Charlottesville and the Weimar Republic

On this channel, I like to inform and entertain, and I like to keep things light. It’s not that I don’t have strong political views, but life is more than politics and I like to contribute to
the non-political side of things and not alienate half my audience. Of course, since my channel is about Germany it’s inevitable that I will sometimes need to cover some of the darker chapters
of the country’s history. But when I do, it’s always to examine
the facts as dispassionately as I can. But this past week has seen a series
of events that are deeply troubling, and I can’t ignore them. When white supremecists start marching under the banner of Germany’s most notorious
genocidal dictatorship, it becomes an issue I have to speak out on. In the past, I have seen
words like “Nazi” and “fascist” being used indiscriminately to mean: “Anyone whose political views
are more right-wing than mine,” or even: “Anyone who won’t let me
do what I want to do,” and that has always irritated me. But when you proudly carry the Nazi swastika, shout Nazi slogans and venerate Nazi leaders, you can’t claim not to be a Nazi. And yes, I have seen mindless violence being
carried out by members of the extreme left. But when you proudly carry the Nazi swastika, shout Nazi slogans and venerate Nazi leaders; and when you physically attack, maim, and murder in broad daylight
those who oppose you, you cannot claim the moral high ground. It’s not possible to overstate
the seriousness of the situation. Even Jeff Sessions — Jeff Sessions, one of the
most right-wing members of the Senate — immediately condemned the
hit-and-run killing in Charlottesville as an act of domestic terrorism. That is how blatant this is. There is no room for debate here: The Alt-Right are now firmly on the road
the Nazis were on 90 years ago; and it’s a road that ultimately led to the systematic murder
of millions of innocent people, the economic ruin of the country, and a war which reduced half the continent
to a pile of smoking rubble. Now, I don’t actually think that
in this remake of the Third Reich the Alt-Right movement is playing the part of the actual National Socialist German
Workers’ Party, the Nazi Party itself. I think they’re playing a related
but slightly different role. It was a question posted on Reddit
that got me thinking: Why did Germany allow the Nazis to create
a paramilitary organisation? That prompted me to do a little background reading
on the paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party, the Sturmabteilung — the SA. I don’t know about you, but I always thought of the SA as
an integral part of the Nazi Party itself. And at first, it was: it had its origins in the practice of the time for political parties to have
their own security staff in order to prevent violence
at their conferences and rallies. The Nazi Party was briefly banned in 1924. By the time it reformed the following year,
the SA had kind of taken on a life of its own. It was used by the Nazi Party, and was very useful as a way of
terrorizing their political opponents and anyone else they didn’t like. But Hitler kept the SA at arm’s length, and portrayed himself as the only man
capable of keeping the SA in check. Bear that in mind when you hear
the likes of Steve Bannon apparently criticizing the Alt-Right. The SA was basically a group of thugs
that liked dressing up in uniforms, parading with torches, and punching
Jews and communists. But they didn’t all agree on everything, and they didn’t even agree with
everything the Nazi Party did. In fact, in many ways they were
more extreme than the Party. And this, I think, is where
the Alt-Right is now. It’s not the Nazi Party: it’s the SA. It’s not one single thing, but a loose confederation
of extreme right-wing groups with very slightly different agendas, all united chiefly by certain core beliefs. The Charlottesville rally was framed as a protest
against the removal of a statue, but of course that’s not what it was. It was in fact an attempt to unify these
different factions in a common cause. The organisers actually called it
“Unite the Right” — that is literally what they were hoping to do. The SA helped Hitler to power, but not always on the SA’s terms. And then came the reckoning, because once Hitler had what he wanted,
he didn’t need Rent-a-Thug any more. In fact, with three million members,
it was actually a threat to him. So the leader of the SA was executed,
along with up to 200 of his allies, the membership drastically reduced and the organisation brought
under the control of the Party. Now, I’ve never thought of Trump as Hitler. I don’t think he is deliberately
supporting the Nazis. Either he is incredibly stupid and genuinely
trying to appear neutral and is just unaware of the issues; or he’s being threatened. Now, I don’t know which is worse, but I am pretty sure he is just a patsy. So if you want to know
who the Hilter really is in this case, I suggest you ask yourself: Who is actually capable of manipulating, using, and then
emasculating the At-Right. That’s certainly not Trump. In fact, he is more likely
to be destroyed by them: his poor political skills and his Jewish
son-in-law make him ultimately disposable. This is all worrying enough, but it gets worse. In the last few decades we have seen
an arming of the citizenry and at the same time
a militarization of the police. Violent crime is already astoundingly high: the potential for a full-scale civil war is high. There’s a precedent for that, too. Battles between communists and Nazis ensured that
the run-up to the July 1932 election was the most violent election campaign
in Germany’s history, with 300 deaths — most of them
at the hands of the SA. If this were to happen in today’s US, I fear it could be far bloodier. But there is some good news, because
there are some important differences. In the 1920s, democracy was
a brand new thing in Germany. The country’s economy was in ruins, and the Nazi Party had huge support. By contrast, the US has a long-established
system of checks and balances. They may not be perfect, but so far it has ensured that the president has
failed to do most of the things he said he would. And the extreme right-wing faction doesn’t have
wide support even within the party. Whatever you may think of the Republican Party, senior Republicans have publicly expressed
their horror over Charlottesville, unequivocally condemned the Alt-Right and called on the president to do the same. This isn’t the Nazi Party of 1933. Now, I don’t know what we should do now, but I do think there is still hope. My one suggestion is this: Remember that the Alt-Right
is many different groups trying to unify. If you can find a way to exploit their differences, you may be able to slow them down.

