Can Boris Johnson win a general election? I FT

make a promise today to the British public that you
will not go back to Brussels and ask for another
would you rather– BORIS JOHNSON: I’d rather
be dead in a ditch. SIONA JENKINS: Boris
Johnson has promised that Britain will leave the
EU by October 31, do or die. To fulfil this pledge,
he’s portrayed himself as fulfilling the
will of the people against Parliament and
even the Supreme Court. BORIS JOHNSON: The
people of this country can see perfectly
clearly what is going on. They know that Parliament does
not want to honour its promises to respect the referendum. The people at home know
that this Parliament will keep delaying. It will keep sabotaging
the negotiations, because they don’t want a deal. SIONA JENKINS: The October
31 deadline is looming, but with no majority
in Parliament, it is all but inevitable
that the prime minister will be forced to go to the
polls in the coming months. But the question is will
Mr Johnson’s strategy of pitting the people
against Parliament win him a general election? To try and answer that question,
I’m speaking to Whitehall and polling experts at the FT
and visiting the marginal seats of Halifax, which labour
could lose to the Tories and Guildford, which the Tories
could lose to the Liberal Democrats. SEBASTIAN PAYNE: The calculation
of the prime minister and his team in Downing Street
is that people in the country are just fed up with
the whole Brexit thing. They just want it over. They’re really annoyed we didn’t
leave the EU on March the 29th. They’re also annoyed we didn’t
leave on April the 12th, and they’re going to be
particularly annoyed we didn’t leave on October the 31st. Now, the natural person to blame
would be the prime minister, because he’s the one
trying to deliver Brexit. But he wants to spin
that on his head and say, actually, it’s not me. I’ve been trying to do this. It’s these people in
Parliament who are to blame. Now, this is not
something you normally see in British general elections. Normally, leaders are
trying to get a bigger parliamentary majority
to give themselves the ability to pass through
all that different policies. But we have a very febrile
mood in Britain at the moment. There’s a lot of
anger in the country. And people certainly do blame
the main supporting MPs, judges, and even the
speaker in some cases for not delivering Brexit. So they’re confident this
populist message will work, but it could easily backfire. It could, in fact,
say Mr Johnson, you came in promising
to deliver Brexit, and you fail, just
like the rest of them. BORIS JOHNSON: We’re
going to get a deal. That’s the plan anyway. And if we don’t, we’re coming
out anyway on October the 31st. INTERVIEWER: [INAUDIBLE] BORIS JOHNSON: That’s
what we’re going to do. INTERVIEWER:
Yeah, we’ll be good. It’s democracy. INTERVIEWER: It is. SIONA JENKINS: Boris Johnson’s
election strategy depends on winning over labour voters in
parts of northern England that voted to leave in 2016, places
like here in Halifax which voted to leave the EU in 2016,
but has been solidly labour since the late 1980s. Can Boris Johnson’s people
versus Parliament strategy work here? Stephen Baines is chairman
of the West Yorkshire Conservatives and is
a local councillor. STEPHEN BAINES:
I think that they are backing what the prime
minister is trying to do. I think they are pleased
that he is pushing for it. Most of them, you
know, the majority did vote to leave Europe. That is still what
they want to do, and they are disappointed
that Brexit has not been delivered by the
parliamentarians who are– they firmly believe are
to mandate to fulfil, and they still haven’t
fulfilled that mandate, and Boris is the only one
who’s really trying hard to fulfil that wish. Labour voters could switch,
because we tend to be in the mid ground on politics. And Labour, at the moment,
they’re putting through some very hard left wing policies,
and I think that will count against them. And I don’t find many apart from
really hard Labour heartlands of people who like,
Jeremy Corbyn. SEBASTIAN PAYNE: The question
is does the love of Brexit trump the traditional
hatred of the Tories. In these seats, Margaret
Thatcher’s anathema, these are the post-industrial
seats that were completely destroyed by the
conservatives in the 1980s, and the calculation is the
Labour party’s now gone so far to the left and is also very
much of a main party now that the Tories are now more
connected economically and socially with the
voters in those seats. So Boris would like
to win those seats. In fact, he has
to win those seats if he’s going to get a
majority in the next election. But this has been
predicted before. It didn’t happen in 2017. And the only thing that might
make it happen this time is the shear force of
