. And in that case, I think that it’s completely
unjustified, completely unfair, because we’re just talking about someone who has different
ideas. Let’s hear them. In this case, you have people who are enabling
criminality in the executive branch.>>Yeah, so your last points really good. So but let me disagree with the first one,
I think you should have them on. But that should not be the exception, it should
be the rule. I thought Chuck Todd did a good job there. And when I liked it he had Putin his quote
ready to go. It would have been great if they had Fiona
Hills cool too, but that’s nitpicking. So an actual aggressive challenge, I agree
with you, Anna, that it’s making news because the mainstream media almost never challenges
Republicans. So when they do they’re like, where that come
from, but give credit where credit is due, Chuck that did a good job on that. He’s done a good job on this issue before. And so I think you should have them on and
shred them. So that’s a fine point of disagreement to
have. But your second point is a bit devastating. Because the mainstream media will say, what
am I gonna do? That’s the Republican Party, that’s half the
country. Not really, it’s now about 35 to 40% of the
country, but I gotta have them on there one of the major parties. I’m actually very open to that argument, I
agree with that. On the other hand, but you never had Andrew
Yang on, you never had progressives on. Progressives are arguably, just that wing
of the Democratic Party, according to polling, is larger than the entire Republican Party. I can show you a dozen polls, but do you have
any progressives on? I mean sometimes, because you’re forced to,
you’ll have Bernie Sanders on cuz he’s top two candidate, but even then it’s barely. But almost never have any progressives on
to say things that are true and rational, but yet you fill your airtime with these guys
who are now. I mean, John Kennedy used to be a person with
some degree of intellect as some degree of principle. Even though I disagreed with him on everything. Now he’s become the saddest little puppy dog.>>100%
>>for Donald Trump>>100%.>>But I have to add one other thing because
let’s be fair. It’s not just about Republicans, right before
that interview with Kennedy, he interviewed the Amy Klobuchar. And then Amy Klobuchar put out a bunch of
lies regarding what Medicare for all would actually do.>>That I guarantee you he didn’t challenge
her off.>>Right, so he did not, that’s my point,
that’s my point. Okay, so it’s frustrating because they know
everything is so predictable. He had Chuck Todd in response to Kennedy,
had that graphic ready to go? Because he already knew what Kennedy was gonna
say. They know what they’re doing. And the fact of the matter is, a lot of our
societal issues come from the fact that the media is not doing its job. They refuse to challenge certain lies and
then they platform people without challenging them when they’re enabling criminality most
of the time. In this case again, Chuck Todd did challenge
Kennedy. But how do we get to this point? How is it that so many Americans right now
believe the nonsense and the lies coming from the Republican party? It’s because the media consistently has failed
to do its job.>>Well, look, if they were doing their job,
and see this is where they would say, no way, we can never ever say this. They would say that the entire Republican
party is lying on this issue. There is no question. You don’t have to say they’re lying about
being pro life pro choice, that’s an opinion. But there are actual facts in the world. And when the Republican party lies in its
entirety on the issue of the server in Ukraine. And almost every other defense of Trump on
impeachment, they are actual provable lies. And it is your job to say yes, it is the entire
Republican party. And they would never say that, cuz they’d
be like, no, we would offend Republican viewers, we would offend Republican party. They wouldn’t give us access. Okay then, fine, just say, look, admit it. You should run a logo that says we do political
correctness on behalf of the Republican party. We don’t tell you the whole truth because
then we might lose access to Republicans. By the way, we also much worse when it comes
to the Democrats. We cover up three-quarters of the truth, so
we never tell you that Medicare for all actually provides you better insurance than private
insurance.>>Exactly.>>But it covers more, we never ever tell
you that. We never ever tell you that the current system
cost twice as much as any other country that has single payer. We never tell you that. In fact, we tell you the replacement, it would
be more expensive which is just a flat out lie. But we all say it and we platform all the
moderate Democrats, all 32 of them in the race.>>Mm-hm.>>And we never challenge them on any of that. And whenever there’s a progressive on, we
yell at them. Bernie Sanders, this is gonna cost too much
money, even though they’re totally wrong on that issue. So look, yes, the mainstream media has massive,
massive problems and how they’re covering politics. You should care about the facts and not about
your desperate need to appease mainstream Democrats and lying Republicans.

  1. Man Republicans will destroy every international relationship they had to protect Trump. Canada and Europe already working around Trump who is left Russia, Brazil and North Korea. Empires fall when they fold in on themselves.

  2. I don't understand Anna's confusion. There isn't any fair and balanced news as corporations are plugging their agendas. They're all propaganda machines anymore.

  3. The Domocrat media like TYT are so smart that they haven’t be able to remove Trump from office yet with all the help they got like CNN, Chuck and other…….