  1. yeah thoug this representation is a bit one sided – as you said the hell broke lose in fights between Nazis and communists – just like in charlottsville it was a clash of Antifa and Nazis that got shit really bad. Look what Antifa – now officially a terrorist group – did in germany or the US, worse than the Neo Nazis ever did anything.
    And similiar back in the day, the communists were just as extreme as the Nazis were and it was this clash that made it so bad. the communists managed to give the Nazis more and mroe support with their unrealistic, pandering and often insulting demands, so that more and more sane people started supporting the NPD (or trump) to fight against the left extremists. Also Hitler didnt have "huge support" he didnt jave a majority unlike say the modern cdu and had to sneak his way into power with a "Putsch"

  2. I agree with former President Ronald Reagan's famous statement that if fascism comes to America, it will come under the guise of liberalism. President Trump and the Republican party generally is for LESS government that is totally inconsistent with totalitarianism. Also the USA has a tradition of freedom and free expression that doesn't exist in Germany. There is virtually no support for right or left extremism here. The Alt-Right's biggest media outlet is Breitbart news which was founded and run until his death by Andrew Breitbart who was raised Jewish and was educated in Hebrew schools. (wikipedia) You have remarked in other videos that Americans shouldn't assume that they understand German culture, well…

  3. Thank you for this, I really appreciate your study research and how you teach. I tend to think most "white supremacists" in the States are losers who have no jobs, live in their mothers' homes, and literally have nothing to be proud of but for the color of their skin, which of course none of us have any control over! But I will always keep learning and be aware of what is happening in my country.

  4. The alt-right is not the problem; the far-left is the problem. It is the far-left commies that have been having riots for months now destroying property and assaulting people.

  5. I love how you just casually accept as given that the Republicans are the nazi party in this analogy. No bs.

  6. they are NOT Nazis, they are skin heads yes there is a big difference. If both Antifa, the fanatical communist terrorists, and the unlawful and borderline anarchic skinheads that attended the charlottes ville rally were brought before Hitler, Hitler would no doubt look at the skin heads first and identify them as an enemy, with the former being a very close second. Needless to say i have a large amount of knowledge on the National Socialist party, their foreign and internal polices and their core values and beliefs, it is from there i form this opinion.