Boris’s personality. BORIS JOHNSON: This government. I lead has been trying
truly to get us out, and most people,
indeed most supporters of the party
opposite, regardless of how they voted
three years ago, think the referendum
must be respected. They want Brexit done. SIONA JENKINS: Halifax’s
is incumbent Labour MP, Holly Lynch, knows she
has a small majority, only just over 5,000
at the last election, but she thinks Boris Johnson’s
strategy will alienate many voters in her constituency and
that Labour policies appeal whatever people feel
about Jeremy Corbyn, the party leader. HOLLY LYNCH: So whereas those
national politics play out, I’ve no doubt that Boris will
connect with some people. But even traditional
conservative voters that I’ve spoken
to are concerned about some of the
recklessness that is characteristic of the
way he conducts himself and his politics that
deliberately divisive language that he uses. We are a diverse community here
in [INAUDIBLE] and in Halifax, and so I really
would have concerns if he thinks that
he’s taken Halifax at the next general election. And where I’ve been
out speaking to people, actually there’s a
new found respect which has been odd for
the work of politicians and understanding that
it is complicated stuff that we are doing. And there is an acknowledgment
that no, actually, I think we need a bit
more grown up politics if we’re going to go forward. SUBJECT: This Mr Speaker
was 10 minutes of bluster from a dangerous prime minister
who thinks he is above the law. HOLLY LYNCH: There’s nothing
new about [INAUDIBLE] of parties being a bit like
Marmite on occasion. I get people that
love Jeremy Corbyn. I get people that
are not convinced. You want to speak to
all of those people. You need to build that coalition
of support to being government. So I hear those concerns. But people are usually always
very enthusiastic about Labour’s policies. And what they are
enthusiastic about is getting rid of
austerity, replace in a conservative government
that northern Pennine towns have really
felt the impact of all those years of austerity. SUBJECT: To also declare the
prorogation of Parliament– SIONA JENKINS: Part of Boris
Johnson’s high stakes strategy was proroguing, or suspending,
Parliament for five weeks, in effect a bid to minimise
debate by MPs on Brexit. But it was ruled unlawful
by the Supreme Court. FT data journalist, John Burn
Murdoch says the way that voters reacted to that
decision reveals how Mr Johnson’s election strategy
could play in Labour seats seats in the north. BORIS JOHNSON: And it is
absolutely no disrespect to the judiciary to say
I think the court was wrong to pronounce on
what is essentially a political question. JOHN BURN-MURDOCH: Labour voters
from 2017 who voted leave were actually completely
split on prorogation. So 44% of Labour leave voters
said prorogation was correct despite the Supreme
Court decision. 43% opposed it. So you’re looking
there are people who haven’t been very
conservative in the past, but do buck Johnson’s
strategy on this. The question, however, on
those is going to be is backing Johnson’s individual stance
enough to make Labour voters vote Conservative, and what we
see here is there’s evidence from the European Parliament
elections early in the year that for plenty of Labour leave
voters they’re reacting against their own party’s
stance on Brexit. But they’re reacting towards
for example the Brexit party. SIONA JENKINS: So
there is a clear danger that in areas like
Halifax, the leave vote could be split between
Tories and the Brexit party. Sarah Wood is the party’s
Halifax candidate. SARAH WOOD: There is
a definite difference between what the people want
and what the Parliament want. Now, whether or not
that will be something which is good for Boris in
a future general election maybe possibly not. And the reason I say
that is because it might be the right message, but
are the conservative party the right vehicle to actually
present that to the people? Probably not, because some
of their incumbent MPs are part of the people versus
the parliament problem. Whatever happens on
the 31st of October, if the message that he’s
been given currently in the mainstream media,
he doesn’t honour, so if he doesn’t have us leave
and honour the requirements of the referendum in 2016, then
I think that would bode very badly for the conservative
party and Boris Johnson. And I think people are angry
enough to let go of Labour and to look for another party. SIONA JENKINS: Another
danger for the conservatives is that while Mr Johnson’s
strategy might appeal to leave voting towns
in northern England and the midlands, it
could alienate too many remain supporting Tory voters
in places like Guildford. The wealthy town to
the south of London has had mostly conservative
MPs since 1945. Guildford’s MP, Anne Milton,
