Can Europe survive the new wave of populism? - Yusra Mardini with Zeinab Badawi

what a remarkable young lady you are thank you I have four children and I wish they would be like you I've won exactly that is special one exactly the same age as you that's very kind of you but they're not I feel their I love they are lovely really quite remarkable so we saw your story though I think most of you got the gist of it that user left Damascus to live just in the suburb of Damascus in August 2015 went to Lebanon first and then Turkey and then trying to sell our countries yeah trying to get to grief the motor when your boat failed yeah you your sister sadder yes a little bit older than you and two others towed the boat and you arrived as every thailand of Lessmore yeah so in that time I mean you know you heard you we heard you say in your film you just don't know whether you're going to live or die in the water yeah exactly what was it like the three hours whoo deterring that and well they tell you that it is it is the journey of 45 minutes it is like from an island a really near island in Turkey to Greece they tell you it's 45 minutes like the smugglers and so on so we were on the boat and then after the the journey started after like 15 minutes the motor stopped of the journey and then the mother was like stopping and moving stopping and moving so after that we decided that people going to go down in the water because the water was filling in the boat because this boat is like fits for summer holidays for seven persons and imagine being 20 in it so yeah we were chunky people and then the friend of my dad was with us so he told us someone has to jump to the water and then it was my sister first and then it was me and then there was also two guys but the most of the people on the boat don't know how to swim even we were from Iraq Syria and Somalia also so after that yeah we we stayed three hours and a half and it was like 7 p.m. and yeah after this 3 hours and a half of I don't know did you think you'd make it at the time did you think you would know we were like if you're going to see how the boats are like moving and how every everyone in the boat praying at the same time the same stuff and loudly you would say this is incredible how people can unite when it's really bad situation but it's sad because we only united in the water you know what is it's really rare and of course I fifteen years of age and she was doing that incredible thing so you come from a family of swimmers your father swimming coach and your mother is also in – yeah there's a cool it got education and so on and your sister Sarah and you and your little sister you were trained for very early age you start you could swim by the time you are fortunate ly so your sister gave up though but you decided that you wanted to carry on swimming and as we heard that you competed in the refugee team in Rio and you're going to get a Tokyo yup your training every day yeah why today two hours yeah well I train 10 times a week and so it's to training today which means the one training is two hours so four hours every day swimming I don't think everyone would I do that yeah and you've had a little break though why you've been here at Google zeitgeist right yeah my coach give me a break finally thank you – yeah very good very good so you are very keen to be part of this refugee team because you want to really you know challenge people's perceptions of refugees as being sort of needy outsiders who come in and they just want to you know live off the state and so on that you want to show that there a salutes that they can make a positive positive contribution so many ways I mean what does it mean because you say refugees your middle name yeah kind of so what am i working on like I started since I was in the Olympics and right now as a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR I'm trying to reach out for the people with the voices actually of the older refugees there knowing that 50% of them are underage with which means they are children and so on and I'm trying with what I'm doing the stitches I'm doing and being at the Olympics I was trying to represent them around the world and yeah a lot of people asking what a refugee is some people think he chose to come to another land and he want to start a new life no a lot of people have to understand that there was violence in his country and a lot of really bad problems with war and violence and so on that that's why we had to leave our country if if I would choose to leave my country or not of course I'm not going to leave my country I love it too much and yeah this is what I'm trying to do I'm trying to reach out to more people actually because now with the UNHCR I'm trying to create new ways actually because as you know the youngest now so I'm trying the youngest goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees yeah oh yeah yeah so yeah this is what I'm trying to do and yeah I'm trying to create new ways of the UNHCR again we are working on that you're going to try to go to a camps of course this is a part of my job now and I'm continuing swimming also to show some people that we are still the doctors engineers the swimmers that you can make a user contribution activities that you come to exact I mean in fact there are interesting figures aren't there that for every one migrant who works in in an economy I think they their contribution is sweet fold to economic activity in that country something which we often lose sight of but so you are with a Google zeitgeist and UNHCR have launched this new joint initiative which is kept searching Syria it's great new content website and years feature on that because Google had a hundred and sixty nine million hits last year people wanting it finds out you know about the situation in Syria you know why are people leaving as refugees and so on and so forth so you know what do you hope to achieve through that content work well I checked it out I think it's really great step because actually what is inside this website there is five points which was the most the top search and the Google about Syria who is what is refugee what was like Syria before the war what is what is happening in Syria and I who are Syrians even I checked it out and of course I was about to cry because I was seeing everything about my country and it was great and there's a lot of facts everyone knows that it needs to know about Syria and this website it's like really fascinating and I think it's a really great website because it's answering a lot of questions it's showing that Syria is an actual country it's not a desert actually like a lot of people things and it's showing that we are well educated and we had everything in our country and yeah I mean it shows that it's a it's a war happened because yeah it's a pity that it happened there it's a great country of course and I think that was going to be launched sometime soon isn't it but I think everybody has an opportunity to go and take it yeah check it out and you ought to do that but you know but you said you of course nobody leaves their country willingly and you said you love your own country and so on and you live there with your parents and your two sisters but your house your home was with bombs wasn't it completely there yeah because it's like near Damascus our our home and at some point we couldn't go inside anymore so so you don't know if their house is standing or bombed or not but it's of course if everything is on the floor saying seeing the pictures on Google some stuff on do you put on the area then how should your house stand like till now so but yeah this game gave me a message sir the strings to to take this journey and to convince our parents because of course none of the parents were very happy over there yes for two young women to do that but we've had examples many examples of even people younger than you yeah they left home so I mean it just talked us through you know how does it how do two young women two teenagers pluck up the courage to say to their parents look we just don't think that we can stay in this country anymore yeah I'm happy bark on this perilous journey well I had this idea with my sister and then of course my parents said no because it's a really it's really hard trip it was 25 days and so on and a lot of people died on the way a lot of people got stolen a lot of people like some people like killed other people because of the money and so on so they can continue it's a really horrible it's war so my parents said no and after that there was a swimmer actually she encouraged me she or she is 15 years old and she's the only kid for her mom and then she went alone with her cousins actually and then I went to my dad I would like to look that if you let me go I'm just gonna go because saying there is like doing everything doing school doing swimming but I know that there was no future for me anymore there and also sometimes my mom would call me from the middle of the way you have to go back no training today and then I'm like why and then when I was you would know when you're home and then I was like home yeah there was a bomb attack or something sometimes I would swim and then do it there's a bomb or something in the pool and then you have to go out and so on and so on so I knew I couldn't stay there anymore it's my country but I can't say anymore you had to realize your own personal ambition exactly comment exactly yeah I had in my mind that I can do that and I can do a lot of stuff and then do good stuff again to my country not being there doing nothing so you learned you started with sorrow yes sir then my dad yeah then my dad said that yeah find someone I trust and then I can send you and then we'd immediately like found people we found his friend and two cousins of him and then yeah we told him about that and then we did the trip with them yes and wonderful and then you arrived in you in Germany in Berlin yah when you're learning German so add that to your list of languages Arabic in English and you're going to be leaving here to go back to school like in Berlin and so then six months after you and Sarah made it to but then your father your mother and your little sister who's nine also joined you yeah in Germany so it's wonderful that your family have found the stability in the safety yeah that you clearly are all appreciating that but it's also wonderful your summer Vimy that you have not forgotten the many many desperate people who are either still living in a very very fragile war life situation or are indeed think of embarking on a perilous journey we thank you [Applause]

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