Chris Evans talks embracing activism and his all-time favourite co-star (ScarJo won't like this!)

before we get started does anyone want to get out so I have to ask you do you have any great whiskey stories aha well I mean yeah I got some good whiskey stories but I probably can't share them on camera good whiskey stories usually end up with a very clouded memory but yeah usually a lot of good times you know I said earlier that I've been a fan for twelve twelve years one of my all-time favorite movies is cellular you're taking it back yeah way back to the big guy right all right all right great I'll take it obviously people know us Captain America sure if they're a movie other than that that people recognize people you know there are there are a lot of diehard fans of Edgar Wright and I didn't lose him called Scott Pilgrim vs. the world and it was it's one B's movie set that has a little cult following so a lot of times I guess I get recognized to that so you are probably one of the few actors who has actually done two superheroes because because you have Captain America and you also know the human tour and so now if you could do a third one which will give you access to me there's many breeches um would it be God that stuff because they've all been done really I mean it's hard to you know I mean I look look I I think Ironman is a really fun character because of his crafts brazen attitude but how can you ever fill Downing shoes look Superman would be a great one to but I would never dare to cross the Marvel DC lines I'd stop it stop I don't know that I can think of someone that hasn't been done yet another of the reasons why I love you it's because your brother he wasn't one of my favorites or oh really yeah well absolutely and you and he's gay and you can be I'm serious have you ever faced any kind of backlash some does being supportive um well certainly not to my face no not not not that I've found I mean we're obviously in tricky times right now but you know up until this election I I've never felt any sort of a backlash or friction as a result of the stance I've taken in my career in support of him or any other human rights so so I'd have to say no but you know hopefully it stays that way going forward now you also come across as being a good guy on screen and a gadget and under you have two sisters yeah and I'm wondering if growing up with two sisters sort of planted that seed either I mean it certainly gives you look this is I think I think it's important to grow up it's important to understand whether it's whether it's growing up with women whether it's growing up with other ethnic groups whether it's growing up with you know any it's important to experience anything different from what you know to encourage and cultivate compassion and understanding so certainly growing up with women helped me but but you know growing up in the theater helped me growing up in a progressive community helped me I think it's really important to kind of put faces to the situations that we're navigating in society so so yeah hey going up with sisters was a big influence for me and and I have a deep connection to not only human rights but specifically women's rights now as I mentioned before cellular it always goes back to tell us you were in that movie with Kim Basinger and I'm absolutely sure much screen no no we were 30 like I think we had like one scene together and yeah but I'm wondering out of all of the people that you've worked with who has been the stage with co-star oh god good question I mean that's so tough that's so tough because everyone in the Avengers movies I mean I love from Downey – Hemsworth – Ruffalo – Renner – Scarlett I mean there there there are so many people that I love from the Marvel franchise but you don't want me to give it to you no I'm gonna give it – I'm gonna say yoen Griffith he was in Fantastic Four with me he plays the human I even played mr. fantastic and there's something about him that is just so so funny he's so fun and so funny and just every single day he made me laugh you know maybe maybe it's just my memory being something you know somewhat nostalgic but but I just have such fond memories were coming to work every day and him just cracking me out so I'm gonna say yelling I actually thought you were gonna fix court it because he were also in the perfect school I mean look she's one of my best friends in the plant that's why this is so hard because I mean even Bryan Greenberg from the program and there are so many films I've worked on Octavia Spencer I mean there Jamie Bell there's so many people I've worked with who I've loved so much but but I gotta say yoen really really made me laugh on a daily basis consistently in a way that I got to give him the nod what I'm sure he's gonna be really happy to hear that thank you very much be upon you gotta you gotta say our committee got

  1. he is the perfect captian america, i hope he survives the endgame. Mackie would be upset he didnt get named, lol

  2. I was kinda hoping he'd say Cillian Murphy from Sunshine; them two had the most wonderful tension together.

  3. I think he enjoyed this interview quite a bit.
    Compared to some other interviews of his that I've seen, he genuinely wanted to answer the interviewer's questions and liked the open-ended nature of them.

  4. I love that the interviewer starts questions with "Another reason why I love you is…" because I know if I were him, I'd be saying the same thing lol

  5. "I would never dare to cross the Marvel-DC line." LOL, Chris is so adorable~~ But yeah, it would be awkward. I wish MCU had gotten the Rock though…

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