Christmas in the USA: A sampling of public opinion | IN 60 SECONDS

Merry Christmas! 90% of Americans in a November Monmouth University poll say they plan
to celebrate Christmas, down slightly from 96 percent who gave that response
in a similar Gallup poll a quarter century ago. In a 2017 poll, the Pew
Research Center suggested that the nature of Christmas may be changing,
driven in part by generational change. In the poll, majorities of all age groups
felt that religious aspects of Christmas were emphasized less than in the past,
but older people were bothered more by this than younger ones. There is other
evidence of changing attitudes. 42% of millennials,
compared to 58% of boomers, say they plan to attend religious services
on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. 6 in 10 millennials, compared to 46
percent of boomers, say it doesn’t matter to them whether merchants say “Merry
Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. Older people prefer “Merry Christmas”.
Politics aside, more Americans find the holiday season more enjoyable than
stressful compared to the rest of the year, and around 8 in 10 planned to
gather with family and friends on Christmas. Are you celebrating Christmas?
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  2. I "celebrate" Christmas to please others. I completely hate the holiday and wish I lived in a country that wasn't obsessed by it.

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