Chelsea Handler Nixes Two-Party Politics: ‘I’m Not a Democrat Anymore’

– Thank you so much for
chatting with us, of course. – Quiet guys! You stupids, I mean, what do
you think is going on here? (beep) – Hi guys, I’m here with Chelsea Handler. She led the Women’s March
at Sundance this morning. Thank you so much for chatting with me. – Oh thank you, I’m so
sorry about my friends. – Oh that’s okay. But to make this more fun, we’re going to play a
little drinking game, while talking about the Women’s March, so anytime that I or– – I’m just gonna drink throughout so it doesn’t really matter
if, you know, a game. – No rules, okay. – You can do it for yourself, ’cause I just take sips
when I feel like it. – Okay good, well I’ll
set rules for myself so I’m not too drunk to interview you, and also for our viewers. So anytime that I or
you say the word women, ladies, anything to do with
women, we’ll take a sip, so we’ll take one now. – This morning, you led the Women’s March. – This is gonna be a very,
I’m going to be drunk. – I did, I led the Women’s
March on Main, and we had… You know, it was beautiful. It was a really moving moment, time. I mean, it’s something I’ll
never forget, I don’t think. – What is the next step after this? What should people do to
keep the movement going? – We have to galvanize young people to get involved in politics. There’s a huge part of the population that didn’t participate this time, and, that’s not acceptable really. Politics is cool. And it seems like a big
thing to get involved with but it’s so easy. Everyone’s voice matters. You can call your Congressperson and tell them what you want. They want to be re-elected. Divisiveness is not the answer, and I think to get that message, we have to reach across party
lines, forget your party. I’m registering as an independent, I’m not gonna be a
Democrat anymore, because, it’s too divisive. This isn’t working, this two-party system. And for us to come to this, if we get this response that has come
out of him being in office is the right one. And that’s what, I’m
gonna hang my hat on that. And that’s what’s gonna
help me move forward… And make my agenda about
educating anybody I can while I’m also getting educated. – Would you ever have
Donald Trump on your show? – No. – What if he asked you? – No. – What about Melania, would
you have her on your show? – Melania, to talk about what? She can barely speak English. – What do you think about
her as the First Lady? – Exactly what I think
about him as the First Man. Nothing, I don’t respect
either one of those people. – If he were here right now,
what would you say to him? – Fuck off. Fuck off. I mean, ugh, gross. He is the grossest. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Those statues they made
of him were accurate. I bet you that is what
he looks like naked, with a little grape in between his legs. – Now what is the one issue
that most concerns you under a Trump administration? – Racism. – As a woman, what issues concern you? – Planned Parenthood. No one has any right to tell us what to do with our bodies. That is not okay. You get off of your religious bullshit… Soapbox. I am my own person. No man gets to tell me
what to do with my body. No one, not your husband,
not your politician. Why would somebody I don’t know tell me what I can do? This is America. So that is a real issue. People who have nowhere to
go, go to Planned Parenthood. I went there through my teenage years. It’s not just about abortions. It’s about birth control. You don’t want us to have abortions, and you don’t want us
to have birth control? What do you think’s gonna happen there? – By the way, you said woman a few times so I think we’re due for a sip. – I’m sorry. – The important thing. – I’m not good at games, by the way. – What do you think that
Hillary Clinton should do next? – I would never give
advice to Hillary Clinton, nor would she take it. I wouldn’t respect her if
she did take my advice. I don’t know what Hillary
Clinton is going to do. I respect her so much. It’s so shameful, what’s transpired, because we had the most
qualified candidate in history against the least qualified
candidate in history. And then we had Russia
interfering with our election, so we’re really, there’s like a war. This is kinda war. You can’t do that. – Now, just to sum up for those viewers who are not at Sundance,
can you explain to everybody just what the sentiment was like there this morning at the march? – It was inspiring, I was inspired. I’m going to love on the
people that I don’t even like. That’s how inspired I am. I’m gonna be nice and reach out and be good to the people that
I don’t have interests in. I wanna be uncomfortable, put myself in uncomfortable situations, to try and figure out how we repair. – Great, well thank you so much, Chelsea. – Thank you. – This was so nice talking to you, and thank you for leading
the march this morning. – Okay, thank you. Cheers!

  1. So, to summarize, she says she wants to end divisiveness, and then says that her two main focuses from now on will be calling Donald trump a racist, equating abortion with women's rights, and putting hillary clinton on a pedestal as a falsely criticized best person ever…yup, definitely wants to get past divisiveness, no doubt about it. Clearly possesses the language of a healer and not a divider.