  7. Grundsätzlich eine gute Analyse über die ideologische Gesinnung der Alt-Right in Amerika. Leider lässt du bei deiner Analyse aus, dass die Altright, genauso wie die SA, eine Gegenbewegung zur Alt-Left bzw. in der Weimarer Republik zur KPD (bzw. zur SPD) war, die nunmal zuerst Gewalt mit ins Spiel gebracht haben. Linker Schuh, rechter Schuh. Der linke hat wie immer zuerst mit Treten angefangen, der rechte tritt zurück -> Zerstörung, Tod, Chaos -> Hitler (bzw. Stalin). Wenn du tatsächlich meinst, dass die Nazis ohne KPD (und SPD) zur Macht gekommen wären, irrst du dich, denke ich, gewaltig.

  8. You say "nazism on the rise" like it's a bad thing. And another note, you have no actual idea how the altright works, or what it wants.

    We don't want to unify. We are most effective as a loosely organized group. We're made up of so many varying degrees of people. From libertarians (like myself) to the hardest of Nazis.

    Unifying is what killed the left in the 2016 election.

  9. As a US citizen I can't help but find this video a bit illinformed. Donald Trump and his faction of the Republican Party are far more moderate than the previous Republican leaders, he is mostly operating off policies that had been part of the Democratic Platform before that party shifted further Left and further Corporatist, and he is walking back a lot of the Theocratism of the Republican Party. Which is why Trump has more support from minorities than the past Republican leaders.

    More importantly, I don't feel Trump overstated the threat from the far-left in the US, which are part of a more global, more dangerous movement that is based in Germany. The Antifa in Berkeley had attempted to kill a man by beating him unconscious with metal pipes, and continuing to beat him while he was down. If that man had died, the body counts of the Alt-Right and Antifa would be equal. And at that same riot there was graffiti from Antifa threatening death upon Liberals, "too". MAking Antifa an enemy of all US citizens who wish to participate in the democratic process. I find it appropriate to condemn both the Alt-Right and Antifa for being the two sides of the same extremist coin.

    And I doubt that the Alt-Right would be a successor to the SA, seeing as something like the SA would be unlikely to succeed in the modern US. We have professional paramilitary security outfits that operate within the law, the excellent State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies, and the National Guard to prevent violence at political rallies. And we have an armed citizenry and paramilitary municipal police forces (SWAT) to combat against bushwhacking. In fact, because the solution the the kind of political violence you're "predicting" was to train local militias to fight against the terrorists. That was even the original function of the US NRA.

    You seem like a student of history, but you need to expand to different times and different regions.

  10. I think the most important thing is not to call centrists, libertarians and conservatives racists and nazis or trying to shut them down from free speech. This will make the real nazis only stronger.

    I like to say: If you always hit someone from left, don't wonder he turns right.

  11. The NSDAP worked for Germany and the German people, and Merkel is literally worse than Hitler. He attempted to rebuild Germany. She is helping to destroy Germany. Maybe it's time to do away with the stigma against Nationalism and take a fresh look. It couldn't hurt, and it'd likely save us (we're all in it together). Either way, mindlessly hating something without an honest and objective evaluation is wrong. And considering the dire situation in Western Europe, not taking advantage of any solution is going to be highly detrimental to the continued existence of our people.

    Then again, you could be the self-flagellating type. In which case, fuck off as quickly as possible. You're in the way.

