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we have countless conversations with our allies and wherever I travel in the world I talk to Canada's Allah is about this difficult moment we're having with China there are many messages that are being sent to Chinese officials among those in the world who believe in a rules-based international trading order who are they to say that there's no value in Canada talking to its allies about issues that we have abroad in a multilateral system that's how we do diplomacy that's how a minister of international trade diversification Jim Carr reacted today to a statement from a Chinese government official the official at a news conference said Canada is naive to think rallying its allies can sway China a Canadian government source is also confirming president Donald Trump Donald Trump did indeed raised the issue of detained Canadians when he met with Chinese President Xi at the g20 last week so is diplomacy the answer or is it just a dead end time for the power panel in Toronto Amanda Alvaro of pomp and circumstance and here with me in studio from summa strategies Tim powers and Kathleen Munk of earns Cliff's Strategy Group welcome everybody I'm going to start with Amanda in Toronto so China basically says today at this news conference a reporter asked the the foreign ministry spokesman about Justin Trudeau's saying he was confident that Donald Trivette Donald Trump brought up this issue but they dismissed it saying Canada shouldn't be naive and that rallying their allies is not how this is gonna work what how does the government respond to that and how do they sort of go forward from here well you just heard from Minister Carr and I think that that's probably like-minded of all others in government right now I mean Canada is in a obviously a very difficult position at the forefront of that is trying to retrieve these detainees who have now spent many many many months in China you know we saw that Global mail report today that talked about reading glasses being taken away from one of the detainees like and being referred to as cruel so the kind of conditions that they're in it's paramount that these discussions are happening because as he said diplomacy is really our window it's really our opportunity rallying the international community around this is kind of the only string we have right now and we have to pull as many as possible I don't think it's naive I think it's being effective trying to use whatever is at your disposal to get the Chinese to pay attention and frankly they were forced to pay attention today the international community does have eyes on this matter and they were forced to respond Jim do you think that the this pressure campaign by Canada rallying its allies is having any sort of effect look I don't think any of us know that and we probably won't know until after the fact and hopefully there is an after-the-fact Katie when the – Michaels get released I would say a few things I hope Trump talked as forcefully about the GAR situation as he just did about the tanks that he's happy to see in Washington tomorrow it's unfortunate we haven't heard the president himself talk about what might or may not have been said I think look it's regardless of the fact that it's Donald Trump it's important to engage the American president to help us though I think we do have to think about and I think I understand some others are talking about this now what other tools can we use do we look at the WTO do we look at imposing our own tariff barriers on the Chinese do we toughen up the approach a little bit knowing that that could have a benefit and again I'm sure that's being thought about but I think rallying the Allies is a natural step but I think it's also fair to say is the Chinese didn't that's the only thing I'd probably agree with them on yeah the Allies talking about it is one thing but are they gonna put a lot of their own skin in the game when they have their own issues and their own irritants with the Chinese Kathleen do you do you agree that Canada maybe should it's time for Canada to toughen its stance or is Beijing just gonna Beijing and do what it wants to do until it gets what it wants I think that what Canada should do is actually continue yes toughen but in a workman like way and actually in a quiet way whatever however way they can I don't know if it's helpful having Minister Khar coming back saying who are they to say you know that we're not Eve where doing our job listen I understand the job of journalist is to keep on pressing and pressing pressing to find out the issue was raised by Trump Ville was raised by the Prime Minister Trudeau that's their job but the government must be must be singularly focused on the issue of trying to get these two men released out of out of detention in China and I think the way to do that is probably in a workman like way doing things actually I agree with Tim that what Shearer proposed in the idea of looking at counter tariffs that we could do that could have an impact is probably something that is being done over at the last review Pearson building down the street you know with global affairs working at how like they did frankly with the steel tariffs like what they could do to exact some kind of paint at least understand on paper what the path would be but worrying this out in the media with headlines I don't think it's helpful and and the question I still want to ask I'm sure you're asking it to people is well he may have raised Trump may have raised the issue of the to Michael's it was there any question about the detention of the executive from Huawei was that also raised because that is an issue really that many ways the Americans determined and we were following their requests so I mean are we getting played by the Americans to a certain degree I mean as you know there's a bit of a narrative that's emerging that's suggesting that now Trump is talking more openly to the Chinese or the presidency as eg about Hawaa way and maybe opening some restrictions oh and by the way if you do that can you let us sell some more pork into China