was in the current government until she lost the party whip
after voting for the bill to prevent a no deal Brexit. Now sitting as an
independent, she thinks Boris Johnson’s strategy
will see her constituency switch to the Liberal Democrats. ANNE MILTON: Pitting parliament
against people is saying, we’re happy for you to
lose trust in Parliament. Well, I think it’s a
very, very high stakes game, because
parliamentary democracy is important in this country. It’s important to any country. And suddenly, over
this one issue, we’re saying, to hell with it. I was aware before the results
of the leadership election were announced that Boris
Johnson would not necessarily sit comfortably with
the people of Guildford. We’re quite a moderate place. I would say we’re radically
moderate Guildford. There are people who want
to leave the European Union without a deal. I mean, they email me. But I think most people
want a moderate solution to the results of
the 2016 election. I think Boris Johnson’s
strategy would make it quite difficult
for the conservatives to win Guildford without doubt. BORIS JOHNSON: Mr
Speaker, the truth is that members opposite are
living in a fantasy world. SIONA JENKINS: She also believes
Boris Johnson’s election optimism could be misplaced with
four parties in play, Labour, the Tories, the
Liberal Democrats, and the Brexit party. ANNE MILTON: Think back to
2017, and the conservatives felt that definitely
60 seats will win. You know, we might even get 100. And it tanked. I mean, these things happen
just during campaigns. So I think that
the prime minister is playing a very,
very high risk game on the results of
the general election and on what will happen to
the economy after we leave. JOHN BURN-MURDOCH: So if we look
at somewhere like Guildford, for example, in 2017,
the conservatives got 55% of the
vote, and in 2016, 59% of people in
Guildford voted remain. So if you assume that broadly
equivalent people voted in those two elections, we
know that a decent chunk of the Conservatives must
have been remain voters. The Tories have got a
fairly solid margin there, but that really could erode
quite quickly if you have a lot of those conservative
voters feeling that because of prorogation or because of
the general tone that is now being used in
Parliament, they’re no longer willing to
vote for that party, as with the cases of
the leave voting seats. There is then that
separate question of do people move away–
do voters move away from the Conservatives to a
rival policy such as the Lib Dems, or do they simply refrain
from casting a vote at all. SIONA JENKINS: Anne Milton’s
view is echoed by the Liberal Democrats who are committed
to remaining in the EU under their new leader, Jo Swinson,
and are hopeful that seats like Guildford will swing to
them, possibly with the help of tactical voting by Labour
and Green Party supporters. ZOE FRANKLIN: When
I talk to people, one of the first things that
always comes up on doorsteps is Brexit. People are very keen
to make it stop, and people are saying to me,
it fills me with deep concern that Boris Johnson
and the government are determined to push
through a no deal Brexit. If they can’t get a deal,
that really worries people. And then they move on and say,
but beyond Brexit, actually the government doesn’t
have issues and policies that resonate with me. So in May, we had the local
elections here in Guildford and the Liberal Democrats
were open above the winner in terms of vote share. The conservatives went
down significantly. In the European
elections, people chose to take their
vote elsewhere, and the Liberal Democrats
came out top in the Europeans. So we’ve already seen
a shift, and then I think from the conversations
that I’m having, that shift will only continue. Hardened conservative
voters who voted conservative all of
their lives are actually turning around and saying I
can’t vote Conservative anymore because of Brexit, because of
this shift towards the right in terms of policy. BORIS JOHNSON: The sad truth
is that voters have more say. Voters have more say over
I’m a celebrity than they do over this House of Commons. SIONA JENKINS: Boris
Johnson’s policy of pitting voters against
Parliament is a huge gamble. Brexit has upended
traditional party loyalties, and there is no predicting
exactly how remain supporting Tories or leave supporting
Labour voters will act. But what is clear is that Mr
Johnson needs as many of those Labour voters in northern and
Midland towns as he can get to balance the remain supporting
seats he loses in other parts of the country. To do that, he must
prevent the Brexit party from splitting the leave
vote, which means pushing through Brexit at all costs. Whether or not he can meet his
pledge to do this by October 31 will be key to his success.

