Chaffetz: Dems demonstrated that they don’t have a case

  1. Serial liar Adam Schiff said that he didn't have contact with the so called whistle blower but when he got caught he admitted it was a "mistake" and he should have been clearer. Now he is claiming he doesn't know who the person is who he already admitted to having contact with. The so called whistle blower is not a whistle blower by the whistle blower protection law and regulations. He doesn't work for the executive branch of government or the white house administration as would be required. He works for the CIA as an analyst. He is nothing more than someone complaining about hearsay and second hand information that he heard. In 2017 he was kicked out of the white house for leaking negative information about President Trump. He also has worked with Biden in the past and he worked for Brennan a known trump hater. The non whistle blower has a background of working against Trump to help oust him, that is why Schiff is hiding him and refusing to let him testify to congress. His background would be discovered during his testimony and more.

  2. The two star witnesses had nothing, no evidence just opinion and hearsay. This impeachment is about foreign policy and Democrats protecting their corrupt party. They think the president doesn't have the right to set foreign policy as he sees fit and investigate corruption even though both are HIS constitutional job and he was elected by the people to do his job. I don't think the Democrats will let this go to the Senate but if they do it will be suicide. The Republican controlled Senate committees can subpoena the so called whistle blower and his friends, Adam Schiff and his aides, the Biden's and many players involved in the Democrats 2016 corruption. It will all come out and Trump not only will still be the president but they will be handing him the 2020 election. It's unexplainable but then that is what hate and lust for power does to them.

  3. Dems lied so much that they have to keep piling on the lies and more lies, now it's bribery? They'll soon run out of lies (maybe) and have to face the truth. But for now they'll have to keep the lies coming to save face. THEY'RE GONNA GO DOWN

  4. The dems have a case alright, A case for treason charges.
    Dems not only proved they dont have a case, they prove that they are liars that should never be trusted with any form of political power.

  5. In a case such as this! With the leader of our country and making accusations to him and trying to Impeach him is very serious and the person should be brought forth! For all we know there IS no whistle blower!! You can not , especially since the whole world knows and has seen, that since his first day in office they wanted him out and were resentful because they were so sure of their arrogant selves that were were going to win and didn't! They talked for almost 2/1/2 years trying to tell the people tht he was guilty of Collusion with Russia! They aren't credible!!! They didn't even have the class to apologize to our president whether you like him or not ..THIS isn't right!

  6. Demorats always saying P.Trump abuses his power ,WTF is Adam Schiff doing ,Ooooh I forgot for a sec that the Demorats can break any law and do what ever they want with out being held accountable !!

  7. If you support these communist, Pelosi, shift, mad max, nusome of California you are a target to conservative from here on out

  8. Adam Schiff dishonesty should be disbarred 10 years jail time loss of his retirement for lying to Congress and the American people

  9. Trump is a true genius, by not opposing this FAKE "impeachment"
    he is allowing the American people to see what justice will be like
    if they allow the Democrats take power. If someone dislikes you they can
    make a complaint and their name will be hidden from you. The Chairman of the "
    committee can bar you from bringing witnesses in your defence, he can stop your lawyers
    from asking questions of your accuser and hold prosecution meetings in secret.
    Now there is something to look forward to should they win your vote.

  10. I’m so proud of the Republicans for stepping up and hitting back at these senseless democrats. I just pray they keep up the momentum because I don’t trust these idiots!

  11. the reason pelosi had her formal announcement was because Nadler was doing his inquiry for two or 3 weeks, he forced her. A day or two after pelosi caved AOC lost interest, she must have been told what impeach meant and what remove meant. If it was AOC who pushed pelosi it's pretty funny how fast AOC dumped her. But I think it was nadler who forced pelosi and she was so pist she took it away from him and gave it to schitt.

  12. If Pelosi does have support on her lies, and those supporter are willing to cover her lies and go against their laws, should they be held in contempt too, They all know its against their law to lie just to get the lying party in power, but creating a lie just to impeach a President and then talk a coward into lying about what he heard a third party say, who now looks to me , that he was paid handsomely for his efforts. Pelosi and Crew have got to be nuts if they expect even the dumbest of us, are going to sit back and let this desperate crimes of theirs to go unpunished. The Law would have broken down completely if that were to happen.

  13. And it started before he was elected,with a fake dossier paid for by Clinton and dnc,so Obama did spy on an American citizen that was an opposing presidential candidate and campaign. Lied to fisa court judges,that denied their claims about 3 times before the fake dossier,those judges should be mad as hell.

  14. The whisker blower is shifty shift , all made out false accusations, and no one can do anything against him ?
    Does he have more power than the president ?
    Where is the power of the Republican Party? There’s none ?
    Why we don’t hear from them ?
    Shift is ruling like a king , and they let him do all these crooked things on their nose, without any complaints from their side ?

  15. The left is a treasonous criminal organization. No facts ,lies and obstruction. All they are doing is destroying America's future. 🇺🇸 Donald 2020 .If Schiff, Pelosi and the fab four were eliminated our country would be much better. Out progress would be insured.🇺🇸Donald 2020 .REPUBLICANS PRO LIFE Democrats LOW LIFE.

  16. If the phone call was so innocent, why was it put into the highest security vault in the White House? Release the full transcript of the phone call, not a memo.

  17. They are hoping this bs carries on into the next election. They will continue to delay and drag this along. Someone has to stop the nonsense now!!!