  4. M4A is not more important than removing Trump. 2020 isnt about any single partisan issue — it's about saving what's left of our democracy. Four more years of Trump will destroy our country and have devastating effects around the world. UNITE TO DEFEAT TRUMP. I will vote for whoever emerges the candidate other than Tulsi.

  5. @3:20 "There's no physical server, it's in the cloud." Wrong. All information is ultimately on physical servers. It might broken into chunks so that there's no 1 server, but it is on physical servers.

  6. @ realDonaldTrump
    Thank you to Great Republican @ SenJohnKennedy for the job he did in representing both the Republican Party and myself against Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd on Meet the Depressed!

  7. TRUMP/PENCE 2020! President Donald J. Trump is going to win by a larger Electoral landslide in 2020 than he did 2016. GLORIOUS! You far left liberal snowflakes get your hankies ready.

  8. Conspiracy Theory yes there is. The Republikan politicians are just agents of Putin. They are being paid with Russian money laundered through the NRA.. Wake up America.. stand up to these agents of Putin… we are loosing America thanks to the Republikan/Putin party. Wake up America..

  9. Whoever voted for John Kennedy is an idiot …. Those people should be hunted down and given multiple noogies while yelling, "Hello McFly – Anybody Home ?"

  10. But can we be clear about when people say data is 'in the cloud' that it is on an actual server?. It's not in the air / sky/ etc. It is on a server, but not one local to where these people are at, but it does reside on a physical server.

    Cloud technology needs to be defined so more people understand the specificity of the concept. That being said, Cenk, & Anna are 99% right.

  11. obviously, Kennedy has never been able to catch those Duke boys in Hazzard County so he had to go into politics. Fucker reminds me of Roscoe P Coltrane the bumbling cop.

  12. When information is in "the cloud" it is a bit misleading, in the technological sense, to say it's not on a server. Yes, it's not on one server — in fact, it's on thousands of servers simultaneously. In the context, of course, I suppose it's fine.

  13. Cenk sometimes undermines Ana. He randomly complimenting MSM lame reporters. Better relax on that running for Congress.

  14. even more bizarre than just believing the republicant party, they seem to now have NO problems with russia. they hate them to the death socialists, but communists are now suddenly 'like-minded fellows'…

  15. Is is me, or does that Kennedy guy look like a made up corpse that escaped the funeral home? This is broadcast television, people, please do NOT let a mortician do your makeup.

  16. mainstream media is corporate so they're not going to push any agenda against corporate interest. they fail to do their ''job'' in exposing corruption, but in truth their ''job'' is to push corporate/republican interest.

  17. If a republican said that oxygen isn't real, it's a myth, nobody in the media will correct them. That's how it is lol so sad.

  18. When was Ukrainian election interference debunked? Chuck Todd jumping about and yelling 'Putin' doesn't debunk anything. It's a matter of public record you morons.

  19. Senator Kennedy is crazy, Ukraine has nothing to do with the elections of 2016 , Russia is behind the 2016 elections , this is what Putin is trying to creating problems in the U.S.A. with his propaganda. Also the republicans will do anything to help this crazy,con,crook and very insecure President.

  20. Not to put any stock in this conspriacy theory, but you do know that it isn't in an actual cloud. At some point, the information is on a server somewhere (just probably not on its own).

  21. The thing that worries me is this, what if this is all a ploy set up to offer justification for Russia to completely invade Ukraine?

  22. I know Democrats are weak af, but one of the reasons the Republicans can get away with this kind of thing while the Dems certainly wouldn't is because Democratic voters care to differentiate between reality and fantasy, whereas Republican voters do not.

  23. Having this insane tranny jumping about a demanding news outlets only feature liars who agree with leftist BS is a real good look team.

  24. I don't think the MSM or Republicans say that M4A is more expensive, they just state the price tag for M4A and let people believe it's more expensive.

  25. Yeah I agree with Cenk here on the issue of "do you have these kinds of people on our shows at all" because I think you should. Not so they can get their point across. Not so there can be an equal balance of information/opinions given. But solely for the purpose of forcing them to defend themselves and be compared to a rational person. When anyone is isolated on their own channel or on an interview intended to praise and hold their hand, they look pretty normal. But the moment you put them next to someone who believes differently and can actually defend themselves with logic and facts, it shows the audience how crazy this normal looking person really is. Like that BBC interview of Ben Shapiro. A much more normally thinking conservative up against a radical alt rightist and Shapiro blew up within seconds on air. Interviews and debates put influential people in a line up of others and it makes it so much easier to pick out the crazy ones, the biased ones, the devote nazis. It doesn't matter how bad you know they are, what matters is if the masses know how bad they are. Because one person can't hold together a revolution, but an entire country can.

  26. Whenever I hear an elderly man with a southern accent, I'm 100% sure he's bitched about black people being treated like human beings at several points in his life.