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  3. this woman is a liar or she would try her hand at a general election, cant bring herself to say people who hate corbyn

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  5. The voters out there should not be voting because they LIKE boris or he is a Tory and I vote lib democrat, this is strange times it all about getting brexit done that’s it , he is the person to get the job done and has the uk in his best interest, ,,,, in ww2 was the people voting because they liked Churchill and if he was left or Wright ? NO that did not matter at the time they new he had the Wright stuff and they had trust , THIS is sort of the same thing now boris is only and all about brexit,,,, he will not run the country after we leave for very long as brexit is for the LONG term, labour and the torys will shape a new free United Kingdom in the next 5/10,,20years

  6. Article 50 is default deal left on the table…. And saves taxpayer's money instead of paying for a privilege that was given freely within article 50 to leave and trade without disruption or change… 3yrs of fraud it amounts to of taxpayer's money….

  7. This fed-up narrative is being overplayed, don't tell me I'm fed up of Brexit, what I find so amusing are the successive attempts by the conservative party to bind this country to European institutions, the obsession of communist values of equality rather than the classical libertarian views of the now illiberal democrats, and Corbyn's cave in, from a voice of Euroscepticism ,to the doomsayer of any attempts to leave. It amuses me that people still tribally vote towards the conservative party which sold out the country in Maastrict and is prepared to do it and are fundamentally non-conservative. It frustrates me that the liberal democrats are more in favour of political opportunity than their own ethos of libertarianism, centred around seeking to maximise political freedom autonomy, freedom of choice, and individual judgment. It seems they want the continued top-down rule and lack of accountability towards the legislative powerhouse, the commission, how liberally democratic. The FT doesn't really touch upon Labour's soon to be demise to the Brexit party in northern England and Wales and instead insists on politics being confined to the parties in Westminster, held in contempt by a majority of the nation. Let's see, FT, if the conservatives don't end up making a non-aggression treaty with the Brexit party once they have no other avenues of securing office for the sons of gentlemen.

  8. This Siona Jenkins is saying,I think, that Boris is threatening a General Election to coerce Parliament into accepting his plan. What nonsense. He has offered, two or three times to agree to a GE (he cannot, unilaterally, call a GE) but the labour party refused to agree to calling one.

  9. Someone remind me: how does Brexit make UK more prosperous?
    As far as I can see, it’s going to turn UK into the dystopian future shown in the movies “V for Vendetta” or “Children of men”…

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    He will be quite happy chatting away on LBC and visiting the pub more often.

  12. I think Boris isn’t a racist as labour representatives suggest, but can’t deliver a real Deal because of EU interference in UK politics by UK MP’s. My opinion is a Clean Break is the best option now no new Treaty’s until a trade deal is accomplished. Let a trade deal dictate the type of relationship the UK has with the EU.

  13. I’m one of those northern ex Labour Party supporters who have turned away from Corbyn’s increasingly Remainiac position in disgust as myself and ordinary people like me get labelled as either too stupid to understand a simple IN/OUT ballot or even worse; we get called racist, nationalist bigots etc.?
    I actually thought Jeremy Corbyn was going to be a return to working class social values back in 2015 but instead he has revealed his truly condescending north London middle class values instead!
    Another trendy idiot who wants to be a forever protester rather than actually get elected and change things for the bettter?
    I never felt ashamed to be a socialist before but I have already crossed the floor to vote BREXIT PARTY in the EU elections and certainly WILL vote for them again in a General Election.
    Heck, I swore I would never ever vote Tory in my life but even THAT tactical voting option ( a nuclear option) is in my mind now as I watch the Labour Party become middle class groupies to the likes of 16 year old Greta Thunberg and to the painfully WOKE and self loathing kind of social justice that she represents?
    People so WOKE they will unapologetically throw the peasants under the bus to “save the world” and all that good old hypocrisy…

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  17. Labour intend to push for a 2nd referendum next week. If Parliament agrees, democracy in the UK is TOTALLY BROKEN. Every vote from thereon can be disputed, ignored. or rerun. If the voters again vote
    to Leave, Labour will push for a 3rd referendum, and after that if voters still want to Leave, a 4th referendum will be necessary. There will of course be riots in the streets and voters complaining that Parliament is totally anti-democratic just like in Hong Kong, but Labour will insist that the Chinese have the right approach to Politics, ruthless suppression of democracy is the best option for the future

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  21. This from the right wing Johnson loving Guardian today…'Dismal polling puts Jeremy Corbyn’s party behind where Michael Foot was in the run-up to the 1983 general election' according to the elections expert John Curtice of Strathclyde University – and would result in a Conservative majority of about 60 on forecasts prepared by Electoral Calculus based on October’s polling. And this is with Nigel Farage’s Brexit party at 12%."

