Can The Government Regulate Your Sex Life?

Every so often, a news item will pop-up about
some state’s crazy sex laws. Whether it’s a blowjob ban in Baton Rogue or a sodomy sanction
in Charlotte or a handjob hiatus in Hulamazoo- you get the idea. And every time, I think,
“they can’t do that! ..Can they? Should I not go to Hulamazoo?” Well…. Here’s the
deal. Some states have laws governing “crimes
against nature” that are meant to regulate – and I quote,
“unnatural carnal copulation by a human with another of the same sex, opposite sex,
or animal”. Those are the crazy sex laws. They are both creepy and problematic, because
what constitutes “unnatural” is totally up to the state. For example, Louisiana thinks it’s unnatural
for people to have oral sex, but Kansas only thinks it’s unnatural among same
sex couples . Clearly there is no set answer as to what is or isn’t natural, and the states
have the power to just decide whatever crazy thing they want. That’s the bad news. The
good news is, none of those laws really matter. In 2003 the supreme court ruled that your
right to sexual privacy is protected under the 14th amendment, so if what you’re doing
is between consenting adults and in private, you’re all set. So bang away, cause Hulamazoo
can’t do a damn thing about it. Unless…. you’re either married, in public,
legally dead, or doing it with an animal. Believe it or not, in those cases – the rules
are much less clear. Infidelity can legally be prosecuted, in some
States. In 1983, for example, a Massachusetts woman got fined $50 for cheating
on her husband. But not all states have the power to do that, and even ones that have
that law on the books are extremely unlikely to enforce it. That Massachusetts example
was the only one I could find. Sex in public is banned everywhere we know
of, but what constitutes public? Can I just bang it out on my front lawn as long as no
one’s looking? And what about orgies? How many people does it take to make something
public? And if I’m in Massachusetts and my wife and I are in an orgy, are we gonna get
fined fifty dollars? For dead people and animals it gets even weirder.
Most states don’t have laws about the actual act of sleeping
with a dead person or an animal. Instead, they have laws about digging up bodies
and about animal cruelty, but none involving actual sex. It’s all about consent. And no one really
knows what an animal can or cannot consent to, or what would happen if a dead person
consented before passing away. I’m not saying you should do any of these
things, – quite the opposite, in fact – I’m just saying that regulating people’s sex
lives is difficult, even when you’re talking about something that seems straight forward,
like not sleeping with dead people. So the moral of the story: Wear a condom,
and try not to sleep with any dead people.

  1. They ban sodomy to stop gays. Republicans are always trying to christianity on people but they dont know about seperation of church and state dipshits

  2. If we want to be literal about this issue, everything is natural. This is not an opinion, but a fact. If it happens in the universe then it happens in nature. Anything that happens in nature is natural. Therefore anything happening in our universe is natural. It's a simple logic problem. This doesn't say anything about morals, just solves the natural debate. I hate it when people throw around the word 'natural' like it means anything.

  3. It should be noted that these laws still 'matter' in that the cost of defense falls on the accused, so even cases that would clearly fall under SCOTUS's ruling can still bankrupt or destroy someone, meaning they are still very effective tools to use on vulnerable populations.

  4. And we have the other countries which put a banned on gay sex completely with the fear of being put in jail or sentence to death…I hate the country I live in….

  5. When regarding dead people it's pretty straightforward. Consent is not something that you give once, it's something that can change when conditions change. If the person is dead, they have no way to revoke consent, which means you don't have consent at all. If an animal could speak in a human language and say "yes, please bone me" then, by all means. Until l then, animals cannot give consent and it is rape. Quit spreading lies about consent and that there is some "grey" areas when there is not. You're part of the problem.

  6. No. The government is there to protect people from unreasonable claims of "But I didn't know it was wrong to rape!"

    Rape is illegal. If you cannot get clear consent from your partner, it is rape. Children are unable to give proper consent, and therefore sex with children is rape.

    Rape was wrong before law; rape is wrong after law. This is not a complicated issue.

    If you want to talk about homosexuality, there are no laws against homosexuality. Marriage laws assume that there will be children and act accordingly. Homosexual marriage has no children, and is a TAX LOOPHOLE.

    Homosexuals want legalized gay marriage because they want tax cuts.

  7. I consent to all sex after am dead! I don't care what happens to my body really, use it for some inhumane testing to further the human race.

  8. I wonder if collecting a blow job in Louisiana is more exiting than elsewhere then? After all, one would be consciously breaking the law.

  9. So wait, at 1:17 you can have oral sex as strangers/dates or as an unmarried couple but not if you're married?
    Welcome to America….i guess?

  10. There are no blow jobs in New Orleans???
    I would have thought that New Orleans was one of the blow job capitals of America….
    It has French heritage
    and the French really appreciate the blow job.

  11. our former prime minister Trudeau once famously quoted "There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation", america should do the same

  12. Every single aspect of behavior that a human exhibits is natural because it's a product of natural selection from past generations of humans. How is that not inherently obvious?

  13. And so the sodomite enablers slime around making their feeble excuses for any thing goes – as long as it doesn't critisise their own disgusting, satanic practices

  14. So the solution is to not regulate or control peoples sex lives, so long as everyone is consenting. Seems pretty straight forward, IMHO. Except when it comes to non-human animals who can't speak, but then I suppose you could argue that the lack of resistance and/or obvious voluntary engagement could constitute consent. In the same way two humans can have sex without talking at all and still have the implication of consent… I'm not sure how one would determine what implicit consent is, but I suppose that's the problem we began with. Anyway, I'm just rambling.