  12. There so Mach stewpidity here with this video extreme liberal bias mis information it is insane the protestors at charlotville were peach full then terroist like artifacts started attacking them very few people actually had a swastica there and god dammit stop labeling anyone who is politically to the right of Joseph Stalin’s as a white supremist you even labeled us as terroist you aren’t saying that about the hammer and sickle of communism which killed more than 100,000,000 million people way more than the Nazis

  13. The alt right didn't start the violence, everything was peaceful until the protesters showed up and started attacking them. There was like 2 people with swastikas there the entire time, and most people just had their own insignias. You have greatly misinterpreted the alt right. And that ending is hilarious, "OY VEY, THE GOYIM ARE AWAKING, WE NEED TO EMPLOY AN OLD JEWISH TACTIC OF DIVIDE AND CONQUER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE"

  14. Idiot from country who killed over 2 billion innocent people demonizes people who support ideology who killed supposedly around 10 million which was likely slightly exaggerated

  15. here is how we divide them
    First ''white'' is not a race or nationality
    Second ''American'' is not a race they are just mix of english,german,french or who colonised america
    that's all

  16. >"I like to examines the facts as dispassionately as I can"

    >Immediately calls the Charlottesville protest "White Supremacist".

    You're not being dispassionate at all.

  17. Hey rewboss don't take right wing keyboard warriors so seriously they all think there so clever with the're edge lord ways but the leading sight for the alternative right is the daily stormer. Get real these suburban racist gun humpers and college frat boy from racist fraternities have overly high opinion of their personal courage and cleverness, there just pawns hor various right wing billionaires.

  18. We in America have the same issue here too with the confederate state and slavey with the confederate state, I’m not mad if someone flys the confederate flag but, the natzi flag COMMON!

  19. Don't forget about the radical leftist Communist Antifa that were in Charlottesville! The Communists actually murdered millions more people than the Nazi's did. That's how bad they were! Both sides in Charlottesville were wrong and at fault. Trump stated that fact back in August. Go Trump. America First! Make America Great Again!!!

  20. but people that carry Soviet flags and praise Stalin are let off.If you don't mind this you are retarded.(and no I am not defending Nazis)

  21. Dear Andrew: Sorry to correct you: The SA had 300,000 members at its peak – not 3 million. In comparison: the total population of Germany amounted to 65 million inhabitants in 1933.

  22. The "nazis" didn't kill anybody and they weren't terrorists. They were there legally, Antifa was not. Antifa was looking for trouble.

  23. Yes let's ignore the fact that I see no proof of this, yet what I do have proof of is the far left, or ANTIFA, Anti-Facist carrying old style Nazi flags, (the 2 flag style), oh did I tell you they got declared a Domestic Terrorist organization. So as to what you said in 1:18, what are you on about, photos, references, I have no idea what you are on about.

  24. You sir are pathetic. The Nazis saved your country, be grateful. The Nazis offered the Allies peace many times but they rejected and destroyed your country. If you want to be angry at someone, be angry at the Allies and the Bolshevik rats that raped German women and oppressed Germans for 50 years.

  25. As a National Socialist, i highly doubt most of the Charlottesville Nazis are just Mindless Skinheads

  26. I think i would side with the right if there was a civil war between the extreme left and extreme right. I would just find a less extreme non religious group. But if we could leave i would. I could convince my parents to move to Germany. Haha. I don't think a civil war will happen anymore. Or the chances have gone down.

  27. imo, the leftists seem to want communism as a way to keep from having to rely on themselves to make a living , but they have not been taught the history of communism which killed many times more people than the nazi's , starvation vs gas chambers, ive been to lots of these rallies and it allways the same thing, the right gets a permit ,lawfully assembles its all peaceful ,then the left shows up without a permit tries to shut down free speach and gets violent, the democratic mayors of these cities tell the police to stand down and people get beaten up on both sides, the left wont even give trump the smallest chance, they started attacking the republicans as soon as trump won the nomination soros pays the left to protest, busses them in to cause chaos, and thats it in a nutshell

  28. PS the comnunist party KPD had it's own para-military organizations, too! and they didn't much different from the SA!

  29. I would say you are correct here on many points, but remember that the SA before the Purge of 34 had a strong leftist influence. (See: "Strasserism", and "BEEFSTEAK NAZI") The Strasser brothers and Roehm were leftists, but of a nationalist variety, not an international Marxist version, but related to the socialist left nevertheless. The party after all was called the "National Socialist German Workers Party", and was formed by the working class in Munich after WWI.

