Cape Town – where eight people are murdered a day – BBC News

They were all shot in the head. And this guy
standing there is one of those gangster guys that shot him. Here he is standing at the
back of you. “His last words were, “Mommy, I love you.” You just see the police vans and it could
be anyone, even a member of your family. If I had to be on that scene, I would’ve
been emotional. Seeing five dead bodies touches you to the core. But that’s not the whole story, for me it’s
about the people and the ripple effect the violence has on the community. We’re telling the tale of one massacre – and
the families involved. Our story starts here, when one cold night
in June three gunmen scaled this wall. Their target was inside this shack, in an
area called Blikkiesdorp. When the shooting finally stopped
15-year-old Mogamad Qiyaam Petersen, Erik Alak Maarman, Ismail Suma Mohamed, Elton Greeneyes
van Rooyen and Method Phaes Ndege aka Toddie – a drug dealer originally from Tanzanzia
– were dead. Actually, they came for him, because of business
in Blikkiesdorp because he made more money than anyone else in Blikkiesdorp. As I was
told, that they went in, they shot him and they came out and the time they came out,
they turned around again and went back in and shot everyone else dead. And this guy
standing there is one of those gangster guys who shot him. Here’s he is standing at the
back of you. VC: Do you want to go? Do you want to leave? Stop this. I’m not feeling fine here, we
can finish up at another place. A reminder that danger hides behind every
corner here. VC: And you actually heard the gunshots from
your house? I heard it, it was going like (clap, clap),
it was going like wood banging against each other. Because it was in the face seven times. VC: They shot him in the face seven times? In the head. Only here, no other place but
in the face. No other place just there only. And everyone else was shot in the head. VC: Do you miss him? I do really miss him a lot but I am actually
now at that stage, he’s gone really now. He’s no more back, he’s not coming back. Ok, you guys go left, we are going to go right. Just open the gate, man. Open the gate. The metropolitan police’s law enforcement
officers are out on patrol in a dangerous part of Cape Town. Is that him constable? Yes, him. During the weekend we were filming three policemen
were shot – one died. So, they’ve just found a gun in one of the
houses, the cops saw guys jumping over fences in an attempt to get away and it seems like
they’ve just arrested some of them. They’re still looking for two more of the guys. That’s a big weapon. That is how they penetrate
our bullet-proofs. It can penetrate your bullet-proofs? I believe so yes, if he’s close enough.
You saw that’s a big rifle. Is that sort of weapon something you would
normally find? No, normally you find handguns but that’s
a big weapon I’m also quite shocked. Vauldi, this is my thinking, if I get one gun off
the street I’m saving hundreds of lives. One gun, that’s how many cars, how many
hijackings, how many murders, how many armed robberies did we now prevent with that big
gun? So, getting one firearm off the street really puts a dent in crime prevention. So
that’s almost like half the battle won. Now we just need more and more and more. It’s a never-ending story, man. You killed
my dad, I will kill you. You killed my brother, I will kill you. I call it the coloured curse,
because everyone is willing to pick up a knife or a gun to avenge someone else’s death
that was either close to them or a relative. Somehow somewhere it needs to stop. I want people to know this not only my child.
It could’ve been anyone’s child. Mohamat Qiyaam Petersen was 15-years-old when
he was killed in the Blikkiesdorp massacre. VC: What would you say to his killers? To his killers, I won’t be able to forgive
them, that’s one thing. Not the way the I’m feeling now at this moment, I won’t
be able to forgive them. The violence has got more and more there and
the children are not safe in that place, truly. They’re not safe in the park, they can’t