  2. This is the biggest hypocrite I have seen in a long time. She is ignorant, a panderer, worthless to the bone!!! She is the posterchild of ignorance and divide coming from hollywood……she is so concerned about race relations and in the same breathe disses Melania Trump's language and speaking skills??!!?? She just made the very short list……
    It is worthless garbage like this fucking bitch that is destroying our country. Anyone who would agree with this trailertrash whore, should just put the bullet in their own head!!!!

  3. classic. She should try to get educated before speaking. Talk about a divisive hypocrite. So Im sure she is pissed now that Trump nixed the TPP and is renegotiating NAFTA. To me the news about the TPP is easily the best news to come out of the White house for 20 plus years. I now have something to say when I have the short political talk where I ask what do you like about our government………..finally!

  4. "She can barely speak English" wow you are villain you claim to be fighting against. Complete lack of self awareness. You completely divided and excluded women from this weekends march. Horrible and hypocritical. You have no business discussing policy.

  5. Wow, pretty disgusting things Handler has to say about a fellow woman and immigrant. How can you be like 60 years old and have the mind of a 12 year old?

  6. Oh, give me a fuckin break!! Handler doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground!!! How the hell does she know that the Trumps would stoop so low as to have her interview them????? I pray that planned parenthood is defunded ASAP!!!

  7. This trashy whore needs to get the fuck out the country if she doesn't like it. Her and Rosie's crisco sweating ass need to shut their cocksuckers and book.

  8. I feel like woman should have a choice on whether they want an abortion or not, even though I feel like abortion is disgusting and don't see how anyone with a conscience could go through with that process. And she said her biggest fear about trump is racism???? If he is racist than what does that make you, Saying that Melania can't even speak English? And it's hard to take you serious when you say the Russians hacked the election

  9. "I don't know what Hillary Clinton is going to do" – And you respect her and would vote for her ??!! How clever response Chelsea Handler you stupid old bitch.

  10. Wow, this was a trip. She speaks of the pitfalls of division and within seconds, refers to my religion/faith as "bullshit". The first step in coming together is respect for one another. She basically just disrespected people of faith, the President and the First Lady, and apparently immigrants with an accent. Essentially, she came off as a vulgar, crass, jackass. Terms that she'd probably have no problem using to describe Donald Trump. This is why so many have problems with this progressive movement. It is the blatant hypocrisy that so saturates its rhetoric. I strongly suggest that the leaders of this movement use better discernment when selecting who stands before the microphones to articulate the message. This Chelsea "whoever"and Madonna are certainly not wise choices. Personally, based on what I just witnessed, I'd stick with a two party system before I'd jump onboard any movement Ms. Chelsea promotes.

  11. If you want a good laugh at Chelsea's expense, go watch her leaked porn video..
    You will think you are watching animal planet..but nope.. its this nothing above lol.. Moooooooooooooooooo!

  12. STOP Having Sex Whores!!!

    If You Can Not Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions & Pay For Your Own Birth Control, Then You Have No Business Having Sex. And The American Taxpayer Shouldn't Have To Pay For Your Birth Control, That Is Your Problem. These Women Are Mentally Ill.

  13. "She can barely speak english" because her first language Slovene, so she is an immigrant and you are concerned the most about racism? let me tell you something darling… making fun if that is racism

  14. Chubby Handler is such a hypocrite. It's okay for one president to have sex scandals but unforgivable for Trump to have some locker room banter.

  15. Loud mouthed and boring. I'd rather stand alone in the cold and listen to two old rooks screeching in the dark. Can't you folks interview interesting and relevant personalities? At least try to find intelligent people to interview.

  16. "No-one has any right to tell us what to do with our bodies"
    Most people on the right don't want to tell you what to do with your body at all.
    The extent to which feminists have deluded themselves on this issue is idiotic.
    What they want is to not pay for your abortions.
    Planned parenthood is about government paying for abortions.
    There's plenty of other places where women can get their health care, including abortions.
    But apparently feminists think women are so weak and incapable they need the government to pay their bills.
    Feminists are the ones that actually hate women, it's disgusting.

  17. You sound like a BIGOT. What an AWFUL thing to say about Melania when she speaks like so many immigrants who are here to America. I really think that you HATE her because she speaks and writes in 5 languages, and is a beautiful and classy FIRST LADY. You will NEVER get my support again.

  18. Why did you LIE TO US when you said that you will leave the country if Trump won? How can ANYONE believe ANYTHING you say. ALL TALK AND NO ACTION.

  19. left wingers has already hijacked feminist movement for their political gain , its already became a phony anti male political movement but dont let them to hijack comedy industry for their gain again. Democratic party is full of racists.

  20. Interesting if Melania Trump can barely speak English?

    What is she doing here?

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  21. What a blatant hypocrite and horrible human being! One example: She hates Trump because (she beLIEves) he's a racist, then says she hates his wife because she can't speak English. But that's not being racist now, is it?