    International Marxists, including the "Antifa" movement of today which has its "roots" within the KPD (Communist Party Germany) of the Weimar Republic (organized in 1932 as the militant wing of the KPD in order to fight the SA in the streets of Berlin) were also radical and violent leftists just like the SA. Hitler did move away from the more leftist origins of the Nazi party after the so called Night of Long Knives (SA purge), but kept many so called "progressive" policies during his years of rule.

    The Nazi's were ethno nationalist AND SOCIALIST, fighting another socialist movement that was based on an "international class struggle" but both had roots in the left, not the right (read: the NSDAP Party Platform 1920*). Most people of the left today do not want to accept this,but history is inconvenient at times.

    Stalin and the left, and the Antifa by extension , resulted in the deaths of millions, just like National SOCIALISM did. Ask anyone who survived the genocide of the Ukrainian peoples during the imposed Soviet Famine of '32-'33 (probably all dead by now). Three million were starved to death by the "international socialists" in the Soviet Union at this time. Millions died in Siberian concentration camps. Both movements are of equal horror, and both are different versions of Socialism – one NATIONAL and the other INTERNATIONAL (Marx/Engels), and both rooted sadly in German history…

    The idiots on both sides in Charlottesville are two sides of the same coin, but don't even know it because they do not know history, and continue to clash as they did 90 years ago in Weimar. The good news is that today only a very very small number of people follow such nonsense. One Socialist movement killed based on "race" , the other based on "class", both are genocidal, and the American left continues to play down the crimes of the international socialists (communists). Why? Is killing a person based on their class or their race really any different? Both are corrupt, idiotic and evil.

    * Platform points #11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 25 – could have been taken from the Soviet "constitution")

  30. Life is more than politics.
    A tractor passing by in the background.
    Welly welly welly, that is one point well proved.

  31. SFX waking up what? I don't know very much about American politics, so I'm sure I'm missing something. I had to google up the Charlottesville riot, so far it hadn't shown up on my radar. So there was a rallye of right wing nutters. That is bad, but surely they're not in government and they don't form a political party, and even if they did there'd be no risk of them ever winning an election. And Trump did not support it, besides whatever anyone thinks of him he is not a nazi. Any nazi worth his salt must despise Trump for his strong support of Isreal. What am I missing, anyone?

  32. When Stalin killed more than Hitler, Mao murdered more people than Hitler+Stalin and North Korea threatens USA with nukes, but everybody hate the Nazis, not the communists…..

  33. One dickhead out of over 1000 people was "proudly carrying the Nazi swastika". The woman who died would still be alive if the rally was allowed to go on as planned. The leftists started the violence pepper spraying people etc long before the incident with the car. Notably an alt right figure named Baked Alaska was attacked and to this day has not fully recovered his vision. Didn't see you mention that though. Do you still expect us to just sit back and do nothing while we are attacked? While our countries turn to shit before our eyes? Look at what's happened to that french police women on new years eve. This is not the future we want for our children. Do you expect us to do nothing while we are told it's good that we will be replaced in our countries? Over 70 years and people are still terrified of Nazi ghosts it's pathetic. We aren't having this anymore, we won't have "diversity" forced on us anymore. We don't want it and we have every right to voice this opinion. People who clearly hate European people and who are so desperate to live in multicultural utopias can fuck off to South America or South Africa.

  34. Rewboss was in Charlottesville? If not, he is dependent on reporting from Charlottesville, and the reporting was quite bad. I suggest he stick to commenting on domestic problems current in Germany, rather than those of the USA. He might examine the recent crisis as to whether German men should stand to urinate, or sit to do so. Not only would sitting avoid dreaded splatter, but the need for a slit in the front of men's underpants would be eliminated, with significant savings in labor and material, and less impact on the environment.

  35. "Anyone I don't like is a Nazi."
    "Also lets conveniently not talk about Antifa or Communists because I like and am biased towards them."