well that cuts right at the heart of Canadian pork producers so you know I don't again I think any Canadian Prime Minister to be fair to our Prime Minister would reach out for the help of the American president but you know the trustworthiness of this American president not to put his issues first and act in the global interest is not something I'm sure we can be comforted that he will do Kathleen I want to bring up something that you mentioned in your answer there saying you know Canada needs to have a singular focus there is there's a tweet by the minister of small business and export promotion marrying she's in China right now with Peter hardier who is the government leader in the Senate he actually has a very extensive history history and Canada Minister of Foreign Affairs yes so it's I'm very interested to hear what he has to say when he gets home but also obviously the minister as well but she issued a tweet they're put out a tweet yesterday that is now getting a lot of negative traction and we're gonna pull it up right now it says when in Beijing you drop by cows I scream a true Canadian small business success story from Prince Edward Island the world needs more of all the great things Canada has to offer ice cream included and that's why I'm dedicated to helping small medium and enterprises startup scale up and access new markets now there and there are some photos there with her and Peter harder eating ice cream and so the the the the question about that tweet she's not she's in China for a Davos event in an event to start strengthen business ties but the big question is you know there's this photo of them sitting there eating ice cream at a time where through the air these two detained Canadians who are being held in even Chrystia Freeland has publicly acknowledged they are very incredibly difficult conditions he's that somewhat tone-deaf we did I need to bring in her offices reaction though she did her office did reach out to us saying that it is her job to promote small businesses around the world and this is part of the job and she says the number one priority is of course getting the the to Michael's detained but Amanda I want to ask you first do you think this this tweet is is offside given the the negative tensions hanging over the Canada China relationship right now I think the timing is unfortunate but you have to go back to what it is that she does she's the minister of small business and export promotion her sole focus has to be on Canadian businesses and getting them exported to new markets that's what her job is that's what her mandate is she happens to be in China right now and she happens to be highlighting a Canadian business that's successfully doing business there but certainly not and and I think everyone knows or people who know me well know how close I am to this particular Minister as a personal friend and I'll say that but nobody's heart would be in a better place than Minister marrying so if there was anything at the core of what she stands for and what she believes in it would be the release of those detained Canadians sadly the only thing that you really have to be careful of and I think that sometimes were too quick all of us myself included maybe to post up on social without that filter and all the political staff have staff for that to vet that stuff I guess in terms of the businesses Canadian businesses right now that are being impacted impacted I want to clarify what I said earlier yes the government must be focused on releasing the to Michaels but they also have to be focused on all the agriculture producers that canola farmers the beef and pork six point five billion dollars worth of beef and pork are exported by Canada yearly I think China is our second market for that you know they have to be concerned equally for those businesses so it may that tweet may read a little insensitive to those pork and beef producers and the canola farmers who are hurting right now I did really quickly last word to you really quickly yeah I think it's a little bit tone-deaf a it's not as bad as the prime minister in the plastic forks after the anti plastic announcement but part of the problem is a cultural problem I think in that the Liberal government is always driving its communications policy with a domestic i when you need a little bit more nuance on this issue hi I'm Vashti Capello's host of power in politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC news channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching

  1. They are still hoping Trump would smooth things over for Canada, maybe these people got their diploma from Trump University too, LOL

  2. A great opportunity was missed by Trudeau sitting right beside Xi. Where was the translator? Incompetence?

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  4. Chinese was saying” don’t dream your master US come to rescue you”. It is a true statement, I don’t see anything wrong. If Canadian want to solve this issue, then should stay away from this and don’t take side.

  5. australia and canada are the ONLY two poor countries who are proud of being protected or asking for others' help. pathetic two naive countries, born to be somone's slave or lapdog.

    Who could force China in 2019 now? USA or Trump?

  6. Canada seems not to take any responsibility no blame US,India the list goes on. how childish. I blame Canadians for voting in this self centered Peter pan globalist as PM

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    Canada we have elected an imbecile as our PM. Congrats!

  8. Some Media's in Canada are naive to think they have more international audiences coverage than fast developing countries like China to broadcast manipulated stories.

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    what do they have to punish or to deal with the Asian giant nothing ice cream ice cream and more ice cream?

  10. Trump mentioning to Xi those two detained Canadian cucks is kinda like, “Hey President Xi, did you really detain two Canadians? Oh, you did? Well k den”

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