even play in the streets because it’s getting worse and worse and worse there. It’s not supposed to be like that. If you’re not even safe in your own house, how can you
be safe outside?” His last words were: Mommy, I love you. Erik Alak Maarman made a living scavenging
through the rubbish with his mom. This really can’t be healthy when you’re
walking in dumps like this among the rubbish. Yeah, sometimes I get sick. It must be dangerous. Sometimes. On the Thursday I missed him a lot and on
the Friday one of his friends came to take a bath and then I asked him, “didn’t you
see Erik?” He told me, “didn’t you hear Aunty Myrie?
That five guys that were shot there, Alak was one of them.” I said, “it can’t
be,” and I cried and I said, “no Alak, it can’t be true, you didn’t deserve to
die like this.” It’s a very traumatising experience.
Imagine we are about six of us, they shoot one, I’m sure you’re panicking to death
because of an escape but you can’t. There’s nowhere to go and these guys are serious.
They mean business. Blikkiesdorp wasn’t the only recent mass
murder in Cape Town. The family of two of the six women killed
here are preparing for their funerals. Painting over bullet marks in the walls, covering
up the blood. Out of fear the killers could come back they’ve
asked us to hide their identities. VC: How many bullet holes were around here? There were only three but the others were
on their bodies. The other thing, they were all shot in the head. Not the body, you see. VC: Do you think they’ll come back and try
and find you? Could be possible… VC: Do you live in fear? Of course…” To try ease this fear, soldiers have now been
deployed. Look as a South African seeing the army on
the streets it’s very unusual, it’s not something that happens often and it does invoke
memories of Apartheid when the country was a security state. But at the same time, I
can understand how people would feel safer with armed soldiers as opposed to just ordinary
policemen. The gangsters invaded the place, killing people,
robbing people, raping people all those kinds of stuff. The army can’t be everywhere, so residents
of Blikkiesdorp are taking the law in their own hands.
They formed a vigilante group called the Boeties. Now the area’s become synonymous with mob
justice. VC: So, what do you to prevent the murders,
the rapes? It’s when I take the sticks and go straight
to the gangsters and fight back. We don’t want these things to happen but
if somebody fights with me with a gun or whatever we are going to fight back. The boeties was
essentially here for protecting the community not for fighting but for protecting. VC: What do you think will stop the killing
in Blikkiesdorp? What do you think it will take? The police must come here 24/7. Soldiers and
law enforcement. Especially law enforcement. The infamous Blikkiesdorp. This is Blikkiesdorp. Just by sheer coincidence we are back where
our story began. I wasn’t on duty that day but I heard about
the killings. VC: They say it was a bloodbath. Yes, a massacre if you will. A massacre. If I find anything illegal, I will arrest
you, OK? Since the murders of Qiyaam, Erik, Suma, Elton
and Toddie there’ve been more police deployed to the area. If I had to have been on that scene I would
have been emotional. Seeing five dead bodies. One dead body is alright. Not alright but
you get used to it. But five. Yoh. And then the next day I only came on duty. We found
a lady just a few metres on Symphony Way, she was shot in the face, seven times. Another victim’s family has to say goodbye. With a murder rate this high, funerals around here seem never-ending. Qiyaam’s mother, Shiyaam, hopes she won’t
have to bury another son. After the murder the family had to leave Blikkiesdorp
too and now they’re hoping for a fresh start. Because they still small. There’s still
a whole life to look forward to I’m going try be a better parent. That’s the
main thing, it must come from me. I know violence is everywhere but at least I will do my bit
because I already lost one son and I don’t want to lose another. there was another 25 murders in Cape Town.