  27. So my question is (off topic)…Why does Trump need to ask a "favor" of a particular government who's shouted from the rooftops that they are focused and hellbent on ridding corruption?? Trump: Hey, Ukraine! Do me a favor in YOUR country and help me (after Rudy and I put on our capes) and fight corruption in YOUR country. That just doesn't make sense, but it would actually make more sense to ask for a SPECIFIC investigation/inquiry…..

  28. After WWII, 2 new words came into common use to refer to those that sold out their own country and people to the invader: "Quisling" and "Vichy Government". Maybe, in 10 years time, "Trumpist" (or, to use his proper family name, "Drumpfist") will be the equivalent. There is a growing list of those corrupting American democracy for power, privilege and money that could be labelled : Moscow Mitch; Nunes; Grima Wormtongue Graham; Kennedy; Jordan; the Murdochs of Faux News; all the Opinionators at Fux News pumping out the propaganda for the American Idiocracy; and all the rest of the Grand Old Pervs.
    Of course, the Pestilence himself leads the tribe swimming in the Cesspool of their own creation. Trump's coup will ultimately be successful if American Apathy wins. If he wins, everybody loses. Right now, it seems that many can be massaged and messaged into inaction while the Pestilence takes a Drumpf on the country. He has long perfected 'Trickle Down": its why he specialises in Golden Toilets and Golden Showers.

  29. Cenk, I love you guys and you're right about this topic, but you're just wrong about what "cloud" means, and you need to correct that. There are no non-physical cloud computers. That's not what that means. At all. It just means important data is stored on one or more servers, not a local machine or device. That server can be a virtual server that shares disk space with several other virtual servers, or a dedicated server that gets a whole machine to itself, but in both cases a server is on a single, physical blade that can be transported places. That said, figuring out which of literally thousands or millions of blades a particular server farm you'd need to get to, getting to it, and trying to remove it in the middle of it working without completely frying it is so ridiculously hard that it's laughable as something anyone would do rather than hacking. Not to mention the fact that a single application could use an array of servers, especially if it's large enough. But you're the one who doesn't understand what cloud means when you start talking about how it's not physical. The term "cloud" is a metaphor, not literal. It's just better naming than calling your $500 phone or $2000 laptop a "dumb terminal," and sounds way sexier and less utilitarian than "server."

    The "cloud" is no different than what runs the web. It's just the term for what backs up stuff that isn't (just) web based, yet now uses servers. Sending photos to "the cloud" just means sending them to a server. It could be a server in the Clintons' basement, and that would still be storage "in the cloud."

  30. Ukraine; "Hey as we beg America for 400 MILLION DOLLARS, to DEFEND us from Russia, let's HACK their elections too…"
    I swear, these folks are NOT the smartest TURDS in the "golden" toilet…

  31. Its called the cloud for the user because the user is not hosting a server. The company that provides the cloud service has actual servers on a physical location.
    The claim can still be true because CrowdStrike could have some servers in Europe or Ukraine.
    There are many reasons to have servers on different locations than the company headquarter, for example electricity price, range to end users(in case CrowdStrike has many users in Europe), operation cost and so on.

    The question is if CrowdStrike do have any servers in Ukraine or not, and if they do would that mean the allegation is true? Thats the thing you guys can investigate and let us now about.

  32. The Ukraine Gov SAID they interferred in favour of Clinton. W have documents and Rada transcripts.
    Just shows how Cenk and Anna have zero integrity or interest in reality.

  33. Give me a break. A Ukrainian court said that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 US election.

    Notice how progressives are all defenders of the intelligence agencies, CIA and FBI, and surveillance.

  34. "Crazy Republican" is a redundant use of adjectives. It's a REQUIREMENT to be crazy, stupid, or evil; those are the only people that vote Republican. They are the worst of the worst.

  35. Why isn't it illegal for officials in power to propagate conspiracy theories…..? Liars should not be allowed to lead!!!

  36. Why did Trump wait 3 years to withhold aid to the Ukraine because of corruption, after the Pentagon declared Ukraine has made strides in getting rid of corruption and after Joe Biden declares his candidacy?

  37. Lol, "sleepy eyes" and "meet the depressed" is objectively funny. That being said, death to the Trump family and lock up every one of his trashy troll supporters.

  38. The sad thing is that if the Dems had done 1/10th of the carrying water the GOP has done for Putin, they would have deserved to be shredded. That's the really amazing thing here. Not just the "what if?" but the shear treasonous behavior the GOP seems to be willing to support for personal political gain and to protect the treasonous behavior of Trump. Russia is not our ally and has been actively working to undermine the democracies of Europe and the US since he took power. The US and primarily the GOP is actively engaging in an effort to Make Russia Great Again. Reagan is rolling over in his grave. He would be appalled at the behavior of Trump and his own party. It's disgusting.

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