Cass McCombs Shares His Thoughts on Voting & Politics | MTV News

>>I don’t know if I’m voting. That’s gonna be hard. I’m not there yet.
I’m not pro war, you know? I can’t. I got a block in my mind, I just can’t support war.>>[off-screen]
And both of these candidates, as far as your concerned, are way too inclined
to take us— yeah, yeah.>>Yes.
>>[off-screen] Yeah.>>I think it’s important
to register to vote and I work with HeadCount. Um, I think
it’s important to know what’s up, you know? And if you’re not gonna vote, know why, you know? I think not voting
is a vote, you know? Um, so I mean it is. If you know what you’re doing, if you have a consciousness. I think there’s other issues than elections
and politics, you know? People are broke,
people are suffering, and maybe this is
one way to help them, but there’s, you know, even just, like, writing a song about a voice that is seldom
heard can help, you know, I think.

  1. Politics and like voting…yknow? I don't know man like war is bad and I don't "see" myself supporting that yknow? I'm just no pro war. People are suffering yknow? and it's important to vote yknow? But like I don't know if I'm voting yknow?

  2. Oh my. I am all about the ideals, but given what we know now, the message sent by NOT voting is blotted out by the ineptitude it takes not to do a more thoughtful cost-benefit analysis. At least the music's good …

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