  1. Hello BBC News,
    is it possible you apply youtube's subtitles in yours videos. I'm french, and yours reporting are very interesting, but I would like understand more words and vocabulary that I can't learn without subtitles. I hope you will look my request. Thank you in advance.

  2. They should have kept apartheid. The transition to full franchise democracy should have been slower. The native population should have been educated and developed first. Nelson Mandela made a mistake.

  3. Its that culture. Why kill their own people. The culture thrives on drugs, crime, rape terrofizing their own culture

  4. Wait I don't understand. This has nothing to do with Love Island or fake social media outrage based on lies. Careful BBC this dangerously close to being news. Stick to being irrelevant it's what your best at.

  5. This is the USA and we have petty name-calling juvenile insults out of the WH. It shows the World what a farce the US democracy is; a place where one person one vote is actually one dollar one vote. This racist stuff is so old. We know Trump is a. slimy pig and criminal. But the Dems just have to try to score points w/ petty self-righteous retorts. The Dems aren’t righteous, they’re as bad as the GOP who’s deeds are simply what is politically expedient and self serving. They don’t know how to do whats right; their just doing what politically expedient too.

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  7. Whites did this by denying generations of black south Africans education and a decent chance at life stealing land etc. Of course whites today are not criminals they had their heydays during the days of sharpavile and other massacres

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  9. They should go to Mainland China, you'd be shocked to know how high the murder rate is over there. Way above South Africa. It's scary, You are not safe anywhere in Mainland China

  10. The worst thing ever was to end apartheid. At least the country did not spiral into chaos. The blacks were given everything. Now its way more racist, corrupt, inept, chaotic and on a slow spiral into catastrophe. There is no community or country run by blacks that has ever succeeded in history. All they have are lame excuses. They had Africa for tens of thousands of years and they wasted that time. They built nothing, never developed science and merely waive it off claiming it was stolen, lol. Well now they are in control and given all sorts of help and aid and they still cannot change their own $#itty diapers. they will never succeed above a subsistence economy. The sooner they accept that and stop blaming others the sooner they take the first step to taking care of themselves. There is a guy who advises on loans to Africa, who works for University of Toronto. When asked in the nineties how Africa is doing, he rolls his eyes and said that any loans he advises on, always comes with the same answer, he says, "they will never pay it back." And they NEVER do.

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  12. I like how the drug dealer is 'humanised' by the reporter. Framing him as actually a jolly chap because his girlfriend misses him and 'everybody liked him' As a drug dealer he exploited his community and got what he deserved.

  13. just checked the stats. It turns out 46 people are murdered in the US each day while 57 are murdered in South Africa each day.
    For the people that think the US is worse.

  14. Its still full of unevolved people. this place is full of soucitys worst prpblems from islam to drugs they dominate the minds of each generation.

  15. Common denominator for dangerous urban areas worldwide regardless of ethnicity? Gangs. Gangs that are mostly killing people who look like them. Gangs are and always have been dangerous parasites.

  16. Bullshit the army was deployed in the late 1990's…i don't know how she doesn't know that..this one is a fake pc warrior

  17. The townships in CT and all over SA, among them KwaMashu were created by forcing people to into that place, taking their original land by force. Depriving them opportunities and thus so much poverty which greatly contributes to so much crime. This is not to justify robbing, raping and killing innocent fellows.

  18. Apartheid was safer for everybody. Nelson Mandela was a COMMUNIST and all those in power now are too. This is always what happens when Communism takes over.

  19. Cape Town's drug war in the townships has been ongoing. Heard the military was being deployed to the area… But I think many countries face the same problems in rural areas with gangsters and drugs. But agreed, it's getting out of control… Just an FYI, this is a sectioned off neighborhood of Cape Town. The rest of Cape Town is actually pretty safe, safer than Johannesburg.

  20. What about the white people murdered on a regular basis, or don't they fit your agenda? #abolishthelicensefee


  22. you wanted good intelligent people out and racist uneducated people in. what do you expect ? more bbc garbage reporting

  23. Divide and Conquer.
    Western Post Colonial Oppression Still Exists. They've been destroying countries for over 800years. People all Over Still Suffer.
    Malcolm X – "How the White Man Taught You How To Hate Yourself And Your People"

  24. it's good to get a gun off the street,if it's a bad street,and bad person.but leave the gun's alone in the good area's.cause it takes a good man with a gun to stop a bad man with a gun.the police cant always be there,but the armed ppl can do a lot of good.bad ppl with guns go where theres good ppl with no guns.''Everythine''


  26. Anywhere you let the monkeys run the zoo you get what you get. When there were white people there it was clean and well administrated. Now it's just another African third world shithole.

  27. During Apartheid Period, This dangerous informal settlement will remain like this forever, Without any development, But During our current government, This dangerous area will change very soon, Our current government is working 😀👍

  28. Our Current Government is Working, Apartheid Government was a worse government on this planet 😀✌

  29. Under Our Current Government, This area is going to change 😀 People are very happy about our current government 😀

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  31. To be honest I don't think the Amry is gonna stop the Gang Violence In CPT…After the Army's Gone Then it's back to violence again.
    "Like the Officer said the Coloured Curse."

  32. A lot of them look like eastern European gypsies, is there a link to South Africa? Just interested.
    Also, what's the point of this report bbc? Can you cover a report on Epstein-Prince Andrew? I mean it's the biggest sex trafficking ring uncovered recently and the media hasn't really reported on it.

  33. Muslim rape gangs are still operating all over the UK. The government don't want you to know how at risk your children are. They imprisoned Tommy Robinson reporting on the day of the verdict of a trial, just for repeating information that was already in the public domain on the BBC website.
    The cover up is real and wrong.

  34. And I say this again ' The so called 'white genocide' pales in comparison to whats happening on our Cape Flats'……

  35. 12:07 'I'm going to try and be a better parent , that's the main thing , it must come from me'…… She could not have said it better….

  36. I hope it's get worse so white people move to Europe and Asian move to Asia
    Leave Africans alone
    Mama Africa for ever ✊✊✊

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