China Demands End to Tariffs

  1. Because china tale west phillipines sea island and some pilipinos fisher ….. Chinnesse broke fisher man ship from phillipines😠😡😭

  2. The dollar system that is collapsing. China will use its wealth to reestablish a new system.
    Even you don't buy RMB now, you shoudl prepare abandoning the sinking orange ship.

  3. China should also remove their tarriffs and high duties and stop currency manipulation and stop copy right and stealing corporate secrets…..Also pay their workers more money and stop subsidising Chinese owned companies and stop flooding markets for the sole purpose of destroying foreign companies….

  4. China must stop sale of rare earth to US as a bargaining tool for lifting all tariffs. Having tariffs in place and while seeking a trade solution is holding China to ransom.

  5. I am Zhang Fei (張飛)
    Why can not you ?
    We must be able to know what we want to know.
    We must be able to think what we want to think about.
    We must be able to insist what we want to insist.
    We must be able to believe what we want to believe.
    Why can not you ?


  7. As Trump said, "We can not lose a trade war w/China". See the Chinese desperation? They suffer because they twist exchange rates. These rates are an obscene source of cash for China. So much cash that they are willing to give up everything else. No trade w/China, not even their cheap shoes.

  8. There you have it, china asked the US to remove all its tariffs which indicate the tariffs are hurting china’s economy abd job market. It make sense, china is a producer economy and need a consumer so that their factories continue running. Without consumer there will be less producing and labor cuts as a result. Labor cuts leads to lower gdp and poverty. With 1.4 billion people to feed it will hurt quickly. The US as a consumer, will have the ability to buy from other nation, nothing that china made can’t be made by other countries. It is mainly household goods or small industrial equipments. Keep the tariffs on, increase if necessary, wait for companies to move to another country and sell to the US. It may take 1 year to set up a new factory. Some have already started, china is loosing competition by the day.

  9. Is that what china demands? Hmmm, well I demand that every Chinese plant a big sloppy kiss on my lilly white ass first.

  10. So many nonsense posts here, not much of intellectual value regarding the subject. Stick to the facts of the subject, your entire statement should be carefully thought out, carefully worded. If any thought in your post does not apply intelligently to the subject then don't share it. This is a serious subject, not a game. The dynamics of each economy share similarities yet are in many ways distinctly different either because of the respective cultural differences but more importantly because of the goals and mindset on how to achieve those economic goals. The United States focuses on making Americans profitable, China is more focused on world domination in the economic realm, huge difference. China already holds the note to the U.S.A. for several trillion dollars, are purchasing our businesses such as Smithfield hams, they are buying up real estate….they own us already…real time.
    They own a lot of our intellectual property, they are working on owning shipping lanes starting with the South China sea buy creating islands and placing military installations on them. Their tactics are brilliant. They are building alliances with our enemies such as North Korea, their arch enemy Russia, Iran and many countries in Africa and around the globe. Our government lacks anyone from the president down that can see far range so decisions are made on whims, feelings, promises made during campaigns that should never be kept because they are NOT in the best interest of the U.S.A. Global economics is a very complex and multilayered subject filled with nuances, subtle ebbs and flows, diplomatic efforts. Tariffs are not the way to resolve economic issues. Tariffs sound good to the lay person, a knee jerk response to a very real problem but tariffs are not a tax on the other country, they are a tax upon the people who purchase the goods being hit with a tariff. Sort of like the "Wall being built and Mexico will pay for it". The way is being paid for with American tax payer money, not by Mexico. I am not a Trump hater. I am independent and merely focus of facts. Facts are truth, nothing more, nothing less. I am unemotional about this issue but I am a realist. The effect tariffs have on China is forcing them into other countries to offset what they are losing in business with us and to find alternate sources for agricultural products they used to import from us. We are NOT the only market for their needs however they ARE one of very few sources for some things we need such as rare earth materials and China is building mines in the few other countries with that rare product. Casting a vote in anger never ends well, governing in anger also is not the way to acieve the best result for the good of the country or the citizens. Remember that. Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln both made that comment, never cast a vote because you are angry. The tariffs need to end both in China toward us and by us on China. We need to calm down, go the the table, let our diplomats do their jobs and hammer out a mutually good deal for both countries where our intellectual property is protected and everyone wins some of what we need and want. Our farmers, manufacturers and citizens depend on this. Manufacturing sold out their factories to China years ago or moved operations to China where cheap labor was abundant which only focused on the bottom line of the company involved. We need to accept that Americans really no longer care about quality at a higher price but instead care about how cheaply they can buy an item. Once we turn from a disposable society and back to a society that wanted only higher quality items then we will continue to have trade dificits that are way out of balance. We could lose all our markets in China if these tariffs continue, the Chiesese don't need us so they have no incentive to bow to our government. They are a soveriegn nation just as we are, we must respct that in our negotiations and not come to the table thinking we can dictate anything to them.

  11. The signal is crystal clear, China does not need the deal, not interested in the talk, will not waste time on it.

  12. America demands China stop stealing American technology. China is losing a huge amount of face by not doing their own research and development. Thieves have no honor. The Chinese are thieves.

  13. Average American citizens do not realise that it is not China that screwed you, it's the American corporate greed that led to the downfall. Jobs will never be back, they will be replaced by robots.


  15. 0.32 There is nothing to renege when negotiations were ongoing then! Beware of the narrative implied. There were NO agreement until the agreement is signed!!!!

  16. Without the trade deal, Trump will lose his re-election. China should not make any deals with Trump. This dude flip-flops a lot of things.

  17. No removal of tariff, no talk. That's Chinese condition. So,/what does it tell. Both sides cannot win as China had warned from the beginning. The test now is which side can last longer. The Chinese can consume less as they had been for a century. The US can survive on their ever increasing dept.

  18. Yes or keep waiting again.
    My China doesn't have presidential election in 2020!🤣😂😅Your clock is ticking, not mine.

  19. Its very heartening to see the evil communist empire running scared. Push the sanctions to the maximum level and when China begs for a deal push them even higher!

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