Census Projections Show Gains For Republicans In Electoral College In 2020

The left is not going to like this news. In fact, it will just give them one more reason
to oppose the Electoral College. Projections for the census indicate that Republicans
are going to make gains in 2020. The Blaze reports: Terrible news for Democrats in 2020: Census
projections showing Electoral College gains for GOP Census projections have bad news for Democrats. Population estimates show reliably Democratic
states, like New York, California, and Illinois will each lose at least one congressional
district and representation in the Electoral College. Conversely, states that tend to vote for Republicans—such
as Texas, Florida, and Montana—are expected to increase their presence. “This is looking to benefit Republicans
only because of how the landscape has changed,” said Jenna Ellis, senior legal analyst for
the Trump 2020 campaign, according to radio station KTRH. Ellis also noted that Democrats’ anticipated
losses is why they mobilized so strongly to oppose the Trump administration’s addition
of a citizenship question on the Census. “They’re not interested in laws,” she
said. “They’re not interested in sound reasoning
or fair and accurate representation of every American. They are only interested in concentrating
their own political power by any means necessary.”… …when analysts looked at states expected
to gain seats, the GOP comes out on top. Three Republican states that went for Trump
in 2016—Montana, Arizona, and North Carolina—are likely to pick-up one seat after the Census. Speaking of the Electoral College, the conservative
outlet known as Prager University recently put out a video explaining why it is so important
for America.

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