  36. This is what sloppy jews need to brush up on, we keep their feet to the fire:  Balfour Declaration, Judea declares war on Germany, Transfer Agreement, Soviet Nazi Pact.

  37. There is a moral high ground when 2 groups of idiots want to kill each other? Is it on a hill overlooking the shit show?

  38. Pretty sure neo Nazis and the KKK had continued a downward spiral towards irrelevance for decades up until the social justice inquisition.

  39. I greatly respect and appreciate your point of view on this topic. I'd like to point out a quote I heard once – Neo-Nazis are actually worse than Nazis. Many people in the Nazi party didn't know the extent of the atrocities and horrible things that were being done, but they DID do horrible things, whereas Neo-Nazis look back and see, and know about those despicable acts and think "Hey, this looks like a really good idea!". Great video!

  40. This is the kind of video I've been looking for. A true comparison of what is going on now in America with German History. Thank You.

  41. Neo-Nazis, particularly in the USA, are holocaust deniers, but still spew out the same vitriol against Jews. They claim to be white supremacists and defenders of the survival of the white race, but attack whites who challenge their racist views with insults and threats. They contradict themselves!

    I can name two here…
    Blondie Annabelle Bella (who uses Debbie Harry's photograph on his/her profile page).
    James Expedition (who claims to be from the greatest country in the world – Australia).
    Both are semi-literate and use the same language in their insults.

    I am Anglo-Scottish-Swedish and was born and bred in the UK, but white supremacists don't speak for my race. If anyone should shamefully consider themselves to be outstanding members of my race by making racist remarks to or about me, I would rather the ground open up and swallow them whole. If I am the only morally decent white woman left on this planet, the world would be a better place.

  42. American neo-nazis are and were never true to National socialism. Neo-nazis follow the lies and are just make the truth of the Third Reich harder to see because if you call out some lie the media claims the Reich did you are auto-magically called one of these radical nut-case anarchists.

  43. In my opinion the United States needs a new political party that will remove this wall of political gridlock, in addition to this I believe the electoral college and its ability to influence the elections entirely should be removed since a candidate can literally win the Presidential election with 500,000 votes from the people as long as the candidate removes the majority rule from one party this requiring the House of Representatives to elect the POTUS. The whole system needs to be changed and modernized

  44. A very nuanced take on the issue. They are fascists quintessence, because at the root of their philosophy is seeing some kind of deficiency is anyone they're willing to make into an Other. All to supposedly MAGA.

  45. I've been a fan of this channel until I saw this video. I never imagined rewboss is a Marxist-Leninist ideologue. Shame!

  46. White Supremacists?? Who the fuck are you (a white, by the way) to use a term coined by somebody else? Indeed you are either a useful goy or an useful idiot!!

  47. Failing to condemn the left at Charlottesville, who started the violence, is equally wrong. Sorry, but I disagree with you letting them off the hook.

  48. Black hoods, clubs, masks, violence against Trump supporters by these described thugs-isn’t this the left- Antifa?

  49. If you espouse beliefs that would've been considered reasonable a few decades ago, you're equivalent to the Nazis now? Don't get me wrong, there was a tiny, tiny contingent of white trash with Nazi flags, etc., but that's all they were – just a few people.

  50. A year later and the GOP has fully embraced the Alt-Right. Those condemnations after Charlottesville were just lip service. I do not think you fully understand the deep and inbred racism that exists the US.

  51. Ah thought this was going to be a channel loaded with videos of some intrepid prepubescent cartoon girl(a la Pippi Longstocking) righting the wrongs she perceives with her 9-year-old mind…oh, wait…it's complete propaganda…..hmmm…guess mah first instinct wasn't so far off the mark.

  52. Sadly, the horror of Charlottesville has faded in 2019 and their numbers are only larger albeit more low-key.

  53. you really make this a bigger issue than it is, communism is much worse but it is openly accepted to be communist.

  54. There’ll come a time in the USA that the alien race (Jews) will be deported once and for all!! Liberalism is a communist Jewish invention.

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