1. @NEWS CENTER MAINE we the AMERICAN voters are on to your bias and bull crap! You’ve been exposed for your extreme bias. We all laugh at your hypocrisy

  2. Regarding the GOP McSallys repugnant behavior:
    Oh my, not a good look for a young woman seeking election in a purple state.
    This impeachment is similar to the clinton impeachment , except this president and administration has lied repeatedly, obstructed every witness, delivered not one document , intentionally ruined careers of dozens of our best investigators, those most able to curb his crime spree……
    And , it's likely with behavior like Ms McSally, trumps poll numbers will go down , the opposite of Clinton.

  3. Susan Collins should, this time, do what it is morally right, regardless of the political outcome. Susan says one thing, gets into the limelight of every political moment, then she votes against the interest of the majority of the American People. There are times in which a Senator shout NOT only think on what the people in her/his State thinks but what will be the best outcome for the country.

  4. Stopped by to remind you Trump will stay in office and get re elected, partly because MSM is horrible. You're one of his best (unintentional) cheerleaders.

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