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  23. The vast majority of people want to leave the EU regardless and are fed up of the arguments and the debates now. It's got to such a point nobody cares anymore. Also anti corporate sentiment is now at a record high. The attitudes on both sides are hardening and also I believe a new election is needed ASAP to remove the remain corporate pigs out of parliament.

  24. Nice music very textured. But the “big gamble” surely was Parliament going against the people not anyone pointing this out and using this to their advantage that how politicians work. I do get the feeling there will be a lot of red voters turning blue this winter 🥶

  25. Christ that clip is dreadful example of distrous journalism
    The Labour Party is going to execute brexit but won't be bounced into a GE when liar bojo can simply change the date (which he's legally entitled to do)
    Brexit yes
    No deal brexit… No

    ERG is a faction of a faction of a faction
    Who would trust bojo and trump with the NHS

    Ask their many wives

  26. 6:05 "Grown up politics"?
    10:04 'Pitting Parliament against people is saying "We're happy for you to lose trust in Parliament"'

    What makes the people lose trust in Parliament is when they make big promises to uphold the result of a referendum and spend the next three years trying to reverse it. I'd like to see Parliament burnt to the ground.
    The next GE I will probably do what I have never done before: vote Conservative. Labour has lost my vote, probably for good.

  27. The "shape shifter" Boris might be able "win:" an election ? But I expect the outcome of the next election will be a hung parliament. The Brits inflict this on political parties as a form of punishment from time to time.

  28. Yes he promised, but has been thwarted at every turn by MP's, Gina Miller etc. I'm definitely going to vote for Boris.

  29. I won't for main parties any deal is not brexit and not what ppl voted for regardless of what idiots in parliament say.

  30. I thought that most people would want an informed decision but Brits seem to want out even if it is to the detriment to the country.

  31. Conservatives are the ones who want to keep Brexit an issue forever, because without Brexit they would have to deal with real issues and they have no idea how to do anything….

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    Let’s leave this crap behind and start again, without Westminster. They have failed us all.

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    It`s about digital battleground: Cummings against Commons.
    So who is Cummings ?

  37. Boris is a pathologically lying twat. Why would anyone want that overprivileged undertalented clown in charge of anything.

  38. I don't care about Brexit. I've wanted a progressive Labour government all my life. Today We have a Labour Party with a progressive left agenda. Like Bernie sanders in the USA, corbyn is a politician of and for the workers. Those of us who have not struggled as much as our fellow Britons need to show we are in solidarity with uber workers, Morrison workers, nurses, social and care workers and teachers who have seen their work load increase and their wages stagnant. I never trusted new labour with their income support provisions that put the burden on tax payers as opposed to big corporations. I have never seen the tories as a party of the majority, the tory government are composed of old moneyed mogg types who are averse to the unwashed masses, cruel traditionalists like D raab types, stupid chancers like javid and pritti, libertarian misfits like Boris and classical cons like may and Kenny. The lib Dems are socially liberal so they like gays and blacks but not if they are too needy. The libs have their hands in the dirty business of neoliberalism which has caused the most destruction. You need only to look at the cruel voting record of its leader jo swinson and others to understand their feeling regarding the working poor and those on benefits. So in my humble opinion. We, the majority, have one chance of saving our nation and our humanity. #votecorbyn because he wants to help us, all of us. He wants to turn our country into a beacon of hope it can be. A vote for Labour is a vote for a caring uk which treats all its citizens as equal, wanted, needed and essential. A Uk which gives a voice to all its people. A green and bright United Kingdom.

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    I don’t know how tories can vote for boris after this betrayal.

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    They would resign, now we have PM who does this openly and there’s no redress, I can only assume than when the Man currently occupying the White House does it all the time and has the morals that this man portrays all rules go out the door.

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  48. That's a lie we can all see through, Wow another TV news-crew brainwashing the nation for another election scam WE ONLY have three choices people, corrupt unions, corrupt millionaires, or do we demand they honor the Brexit vote? as we are one of the 17 million voters they ignore from last time. STAT HOME DON'T VOTE IS THE BEST WAY TO TELL THEM THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT.

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