Carol Roth Megyn Kelly Fox News on Race & American Politics

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MEGYN: AFox News [email protected] [email protected]@@ @ [email protected] …>>I THINK THE IMPLICATION ISFoC a [email protected] [email protected]@@News H, AVFaEir anS ETHNIC CATEGORIESFox News R CATr a alPEanOPceLEd [email protected] TO ENTERE MIDDLE CFoLAx SSNe AwsND [email protected] IN AMERICA AND FIND A WAYFox [email protected] TOWARDS THE OPPORTUNITY WHICH I e haWHnnATel I [email protected] [email protected]@@ THN PARTY SHOULD BEFox News [email protected] JOB TALKING ABOUT RATHER [email protected] C [email protected]@@News, Fair and [email protected] CATEGORIES. MEGYN: DO YOU THINK THEREFox [email protected] NeLOwsT , OFFair and F BOCalUSaC a ELECFNTIC [email protected]@@[email protected] ANePPwsEA, LT RACIALFox News ChannelFNC [email protected]@@N?>>I THINK THEREFox News [email protected] NARRATIVE THAT HAS BEEN SPUN THFoATx TNeHEws Cha PnnREelSIDW o wsSE CEKha SnnOMelETHINGFNC DIE COUNTRY BY RACE. Fo wsTH [email protected] [email protected]@@ REALITYNeK THEYFox Ne GwsET C.hannelFNC [email protected]@ THE NeBOwsTT, OMFa LirIN aEnd BY HASFox News Channel CHANGFNEDC @ IT’S CONTINUING TO CHANGE THANFe s irTH aE’ndS BA alGOanODced [email protected] I’M A SMALL BUSINESFoSx News [email protected] THERE ARE ISSUES SPECIFIC TO MEa d anASced [email protected] SMALL BUSINESS [email protected] [email protected] NePEwsOP, LEFa WirHO anR CORPORATIONSFo Dx ONNe’Tws C [email protected] ABOUT THOSE ISSUES. I THINKFox News Cha InnT’[email protected] FOR THE PRESIDENTFox News Cha [email protected] SPECIFIC GROUPS WHAT ISSUESFox @ [email protected] TO THEM. THE REALITY IS WE ARE DIFFERENTN [email protected]@@DNews T, HAFaT’irS aNOnd. ANDFox Ne PwsOI CNThaINnnelG TFD SHOWCASING IT ANDFox News [email protected] PEOPLE BASED ON WHATFox News C @ [email protected] ABOUT IS NOT A BAD THING.Fox Ne haI [email protected] THATFN’SC [email protected] REPUBLICANS ARE MISSING THEFox @ [email protected], Fa ir [email protected] NOT ABOUT [email protected] ABOUT UNDERSTANDING WHATFo Ix S @@ARENews, IFaMPirOR aTAndNT BT GROUPS.Fo x C>>ha Inn TelHINKFN TC HERE IA. IT MAKES ME SAD TOFo Px UTNews @ wsIN, AFair and Balan [email protected] AS A WOMAN IFox News ChannelFNCE CALL OUT I’MFox Ne Aws [email protected]@ DURING THE DEBATES I FELTFox [email protected] e FaPAirND aERndED B TalO anASced. 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IFox News T CHIhaNKnn [email protected] IN A WAY THAT ISFo Nx OTNews Che s C [email protected] THERE HANeSws, Fair and A BLWalF THE UNITED STATES AS AFox News @ POT WHERE PEOPLE COMEFox News CB l [email protected] ASSIMILATE AND TAKEFox @ AMERICAN DESCRIBINGFox News [email protected] TAKE UPPEDFox News [email protected]@ CHARACTERISTICS.Fox News [email protected] Fox News Channel FN>>[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] CNeHRwsIS, TMFaASiT ADULT AND THE WHITEFox Ne [email protected] ADULT AND YOU CAN HAVE A SEATFod B ceKIdDDY [email protected] BECAUSE AROUNDl [email protected]@@[email protected], Fair and M BINalO. I WANT A SEATFox News A ChaTnne. FoMEx GYNeN:ws [email protected] [email protected]@@NG THEFox News ChannelFNC [email protected]@@O o wsWO [email protected] C IT [email protected]@@News, Fair and Bala @ AND [email protected]@ DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY T RUBBED MEFox News T CHEha WnnROe d [email protected] MADE ME FEEL LIKE I’MFox Nd B ceSPdECIAL [email protected] GROUP ANDI MUST JFoUSx TNe CwsAR CEhannelFE WOMEN’SFox News Cha InnSSelUES.a r BTHalENan [email protected] PUSHED BY SAID YFoOUx MNeAYws ChannelFNCR OF ISSUES THAT YOUFox News C Che s irAN aD ndIS Balanced [email protected] PAC a LOOKFNINC G [email protected]@@ SAY [email protected] YOUE YOU HAVE ANOTHER SETFox News Chn e [email protected] I WANT TO ADDRESSFox Ne Tl>>[email protected]@@[email protected] Y, OUFair and Bal @ [email protected] CAN’[email protected] GIVE BIRTH. SO THERE ARE DIFFERENCESFox New @@AND THERE NeISws, Fair and Ban l FNTHC [email protected]@@[email protected]@Fox News [email protected] BUT THEY ARE NFoOTx News ChanneS IMPORTANT TO HIM BECAUSE HEFo x CDOhaESnnN’T [email protected] TFNOC [email protected] [email protected] CERTAIN THINGS. I THINKFox News Channel TFNHEC l C [email protected][email protected]@ [email protected]@A