Carl Lentz’s Religious Awakening | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

OPRAH:  When were you able to align or step into the Jesus that you know now versus the Jesus that you grew up hearing about, or the religion you grew up hearing about?     PASTOR LENTZ:  I think for me, when I started right around 18, 19 years old, that’s when what you believe actually matters.  Because before that, you can have a basis, like a parent can give their kid a structure.  But until you have to actually test it out, you don’t know what it is. That’s why most college kids, they go to college and they go crazy because their parents have told them what to do.  And the moment they get a chance to pick for themselves, they’re picking other options. So my parents did what I believe to be wise which is, Carl, this is what we believe.  This is who we are.  And we’ll point you in a direction.  But you’re gonna have to make these calls yourself.    OPRAH:  Wow.    PASTOR LENTZ:  We can’t force you to do this.    OPRAH:  Wise parents.   PASTOR LENTZ:  Yeah.  And that to me was everything.  So they gave me a chance to be stupid, to be an idiot, to make my own decisions, and I got to a place where I was, like, I can’t do this without Jesus.  I’m not — I’m not capable.  I’m not good enough to, you know, control this much of my life.  I need to explore.    OPRAH:  So what was the break-through moment?    PASTOR LENTZ:  I do believe that sometimes we give break-through moments too much credit in this regard, that there’s a lot of small breakthroughs —    OPRAH:  Yeah, I agree.    PASTOR LENTZ: But for me, I went to North Carolina State University, played basketball there,  saw a lot of stuff my parents had told me about, which is stuff can’t make you happy.  You know, you’re, like, yeah, yeah, whatever.  But let me try it out myself. And a couple things that happened where I just saw, whether it was hurting people or empty living that I just — my eyes were opened.  And I believe that’s what the grace of God will do for everybody.  It will open up your eyes. You have to make a decision to accept or reject some of the truths that you see.  But for me, I feel like right at the right time I opened up my eyes.

  1. That's exactly what my parents did. I strayed when I went to college the first two years, then I snapped back and realized I need Jesus.

  2. You have to prove that God exist to have any legitamicy in your claim.

    God is The I Am That I Am, the One who sent Jesus His Son only. You have to sit still and listen for The I Am That I Am for 30 to 40 minutes and He will push your sins in your mind. It will be unbearable unless you confess your sins. It is just a push; not a voice.

    Ask my God, The I Am That I Am, to prove Himself to you. Ask everyday. Just keep on asking. He will respond back through circumstances and events in your life and it will be obvious.

    Christians are committing idolatry worship of Jesus as a God or the God of Love and they need to stop. God will continue His destruction on this nation until Christians stop their idolatry worship.

    We cannot continue in sin.

  3. A Christian pastor getting interviewed by a universalist. She believes in every religion. Which is false doctrine and heresy. Oprah is dangerous to this world and leading a huge amount of people straight to hell.

  4. That boy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Hanging around a disgusting person like Oprah as well and he does not preach the true gospel

  5. Thus guy is so fake total false preacher, any body that listens to this guy doctrine are going to hell ! Why are people so blind , just by the way he dresses, so disrespectful to God., stop listening to these kind , God is A God of order and respect this guy is leading you to hell..

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