  15. How do we know that a dog wants to play fetch with us, or wants us to tickle its tummy? From the way it reacts of course, its wagging tale, the "grin" on its face and so on. So if an animal gives off signs that indicate it wants to have sex with us, is it okay to go ahead and have sex with that animal? I'm not necessarily condoning having sex with animals but it just makes me think…

  16. This just shows how hypocritical and deranged homophobic people are for allowing necrophilia, incest, bestiality and at times pedophilia but no gay man sex!!!
    I just laugh and spit at their faces when they call me a hypocrite! lol xD

  17. It's not "the government", it's our politicians.  If you look at the Constitution, you can see what our government can, and cannot do.  Many of our politicians want to make this country into their own image.  They ignore what the Constitutions says about protecting us from invasion (illegal immigration) COINING money and regulating its value (gold and silver), declaring war & c.  At the same time, they try to convince us that they have the authority to make us accept their sexual preferences.

  18. We can thank the environmentalist for this "unnatural" concept. But we should absolutely regulate peoples sex lives. No sex until marriage.

  19. OH WOW, I love that postulation!! How many people can be in an orgy before it is considered "public"?! Brilliant! What does everyone else thinks is considered "public"? If more then half of the population of that state partakes in it, is it "public"? If so, that's one hell of an orgy!

  20. My first grade bible describes adultry as, for example, watching a tv program that is rated something higher than you should be watching. So… are we all going to jail now?

  21. The problem is People have different idea's of what is and isnt okay.
    Plenty of Illegal things today that I personally think shouldnt be. No logical argument for them to be illegal either. Just that some people think their ''gross' or morally wrong.

    And plenty of things that are Legal that should be Illegal. Or punished more.

  22. About two decades ago a man had sex with a dead woman, the man was working at the morgue, but the act itself brought the woman back to life, after another few years the woman married the man who, raped her out of death, she would have married the man earlier but the authorities would not let it slip by, and he was sentenced to few years in prison.

  23. Hullamazoo is made up in case you didn't know teh real city is Kalamazoo, Michigan anyway as long as you have sex in your house and it's consensual you're fine Orgies within the house are also fine unless you being paid to do it (that becomes prostiution and that illegal except 8 counties in Nevada and no not in las Vegas(clark county)) sex with animals is always been llegal and is obviously rape and pedophila and incest adultery is banned in every state some states it's a fine others is jail time

  24. I think the whole sex with animals thing really boils down to infections transferring from another species to us, and from that point of view I'd have to agree. Also it has been proven extensively recently that the risk of AIDS transmission during anal sex is markedly higher than through vaginal sex. Is the connection strong enough to warrant a law? I'm not sure, but I do know that I wouldn't want to have sex with someone that does it with animals and I think I should have the right to know that just as we have the right to no where our potatoes come from. It's the same expectation as knowing someone carries the AIDS virus I reckon.

  25. certainly it should be illegal to engage in sexual activity of any kind with animals.  (other than people, that is).  first of all, sex is the act of reproduction.  if you have no idea what species you should be mating with, you're an idiot and should be promptly removed from society.  secondly, sex with animals — other than people — can lead to weird diseases that can possibly be transmitted to OTHER PEOPLE during copulation with those other people.  and we have ENOUGH diseases of among our OWN species as it is.  and since animals — other than people — are unable to give verbal consent to sexual activity with people, they should not be included in the sexual madness of perverted people.  leave them alone, for fuck's sake.

  26. I find it amazing how this smart channel can't understand that a civilization without morals will collapse. It is called the United STATES, meaning the state should have some power and not be a satrapy of the corrupt federal government.

  27. I am very much against government interference with activities between consenting adults.

    However, I wouldn't mind it if some legislative body did something about the sad string of alliterative puns with which this video began…

  28. Someone can consent before death… I've never thought of that. 😂
    Granted I don't think about necrophilia at all.

  29. The reason the government isn't supposed to step in for Americans and make sex laws is because "Sodomy" is a religious thing and we're supposed to keep church and state separate. In MY culture/religion oral and anal sex are part of sex, if you want to do it you do it. It's just as fine as penile/vaginal sex.

  30. Governments should only regulate people's sex lives on the subject of consent, as rape should always be illegal.

  31. First off, when people say "consenting adults" are they considering adults who don't have the mental capability to consent (e.g. a person with Alzheimer's) when lucid? Second people in Junior and Senior High are having sexual relations I have a hard time classifying them as "criminal" if they are the same age or with someone slightly older.

  32. i don't think these laws are bad, i believe that these laws are what makes those stats or countries more humane

  33. how is recognising something as a crime against nature "creepy"? or is that the go-to slur for things that people dont like?

  34. Unnatural is actual a scientifically defined term. It isn't crazy. Sexual privacy? A lot of things are illegal that are done in private. That is BS.

  35. You forgot incest. And laws against polyamory, which can be applied through adultery laws. And what if the dead person consented before they died?

  36. Who the PHOCH would have sex with an animal, I don't care what the law says, seriously it's an ANIMAL, even people in the stone age would look at you odd if you slept with a friggin horse!!!! I think all zooaphiles need rounding up and lebotomised. No NORMAL person wants to screw horses, not even serial killers, you would have to be phoched up to even conciser having actual penetrative sex with an animal in ANY way, SICK!!!

  37. Crimes against nature? idiots IDIOTS!!! Nature is a blanket term it includes everything remeber that nature = Everything

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