  22. Chelsea Handler out of touch due to her wealth that she earned – God bless
    but please CH try to remember what it is like to be on your Last $20 in you pocket

  23. Shame on you!! You just came out of demonstrating for women's rights, then came out to demean an belittle another woman. This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy by entitled little spoiled brat. How are you for immigrants and woman if you behave this way. Do you like immigrants just as house kippers, landscapers and babysitters? According to you what can they be good for anyway? They don't speak any English, right? Disgusting.
    An immigrant.

  24. She is such a scumbag ! You don't let anyone tell you what to do , with your body? But you wanna tell everybody what to do, like paying for your abortion ! Fuck you , you looney scumbag !

  25. you two bitches should be drinking anti freeze. why is Chelsea worried about abortion? shes too fucking old to have kids. although if she did get pregnant I would encourage her to abort so we have one less jew on earth

  26. Chelsea must need a shower. That dirtbag kept scratching herself like a dog with fleas. She shouldn't do interviews while stewed.

  27. perfect example of head being dipped in peroxide for too long dumb woman,
    who let this bitch out of the kitchen anywayz?
    your job on this planet is to cook and reproduce.
    this bitch is loose as a goose.

  28. The way women have acted after President Trump was elected is proof positive that we can NEVER EVER have a woman for President.
    This wacky broad has nothing to say about Bill Clinton the biggest abuser of women that ever occupied the White House or that bitch of a wife Hillary that used her power to abuse this poor women even further?? Every time you open your mouth Handler you show just how uneducated you really are. Have another drink.

  29. Chelsea H is a dope. On HRCs watch, her State Dept. 'lost' 6 BILLION dollars! She corrupted her own State Dept. Facilitated the sale of 1/5 of America's Uranium, gave speeches where she made hundreds of thousands of $$$ from speeches to Wall Street. She wouldn't say what she said to Goldman Sacs, but did say, with regards to Wall Streed, "I have both private and public positions." and so much more I could type for an hour. She threatened Bills sexual victims, she said Palestine shouldn't have had the election unless it was rigged, funnelled millions from the Clinton foundation to her daughter, was going to take $11,000,000, from the King of Morocco till she couldn't do that if she was going to be campaigning, the Clinton Foundation set up Teneo to solicit money, and to act as a 'fire wall' between CF and her office, I could go on forever. Chelsea Handler, you are a dope.

  30. No, abortion is the same as projects etc. Democrats enslaving blacks. Blacks lead the way in abortions. No wonder they fight so hard. Welfare and abortions. A plague on blacks. And who pushes it so hard? The left believes blacks can't do anything for themselves and need them to pay them on their heads. Not true.

  31. FEMINISM IS CULTURAL MARXISM IN A SCIRT! This march was a regressive progressive propaganda piece under the guise of Feminism! Woman are oppressed in the country where they are the most privilaged people in history? What a joke! I'm not buying what your selling, regressive!

  32. If Trump can make those comments about women so can Chelsea about Trump. Free speech, that is America, its constitutional! The world needs to stop hating women who don't apologize for being true to themselves. Peace for all and may tolerance rain upon us.

  33. This women is not attractive .She is jealous of Melania Trump.! My mom just said she was a jealous ugly person lol and no class .

  34. This dumb bitch urinated in the parking lot during one of her shows. That was about the 4th or 5th time I watched (and the last time I watched) her show.

  35. you have somewhere to go it is called a doctor. urgent care. get informed. I don't want my tax dollars going to planned parenthood. If you need an abortion u should be responsible enough to call a doctor and pay out of pocket. this should be a state level issue and if u want to support it send money, government doesn't need to fund everything.

  36. Why does she need to worry about planned parenthood, she's a spinster who only has a few years until the menopause

  37. I really hope she leaves the states. She's annoying, not very funny and not very attractive. How in hell is she famous?

  38. one question Chelsea…………What the hell makes you so superior to President and First Lady Trump?    fucking nothing !  Stop berating people, think kind.  Hillary is going down and is going to make fools out of you

  39. "She can barely speak English." OH! That's so vile! I'm not all for the Trumps, but I'd never want to say something that vicious on someone being who they are, no matter what language they speak! I think this is one of the manners on the Left that shouldn't be tolerated at any cost. I don't think she even understood what she was talking about. She really should've followed up with more of this, before even admitting that rude and callous remark. I also think that this is the remark from that chaotic election, in which has made her one of the most divisive celebrities in this country, too. Oy, 5 languages, Handler. You sure messed up.

  40. God she's disgusting! Racism? You just said Melania can't even speak English. She's speaks 5 languages, and yes her English is slightly limited. It's probably hard for her. Jeez

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