Can Economic Populism Sway Missouri Voters?

Jaimee's Schoolcraft in Missouri's seventh district Jamie welcome back hey thank you very much for having me back oh no problem at all so Jamie let's talk about your race what is the the status of your primary as you head in tomorrow well we're very hopeful with our primary we've reached over 60,000 voters in the last four months we've done some amazing groundwork we have a lot of amazing volunteers and we believe we're gonna win and go on to November and how are you just saying you should distinguishing yourself Jamie from the rest of the Democrats in the primary the biggest thing is for the last 25 years I've been in this district helping other people as a firefighter paramedic physician assistant the Missouri Army National Guard I've been there helping my neighbors and seeing the struggles that they are having and I've had those same struggles how about the others in the race are do they take corporate PAC money are they specific with their policy issues what's what's their situation uh no corporate PAC money at this time you know one one of them that hasn't lived in the district for the last 20 years and worked on Wall Street and came back here to run for office we're truly just trying to show that someone who's lived in this district been in this district helping their neighbors making a difference make a difference every day in the day-to-day life of their neighbors okay and then if you win the primary what's your battle plan to take on Billy long it's to talk to as many voters as possible shown that there is a viable option you know I've met so many people one lady I talked to a lot here recently she's in another city with her child who's dying from cancer and she's about to lose her job and health insurance because FMLA has ran out it's happening in the United States of America well how the hell did we get here that's a great point Jamie and so we see a lot of people talking about health care and a in Washington and in New York and the big media centers and the power centers I don't know that they know anyone that's making minimum wage is 725 there I don't know that that any of them could answer the question how much is that per year it's a little over $15,000 I don't know that any of them know anyone that doesn't have health insurance and so they don't see what you guys see all the time on the road is you go knock on those 32,000 doors that you knocked on so let me ask that to conclude as well which is what are the different things that are really jumping out at you that maybe you didn't even expect going in in terms of the the concerns of that average voter in your district you know I knew healthcare was an issue but I didn't realize you know I see it every day but the numbers of people that it impacts that are struggling day to day that are having to decide whether they can afford medication or not and looking for a job that that has health care and that's hard to find currently down here in southwest Missouri but also our public school systems we have some really small towns we cover 11 counties and some of these small towns the only building they have is a public school and that funding keeps getting cut teachers are getting paid less and less and they're still want to take more money away so public education to healthcare are huge along with jobs people are struggling to find those jobs they can afford to live on minimum wage I challenge anyone in Washington DC to live on minimum wage just for one week let alone try to raise a family it can't be done and that's why people I get to three different jobs and then right-wingers in Washington will call them lazy anyway and it is maddening people don't want to have their kids get free lunches at school because they're freeloaders they do it because it pays $15,000 for a full year's work at minimum wage it's insane and so I think that of course fighting for higher wages for all Americans is a winning strategy and more importantly delivering that is important for people's lives so Jamie thank you for joining us thank you for running obviously we're looking forward to what's gonna happen tomorrow like schoolcraft comm is the website elect Schoolcraft comm obviously you can see where to volunteer and donate there as well Jamie thank you so much for joining us

  1. Now that he has won the primary, I hope he can win against Billy Long on November 6th which is about 15-16 days away.

  2. I like this guy but unfortunately his website links were down for months and never fixed, so I could never confirm his policy positions other than confirming his was endorsed by the Justice Democrats. The other person he was talking about is a man named John Farmer de la torre. I don't like that he worked for Wallstreet but his policy positions are dead on and more Progressive than Jamie Schoolcraft in my own opinion. I had a volunteer for Jamie Schoolcraft text me asking to vote for Jamie but when I asked about how him and John farmer differed. the volunteer never responded. When a volunteer for John Farmer called, I had questions that his volunteer could not answer, and John Farmer himself called me back. I voted for John Farmer today, and I consider myself a huge Progressive. If Jamie doesn't win, I hope he takes this feedback and tries again in the future as he seems like a good honest guy.

  3. Those career politicians only know minimum wage workers for the photo op. Those arent who they hang out with.

  4. sigh. We don't live in either candidate's districts, 1 or 7. Good luck! btw, "jobs that have healthcare" could mean hundreds of $ per month in premiums with very little coverage, like we encountered. C'mon, MO, grow up, move towards something better.

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