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Trump’s Own Government Confirms He Broke The Law

at 6:50 pm | Blog | Colt Stanton -

For months and months, ever since the word impeachment first became something that was real, Republicans had been insisting that Donald Trump did absolutely nothing wrong. And if he did do something even slightly wrong, it probably wasn’t an impeachable offense because it wasn’t technically a crime. Well, according to yesterday’s, a government accountability office

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“Trump’s Own Government Confirms He Broke The Law”

Privacy Law in Australia

at 5:51 pm | Blog | Colt Stanton -

Privacy In Australia – Does The Privacy Act Apply To You? The federal Privacy Act 1988 is designed to promote the protection of individuals’ privacy in Australia by imposing obligations on those who collect and handle personal information to manage it responsibly and transparently. It does so by reference to a number of principles known

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“Privacy Law in Australia”