  18. Pelosi is trying to save face a little by today saying the USMCA can be put through Congress before Christmas… this is her way of trying to recover any once of credibility they can if they indeed get this agreement through (it is a bipartisan win). I personally think it's too little too late for the dums because they've burnt all their bridges back to the land of credibility but hey if they work with POTUS that would be a good thing to get through for all Americans. So long as they DON'T attempt to insert any poison pills in the agreement (like they did with the prescription drugs legislation).

  19. Hahahahaha democrat retardation that's it that's all democrat retardation Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Adam that sneeky mother fucker Hahahahaha democrat went to stop really stop cow farting hahaha

  20. It’s the transgender agenda kicking in again…. after Obama rewrote our marriage laws trying to play God nothing’s been fair or right since ….He’s against the Alpha Males ( he got them by the balls based on bad homosexual policies )…. little babies 👶 ( he will let them cry and die on some dirty hospital table right after birth-full term abortions) …. don’t forget he punched 🤛 Mother Nature right in her face through disrespectful dishonest transgender policies ( no real blood families)….follow the money 💰 numbers don’t lie people do…. just saying

  21. The democrat party has already died. We're all just waiting for rigor mortis to set in. RIP, democrats. You brought it onto yourselves.

  22. Need to expose the whistle-blower’s identity to investigate whether there is any relationship between the whistle-blower and Joseph R. Biden Jr., the former vice president, and current presidential candidate. public hearings should not proceed until the identity of the anonymous whistle-blower who started the whole inquiry is revealed.
    If there actually is a whistle-blower, How do we even know there is a whistle-blower?

  23. If Trump was up for jaywalking, the judge would start yelling at the Prosecutor.

    If You are a Prozac Liberal, I feel ashamed for You. They made You look Stupid.

  24. The fact that so many Americans support the Democrat party is so confusing to me. These people are anti-American and dangerous AF!

  25. A huge reason the Demz have ANY stroke at all right now is because the Republican "Mavericks" didn't support Trump in the health care deal and other things, then the Left took back over the house.
    EFFF John MCCain, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and the rest!!
    The first time since the 1980's this country can head on a better path but a few "Republicans" botched it up.
    This will never happen, but if we are fortunate to see the pencil-neck puke Adam Schiff go to prison, I hope he receives the Whitey Bulger treatment upon arrival. (you can google that incident)

  26. Criminal 6th amendment..right to confront witness ..supercedes..
    Preempts ridiculous "whistleblower" protection. At least have a judge interview whistleblower camera..
    Nonsense allowing A. Schiff to orchestrate this debacle
    Imagine horror of our founding fathers..watching this ..

  27. There is NO WAY they will let the whistleblower testify bc he will have to testify that he spoke to Schiff and he'll have to finally resign. Oh darn.

  28. Schiff has managed to stir the Republican Party and unintentionally unified them in the process , " out of evil comes good" .

  29. Adam Schiff is not sure who the guy in the mirror is when he gets up in the morning. Nancy Pelosi is not sure where she is half the time and by the way who are all those people looking at me. Well we can pray about that too, Nancy. How come you are always late for those press meetings anyway? This is my opinion.

  30. Funny…they knew his name last week. Every politician involved iN this "Post Mueller" failed report..follow up in "Ukraine Show" guilty of an attempted coup de tat.. COUP DE TAT against the sitting President of a Sovereign Nation. And as said Nation is their OWN.this rises to treason! I don't care WHO you voted for…this should put FEAR IN YOUR HEART.

  31. While we have all of these traitors in one room during another waste of taxpayers $$$$$, maybe we could dual-purpose these hearings and slap ankle bracelets on the "COUP CHARACTERS" so that maybe we can have executions nearly completed by 2020.

  32. Sorry. Chaffez quiting shortly after reelection in disgusting. He should have repaid all his followers that paid for his reelection. He is a sham.

  33. Any congress person can come out with any accusations againts the president cause congressman and woman are well protected by American constitution. So no worries ..even whistle blowers protected by American law.

  34. Well if Schiff doesn't know who the whistleblower is, then how do we know he or she exists? Indeed, following this absurdity, this farce, this lie, then the whistleblower can be a Russian agent, seeking to undermine our presidency. Maybe it's Hillary, Biden and/or Obama, seeking to cover up their Russian Hoax, and the fact that the White House was again up for sale. Maybe a CIA, Deep State hack seeking to twist simple minds. . . . . Well they certainly do twist unsound minds.

  35. If a witness lies under oath they go to jail. Why isn’t Schiff in jail? Who’s asking who else made money in Ukraine? Pelosi family? Etc?

  36. Thank you Stiff, Mancy, Naraddler, Hunter Bidden and last but far from least AOC. You have just help to re-elect Mr. Trump. TRUMP 2020

  37. No case?!??!

    The White House released transcript has extortion right in it.
    Then there is;
    several witnesses
    the white house chief of staff confession
    Trump's confession
    numerous meetings and notes

    This is a slam dunk, he will be impeached before Christmas.
    What a wonderful gift.

  38. In this proud land we grew up strong
    We were wanted all along
    I was taught to fight, taught to win
    I never thought I could for Democrats

  39. President Trump is very, very BRAVE. He will certainly WIN,WIN,WIN…..
    The democrats is the party of stupid people!!
    It is like Trump says , the Democrats are crazy and CORRUPT !!

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