Can religion help and influence the world?

We pray with urgency for that day, when what God would imagine for heaven could be made possible here on earth. As people of faith, we can utilize religion as a tool to help us grow in our character,
and let our spiritual nature dominate over our worldly or mundane nature, and help us as individuals become better people, which will lead to a more peaceful world. I think that the world needs religion, it needs it to survive. I’m not talking about the kind of religion that is fanatical and kills and destroys other people. You know that, that’s not there, that is a distortion of what true religion is about. True religion is belief in a God that loves everyone, all of us. He doesn’t call people to kill others. He calls people to surrender their
others to care for others, surrender themselves to care for others. This is the God that, at least, the God that I know. The Vedic Scriptures do speak about the Golden Age, which is characterized by the whole of humanity glorifying
the Supreme Lord through his holy names. And holy names is used in the plural, unlimited names that God has, so that opens space for all kinds of religions, and cultures, and people to glorify God in their own way, in their own languages through the names they used to refer to God. The reason we get up in the morning is spiritual; so I call it religion, you can call it spiritual, some people, if you’re an academic,
call it purpose and meaning in life, but it is, it is all the same thing, it is, it is a reason for living your life in spite of the suffering.

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