IS A MELTING POT. Fo wsIT C’[email protected] OKAYFNC [email protected] [email protected]@FNE AND LOVE THEFo Sx AMNeEws [email protected] MY PROBLEM WITH THIS DEBATE ISFn WEFN AC [email protected]@@News, Fair D aIFnd AND I THINK YOU CANFo Bx ENews @ I THINK YOU CAN CELEBRATE [email protected] C [email protected]@@CES. Ne FaYOirU aCAndN BCHalOOanSEce R CULTURE THE WAY YOU WFoANx TNew a ndIT B [email protected] AT THE SAMEl N [email protected]@@BRATE [email protected]@ GREATER AN CULTUREFox WNeHAwsTE CVEhaR [email protected] MEGYN: YOU SEEM TO BEFox News [email protected] @ THAT IT HAS AN EFFECT OFFox NewC a [email protected] [email protected] @@FROM S ANFoDx CNeANws ChannelFNC TAKA PLACEFox News ChannelFNC [email protected]@@[email protected]@ FROM.Fox News [email protected]@@@[email protected]>>I’MFox News Cha AnnSKelING [email protected] TO SAY THAT A PEOPLEFox News ChY ARE TOO WHITE.Fox Ne haDOnnES [email protected] MC [email protected] [email protected]@LL @ WHO HAPPEN TOFox LNeIVwsE [email protected] SUBURBS DON’T CARE ABOFoUTx [email protected] OF COLOR OFoRx News [email protected] n e [email protected] THINK IT’S BEING USEDFox [email protected] POLITICAL PURPOSE TO DIVIDEFox e [email protected] [email protected]@@ PEOPLENews,Y FROM THEFox News ChannelFNC [email protected]@S WHOFox News C [email protected] [email protected]@>>75Fox News ChannelFNC [email protected]@@[email protected] [email protected]@@MOCRATNews, Fa IirS. and @ 70 PER OF JEWSFox News ChannelF. NeBLwsAC CKSha,[email protected] HC [email protected] WHITE PEOPLE VOTEDFox News Chan, TOO. THEY MAY NOT HAVE VOTEDFox [email protected] NUMBERS YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.Fe s nnTHelEFNC [email protected]@@[email protected], Fair andC a IN TFNHEC [email protected]@@[email protected]@ SUBURBS, TOOl @ FNSOC [email protected]@@News, Fair a AndRa n l VEFNRYC [email protected]@@[email protected]@ TABLE.>>WHAT DOFox News [email protected]@@->>IFox News ChannelFNC THINKAS PEOPLE FEEL THEFox News Chann [email protected] HASFox News C AhaLInnENelATEDFNd @ IN THIS COUNTRY WHO ARE NOTFox l [email protected] @@AND [email protected]@ ARE NOT Ms C [email protected] YFNOUC [email protected]@@ ATNews, FE CHAIR SELECFoTIx ONNeS wsMA CDEE HOUSE GOP,Fo Nx ONews [email protected] FoTOx CNeHAwsIR ChannelFNC [email protected]@Y o wsTH [email protected] GC [email protected]@@News , aYOndU [email protected] SAYING [email protected] QUALIFIED WOMEN.Fox News [email protected]>>I DON’T KNOW WHETHFoERx Newsd B l ceTHdAT IN [email protected] HOUSE OFFox Ne s haREnnPRelESENTAFNTIC [email protected]@@>>[email protected] [email protected] DID.>>THE CONGRESS IS FULL OFoFx N a r ndWO BMEalN.anced THEY ARE FULL OF BLACKS.Fox [email protected] [email protected] BLACKFox News C [email protected] NeLAwsRG, EFair a WndHO BalanceM LIKE THIS ANFoDx News ChannelFNS WITH THEFox News [email protected] RC ET VILIFIED ANDFox News ChannelFNC. FoWHx ENNews ChannelFNC [email protected]@S SECRETARY OF STATE, WASFox Newso CCEhaLEnnBRelATED?FNC [email protected]@@[email protected]@e>>SHE WAS ASSOCIATEDFox WNeITa d B [email protected] ADMINISTRATION. IF THEFox News Channel GOP [email protected] PROBLEM ITFox News ChannelFNC Ao e [email protected] IT MEANSNews, Fair G aETndTI [email protected] COMMUNITIES. REACHINGFo Ox UTNe TwsO ChannelE QUOTE-UNQUOTE SPECIALFox News [email protected] NeGRwsOU, PSFa SirAY aINndG BalU AND PUTTING THEFox News Chann [email protected] THE WORD. START WORK ON IFoTx News Chann @ YEARS FROM NOW.Fox News [email protected]

  1. On Fox News I argued that race & gender "special interest groups" in politics hurt those very groups:

  2. Something is fishy here Carol. If your parents are Roth's. Does't that make you a Rothschild? Sorry couldn't resist that one.

  3. The country is divided whether you say it or not. Why can't every one come to the table bringing their own unique talents; yet working together as one?  Difference is good, I agree!  White people really have a lot to learn. They can only function in an environment based on inequality; hence white supremacy. They're also intollerant; the more you look and act like them, the better off you'll be. It's not surprising to me that the only reasonable and intelligent voice here was the black lady. She really gets it!

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